This Democrat Senator just got the worst news of her life

Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) is in a race for her political life this year.

President Trump won North Dakota by 36 points in 2016.

So these numbers were the last thing she ever wanted to see.

When the GDP numbers were released showing the economy roared last quarter with a 4.1% growth rate, Democrats everywhere shuddered.

And North Dakota’s GOP was quick to pounce, slamming Heidi Heitkamp for her opposition to Trump’s policies.

The Washington Times reports:

“The U.S. economy accelerated to a 4.1% pace of growth, a clear win for President Trump’s pro-growth policies and his economic agenda that Heidi Heitkamp so rigidly opposes,” the North Dakota Republican Party said in an email to voters.

“It’s no wonder Heidi Heitkamp campaigned so hard in 2016 for her fellow liberal Hillary Clinton, who said the President’s policies ‘would throw us into a recession,’ ” it said.
Other vulnerable Senate Democrats should expect to get hit with a similar message.
“Heidi Heitkamp has stood firmly in opposition to the Trump agenda that’s brought us great economic growth,” said North Dakota Republican Party spokesman Jake Wilkins. “The Hillary-Heidi agenda of higher taxers and harmful regulations is out-of-touch with the needs of North Dakota, and voters will remember that in November.”

Americans should be excited by the growing economy.

Democrats have every reason not to be.

As Renewed Right has written about in the past, prominent liberals like Bill Maher admit they’re rooting for a recession.

They know their electoral success depends on the failure of the Trump agenda.

That’s why they’ve tried to obstruct it every step of the way.

But Republicans have accomplished a good deal, despite the Democrats’ obstructionism, including passing Trump’s tax cuts and rollback of Barack Obama’s economy killing regulations.

Should Democrats like Heidi Heitkamp fear Trump’s policies making America great again?

Let us know in the comments below!


  1. I think the President should keep doing what he is doing.
    The Democrats have still got their heads so far up Obama and Hillary’s ass they refuse to see a good thing. Why can’t we all just be Americans.

  2. Its the corrupt DOJ. They are the ones who bring charges. Dumbass Jeff Sessions is a loser and won’t do anything against them He is a RINO. They should at least be charged with sedition, if not Treason! Trump needs to do more on this front. He has said he wants to stay out of it but he cannot. He needs to declassify all the redacted paperwork from the FBI and DOJ. He needs to fire Rosenstein. He has got to step it up.

  3. They were all dead asleep when the voted for Hitlery. They listen to fake news outlets, never knowing there are other news outlets that tell the truth. Sheep is right. I always point out that the synonym for democrats is collective stupid. They should go to #walkaway and check out the stories of other democrats who WOKE UP and realized the democrats were losers. They are over 200,000 and growing. Go on youtube and check out their videos. Maybe they too will wake up and walk away

  4. I am amazed at the stupidity of the democrap party beliefs but also the number of snowflakes that follow like lost sheep.

  5. When her state went for Trump she should known the error of her positions. She has had ample time to see if she values her position and want to keep it, she better change her DNC voting status on a number of issues. Time will tell if Chuck and Nancy have her back. God Bless us all.

  6. Trump has made amazing headway despite the Deep State, the Libs and the mainstream media. I believe that most people see through the vast curtain of maligning and the lies that these subversives are weaving. For many, they are so stupid that they actually attach their names to the lies.
    One shortcoming in President Trump’s promises though, is that he promised to clean up the swamp. I’m not seeing this happen. What with all the subversives and the treasonous acts they commit almost daily, attempting to overthrow this government, and its lawfully elected leaders. What with all the criminal history that is coming to light in re: to the past administration and some of its ranking members. Why is no one being investigated, criminally charged, and put on trial. The treasonous acts alone, are rampant; and we know what the penalty for treason can be.
    The FBI has little credibility remaining after eight years of misuse by the past administration. It may be a good idea to scrap this agency and start anew. I can’t imagine that anyone charged with a criminal offense today wouldn’t want the same treatment as those people in DC.

  7. Anyone whom votes for them commies does not love America. We need another senator McCarthy. The commie rat party ty has gotten worse since then.

  8. You and I and every smart-thinking taxpayer knows that, but it baffles me how stupid and blind those Dems are! Do they hate Pres. Trump THAT much that they would risk wiping out all the progress he and his administration have made to help all of us taxpayers who struggle just to pay the rent and put food on the table? If that is the case, then they are NOT representing their constituents, but only themselves and their political careers!! We need to kick every one of them out of office!

  9. The decision of Dems to vote against the Trump tax cut bill will rear its ugly head in Nov. and end up biting those stupid Dems in the a$$!! I cannot believe that they were dumb enough to think that we taxpayers weren’t going to rise up and get even with them on election day!!

  10. DIANE… ONLY BECAUSE THE SOUTHERN MAFIA (MONEY, POWER, and CONTROL AND MANIPULATION OF THE DNC and DEMOCRATIC PARTY) PROTECTED THEM FROM PROSECUTION AND PRISON. By the way, your PARTY, the Democratic Party gave birth to the new legal defense called the “CLINTON DEFENSE” whereby fellatio while on duty from a young intern is NOT SEX…then, in the name of equaljustice, fairness, and legitimacy, I CAN LEGALLY RAPE YOU AND GET AWAY WITH IT!!! Or, according to Bill’s “What IS is” legal theory, I can punch you, Diane, in the face and when tried for assault, I’LL PLEAD NOT QUILTY and tell the Judge I didn’t assault you. Rather, I’ll use your Party’s “CLINTON DEFENSE” stating I was merely expressing my disagreement with you (Clinton’s “What is is!!!” theory. And if denied, I’LL: impune the judge for a mistrial based on unfair law established by Bill Clinton.


  12. You DUMMYCRATS/LIBERTARDS suffer from a CHRONIC PYSCHOLOGICAL DISORDER CALLED “COTB/DOTM”, also known as ‘Constipation Of The Brain’ where you’re unable to assimilate, analyze, understand, and respond to SIMPLE LIFE SITUATIONS while at the same time drawing flawed conclusions based on mantras and ideologies of Hitler, Stalin, MaoTseTung, Mussolini, and F. Castro. This is the ‘DIARRHEA OF TYHE MOUTH’ ASPECT OF YOUR DISORDER.

  13. Hi Diane… YES, US TRUMPERS CAN READ!!! Unlike your sanctomon ious murder of unborn, innocent children just to prostitute your body for a few seconds of female orgasm, I’m a Trumper that’s college-educated and PERSONALLY AND PROFESSIONALLY PERFORMS YOUR PREGNANCY TESTING, DIABETES ASSESSMENT, BLOOD CBC AND CHEMISTRY TESTING and URINALYSIS EQUALLY, PROFESSIONALLY, ACCURACY, AND W/O PERSONAL BIAS….

  14. The RINO’s in Congress have forgotten who put them in office. It is long past time for American voters to take a real hard look at Republicans they are voting for. Soon AZ will have to vote for a new Republican and not one like John McCain who forgot who the American people are!

  15. To Diane
    You must get highly paid to spew such ignorance about Trump. You are the hateful one. Everyone should be delighted for tax cuts and a great economy. What the hell is wrong with you and the democrats?

  16. I noticed you couldn’t argue (or defend) what I said in my post, but tried to bully me instead. Doesn’t work on me. If you can’t carry on a fact-based discussion, you have no business posting anything. Think before you post (if you’re even capable of that), unless you are really a 10 year old trying to be an adult.

  17. Just look at her ( heidi). It Totally
    ‘Behooves’ me, how these ppl ‘think’.
    > ‘WE’ WIN – that’s all.

  18. Exactly, so it would seem they are in violation of federal law if they are not verifying citizenship for federal office elections. A suit would be in order by the public in CA to have this enforced, actually since it is federal office positions any group of US citizens should be able to bring a suit of this nature to bear.

  19. There are a lot of stupid and lazy people out there. They listen to msnbc, cnn, etc and read the wrong materials.

  20. AND you’re a Trump supporter???? OMG They must have left something out in your classes…’s called common sense!

  21. Well aren’t you the bully? Doesn’t surprise me. After all you live in the protected Faux AlmostNews and Breitbart bubble. It’s no wonder you don’t want your daughter’s knowledge expanded……she might grow up to be a Democrat!

  22. See what I’m dealing with…..with people of your intelligence? Near rock bottom. No wonder you’re Trump supporters…..same IQ levels. All you right wingnuts do is call people inane names………what are you 10 years old?

  23. What is your English “lesson”? You have TWO independent clauses used (incorrectly) as simple sentences. Such sentence structure might be used – infrequently – for emphasis in a long novel, but you have used them ignorantly to demonstrate a need for English lessons. I am a retired former college English instructor with an MSEd and an MA in English grammar. Sometimes I make “fat thumb” mistakes, but I am always aware of proper grammar.

  24. Dianne, you just exposed yourself as a confirmed liturd poster. From this point on, ANYTHING you have to say will be interpreted as tainted libturd nonsense.

  25. JH I totally agree with you and the many conservatives whom post on this site. I was referring to liberals in both parties. Trump has my undying support.

  26. I totally agree with you. Voting for a RINO is adamant to voting for a demoncrap. RINOs always talk tough and say all the correct conservative phrases, BUT THEN they legislate as libturds. The main libturd RINO from my state – Texas – Cornyn was identified by Barrack Hussein Obama as his “favorite” GOP senator. That says a lot about Cornyn. John Carter, Texas Congressman, is the same kind of phony. I’d ALMOST rather allow a demoncrap to win than vote for them again.

  27. Although CA voting laws apply ONLY to state elections, CA pols are NOT interested in preventing non-citizens from voting in federal elections. Is it any wonder Hildebeast won the “popular vote” in CA by more than 4,000,000 votes? By the way, that 4 mil demo votes surpassed the actual number of registered voters of all parties combined. Hmmmmm

  28. David J – – – perhaps you need some English grammar lessons. For a politician of any stripe, the worst news possible is that any hope for election or re-election is doomed and all money and effort is just a fart in the breeze. THAT was the entire essence of the article, AND it was accurate.

  29. Sheldon – – – according to Dianne’s 1st post, she is absolutely correct and clearly reflects the conservative agenda. I don’t know why her response was not posted, but you expressed idiocy in supposing Diane is “idiot liberal and dumb Democrat”. Maybe she is and I am wrong, But YOUR idiot accusation is even more wrong.

  30. Each state can pass STATE laws governing who can vote in the various contests. The federal government determines who can vote in federal elections. That’s why many states now have laws requiring ID to vote in state AND federal elections. The federal government – under Clinton – put certain restrictions on some states concerning voting laws. That is why the feds file suit against those states (my Texas is one of them) requiring a picture ID to vote. A voter ID will probably become FEDERAL LAW after 2020 if/when we get a conservative majority in Congress. So, get your butts to the polls and vote for the most Constitutional conservative candidates you can find.

  31. Diane, You are showing your ignorance again. The idiot children min school today are being taught by even dumber liberal teachers who express there own personal bias in the school classroom. My 16 yo daughter came up from summer school with an assignment to explain why Islam is the greatest religion. I took the paper and drove up to the school and confronted the teacher. He said that it would expand her knowledge. I told him to kiss his teaching job good bye and I had him suspended!

  32. ANSWER: 1. Majority of GOPers who lost were establishment types supported by establishment GOP – and TRUE conservatives were so disgusted with them that they did NOT vote.
    2. In the ONE race with a Constitutional conservative candidate who lost, we can thank Sean Hannity. Remember how a bunch of women claimed Judge Moore of sexual misbehavior? That of course is a typical claim against any and all GOP candidates capable of winning. Sean Hannity immediately jumped on the jackass wagon proclaiming he believed the women and Judge Moore should drop out of the race. Hannity kept up his tirade against Moore UNTIL investigation proved the women were recruited, trained, and paid by demoncraps supporting Moore’s opponent. Suddenly, Sean Hannity lost interest, BUT HE HAD ALREADY DONE THE DAMAGE TO JUDGE MOORE. Judge Moore’s opponent won by a very small margin and a recount was considered. My point here is that Sean Hannity was directly responsible in “giving” a “guaranteed” conservative senate seat to a CONFIRMED liberal demoncrap. I personally considered that Sean Hannity betrayed ME and every Constitutional conservative who trusted him. I NO LONGER TRUST, WATCH, OR LISTEN TO ANYTHING SEAN HANNITY HAS TO SAY.

  33. Hmmm, isn’t it interesting that the only person locked up (so far) is Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager? Soon to come, however, will be Roger Stone, Donnie Jr, Jared Kushner and hopefully the big fat orange slob himself! You want to talk about hate…..look no farther than the top of the Republican Party…..Trump spreads hate (& lies) every time he opens his mouth. He hates the media, Obama, Hillary and any news that isn’t favorable to him. But he LOVES Putin and has never said a hateful thing about him…..hmmmm, wonder what Putin has on him? My guess, it’s financial and Trump doesn’t want you to know what a poor businessman he truly is! Who the hell can have a casino go bankrupt? Most of his businesses have gone bankrupt. He’s a con artist, not a businessman!

  34. No it’s not. Just goes to show the cuts in the educational system by Republicans is damaging to the United States. We’re producing a bunch of idiots who can’t even put a complete sentence together. No wonder they are Trump supporters!

  35. Charles & Susan – praise the Lord and pass the ammunition – you said it much better than I could.

  36. It should be everyone’s pleasure to see our economy grow. Not just for our sake but forour childrens. When there is a strong economy there will be good paying jobs available.

  37. Carlos………….. If you don’t like it/GO BACK TO MEXICO. 1. GO TO THE AMERICAN EMBASSY, APPLY FOR RESIDENCY/CITIZENSHIP, AND COME HERE LEGALLY!!! AND STOP STEALING OUR SERVICES FOR AMERICAN LEGAL RESIDENTS/CITIZENS PAID FOR BY THE SAME THROUGH TAXES…. And third of all, get your mouth off of Maxine Water’s breasts as well as well as your manhood out of the Kenyan’s ass!!!

  38. No one in CA is going to check to see if they are legal voters. For one thing, CA is one of several Demorat controlled states that issue drivers licenses to illegals. With the “Motor Voter” laws that is one way to register illegal voters. There is supposed to be a safeguard to prevent that, but any one who believes the Demorats in CA are going to use that safeguard is a total idiot! Hillary supporters keep crying that Hillary won the popular vote by over two million voters. Very good chance if the illegal votes in CA alone were thrown out that two million would vanish.

  39. So therefore, must be another financial reason for their actions,could it be that lobbyist are no longer at their door?  The big bucks have been cut off!

  40. This letting ILLEGALS VOTE is probably one of the dumpest ideas on the face of the planet. Figures the DumboCraps came up with since they have no clue on what us actual legal Americans want. And want to cheat but voter fraud in 2018 because their 24/7 lying about our president isn’t working. The federal government again in no where to be found and should stop this illegal activity ASAP if there care about this country at all. A fact that still unfortunately remains TOO BE SEEN. THEY ARE PROBABLY HIDING UNDER THERE DESKS ALONG SIDE THE “ Mouse” MIA Session

  41. Do Your Part To Help President Trump Make and Keep America Great!!!

    Vote For Law and Order, Free Enterprise, “America First” Loving, God Fearing, Common Sense, Conservative, Christian, Republican In the 2018 Mid Term Elections!!!

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!!

  42. Somebody please tell me why is it that if things are going that well, the GOP lost so many special elections in districts Trump won big? For that matter, why is GOP losing suburban independent voters and why are so many begging Trump not to come stump for them? Are Americans still that MFing stupid?!

  43. Misleading title at best. What is the worst news of her life? Did her dog die? Has her hubby run off with a guy? This article is a generic article not even talking about poll numbers or anything specific pertaining to this broad. I wish our side of the media would be a little less sensationalistic. Come on guys you are not MSM

  44. Technically it would be illegal for them to vote in federal elections, that is why voter ID is so important. Every citizen has the right to vote that is of legal age and not precluded by committing crimes or other disqualifications. Who in CA is going to be checking to make sure they are legal citizens of the US.

  45. No TRUE Christian could ever be a DEMOCRAT! Democrats are Anti God! Because they believe in Birth Control ~ Anti life=Anti God! “God is LIFE.” They believe in Abortion~ Satanic Human Sacrifice = Anti God. They believe in GAY unions ~Anti God! These three Anti Life =Anti God practices disqualify them as NON Christians! How anyone claims to be something which they do not believe and practice? Thus, they are not Christian! God is LIFE! Anything that is against LIFE is Against God!

  46. CA. looking to pass a law allowing illegals to vote in state elections. If they do this they should not be counted in any Federal elections including Senate elections. They can’t grantee illegals aren’t going to vote in all elections.

  47. Dan,

    Have you been hiding under a rock or was lost in the desert for the last two years? More good things for the average citizen have happened since Trump took office than happened the entire time Obozo was on his I hate Americans regime. Get a grip on reality.

  48. Heidi HeitKamp is the epitome of a DC Swamp Rat! She, and other Dems like her, need to be purged from the system. They stand as a wall to impede the process President Trump is making with absolutely no assistance from the Dems and resistance from 1/3rd of the GOP Swampers. We need people in office who’ll support the Trump agenda (which is the American People’s agenda) to secure the safety of this country, build a strong economy, protect our financial wealth, assure protection of our United States Constitution and implement a strong, enforceable immigration policy which addresses security, safety and reduces crime. Not the open border, free-for-all and give away programs of the Leftist Dems. It’s time to vote these Swampers out of office!!!!

  49. The Rep can come out the winner and its about time President Trump has got the ball rolling but he needs the Nov election to put things through congress Hold tight everyone vote and let’s get this country ever stronger

  50. Probably uses Dragon because of speech difficulty! So be gentle all you English Majors with your monocles and dictionaries under your arms! Just kidding because it also bothered me to see garbled English until I remembered how Dragon handled my texts!

  51. Libs, Leftists & Dems ALL BENEFIT from POTUS’s tax cuts, deregulation, tariffs, economic growth and STILL continue to lie to disrupt every single thing President Trump sets his hands to accomplish and is succeeding at everything! This is what “MAGA” was designed to accomplish!

  52. Common core teaching.I have yet to find a loud mouth college student who can do simple arithmetic with their shoes on or a calculator. Spelling and grammar fell by the wayside in the name of not brusing their egos. This started right after I graduated 8th grade. High school became an indisciplined mob about my senior year.

  53. And they are gearing up for massive voter fraud. They have taken winning out of childrens’ games but they are determined to win the Government by any means.

  54. The democrats can’t win without fraud or illegals voting. That is why they are for open borders. They need a whole new bunch of useful idiots to vote for them, and they don’t want voter IDs to prove they are citizens. California has already put that into law. All conservatives need to vote, whether you are Republican or indepent, if you want America to succeed you must vote. Demonazis want higher taxes and more government control, greed is their watch word

  55. Watch out! The democrats are still rigging votes in many states. 25 states refused to cooperate with the Federal government in checking the validity of their voting rolls. The democrats always seem to find missing completed ballots after a close election loss and end up winning! And they’re rigging it so illegal alien’s now vote! There goes your vote nullified by an illegal!

  56. NO more Dirty Democrats, HAD ENOUGH. I can’t think of one redeeming quality they have,there reputation , LIARS, THIEVES, MURDERS,TRAITORS..For over 49 years they have tried to take AMERICA DOWN..

  57. At the end of times, the evil one will win over poor souls and it looks like he has won many like the Demo Rats and the Me Dah (new meaning for”stupid ones”). Our Creator will win out in the end thou, so there, nana, nana, nana. May God Bless America and I thank him for blessing US in the past. I surely wouldn’t blame Him if he didn’t. I guess he likes people who work hard in the pursuit of happiness.

  58. the important thing right now is to get out and vote.trump needs more republicans in congress because there are always a few who think that there way is the best way.john mccain is the worst of that bunch.thank you and all dakotins for supporting trump.making america great is a team effort and we are a part of that team.

  59. The Demorats do not want a prosperous America. The more prosperity, the less dependency on government, which means less dependency on Demorats. Anyone that can’t figure that out couldn’t pour water out of a boot!

  60. Democratics want MORE government programs and higher taxes that will do nothing but send our economy backwards and unify their base while falsely blaming it on the GOP. Lies and false claims could be the ruin on our nation if it is conitued to be tolerated by those who believe these falsehoods. Enou!

  61. Complacency will kill our chances of holding on to Congress. We all must get out and vote and get everyone we know to do the same. If we build a strong enough “red barrier” we can head off any blue wave.

  62. Lock her up with Hillary ,they are both insane and so is Pelosi I think all the Democrats are nutty,for what they stand for, rioting,abolish ice,they keep spreading the hate. They are not the party for America…

  63. Keep the Dems on the run with your strong message and me and other Republicans will continue to support you anyway we can. I am very proud of your accomplishments during your 1st term in office. Can’t wait to see what get done in 2018.

  64. If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  65. Dems are like the MSM living in Fake News, wouldn’t know the truth if it was under their nose, and willingly staying in it. Easy to lie when you think a lie is better than the truth, to promote their agenda.

  66. The more Trump succeeds,the worse the Demoncrats behave! We need to make sure and rise up and vote for conservatives who fully back Trump…..get rid if all RINOS and swamp dwellers! TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Yes the left don’t don’t want the republicans to succeed. President Trump is doing a great job. And the left don’t like it.

  68. Wanda the rat party and rino republicans would rather have a constitution that says what they can do to us instead of the other way around as the founders intended.

  69. President Trump should go right on doing what he is doing for our ecomeny and all the things he is doing for America he is doing great. The more he does for America the Democrats we’ll keep doing what thay do most trying to drage President Trump down thay can’t do nothing but Complane let them. The more thay complane the more we WIN IN NOVEMBER and 2020. Thay are nothing but a bunch of CRYBABYS and more and more of them are walking away from ther Party that just means less VOTEING in November and 2020 in there PARTYand better for us Republicans. Let the keep it up thay are nothing but a bunch losers and we would be better if there were no Democrat Party Pierd. But thay need to start putting the ones out there strutting RIOTS befor someone gets KILLED the way WATERS is telling them to. They need to remove her from OFFICE she is insane and thay need to lock her up for Treason agenst a America for what she is calling out for the LEFT to do.

  70. The Democrats forget as well as some Republicans that they work for the people and the well being of this country. They should get behind this that is happening now and root for this.
    They all helped Obama Do Nothing. But won’t help this man. A lot of these people are up for reelection. I feel sorry for them.
    The people are taking notes and they will kick asses this coming election.
    Can’t wait 2020 here we come

  71. Reality is , the economy is booming , We intelligent deplorables see it , they , idiot demoRats don’t . Keep on winning Mr TRUMP , We’ll never get tired

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