This Democrat Senator made a statement that will make chills go down your spine

Democrats know Judge Kavanaugh will likely be confirmed.

So they are attempting to push the vote date past the November elections through a bogus smear campaign.

But this Democrat Senator just made a statement about the accusations that will make chills go down your spine.

Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

In a recent appearance on CNN, Senator Hirono claimed it’s up to Judge Kavanaugh to disprove allegations of sexual misconduct.

Nevermind the fact that his accuser has yet to testify.

She’s turning our entire legal system on its head.

The she went on MSNBC to double down on those outrageous assertions.

As Mediaite reports:

This morning on MSNBC, host Hallie Jackson, who framed the question as a quibble from “conservative circles”, asked only for “clarification”.

“[Jake Tapper] asked you, do you believe Brett Kavanaugh should deserve, or does deserve the same presumption of innocence. And your response was that you put his denial in the context of everything you know about him in terms of how he approaches cases,” said Jackson. “I’m sure you’re aware that in conservative circles, there is some outrage, some anger at your comment. It’s being interpreted as, because this is a conservative judge, you’re not, you’ve already sort of made your decision about him as it relates to these accusations.”

“Can you clarify what you meant?” asked Jackson. “Do you believe Judge Kavanaugh does deserve the presumption of innocence or not?”

“Look, we’re not in a court of law, we’re actually in a court of credibility at this point,” said Hirono. “Without having the FBI report or some semblance of trying to get corroboration, we are left with the credibility of the two witnesses.”

Senator Hirono is calling for a dangerous precedent.

Destroying “innocent until proven guilty” would turn us into little more than a fascist dictatorship.

Kavanaugh’s friends and family have denied the baseless character assassinations lobbed at him.

The witnesses failed to corroborate a single testimonial from Ford or Ramirez.

And Kavanaugh has said he’s willing to testify under oath.

In the court of law, Kavanaugh is innocent until proven guilty.

Senator Hirono’s statements are outrageous concoctions of the Democratic Party for a bogus smear campaign.

Do you think Judge Kavanaugh has the burden of proof to disprove these allegations?

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