This Democrat Senator made a statement that will make chills go down your spine

Democrats know Judge Kavanaugh will likely be confirmed.

So they are attempting to push the vote date past the November elections through a bogus smear campaign.

But this Democrat Senator just made a statement about the accusations that will make chills go down your spine.

Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

In a recent appearance on CNN, Senator Hirono claimed it’s up to Judge Kavanaugh to disprove allegations of sexual misconduct.

Nevermind the fact that his accuser has yet to testify.

She’s turning our entire legal system on its head.

The she went on MSNBC to double down on those outrageous assertions.

As Mediaite reports:

This morning on MSNBC, host Hallie Jackson, who framed the question as a quibble from “conservative circles”, asked only for “clarification”.

“[Jake Tapper] asked you, do you believe Brett Kavanaugh should deserve, or does deserve the same presumption of innocence. And your response was that you put his denial in the context of everything you know about him in terms of how he approaches cases,” said Jackson. “I’m sure you’re aware that in conservative circles, there is some outrage, some anger at your comment. It’s being interpreted as, because this is a conservative judge, you’re not, you’ve already sort of made your decision about him as it relates to these accusations.”

“Can you clarify what you meant?” asked Jackson. “Do you believe Judge Kavanaugh does deserve the presumption of innocence or not?”

“Look, we’re not in a court of law, we’re actually in a court of credibility at this point,” said Hirono. “Without having the FBI report or some semblance of trying to get corroboration, we are left with the credibility of the two witnesses.”

Senator Hirono is calling for a dangerous precedent.

Destroying “innocent until proven guilty” would turn us into little more than a fascist dictatorship.

Kavanaugh’s friends and family have denied the baseless character assassinations lobbed at him.

The witnesses failed to corroborate a single testimonial from Ford or Ramirez.

And Kavanaugh has said he’s willing to testify under oath.

In the court of law, Kavanaugh is innocent until proven guilty.

Senator Hirono’s statements are outrageous concoctions of the Democratic Party for a bogus smear campaign.

Do you think Judge Kavanaugh has the burden of proof to disprove these allegations?

Sound off in the comments!


  1. You liberals make us sick. If you don’t like the constitution or our country get your dum ass out of this country. We will all chip in and put asses on a plane after you give up us citizenship. We are sick of you people!!!

  2. Where did Hirono come from? Is this the best Hawaii can send to support there state?
    I don’t follow this person’s thought patterns at all and I am an educated person…..

  3. Those in Congress that believe you are Guilty until proven innocent, they are a clear & present danger to our system of Justice. The burden of truth is on the accuser, not the accused. I suspect this Hawaiian Senator has a different view when it’s a dem being accused. That in itself presents a big problem, it sounds a whole lot like there are two sets of legal standards. We’ve witnessed this with HRC and her endless crimes. She was given a pass on very serious FACTS, not even allegations, FACTS. Then we have JUSTICE Kavanaugh, according to the left, he had to prove his innocence? A definite double standard & one we must nip in the bud NOW. It may be unchristian of me but I really do hope they are faced with allegations then told its up to them to prove their innocence. I suspect they will then return to the presumption of innocence, just the opposite of what they demanded from now Justice Kavanaugh.

  4. In Hirono’s Hawaii, there is practically no Republican party to speak of, unfortunately. We can only hope Hirono’s disgraceful comments, e.g., telling all men to just “shut up”, will backfire hugely on her.

  5. The dems have no dignity, they lie, steal, cheat to get what they want, they cannot be trusted in any situation.

  6. Innocent until proven guilty states it is not the accused responsibility to prove their innocence but the accuser’s obligation to to prove their allegations against the accused.

  7. Both Hirono & Feinstein are tarred with the same brush, ghastly examples of the equally ghastly ‘Democratic’ party !! They all need to be replaced; the whole ugly,’Democratic’ mess called a ‘political party’ should be disbanded & replaced with HONEST, decent,respectable representatives!


  9. LBB I love that analogy. What gets me is how in the hell people like this get elected! Now it seems, you are guilty until proven innocent. This idiot Senator needs her ass kicked out of the Senate.

  10. Senator Hirono is married to three men at the same time 27 year ago and she murdered the two that she did not like. Senator please disprove these allegations. Can you imagine if this allegation was published on the NYT 1 week before election?


  12. I have seen a lot of phoniness in my 75 years, but I swear to my life this Ford character should make the book of world records as the number one phony in the history of mankind. And the demonrats as the dumbest, deceived, conniving, treacherous, demonic, satanic vile, shameful, guile and the list can go on and on, examples of human beings that belong in the same book of world records as such. Ever wonder why this Ford character could not remember any of the dates, times, places or any other details but could remember 100% Brett Kavanaugh. She knew she under an oath of perjury too tell the truth. The more she detailed her accusation the more chances she was taking on getting caught lying. She also knew the demonrats were to dumb to catch her lack of integrity and truthfulness. Maybe Slick Willie and this false accuser belong in the same bed so they could, you know what to death. This could be the beginning of cleaning up the dregs our country. John

  13. “Schooling” these clowns in the constitution would do no good. They don’t care about it nor do they support it. They want rid of it so they can have their slavery ways. They took an oath to uphold it and ignore it. The rest of Congress needs to get off their duffs and do something about their treason. At least kick them out of office but better yet prison for said treason.

  14. They’re selling their Souls to the DEVIL. Not to mention giving AMERICA away for their own gratification. Vote for the 28th amendment to limit terms. Some of the riffraff might go away

  15. No it’s not his job to prove he is innocent there job to prove him guilty. They got this all backwards.She now has $700,000 . I think there was money in that envelope also . I guess they slipped her enough that now she says she wants nothing more to do with congress. Does that tell you anything ? You Ford are a first rate B**** !!!

  16. I would expect nothing less from a politician from Hawaii. She is another one that needs to be schooled in the Constitution and the law. And to date Kavanaugh’s accuser has failed to prove her accusation. And I really don’t think the other two will either.

  17. Are you a real doctor because your post is fairly inarticulate, and makes little sense. You fail to understand that Dr. Ford had one beer and Kavanaugh AND his buddy in crime, Mark Judge, were “stumbling drunk.” When people drink way too much, their memory can be affected, whereas if you think your life is in danger, it gets permanently encoded in your brain. Dr. Ford explained that process, if you had listened.

  18. Many of the postings here are threats, and not even veiled ones. Many of these people are filled with anger, hate and nastiness.

  19. TJ, they are upset because they are afraid . . . they know how many witnesses and accusers are coming forward and showing Judge K has not been totally honest, especially about his problem drinking and how he gets when drunk. They are very afraid some of the other accusers, now have a chance to make their case rather than having underhanded Republicans from ramming through this nomination before evidence can be presented.

  20. I think this Senator should be investigated for her election returns. See who footed her bills and provided her the money. Then investigate her connections to Obama. They both claim to be born or from Hawaii.

  21. What nonsense, LF. If it were a trap, how come Trump and others like Kavanaugh, Grassley etc. fought an FBI Investigation? You have filled your post with conspiracy cultist BS. Have you even HEARD of “Photoshopping” pictures? Even if it was her, which most reasonable people doubt, what does that have to do with being sexually assaulted? You are sure working hard to badmouth Ford, and overlooking that Kavanaugh made several false statements and shows evidence of problem drinking and becoming belligerent?

  22. Thank you for recognizing the racism, Statesman. Too many postings by conservatives are racist or sexist . . . and yet I find it very funny you guys think you will recruit minorities or women to vote with you!

  23. Good thing your type of conservatism, the radical form is dying out and younger, more educated young people don’t have your outdated thinking.

  24. Karen, it is obviously only your opinion, because you are off target on most of this. I am sure most females are taught to be careful, but there is nothing wrong with coming to a gathering (not a party with a handful of people and no music) and to go to a bathroom where they directed her. No one said rape, it was attempted rape or sexual assault. You are being foolish that something like this could not happen to any female – -no matter how cautious. You do not justice to victims of sexual abuse by your uneducated opinions.

  25. Are you a trained therapist? Do you have a degree in psychology or Psychiatry? How do we know you do not have a mental problem?

  26. Pat, this is not about prosecuting anyone nor a criminal proceeding. And Lauren, you are dead on correct. I am a trained behavioral scientist and I was reading body language also, and one thing one sees is how nervous Kavanaugh was when it came to discussions on drinking. There were some, 2 or 3 occasions, Kavanaugh “answered questions with a question” – – and go back and look – -they were in relation to his drinking. Once, Judge K’s presentation fell apart – -when Democratic Senator asked him about problem drinking and instead of answering, he shot back “do YOU have a problem drinking?” Judge K came back from break and apologized for it, but the key was his behavior denoted that K lied under oath about his drinking, especially that the legal age was 18 when he was in high school, but it was 21.

  27. All of the Hawaiians I have met over the years have been kind, jovial, friendly, and easy going this woman is a disgrace to Hawaiians, the Senate of and the people of the United States, she should climb aboard the KonTiki and take a long journey into reality.

  28. Mazie Hirono is the most disgusting, vial person I have ever seen. She is not even acting like an American. I see her as the DEVIL who lives in the house of SATAN’S . She should never be an elected offical. I hope that the DEMS who are all just like her like where they well end up, that being in HELL. She will get what is coming to her.

  29. Right on Micala. They should do a background check of the accuser. If found wrong she should be sent to jail after revoking her license to do whatever she says “she does/ teach.A fake DemoRAT”.

  30. you said it correct 101% Patricia. I am with you and not with this fake prof. from Califruitnia… the rabbid leftist. Discard them in the Nov. elections. that should save us a headache and expnse in future. ‘the monsy so saved can be spent for the medical treatment of our Vets. who do not have any umbrella protection left after their return to the USA. ugh…ugh.. !

    it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  32. This “american” should be deported to her place of birth (HELL). AS 98% of others who have been in government positions from Hawaii they obviously are ignorant or just plain stupid!

  33. Gene Whitney
    No, the feminazi part of being a Democrat is what is coming out! She is saying the same crap as the rest of the libtards so what you are saying is just purely racist.
    So are you saying all the other democrats are actually Japanese or that she now turning into a hate mongering white or black Democrat? Either way, you need to stop being such a racist idiot.
    I’m on your side on her idiocy and stupidity but not the racist part of your comment!

  34. Jim
    Now you’re being a racist idiot, at least equal to Hirono!
    She is an embarrassment to the Japanese. Get to know WWII history better! Hope you realize that FDR knew about the attack on Pearl two weeks before Dec. 7. He held back because he needed the war to boost the economy and create unification.

  35. Naah, the Yakuza don’t operate in such stupid ways.
    Hirono is just plain stupid and an embarrassment to the Japanese culture! Probably sucked in too much volcanic fumes thinking it was a pot party!

  36. He already has more proof it didn’t happen then she has that it did. She lied about flying. I don’t see her as creditable. She is the accuser so she should have to have proof and her WORD isn’t proof.


  38. Pretty plain that Ford is lying and will make a half million dollars for disrupting the confirmation of a good man who they know will stick with the constitution. In the second place what he has done 36 years ago has no bearing on his judicial decisions now

  39. What’s the matter,TJ,?You hypocritical democrats don’t like being threatened,but you and your nasty,dirty party,don’t mind attacking Republicans and Conservatives,with violence,harassment,censorship,confrontation,slander,false accusations,attempted murder and calls for political assassination and you’re feeling threatened?Really?What the hell did you expect YOU MORON!!Did you ever hear the expression,What goes around,comes around?You miserable democrats have caused hell in this country,ever since Donald Trump was elected president.Could it be that you democrats are about to experience some of the same crap,you’ve brought on the rest of the country?!

  40. yes, shut our mouths and listen. another liberal who is telling us to be silent. I don’t care what your profession is. Here is what I know. I was taught at a very young age the difference between right and wrong. If you believe in your faith, its pretty clear the display of a calculated tactic is being enforced upon not only the accused, but on the rest of the country

  41. Typical idiot Democrat/liberal,way of analyzing things,looking at Kavanaugh’s ‘body language’and making a presumption of guilt on just exactly what?What did Judge Kavanaugh’s ‘body language,’tell you,Ms.James,that seems to have eluded the rest of us.I think he made a very compelling case for his innocence,unlike his accuser,who stumbled and fumbled all over the place,not accurately remembering,times,dates,places,events that supposedly happened and whose own ‘witnesses’,couldn’t even corroborate or confirm her accusations.I guess when you ignore truth,honesty,facts and fairness,you wind up drawing the same conclusions you did!

  42. the democrats seem to be living in a fantasy world, they make accusations the equivalent of judicial verdicts which they are not, also as I have heard Ford went under regression therapy not acceptable in a court of law, this is a delay tactic, the FBI will investigate and will report what we already know, Ford has had no one come forward and say what she describes is real they have all said never happened\. should take the FBI 3 days to investigate this it will be an add on to the existing 6 interviews they have conducted on him already which have all cleared him for multiple presidents this is clearly a smear campaign by the Democrats designed to deal. the poor democrats have only obstructed, lied, and delayed for 2 years not one of them has done the job we the people sent them to Washington to do, hopefully we the people will wake up before the November election

  43. While his accuser looks, sounds like a woman with a mental problem

    Kavanaugh was emotional…as we would covet since after 36 years of the cemplory personal and professional life a woman decides to claim an assault …while unable to say…where, when, how she got to part, more importantly who drove her the 6 miles from party to her home

    This whole affair stinks to high heaven…..Kavanaugh innocent …Ford needs to see a psychiatrist …she has problems that need attending to.

  44. You are not a legal prosecutor. If you were in fact a lawyer, you would know that in order to prosecute someone you need facts, and proof of a crime. What a crock of B.S. Just another big mouth Liberal moron !! The only lying going on is from. Your bogus body, and facial, assessment of Brett Kavanaugh has no merit, but you know that!!

  45. Can you please make her leave California. It might be a better state if the liberals, celebrities, illegals and loons were made to leave with no chance of returning under any reason.

  46. As a Legal Prosecutor…You must learn to Read Body Language. Brett Kavanaugh has Lied Under Oath, his Body Language and Facial Expressions of his Wife are Proof. Public needs to learn how to see through others and read between the Lines. Open your eyes, Look..Shut your mouths and Listen.


  48. Popeye, you and Nonie are absolutely right. God bless both of you as well as Judge Kavanaugh and his family. God is AWESOME!!!!

  49. Hell all those liberals along with those in the Democratic ,live by more the double standards as those types of people go beyond our civil laws,like their schemes that been turned into their laws, and those are the types of laws that need or should be investigated on ,to see how many of them hold water,like their wage earners Tax law for one.

  50. It’s obvious that any morals that she ever had if she indeed have any are probably buried under molten lava where she should be.

  51. I Wonder if senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI)is one of the many Japanese sent to HI in the late 50 and early sixties by the yakuza to plant and do their bidding.

  52. Yes, you are 100% right! I totally agree!

    What needed to happen was the Judiciary Committee should have made a ruling about the “bogus” Ford claims within the first week instead of delaying the Confirmation for so long. Not only did this despicable display by the idiot democrats create an untimely delay in this process, but because of all the nasty media coverage, both Ford and Judge Kavanaugh’s family have received death threats. THIS WHOLE FIASCO PROCESS HAS ENDANGERED TOO MANY PEOPLE FOR TOO LONG JUST SO SOME ABORTION LOVING DEMS CAN PLAY THEIR SICK GAMES! Enough is enough! CONFIRM KAVANAUGH NOW AND STOP THE B.S.!

    Diane Feinstein, you are a horrible person and deserve nothing but nightmares the rest of your pathetic life. GET OUT OF CONGRESS — GET OUT OF CALIFORNIA — Get out of America! You do not belong in our Country…ever!

  53. I agree. The DEMOCRATS should have to prove that they are NOT trying to make a mockey of our laws. They should have the responsibility of proof of this accusation.

  54. This woman raped me when I was on a family vacation 36 years ago in Hawaii. I don’t remember which Hotel it happened at or which city we were in or which Island we were on, or how many people were there. But I know 100 % that it was her!

  55. If the Dishonorable Senator Hirono has any Morals she would demand that the FBI look into Kieth Ellison and Bill Clinton. Ellison is Accused of Domestic Violence whish the ex Girlfriend has proof of and the many, many women who have accused Bill Clinton on RAPE and SEXUAL ASSULT. But no one questions these Men because they are Demoncraps. Demoncraps that are accused are innocent until proven guiltybut, if it is a Republican that is accused, they are guilty until proven innocent. The Double Standard for all to see.

  56. To me there is one question that was not asked of Ford…is this an act of revenge. Why do I say this because when she was young Bret’s mother forclosed on Fords parents property. As she would not even consider that someone else could have done this act, she was sure that it was Bret which tell me that she had an axe to grind. (Old saying) What better way to even things up by keeping Bret off of the Supreme Court. Just my thoughts.

  57. Since Hirono wants guilty until proven innocent to reign, let that swill be dumped on her as well. If there is some allegation against her, then as she demands of men in general, and Judge Kavanaugh specifically, so should nit be for her, guilty until proven innocent. She desires it for others, let her live under the same rule. The same is true for the democrats. They want a guilty verdict because someone has said someone is guilty, do the same for them. They get into some kind of mischief, they are guilty simply because someone says that they are. let them live under that for awhile, and see if they can’t come to the agreement that due process and innocent until proven guilty is the right thing to do for everyone. Toss the politics agendas, and the never to be sufficiently cursed PC thing, and return to the precept of rule by law, and innocent until proven guilty by reasonable, substantiated proof. They truly deserve to be dealt to them the swill they are tossing out to others, such as Judge Kavanaugh.

  58. The assinine Democrats are believing the crap they have been spewing all this time. The sad part of ths whole circus is that the Republicans won’t fight. God help this country.

  59. hirono is up for re-election, yes or no, and if she is she is getting free campaign time, at the cost of one mans reputation, to further her own good. And that SUCKS. listen up hirono , I will never shut up either. ypu need to be the one to step up and admit your corruption, and it has to be deep.

  60. Can’t expect anything more from a Liberal Hawaiian. Haven’t seen anything but for years coming from that island group.

  61. I am sick of these idiot democrats who think they are so intelligent and do not have a lick of sense I was born in Hawaii and that dumbass senator needs to been thrown out on her ass. What’s wrong with that state they are a disgrace..the judges there are just as ignorant. Maybe to many coconuts falling on their head they have gone brain dead

  62. Hirono is as Atty. Joe diGenova said; a clownish HI senator who is ignorant and incompetent. Men should just shut up?! What a moron. Now she proves she is a SEXIST too. She was the one at the senate hearing for the children’s reunification with their immigrant parents who said, “I DON’T UNDERSTAND” when she was told that it was the law that illegal immigrants who come across the border illegally were breaking the law. She is another low IQ like Maxine Waters. Right now, she is basking in the lime light because she is on TV a lot during the Kavanaugh hearings. She is Schumer’s lap dog, and a stupid lap dog, at that

  63. Iam sickened by her attitude , behavior, bias, non respect for anyone but her and her agenda ? This Senator must be impeached the people she represents must be so ashamed by her.

  64. What is shocking and obvious is the fact that these Elected Senators do not even unserstand the law, let alone the Constitution. This country is is a sad position when people swore on a bible to obey the laws and protect the constitution while they do not even know how? what? or where to find out.

  65. What is shocking and obvious is the fact that these Elected Senators do not even unserstand the law, let alone the Constitution. This country is is a sad position when people swore on a bible to obey the laws and protect the constitution while they do not even know how? what? or where to find out.

  66. Yeah, someone told be about that so it much be true. I feel so much pain for the horrific state of mind that you must be going through. I’ll be happy to swear to that but I do not want to get involved, I know that the Republicans will really twist anything I say to protect a Democrat, this just seems so surreal, I must stop now, my tears are blinding me. Thank You for being so strong and coming forward at this epic time in our recovery.

  67. You are a liberal dork,, there has been absolutely NO evidence of any wrongdoing, the only thing going on is a female that thought she had a sexual assault, who happens to be 100% against Brett who is a Republican Judge. If he had been a Democrat he would have already been in office as a SCJ. Two other females have joined the bandwagon with the same agenda and of course no evidence, in fact none of the three can not even find anyone that even knows anything about her alleged event and you, you are so left wing that you will agree to anything left, says so much for your ability to even breath much less to think. If there had been anything there, it would have come out in the first background investigation. I used to do background investigations back in the 80s, this is the stuff we looked for and if we found the slightest hint, we went for the dirt. You do not have the slightest clue what a background investigation is all about. If we found something, we did not make charges, simple, the background investigation was forwarded as found, someone else made the decision of passed or failed. You are such a retard.

  68. Awww…poor bj, you don’t understand, the democraps just fell into a huge trap, yes, the fbi will be doing an investigation, into who leaked,(demos) who paid for her attorneys, (soros) who her father was (ex-cia), her 1 brother works or worked for fusion gps, other brother for pharma co. that produces morning after abortion pill, then, when they find the classmate provided, butt naked pics of Blasey passed out with champagne or wine bottle between her legs from a party back in the day…oh yeah she’ll make a lovely & embarrassing witness for the demoncrats…then Judge K will go here after all…????????????????

  69. Nonie, thank you! You and your family made the best and most fruitful decision. You took the high road! May God bless you all for doing it right,

  70. Correct statement. Clearly she does not understand the law, nor the moral authority of all Americans when selecting the right person for the Supreme Court. Her constituents must be very disappointed in her comments and in her actions.

  71. Maybe instead of bashing and doing the same thing we see on the other side, we could all pray for God to intervene and be with the Kavanaugh family. My husband and I have decided at times to turn the TV off and just pray for all involved in this decision making time. Blessings on all of you!!!!

  72. It was a REPUBLICAN who caused the delay and good for him. This should have been done in the first place. She is not a hater. She is using common sense which sounds like something you don’t have.

  73. Awwww….your just upset about a FBI investigation and of course you always blame Democrats. Well it wa a REPUBLICAN who stopped the vote today. Get real little confused girl

  74. Who the hell does she thinks she is?
    She just an ordinary citizen who happened to be elected to the Senate. Shameful , horrific Hirono.
    Just another stupid Democrat.

  75. How the hell does she thinks she is?
    She just an ordinary citizen who happens happened to be elected to the Senate. Shameful , horrific Hirono.
    Just another stupid Democrat.

  76. Her and the rest of the dumacrats have absolutly NOTHING to offer this country. If all the illegals were sent back
    To whatever terrorist country they were dug up from, the Communist wannabes would NOT have enough votes to
    to put them in a any position of power. They are so needy for power they should never have power over an ant
    farm much less a country ever again. The indoctrinated kids and MSM better open their eyes and mind before they are living in captivity and poverty that is the self important superior criminals have already set up the concentration
    camps in the closed WalMarts. WAKE UP AND PAY ATTENTION – YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.

  77. Senator Hironofrom Hawaii attacked me when I was there with my wife. She grabbed my arce and tried to cop a feel inside my pants. I was too startled to move, afraid to stop her, I was over powering and I could not stop her relentelss touching and feeling inside my pants. I have a day planner which says she attacked me but I forgot where I put it, the date it happened on and on which Island. But I know it happened and I will testify to that. I think in order for her to clear her name she has to now prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that she did not do it. Sob Sob sob.

  78. If Democrats ein in Novembrt ee will see a lot changed. In the USA and it will not be for the good of the country. The law will be the way the Democrats interpret it. The Constituion will mean nothing

  79. Last I heard that the accuser (Ford) has to prove allegations are true, not the alleged perpetrator (Kavanaugh). The American voters need to wake up and vote these left wing nut jobs in the Democratic party out of office

  80. Sad to say, but what this woman (and Ford) did, I doubt I will ever vote for another female again. She is living proof that giving the female a vote was a BIG mistake and that’s coming from a female who broke into a male dominated profession years ago.

  81. Senator from Hawaii is sound like she needs immediately a psychiatrist. A problem is not that Dr. Ford described her case , but was Judge K a participant….She does not have any prof. Also the 4 names she offered , denies their presence during this party.


  83. I agree totally…send her back to where ever she came from. Also, this Flake once he leaves his position I don’t think he’ll ever be elected to anything else again. He’s a total whining Flake!! I cannot believe he voted against Kavanaugh’s confirmation. That woman was not battered and raped. There was no criminal charges. I think she needs help…

  84. So true. Her actions did more to discredit the #METOO movement than anyone or anything. Between her and Ford, who is going to believe anyone who cries rape unless the one raped has absolute proof, hospital records and a video? What a shameful thing this woman has done to the nation and its women.

  85. Chuck your right. If they want justice, they all should go file police reports in the right jurisdiction. This is a State ( Maryland) that has no statue of limitations on sexual offenses. Maybe they don’t because fileing a false police report is a criminal offense.

  86. Ms Ford is dragging into this mess all her friends and Mr.Kavanaugh’s friends and family . These people have already said to the judicial committee in one form or another, what they will be telling the FBI anyway. There is no point in this investigation other than to waste more time and taxpayer’s money.

  87. Want most of the democrats now in office OUT? Want to ensure democrats are NOT elected? Demand a NATIONAL photo ID that requires proof of citizens before allowing anyone to vote. When I redesigned a Jury system for a county in NC, I had the Jury Commission approve an automatic summons for “no-shows”. It was a first in the state. That county went on the new state-wide voting system (SEIMS). When they sent the active voters for that county to be used in building the juror pool, they send the names of DEAD PEOPLE the state election system activated. That was in the newspapers and full proof was given the courts as to the misconduct of SEIMS. I LEFT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IN 1966 BECAUSE THEY COMMIT VOTER FRAUD. GUARANTEED!!!!!

  88. Carmen the FBI originally was to investigate crimes across state lines and there is no crime let alone crossing state lines.

  89. This lady is an idiot!! Actually she passed idiot when trying to “understand” illegal immigration!! We live in a land of laws. Most are innocent until proven guilty. Not conservatives though. We’re just guilty as hell for everything. Then of course there’s insane niwits DEMONcrats who are guilty has hell but change the laws
    To protect the criminals. If these blowholes don’t get elected out I know there will be a civil unrest in this Country and sooner than later

  90. These idiot liberals are going to make it hard for a woman who has been really abused to have anyone believe them. It is very funny that all the women accusing Mr. Kavanaugh are all devout democrats. I don’t guess that conservative women were good enough for him.

  91. Congress MAKES LAW. It is discriminatory to have the FBI investigate an allegation only partially remembered, with no witnesses or time & place, and NOT investigate allegations of misconduct against EVERY member of Congress going back at least 35 years whether or not there were witnesses, evidence of any kind, known place of occurrence or anything other than “I say” by just one person. Call the President at 202 456-1414 and ask for the FBI to investigate every allegation against every member of Congress

  92. What Obama was allowed to get away with will take years to correct, if ever. There’s now an entire party that believe laws were made for everyone else but them. When a pres. sets that precedent, what more should we expect? We’ve been returned to the dark ages due to his corrupt, illegal and very foul leadership.

  93. And to think this idiot is helping to make laws in this country. She needs to go back to HI and suck on a pineapple. GET HER OUT OF OFFICE!!!

  94. Senator Hirono has given good reason to impeach her from the Senate itself. She is not protecting the Constitution as she sworn to do. I personally would like to see Hawaii lose its privilege as a state along with several more after this tragedy this week. The Democrats actually believe they will pick up seats this November? That’s how deluded they have become. Hawaiians are not all there if they voted this Bimbo into the Senate and why two Senators from an island in the Pacific.

  95. I think she is the one that could not understand why people crossing the border at points other than border crossings (that is, illegal immigrants)were considered to have broken the law. An official from Homeland Security, I believe, was trying to explain it to her and she said she was confused. I think she lives in a state of confusion.

  96. Mazie Hirono does not deserve the title Senator. She should not be allowed to vote because she has already made her decision. She should step down! She is a disgrace to the Senate!

  97. Term limits and clean out the Swamp ! What happened to the good old Days when we had an Election and we dropped the hate and worked for the Nation ! To Many Over Paid greedy people in Congress!

  98. This woman is a disgrace to women and to the Senate. She wouldn’t know fair if it came up and slapped her in the face. What a dog!!!!!

  99. This whole charade cements my resolve for never democrat. I will have to work on not allowing myself to hate them but it is more than difficult resolution.
    I drink a beer to the kav.

  100. I know it is the accusers (Ford) responsible to provide proof not the accused (Kavanaugh). How this woman became a senator it befuddled me.

    When the accuser (ford) a license PHD cannot provide basic information she doesn’t belong on the creditable list.

    Now the accused (Kavanaugh) has provided creditable evidence of his innocence.

    Who do I believe its Kavanaugh.!!

  101. Senator Mazie Herono (D-HI) is unfit to serve. I gave up a piece of my life and some body parts defending this Country. Now this Demoncrat shmucket is telling me what to do? Has she been drug tested?

  102. To Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI, “Shut up and step….down!” You are an embarrassment to the US Senate and Hawaii. I would not be surprised if this is your last term in office, if the people of your state are as smart as I believe they are.

  103. Quite frankly, I’ve no understanding how a person with this type of mentality could of ever been elected to the senate, Hirono, is way out of her league, period.

  104. It is a proven fact this woman cannot be allowed to vote for or against any Bill submitted by the House. And, for sure she should not be allowed to create any ideas. If she is that far along in her biasis and ignoring logical thought process she should be impeached for medical reasons.

  105. Yes, Judge Kavanauph is INNOCENT! The EVIL hearts are being stirred up, because, they FEAR what is Righteous!
    God, our heavenly Father is with those who Trust in HIM and living in HIS WORD! The Judge will be Confirmed all in the FULNESS OF TIME!!

  106. Judge Kavanaugh is INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY! We cannot allow a gang of Senators and/or a gaggle of women make him look guilty unless they can prove that he is guilty. So far, all I have seen and heard are allegations from three women and they have offered no proof and none of their testimony would or should hold up in a court of law. These women and their attorneys should be laughed out of the public arena as a bunch of liars!

  107. Let’s prove the accusations…before even considering the guilt…in the USA…innocence is presumed before guilt.

  108. I am so glad these women filled out police reports after these horrible things
    happened!!! Oh wait a minute that’s right none of these women DID FILE REPORTS.. ??
    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm !!!!!!!!! NUFF SAID.

  109. Regardless of the purpose of this article or that it is about sexual abuse accusation! Elected official like this who not only do not know the contents of the Constitution, but have swarm to abide by it an protect it, who openly defy the rule of law, need to be expelled from congress. This circus, and the Russian Collusion witch hunt, is enough evidence to label all those in the democrat party who accept this as Politics as usual should all be expelled from Congress. This is SICK! I feel sorry for the accusers, but there is a time and place for this, and it is not now!

  110. Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice managed to put together a $40,000,000 fortune – “mostly from her dealings with Iran”.

  111. These Demorats want to change the rule of law, presumed innocent until proven guilty! They also want to change the constitution and not enforce our laws, open borders, 2nd amendment, democrats are sick and demented!!!!

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