This Democrat Senator’s vote against Kavanaugh just cost him his job

Democrats’ hopes of a “Blue Wave” sweeping them in control of the Senate is evaporating.

Many races are still too close to call.

But one key tossup was just called and it had Donald Trump jumping for joy.

Fox News has projected that Republican Mike Braun has knocked off Democrat incumbent Senator Joe Donnelly in Indiana.

Donnelly was one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the U.S. Senate.

He voted against Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

And that issue ultimately cost him his job.

ABC News reports:

Republican Mike Braun is on track to win the Indiana Senate race, ABC News projects, based on exit polls.

The race was a test case for Kavanaugh impact: 53 percent call incumbent Joe Donnelly’s (D) vote against Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation important in their vote; 19 percent call it a minor factor, 22 percent not a factor at all. We’ll see how they voted after the polls close.

Donald Trump has a 52-48 percent approval rating in a state he won by 19 points in 2016. (Native son Mike Pence has a 54-43 percent favorability rating.) Thirty percent say they’re voting to show support for Trump, 34 percent to oppose him, while 32 percent say he’s not a factor.

As the results pour in, Republican chances of maintaining — and even gaining — seats in the U.S. Senate are increasing.

Control of the U.S. House will come down to the wire.

We’ll continue to update you on critical Midterm results.