This Democrat was just caught red-handed telling a huge lie

Democrats are losing ground in the Arizona Senate race, a state they must win if they have any hope of taking over the Senate.

So the party’s candidate threw a Hail Mary and hoped everyone would believe her.

But this Democrat candidate was caught in a huge lie.

Democratic Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema (AZ-9) is running for Senate in Arizona.

In a desperate attempt to appear sympathetic to voters she claimed she was once homeless.

In an interview on Fox 10, she claimed she spent two years living in an abandoned gas station with her step parents without water or electricity.

But that was a bald-faced lie.

In court documents, her step parents claimed they were paying for electricity, phone, and gas utilities while living in a gas-station-turned-rental-unit.

The New York Times reports:

But court documents reviewed by The New York Times raise questions about Ms. Sinema’s descriptions of what she endured in the mid-1980s, when her mother remarried and moved the family from Arizona to Florida. And Ms. Sinema herself, as her national profile has risen, has given contradictory answers about her early life…

In filings from 1985 and 1986 to the judge who handled her parents’ divorce, Ms. Sinema’s mother and stepfather outlined monthly payments they made for an electric bill, phone bill and gas bill while living in the former gas station, which was owned by her stepfather’s parents, according to the records reviewed by The Times. The stepfather’s parents lived in a farmhouse nearby.

“We are unable to provide adequately for the children,” Mr. Howard wrote to the court, noting that in the following month his “bills will exceed $2,000 and I will only bring in $1,500.”

Kyrsten Sinema’s idea of homeless is living in a rental unit with gas, electricity, and a working phone.

Kyrsten Sinema lied about her upbringing in a pathetic attempt to garner a sympathy vote.

But her pathetic lie only shows how out of touch she is with the poor and the needy.

She thought claiming victimhood status would win her votes.

But instead it shows that Democrats will do anything to get elected.

Do you think Kyrsten Sinema deserves to be Senator?

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