This devastating new poll just sent Democrats running for their lives

Joe Biden got some more bad news.

These are the type of numbers a politician can’t recover from.

And this devastating new poll just sent Democrats running for their lives.

The latest Harvard-Harris poll found Donald Trump leading both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in a potential 2024 matchup.

Harvard-Harris pollsters also tested Florida Governor Ron DeSantis against Harris.

In that matchup, even though Harris led DeSantis by three points, she received the same amount of support as she did against President Trump.

This means DeSantis only trails Harris because of name recognition.

Once Governor DeSantis receives the same level of national name recognition as Harris or Biden, he would likely lead them both in the polls.

The poll’s internal numbers show why Biden and Harris are on track to lose the 2024 election.

Harvard’s poll shows 68 percent of Americans think the nation is on the wrong track – and that number is one of Joe Biden’s better right track/wrong track results.

This survey also found a record 56 percent of Americans are reporting that their financial situation is deteriorating in Joe Biden’s America.

55 percent of respondents also disapprove of Joe Biden as President.

Breitbart reports:

Overall, 68 percent believe the country is on the “wrong track,” while just 25 percent believe it is on the right track. That reflects a stunning drop for Biden, as 47 percent said the country was on the right track one year ago, in May 2021.

A majority, 56 percent, said their personal financial situation is currently “getting worse” under Biden’s leadership — the highest recorded percentage to date in this particular survey. Overall, 55 percent disapprove of Biden, and of those, 40 percent “strongly” disapprove.

There is no good news in any polling data for Democrats.

Democrats keep looking for signs that Biden’s numbers have bottomed out and reached the point where there is nowhere to go but up.

But each new round of public polling continues to find record low numbers for Joe Biden.

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