This disgraced #NeverTrump Senator made an outlandish statement on NBC

Retiring Senator Jeff Flake practically started the #NeverTrump effort.

Rather than work with the president to enact conservative reforms, Flake sought to bolster his own public image through a Trump-bashing book he wrote.

But in an interview with NBC, Flake may have just tipped his hand too early.

When Jeff Flake first began promoting his book, “Conscience of a Conservative,” (the title of which he stole from Barry Goldwater’s famous polemic) it was clear Flake was driven by personal ambition.

But rather than embrace him, conservatives and many in the Republican base rejected Flake’s book as little more than a temper tantrum.

Brent Bozell III, son of Barry Goldwater’s ghostwriter, slammed Flake as a hypocrite, saying he “is neither a conservative nor does he have a conscience.”

Sean Hannity recommended that Flake ought to be spending time working on repealing ObamaCare instead of bashing the President.

Perhaps if he had, Flake’s fellow Senator from Arizona, John McCain, may not have voted against ObamaCare repeal last year.

At the time Hannity said, “the Never Trumpers like Senator Flake they don’t seem to understand that by blocking the president’s agenda, and you see the reaction he gets around the country, they’re only harming you the American people . . .”

While Flake’s book was criticized by many on the right, liberals were quick to heap praise on him for bashing Trump.

Which is why it’s not surprising Jeff Flake made this outlandish statement to Chuck Todd on NBC a week before his first trip to New Hampshire.

During the interview, Todd asks: “Do you think he needs to be challenged from somebody who espouses your views?”

Without hesitation, Flake answered: “Yes, I do. I do. I mean, it would be a tough go in a Republican primary. The Republican Party is the Trump party right now. But that’s not to say it will stay that way.”

Flake’s trip to New Hampshire is fueling speculation he will primary Trump in 2020.


What do you think? Will Flake challenge Trump in 2020?

Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Leoj, you are right! I’m glad that you saw the light! I’ve said over and over that the Clintons HAVE KILLED (supposed suicides, supposed accidents, supposed missing & so on!).

  2. Okay, thank you, George iv and your four military family members. I have wondered for a LONG time WHY AZ was re-electing these two screwballs!!!!

  3. Jesse, WHY was he or McCain ever put in office??? I’ve NEVER heard anything EVER good about either one. I don’t consider the state of AZ stupid like I do CA!

  4. You’d have to be A REAL FLAKE to sign up for another 8 years of retardation!
    Go ahead ‘ flake ‘, you stupid jerk, go against Trump! He will wipe the floor with you!! Can’t wait to see all those demoCRAPERS EAT CROW!

  5. Maybe they should join up with Hanoi jane then we would have the three retardos. Sorry mentally challenged people and I don’t mean dumbocrats.

  6. Flake lives up to his name. He is NO Republican. He like McCain should be tossed from Office for their FRAUD used to get them in office. Both LIED to get elected and their vote to keep that pile of GARBAGE Obozocare proves what they both are RINOS and that means they are WORTHLESS to Republicans and to America. Flake won’t make it far if he does run because we(Americans) know he is both a LIAR and a QUITTER.

  7. Maybe there’s some hope. If they are leaving CA maybe they are having different political thoughts. Why leave CA to resurrect the same thing they left in CA. Maybe they got some sense. I sure hope so. Let’s get the ball rolling now. What needs to be done.

  8. That was a true a statement as ever there was one.. Flake knows he had no chance of re-upping.. In fact, As a die hard Trump man, I`m worried about my state (AZ)! MacCain will be dead soon, and flake is gone too.. The Dems are smiling cause we are looking at a Demorat Congresswomen from PHX who will be tough to beat in Senator`s race and frankly, I see no help on Trump`s side.. and with the people flowing in from CAL.. we are doomed!

  9. He’s not running for the senate because he can’t win that race. What makes you think he’d run for anything? Perhaps he should run for the border.

  10. A liberal is a liberal and a conservative is a conservative but flake is a windsock and an embarrassment to the state of Arizona. Where I might add that Arizona is a great state where almost everyone carries a gun there and alot of Arizonas problems have developed in recent years due to Californians fleeing a broken economy and illegal immigration being ignored for decades by Washington. Flake and McCain are on their way out and good riddance to the fake conservatives and their egos. They have run Arizona into the ground intentionally since the recession to the point that Arizona has gone purple.
    Take away the illegal voters and the rich transplants and you have a conservative faith based red state that is resilient and full of good people that believe in small government and active self protection. Twelve years ago Arizona was a thriving state and you could walk into any store and school and 60% of the populace was armed in open carry. Then they starting passing gunfree zones and now Tucson,Phoenix and Nogales are run down ghettos controlled by illegal immigrant criminal gangs and drugs pouring across the border and liberals love all those votes for free food, free education and free welfare checks to illegal families with eight children and no father that steal jobs, assets and safety from American citizens who have paid taxes and served this country for generations
    Arizona is a political battlefield that the liberals are trying to convert with
    Nefarious tactics. I have four family members that sacrificed their lifes for this country buried in Arizona. Americans first. Illegal imigrantes are a scourge and McCain, flake and the swamp are trying to undermine American values by using this scourge against us while Mexico makes billions off of nafta when those factories belong in our southern border states. This has been their plan all along all the way back to na fta when the great “humanitarian” gave billions of dollars in industry to a nation that treats it’s people like common trash and foot that bill too and that money leaves this country and never comes back. FUBAR

  11. I would NEVER vote for the re election of this amnesty loving RINO for the Senate and I DAMNED SURE WON’T vote for him if he runs against President Trump.
    Flake just needs to get out of public office and lay in the sun and bake.

  12. Piece of garbage and a traitor if he goes up against Trump he will have his ass handed to him! He is a known liar he will never win anything! MAGA

  13. Flake is already in hell, and he knows it. Why embarrass yourself by trying to run against Trump. You will fail miserably. What a moron

  14. Yeah…too bad he doesn’t contract a brain tumor also…ashamed he is senator in a state I like…should be in a s……e like Washington or Illinois

  15. Everyone Knows That He Is A Traitor To The Republican Party All We Can Do Is Pray That As McCaine Dies He Drags This Traitor To Hell With Him!

  16. Jeff Flake (along with Lindsay Graham and Bob Corker) wants to be Big Man on Capitol Hill. He is slick and does not care about President Trump’s agenda for America and regular Americans, only what Jeff thinks will promote Jeff. He (along with Lindsay Graham and Bob Corker) craves the limelight and press coverage, and will talk into any microphone poked in his face.

  17. I don’t think the party will back flake challenging Trump after all Trump has done for the party after all the good he has done for the conservative movement. I can’t see where the party would even split to move to back flake period. Think about kennedy is gonna retire that means Trump gets a 2nd Serious Conservative pick on the court pick coming up this fall. Which is gonna place stress and pressure on ruth to step down and she might have to after 2020 meaning Trump will get a 3rd pick leaving just one more conservative outside of roberts going forward and I bet he will retire to give Trump a 4th pick to place 4 good strong conservatives to join roberts and Neil Gorsuch make it 6-3 with one leave in a few years down the road so why would flake even think the party would split and support his turncoat ass against Trump since Trump has seemed to unit the party finally at the SOTU speech like no other President has.

  18. We that live in Arizona know the truth. That Flake had NO chance of being re-elected which is why he refuses to run! His RINO ways did him in! Now, like many liberals do, he writes a book and appears on leftist networks like CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, et. He’s an ass!

  19. I hear he was given much $$ by two very wealthy (and well-known) Liberals to be a part of the never-Trump movement. He probably gets a bonus every time he says something negative about Trump. Figure it out; he’s extremely ambitious, yet He got enough $$ to stay a never-Trumper knowing full well it was costing him re-election as AZ senator.

  20. Bashing Trump is ALL that libturds have to talk about. They don’t have an agenda and they don’t even have talking points. All they do is bash Trump. What a bunch of losers. They deserted the DACA folks as soon as it seemed expedient to them to do so. That should be a red flag to anyone that the Democraps make any promises to. They also deserted the coal miners, the steel workers, the aluminum workers, the oil field workers, the blacks, and many others. That should be a red flag to everyone. NEVER TRUST A DEMOCRAP.

  21. Spot On! And compound arrogance just makes it more incurable!

    Imagine the ticket . . . John “Kasick” (OH Governor) and his running mate “The Flake”.

    “Kasick” didn’t know to quite running with his 2% voter record and Flake didn’t know when to quit when he was ahead of the 8-ball. 🙂

  22. Flake that is just what he is a loud mouth flake if he was to run he would not make it to the batters box let alone first base. Him and McCain are thru as politians.

  23. Just from the headline, before clicking, I KNEW it was going to be about the aptly named FLAKE. RINOs must HANG.

  24. The only NICE email Flake ever got from me was after that softball practice shooting that left Scalise near death. All other emails were scathing! How DARE he blow his anti-Trump trumpet! IS there a party with which he identifies???

  25. Beware the anti-American party the Democrats and those disguised as repubs and the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES, the medias , Hollywood and the dumbed down blind masses called snowflakes for they all are the party and people of anti-America and Americans and of HATE! The lowering of standards hurts all!

  26. Flake the so called conservative wanted the money to continue to flow to Washington.
    He could not stand the fact that the voter wised up. We voted Trump on the chance the swamp might actually be drained. This administration is admired by us. The average working person has the best odds to prosper since Reagan. We are not against immigration. We insist it is done legally. We are a voter block that respects the law.

  27. He may primary President Trumumo, but I oredict he will have his asz handed to him, which hopefully will be the end of his political aspirations. What a PODS.

  28. Flake is a real leftist dressing in a Republican suit that won the GOP votes. He is fake as CNN. Like his neighbor Senator John McCain. George Soros lives in Arizona, right?

    Time to clean up Arizona. Fast.

  29. You have to be kidding that idiot flake cannot even win his own district
    At best he would get 5% of the Democrat vote and 2% of the Republican vote

  30. I’m still trying to figure out how the hell can someone be so freakin stupid/dumb. He’s as bad as Pelosi and Waters. He surely is obnoxious. I could never say the many stupid comments and statements he makes. If he attempts a Primary, he will be laughed out of town.

  31. Are you joking? Flake run against Trump? Flake should never be able to win a serious election again.

  32. Neither side has figured out what happened in 2016.
    Democrats cant see it for crying foul.
    Republicans too busy patting each other on the back and
    trying to undermine Trump. Even us democrats (deplorables)
    were sick of the one party so we voted the AMERICAN ticket.
    If there were 2 parties this Russian crap would of been nipped
    in the bud and Hillary would be answering for her sins, but if
    they ever in estigate ber the suicides will start and neither side
    wants that

  33. No one cares what Sen. Flake Flake thinks, says or does! He just CANNOT STOP making a fool of himself!

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