This disturbing video of Joe Biden revealed a truth Democrats do not want you to know

Democrats and the media can no longer ignore a reality about Joe Biden.

The visual evidence is staring everyone straight in the face.

And this disturbing video of Joe Biden revealed a truth Democrats do not want you to know.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe recently broadcasted focus groups of swing voters in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

The overwhelming consensus from the two groups of voters was that Joe Biden should not run for reelection because he is too old.

Biden will be 82 years-old in 2024 and Americans can sense he is deteriorating mentally.

But Biden’s allies in the press ignore those concerns and instead claim that anytime he forgets where he is or calls out to dead people thinking they are alive, it is the result of a stuttering problem he overcame in his childhood.

This façade became impossible to ignore after a clip from an interview with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart went viral.

In the interview, Capehart questions Biden about running for reelection.

Biden begins his answer and then trails off by falling into a catatonic state where his head drops and he looks vacant.

Capehart jolts Biden back to reality by making a loud noise and interjecting “Mr. President?”

Biden then struggles to formulate the rest of his response.

Conservative pundit Mary Katherine Ham said this clip would soon form the basis of a new narrative in the press after the Midterm elections.

With Democrats set to lose one and possibly both chambers of Congress and the economy sliding into a nasty recession, the media would quickly begin reporting the truth about Joe Biden’s cognitive impairment to force him to step down and allow the Democrats to hold a Primary to pick a new Presidential nominee in 2024.

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