This Donald Trump Vice-Presidential pick let Laura Ingraham in on a big secret

Everyone wants to know who Donald Trump will pick as his running mate.

Trump’s choice could swing the election decisively in his favor.

And this Donald Trump Vice-Presidential pick let Laura Ingraham in on a big secret.

Ohio Senator J.D. Vance discusses being on Trump’s Vice-Presidential shortlist 

Donald Trump says he wants a fighter as his running mate.

That’s why ears perked up when Trump declared Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) a “fighter” during a rally in Ohio.

Vance is one of the strongest supporters of the MAGA agenda in the Senate opposing funding for Ukraine, working to oust Mitch McConnell as Republican Senate leader and opposing all of Joe Biden’s open borders and amnesty schemes.

After the Mike Pence debacle, Trump wants someone loyal to him, and of the rumored names under consideration to be his running mate, Vance is the one most closely associated with America First conservatism.

Vance appeared on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show and claimed he’s never spoken with Trump about the position of Vice President.

“Well, Laura, I’ve actually never spoken to the president about VP speculation. My simple answer is, I want to help him however I can. If he asked me, of course I would think seriously about it. It would be a great honor. I also am happy to support the agenda in the United States Senate and regardless, Laura, you have to remember my job is to serve the people of Ohio,” Vance declared.

That answer noticeably didn’t deny that he was under consideration to be Trump’s running mate or that he had interest in the position.

Vance makes the case for Trump and the MAGA agenda 

In the interview, Vance laid down the marker that if the public wanted to right the ship on the economy, secure the border, and put America first in foreign policy, they needed to elect Donald Trump President.

“Whether it’s supporting Trump’s agenda in the Senate or serving in some other role, we have got to bring good manufacturing jobs, good prosperity to the people of Ohio and the American heartland. For 40 years, we had a bipartisan consensus to ship jobs overseas to bring unchecked migration. Trump stopped that and the real question for the Republican Party is whether we follow that lead and double down on that winning agenda or do we try to go back to the old ways?” Vance declared.

But Vance warned Ingraham that there were still establishment RINOs like Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney, and Mitt Romney lying in the tall grass scheming to pull the GOP back to the days of John McCain.

“And, unfortunately, Laura, as you know as well as I do, there is a critical component of the old guard of the Republican Party that wants to go back to the old ways – more immigration, more war, less good wages for American workers. Thank God Trump is there to push back against it,” Vance concluded.

If Donald Trump wants an effective advocate for his agenda and will fight for his voters, then Trump could do far worse than J.D. Vance as his running mate.

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