This drug scandal has Joe Biden’s campaign on thin ice

Joe Biden is the presumptive front-runner for the Democrat Party’s nomination for president.

Some think he is the favorite to defeat Donald Trump.

But this drug scandal has Joe Biden’s campaign on thin ice.

Joe Biden’s son Hunter is a scandal waiting to happen.

In 2014, he was kicked out of the Navy after failing a drug test due to cocaine use.

In 2013, he traveled to China with his father aboard the Vice President’s government airplane and secured one billion dollars from a Chinese-government-connected bank for a private equity fund he was linked to.

And now Breitbart broke the exclusive story that days before the 2016 Presidential election, someone returned a rental car to an Arizona Hertz and found inside were a crack pipe, Hunter Biden’s personal effects, and two of his driver’s licenses.

Breitbart reports:

Breitbart News has exclusively obtained a heretofore unreported-on police report from days before the 2016 presidential election that describes how a cocaine pipe that authorities determined was used to smoke cocaine was found in a rental car returned to an Arizona Hertz location in the middle of the night. Also found in the vehicle were several personal effects of Hunter Biden, then-Vice President Joe Biden’s son, like two of his DC driver’s licenses, multiple credit cards, and personally identifying information like a Delaware Attorney General badge and a U.S. Secret Service business card that police said bore his name. Hunter Biden, according to the police report, had rented the vehicle from a location in California with the intent to return it to the Prescott, Arizona, location, where it was discovered the morning after it was dropped off with the drug paraphernalia and Hunter Biden’s personal effects inside.

Instead of returning the car keys to the drop box where after-hours returns are supposed to go, the car was returned—according to the police report—with the keys left in the gas tank compartment of the vehicle. Also found inside the vehicle, per the police report, were two drivers’ licenses both bearing Hunter Biden’s legal name Robert Biden, as well as “some credit cards with the same name,” “a secret service business card,” and an “Attorney General’s badge” all contained inside a wallet that Hertz rental employees discovered—along with a pipe that Hertz employees thought and police later confirmed was used to smoke illicit drugs, as well as “a white powdery substance in the arm rest of the vehicle.”

There is no doubt if one of the Trump children were linked to such sordid conduct, the media would have a field day.

But the Fake News Media is out to protect Biden because they see him as the best chance to defeat Trump.

But other Democrats who want to win the nomination may make an issue out of Hunter Biden’s suspect conduct.

And if they don’t, Donald Trump certainly will.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Mr. George Soros! He “Owns” Joe Biden, Hillary, Comey, the unions, all the Dems, and the Rinos. Read about how he is dissatisfied with his “European Union” now that he “Bought” it. Soros raised Obama, owns Hillary and Bill, and since Hillary got her ass kicked last election, Soros needs someone to take on Donald. I can’t wait to see how many “Morons” vote for him!

  2. I hear you Linda, a week after the election five million ballots will mysteriously show up. Remember in Los Angeles, more votes were counted than there were registered voters….

  3. Because Hunter has a problem you say go after Trump’s son? That makes a lot of sense. Just what you fools have been doing for the last three years.

  4. Sounds just like the videos that disappeared, of obama bragging about being born in Kenya and being a “citizen of the world”…and then the lying liberal democrats found out that FOREIGNERS could NOT run for president or vice president…OOPS!…no more videos…thanks Google, Yahoo, Facebook, ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC…and yes, Fox News, as well.

  5. It used to be a toss up as to just WHO was the dumbest elected politician in America between Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. Now, with the elections of the “Pirahnna With Hair” Cortez, and the two dumb as dirt muslim negroes, “Allahu Akbar” Ilhan, and “Dearborn Dumbass” Tliab, it’s very, very, VERY hard to tell…but “Crazy Joe” Biden just keeps on tryin’.

  6. There you go again–special treatment– for the elete people and Biden while have to take care of covering up for his son again and again for his illegal business!

  7. Biden the best chance to defeat Trump!!! REALLY? Not in this universe. Biden shoots himself in the foot daily. Of course if the Dems do a better job at rigging the next election maybe but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Biden? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha what a joke of a person!!!!Just add a red nose.

  8. Never fear the Lame Stream Media will cover it up or not report on the case….or if all fails they will blame Trump…

  9. It’s a Biden family tradition! I recall a cell phone video someone took of Biden’s daughter smoking crack at a college party. They showed it on Fox, I’m sure the state run media would have never touched it. Needless to say, it quickly disappeared from the cyber universe, never to be seen again.

  10. Joe the plumber.. you’re an idiot talking to a vet that way. Don’t think you’ll strap a weapon on your shoulder, go to a hostile country and put your life on the line for America. You’re a talker not a doer!

  11. So Vet, you’re a Nazi when you say all Decomcrats are Communist, you’re a crazy old white guy, you need a hobby.

  12. I like to know why none of my comments are posted. I am conservative but new on this side. I did not use foul or hateful language or there are no good reasons to single me out.
    Does anybody else have a problems comment here?

  13. I like to know why none of my comments are posted. I am conservative but new on this side. I did not use foul or hateful language or there are no good reasons to single me out.
    Does anybody else have a problems comment here?

  14. Hunter Biden is the lowest form of scum. He was having an affair with his dying brother’s wife. He went to China, Ukraine and Romania where he enriched himself to the tune of an excess of $1 billion, along with John Kerry’s stepson. VP Joe Biden even threatened the Ukraine government to withhold $1 billion unless they fired the prosecutor who was investigating his son, Hunter. Like father, like son.

  15. Nobody believes Trump is our God or Savior. We believe he is fighting for all Americans
    rights and liberties that the Democrats forgot about.

  16. Nobody believes Trump is our God or Savior. We believe he is fighting for all Americans
    rights and liberties that the Democrats forgot about.

  17. I was just supporting the Democrat OWNED & OPERATED, Mexican drug cartel Who are supporting the democrat elite slush fund, Democrat JOE BIDEN, God BLESS AMERICA & THE DEMOCRAT MEXICAN DRUG CARTEL DEMOCRAT ELITES SLUSH FUND, Thank you democrat Eric Holder.

  18. WOW, what a statement, too bad it has nothing to do with what is going on in politics. Your idea of the Trump affiliation is wrong, I know he is not god nor does he act like one, he is a buisness man who made good and is trying to bring Our Country out of the doldrums that the yellow commie progressive demoncrat party, lastly led by that jerk barock odumo, tried to tell us was the way our corrupted country should go for all the dastardly things we have done to the world.We as a Nation are now beginning to believe in ourselves as we once did for many years not too long ago.OUR GREAT COUNTRY WAS an Island in the wilderness that once arrived at by our ancestors became a Nation that not only helped itself but help others who asked , and ask they did to our betterment and theirs. What we have and that which we pass on to others we received by the GRACE OF GOD, and let no man put it asunder, least he suffer the consequences of audacity. …

  19. I am a vet too only I saw action in Vietnam at 18. I think being there was partly responsible for me seeking something. You need to be kinder fellow vet.

  20. He has the same disease Nancy Pelosi has: M,D&S syndrome that is so far incurable. Me Dumb & Stupid syndrome. Some known symptoms are: being unable to complete a simple sentence, Make totally false statements about people and expect you to believe them, Spend four years doing nothing to help their districts while trying to do the impossible and expect you to vote for them again, and Try to take credit for good things that someone else did.

  21. Hey brother Julius is the communist a.k.a. Democrat party I’m sorry that you didn’t go and get your head back on straight because it isn’t right now if you think that murdering of the unborn and promoting get him in the schools and transgender is him you are mentally ill and need help! We the people who believe in this country in God and lean our lives on the line for this country we will pray for you as you do need help you have a mental disorder! You jumped out of one called in right into another called communist a.k.a. Democrat party! You seem to be a useful idiot to them and they are laughing at you!

  22. If you are a communist a.k.a. Democrat and the son of anybody in Congress or anybody in a political office that are communist a.k.a. Democrat you need not worry about what law you break or who you murder or what drugs you take or what you steal or who you lied to in Congress or the FBI, you are not guilty because you are protected because you are and belong to the communist party!

  23. I was in a cult in my early 20’s, the Brother Julius cult here in New England. He died some years ago but still has a following. His spiel and appeal was that he was the bad person who turned perfect, and was Christ in a different era and manner. I was in the cult for two years, totally brainwashed, the people were nice, kind of overly enraptured with Julius’s words. After awhile my family was aware that I had changed. I had devoted my life to Brother Julius, whose real name was Schacknow. My family rescued me through taking me hostage in a sense, and they hired an interventionist to help the deprogramming. It took a few months to see that I had changed for the worst. Brother Julius condemned the relatives, the news, the institutions, meanwhile the men who were married had to submit their labor to his business County Wide, where I worked. After I left the cult I learned Brother Julius was sleeping with the men’s wives and daughters. It was subtle brainwashing, so you people who have idolized Trump as your savior don’t realize he has seduced you with his lies, promises, attacks against the FBI and CIA, and against all Democrats. He is like Brother Julius as he also led us in various chants against enemies and to him, as our supposed God. I hope this note means something to people who don’t believe the real news, don’t listen to friends and relatives anymore and idolize a man who has been about greed his entire life, it’s like you are worshipping the golden calf in the Bible.

  24. Makes me wonder if sloppy Joe Bite me’s son got his crack from his father who is probably a user himself. One has to be a drug addict to have those kind of beliefs that he’s peddling.

  25. Not interested in Joe’s children woes, but I’m interested for any information saying how stupid Joe is.

    No way that Joe can govern the nation. That grinning fool would be the oldest president ever if he wins. Oh, did you see the video of his wife taking his hands off her hip? I don’t think she don’t mind it, but for his political sake, she knows there is an issue on his touchy habit.

    Joe fumbled again. Dang.

  26. I don’t care what the left wing pools say. There is NO way the Democrats are going to nominate a straight white guy.

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