This former Super Bowl champion just endorsed Donald Trump for President

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign continues to gather momentum.

That’s bad news for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

And this former Super Bowl champion just endorsed Donald Trump for President.

Burgess Owens played ten years in the NFL as a defensive back with the New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders.

Owens won a Super Bowl in 1980 with the Raiders defeating the Philadelphia Eagles 27 to 10.

In 2020, Owens won election to Congress as a Republican from Utah.

Owens became the 76th member of Congress to endorse Trump citing Trump’s work in helping the black community through tax cuts and free market economics whereas Joe Biden is the “last segregationist in American politics.”

“Donald Trump delivered record-breaking growth to all communities. As a child born in the segregated south, I witnessed Donald Trump help the black community more than any president in my lifetime. Record growth for black business owners, then to answer this, the Democrats nominated the last segregationist in American politics, Joe Biden,” Owens’ statement read.

Owens declared Trump the best hope to reverse the decline Joe Biden inflicted upon America.

“Biden declared to the world if you don’t support him, ‘you ain’t black,’ well, once again, I don’t support him. I’m proud to support Donald Trump in 2024, and I pray he gets the opportunity to finish the record growth he started. We need his boldness to reverse the damage Joe Biden has done before it’s too late,” Owens added.

Owens endorsing Trump is the latest example of how the Left’s lawfare against Donald Trump failed to derail his Presidential campaign.

Trump’s support in GOP Primary polls only increases with each bogus indictment.

More elected Republicans endorse Trump.

And General Election surveys show Trump and Biden locked in a dead heat.

Republicans as well as the American people are rejecting the sideshow Democrats injected into the campaign by drafting partisan prosecutors into an effort to help Joe Biden win a second term.

Voters appear to be judging Trump and Biden based on the results they saw each achieve in their first term in office.

And what scares the Democrats is that the 2024 election will be a referendum on Joe Biden’s performance.

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