This Fox News host made a startling claim about voter fraud and Joe Biden winning the election

Donald Trump is not conceding the 2020 election.

The President claimed widespread voter fraud handed Joe Biden a disputed victory.

And now this Fox News host made a startling claim about voter fraud and Joe Biden winning the election.

Fox News Channel’s Jeanine Pirro is one of Donald Trump’s strongest supporters on the network.

Last week, Newsmax reported that Fox News took Pirro off the air because she intended to use her Saturday broadcast to defend Donald Trump’s allegations of voter fraud.

Pirro returned this Saturday and tore into the President’s critics who are trying to silence any inquiries into voter fraud and irregularities in the election.

Judge Pirro pointed out that Democrats used the coronavirus to push for a host of states to expand mail-in voting that Pirro said must be examined.

“We are criticized because we are asking questions,” Pirro added. “Under the cover of COVID, rules were changed, providing opportunities for wrongdoers. COVID cannot be used to run herd on our constitution. COVID is not a prophylactic that prevents us from exercising our constitutional fundamental right to vote.”

Pirro explained that investigations into voter fraud were important to determine if Joe Biden legitimately won the election and that if he did, Pirro would respect the result.

“The question is, will any of these allegations affect a sufficient number of votes to change the result of the election? Maybe yes, and maybe no,” Pirro continued.

“If the answer is President Trump did not win, then on January 20, Joe Biden will be my president. But until then. President Trump is my president because America has only one president at a time!” Pirro added.

“And in the meantime, please don’t tell me that we cannot examine the ballots,” Pirro concluded. “Please do not tell me that we cannot pursue these irregularities. That’s laughable!”

Fox is facing pressure from rival networks that are chipping away at its audience as some Fox News fans feel the network is moving to the Left.

Some observers saw putting Pirro back on the air to give voice to concerns about voter fraud as a way for Fox News to staunch that bleeding.

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