This Fox News host made one troubling prediction about a race war in America

Americans are living through a dangerous and uncertain time.

The unrest is being fueled by the Democrat Party and Fake News Media.

And this Fox News host made one troubling prediction about a race war in America.

Greg Gutfeld – co-host of the Fox News program The Five – warned Americans that the Left and their anti-police crusade is pushing America towards a race war.

Gutfled brought up the case of an Atlanta police officer shooting Rayshard Brooks.

Police were conducting a routine DUI stop after Brooks was found asleep in his car at Wendy’s drive-thru.

The encounter turned deadly when Brooks began brawling with the two officers and overpowered one and stole his taser and turned to fire it at the officer at which point the officer shot him twice and killed him.

Gutfeld cautioned that the Fake News Media left out this important context when covering this event and it was pushing America towards a dangerous place.

“We are offering almost no context anymore to these events when these videos come out, and I think we are leaving our country at the mercy of a dangerous narrative fueled by these horrific videos,” Gutfeld added.

Gutfeld warned that the sheer number of police encounters every year will result in the Left being able to present snippets of video out of context to start anti-cops riots on a regular basis.

“That can ultimately destroy a country when you are having 10 million arrests and something like 15 million police encounters a year,” Gutfeld added.

“If we treat these the way we treat them now without context, this country is not going to survive,” Gutfeld continued. “Because every time we are about to make a little bit of progress, it’s back to square one with riots and with looting, because we’ve made it okay.”

Finally, Gutfeld presented facts about blacks and police shootings noting blacks are less likely to be shot during an attempted arrest and that nonwhite officers are more likely to shoot nonwhite suspects.

Gutfled warned that the media was not telling this side of the story and that the media’s anti-police crusade could lead to a race war in America.

“For example, the fact that blacks are 25% less likely to be shot during an attempted arrest even though nonwhite officers are more likely to shoot nonwhite suspects,” he said. “These are facts, and the reason you have to bring up these facts is we have to stop making this a black versus white issue and make it a black-and-white issue. Because right now the narrative that we are operating under is heading towards a race war.”

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  1. The Marxist Media….ABC CBS NBC MSNBC CNN….BOLSHEVIK!….Support the Elimination of Americas Republic. They will Use Typical..Communist Lies….Rich People are No good. ‘Whitey’ is the Slave Master.. look who the leaders are of the Major TV Networks and Media? are they ‘cousins’ of the 1917 Russian BOLSHEVIK people? i think they are!

  2. > HEAR THIS . “ding dong” The Bell…
    > America/ USA IS NOT ‘systemically’ Racist.
    > 0bama VOTED IN 1 Term. USA Racist ??? NOOO !!!
    > 0bama VOTED IN 2 Terms !!! USA Racist ???
    > Think about ‘that’ ___ 2 Terms !!!
    > MSM ‘pounds’ Your Head…

  3. I believe that this racism stuff is once again the Democrats keeping shut stirred up. Don’t get me wrong, you have white people and then white trash. You have people of color and you have color trash. It is just the bad people that keeps shut stirred up.Most of the people are decent people and do get along

  4. To ‘jd’ … &&& You Remain ‘LIVING’ 0ff ‘the Back’
    of POTUS. What ‘alternative’ Would You ‘Prefer’ ???

  5. According to YAHOO…..There are about 770,000 crimes committed annually in the U.S. by 85% of the blacks. They in turn commit 45% of their crimes against whites, 43% against their fellow blacks and 15% against Hispanics! This is YAHOO!

  6. To JJ: i had ‘dream 2 day ago re about 1 man ‘My Guardian’ ?
    Blasting Another man In a ‘wooden House… eom

  7. I first want to say that the comment by Steve Startz, is dead on. I have been echoing this line of critical reasoning for many years even before Obama, actually going back to the civil rights era. Most people are unaware of the real reason the Klu Klux Klan came into existence. After the civil war ended, the newly freed slaves where trying to figure out what to do next. A good number of them went to the north east, some went out west, some went back to their homelands in Africa, but a very large number stayed in the south. They held large gatherings on their former enslaved plantations after killing many of those who enslaved them even the children. As the resentful outraged grew larger and larger fueled by the violent sect of the former slaves, word spread fast to the surrounding areas of groups of armed enraged blacks were vowing to kill every white man, woman , and child, and to acquire their land and homes whether they owned slaves or not. There was no law and order in the south after Sherman’s march that was a Union term for a genocide of southerners. The southern white people were not going to stand by idly and have their whole families killed by the violent sect of the newly freed slaves. The white men returning home after the war had the bad taste of soot and ash from the genocidal union army. In order to bring about swift change the white southerners banded together and laid plans for a campaign of terror & fear. this was done as a reaction to the violent nature of the uncivilized African male.

  8. To jd. Did H1N1 ‘die 0ut’ [ under 0bama] See Your ‘stats’…
    > Don’ Think Soo, 60 MILLION + … Not reported now…
    > jd = U getting ‘Too high’ 0n your meds/ brain supp’s…

  9. Oh they will let you have your gun… But if you attacked by blacks and have to use your firearm you will be charged with murder and racism and lawyer costs … Which renders your firearm useless.

  10. Trump’s Continual Mismanagement of Pandemic, 6-18-20
    Trump says coronavirus is ‘dying out’ in America. The data shows the opposite, while other countries are seeing clear downward trends. The USA rates are surging UP, while Trump incompetently just LIES and LIES and says the pandemic is over. Trump is too busy working to get other nations to cheat for him in the 2020 election.

  11. Greg Gutfeld like most media propagandist conveniently relay only the partial truth when supporting their story’s thesis. He left out the part that Brooks was shot in the back while running away from the police as evidenced by video. There was no need for deadly force by the police officer who shot him. His life was not in danger. This officer shot Brooks not once but three times in the back and did not provide medical assistance for over two minutes after shooting him but rather kicked him while he laying on the ground dying. In my book that’s pure murder. This could have happened to anyone who was intoxicated. A person who is intoxicated has lost control over their faculties and behavior. These officers knew they were dealing with an intoxicated individual and should have taken better precaution when dealing with him. Greg is wrong this is not going to be a race war. This is an injustice problem in this country brought on by bad police tactics and unelected justices dictating immoral and unjust civil action devoid civility. We need to prosecute these bad cops and retrain them along with a judicial audit of the justices performances and actions.

  12. If the blacks want a race war bring it on! There will be a Extinction! It won’t be white people.

  13. I believe the comments by “Steve Startz” hit the nail on the head. A very accurate analogy!,

  14. “Brawling?”. How about calling it what it really is? Resisting Arrest! It was an escalation caused by the actions of the deceased, who had failed the field sobriety tests.

  15. Charles Manson was also inspired by large scale use of Acid and other narcotics. Him and John Lennon would fit right in with the “Freak Parade” in Seattle & New York…

  16. The BLM movement is exactly what Charles Manson dreamed of.
    Manson tried to start a race war he called Helter Skelter.
    Manson was inspired by The Beatles.

  17. When you are told by a cop to do something, by God DO it. If you want to be disrespectful, then you are the one creating the risk. AND DAMN SURE DON’T FIGHT THEM.

  18. FAKE NEWS cnn and msnbc and the mainsteam media is who is going to start a race war . Facts that blacks are shot less than whites , they won’t tell you that . They push the narrative of racism , wanting to divide the country , they thrive on RADICAL LIBERAL RIOTS and turmoil . FAKE NEWS cnn and msnbc plays the public for being STUPID , but I really believe most people see right through them .

  19. I’m tired of America being held hostage. The blacks talk about racism and think that whitey is out to get them. The dumb asses don’t stop and think about their actions causing white people to resent them. We don’t like to be bullied. The protesters have stopped being about racial injustice and has became to be about overthrowing the country. Not on our watch. Look at the reports of greatly increased gun sales. We mean business. Don’t keep pushing just because blue states are kissing your black asses.

  20. Give this some thought. God made all of us regardless of race if parents follow three rules, Baptizing help your child with schooling’s and respect all races we would not have all this nonsense. That what i had growing up that’s the reason at the young age of 92 And still going strong.

  21. All these trouble groups (ANTIFA, BLM, NAACP, SPLC, KKK, etc.) need a repeat of Kent State at each vandalism, riot, arson, or looting…there would be respect for the law.

  22. Fox news just got caught running digitally doctored, file photos and photos from Minneapolis to fake news chaos in Seattle.

  23. As far as “having the talk” shouldn’t everyone know to show respect for authority!!! But sadly not many do of any race. I know there are bad people in every occupation but that doesn’t mean to end all of them. This has gotten so far out of hand it’s ridiculous. What happened to do into others as you would have done to you? And yes, all life’s matter!

  24. Whether the fight is Dems vs Reps, , or Blacks vs Whites, , or Milenials vs Boomers , whatever. The overseas opponents will have a simple task to overtake the U S A for whatever reason they choose. JUST STOP THE DISPUTES. If you feel oppressed start talking NOT yelling !!!!!! Thanks

  25. IF you remove the police the real race war begins. Black on Black crime is a dangerous epidemic that the Only Black Live Matters does NOT acknowledge. This Black on Black crime will spread to whites, hispanics, and asians for mass genocide without cause or reason without law and order to intervene.

  26. I am White male! The News has been pushing the topic about African Americans having the “Talk” with there sons or daughters like it’s a bad thing. My father is a retired sheriff he had the talk with me most of my young life. It was about being responsible for my own actions, and respecting the law and others! The notion that BLM has or is posting every were so we feel guilty for being white is just down right crazy. I lived through Watts riots my dad had to go down to LA to keep peace. Than there was the Rodney King Riots 1992. I feel we are being used as a scapegoat for BLM. I have raised my children to respect the Police or Sheriff so I know they won’t cause rioting or looting or burning down towns. P.S they respect others and there property.

  27. The time may be here when b*llets,rather than b*llots must decide the future again. Be Prepared.

  28. Black Live Matter only has power because so many idiots are on their side, and embolden them.
    If people weren’t so damn stupid, and knew this organization has nothing to do with saving black lives but is just a front for anarchism then the politicians would not be so afraid to send in the national guard and clean them out. The only reason nobody is stopping BLM is because the politicians are afraid because so many morons think BLM is a righteous group. Its stupid people in this country that make it suck so bad for everyone else.

  29. Until blacks become civilized and despite them being 10% of the population they are committing the majority of violent crimes in America there will be prejudice against them by their own hands! The stereo type a race portrays is cultured by that races actions. The black race simply continues to prove itself not equal and unworthy to be trusted! Black men father multiple children with multiple women Out of wedlock leaving the tax payers , the women and grandmothers to raise fatherless children. They use racism as a weapon in the name of anti-racism, they murder 4 police officers , burn and loot cities ! This is not human behavior and it is not peaceful protesting ! It is a murderous Crime wave of uncivilized takers who have proven over and over again they are not equal to anyone but the devil. Look at the opportunity they had , America elected a black president trying to end racism and what does Obama do he commits treason by trying to overthrow the election by illegally using the government to overthrow the incumbent! The criminal activity continues by the Obama treason continues still 4 years after his crime spree tenure trying to cover up his deep state crimes! Wow ! Blacks are a race originating from slavery they and there past generation sold their own race to America and other countries in the 19rh century not for money although they got money for them but to get rid of them for as they have demonstrated for the last 200 years they were the outcasts and needed to be gotten rid of where they were in Africa! This is not speculation the black race has and continues to prove they are damaged and unfit civilized humans by their own actions! No person or race is entitled to equality and skin color has nothing to do with racism a races actions and civility are the only determining factor ! When blacks quit acting as a whole like an isis terrorist group and show the other races they are capable of civil conduct and they themselves start treating other races as fellow humans, get jobs and keep them , raise families with both parents , go to school and don’t steal the other kids lunch money perhaps they will finally be seen as humans until then they will never not be discriminated against!

  30. The problem is that almost 40 million blacks are responsible for the majority of black murders. Out of 13% of the population for every 100 blacks killed 94 are killed by other blacks, so out of 1,000 940 are black on black and 60 are all the other races and police making up 87% of the population. Out of 5,000 blacks murdered in a year 4,700 are black on black while 300 are by all the other races including police. So over a ten year span that comes to 47,000 black on black and 3,000 by all the other races and police. By attacking and killing the police and whites the BLM and the idiots backing them wont stop the mass murders because the real problem is the blacks themselves. More whites are killed by blacks at a ratio of 19% of all whites, so out of 100 19 are by blacks and 81 are by whites and all other races along with police. for every 1,000 that is 190 by blacks compared to white on blacks of 60 per 1,000. Now remember the blacks are only 13% of the population while all the other races are 87%. You would think the figures would be reversed. So who are the racist?


  32. If a DEMOCRAP is elected, this country is in deep DOODOO. All the good things President Trump has accomplished will be wiped out immediately. The DEMOCRAPS hate Trump more than they love this country. Creepy Biden will not make it thru the first year so whoever is the VP will become president. The left will tell sleepy Joe who he will pick, it will not be his pick for VP.

  33. The U.S.A. needs to purge Democrats. If the U.S.A. had done this after the last Civil War when the Republicans defeated pro-slavery Democrats…We wouldn’t need a second civil war…once again caused by the Democrats

  34. I will never agree to any of this an will fight it with everything I’ve got. The whole problem us not allowing “THE DANCE OF THE AGES” TO CONTINUE ON THEIR SORRY LITTLE ASSES

  35. Lincoln wanted to send the blacks back to Africa after the civil war. Congress wouldn’t let him. Now look at the troubles that we have.

  36. I worked as financial director in social services for the county and state for decades. In all the years there is not even one social worker I would send to an emergency…. male or female.
    One Friday afternoon of holiday weekend a co deputy called there was a man in a tent with a gun in a state campground, he needed a social worker to talk to him. NO social worker would go… I went myself… I had a psychology background…the deputy and I talked him into giving me the gun and he went in the cruiser with the deputy.
    very FEW social workers I worked with had any common sense….many had failed at another profession. thik about sending out a failure to a failure

  37. Julio
    You’ve been doing drugs and watching Fake News for far too long. As hard as it is to believe, God even loves a worthless troll like you, though I’m sure he’s puzzled at what went wrong with you long ago. Why don’t you go live on Nasty Nancy’s lawn in SF, I believe you would be right at home!

  38. God will always bless his people but He will not continue to bless a nation who does not call upon him. This is a spiritual battle and it is time we as Christians realize that and seek Good for His will in healing our country.

  39. God still sits on the throne and has the last say!! That is encouraging to me!!! This country is a mess!!! Democrats have long ago left there center and have gone so far to the left they can’t find right anymore!!! God formed this country!!! and God put President Trump in the white house!!! and God will cause all to stand!!! Woe when good is called evil and evil good!!! God loves all no matter our color He made all!!! This is what happens when you take God out of everything!!! Maybe Gods trying to show us something!!

  40. The nation needs the Lord Jesus to give us law, order and peace!! The far left, over the years have funded planned parenthood with the tax payers money to aid and abet murder; have handed out fat welfare checks to give us a whole generation of fat cats who don’t know what work is or should be…. with the excuse of the virus the first thing they did is shut the churches but bars and restaurants were opened; the legislators bowed down to BML yet forbid us to bow down to our creator and Lord …. these people are demonic….. our hope is the Lord and He will vindicate us and bring our nation back to Him and give us the peace we pray for…. this nation stands for all lives matter that include, black, white, yellow and brown and oh yes it also includes the police!!!!!

  41. I’d like to know why well-educated idiots keep apologizing for lazy and complaining people who think the world owes them a living…Look at Seattle and the West Coast, couldn’t be a better example… The “Freak Parade” on Narcotics…Excellent!!!

  42. More like a religious war! There are both white and black on DEMONcrat side( SATAN) that doesn’t believe there is a GOD! BUT CAN’T ANSWER THE QUESTION! Because they are brain dead to LEARNING! Then there are those who know there is a GOD( REPUBLICAN) doing all they can to get Satan follower to change! Only can put on the WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD AND FIGHT BACK! SO WE CAN WORSHIPPING AND LIVE IN PEACE!

  43. The commiecrats are feeding the racial problems in America to distract from the retard that’s they have for a presidential candidate. They can’t name any achievements by retard joe in over 40 years in so called public service. That idiot has been as useless as titties on a boar hog. Who in their right mind would vote for that guy?

  44. We need the police to keep order. This idea of a so ial worker taking the call is idiotic. There is good znd bad cops. There is a lot more good ones than bad ones. Same in every race. Good and bad.

  45. They will do anything to take the lead and if it means killing hundred thousand ppl they don’t care . Look what the virus did plus more. Obummer gave the Wuhan lab millions so I guess it just snuck out the door one day when they were taking a nap. Sure right! They have proven that they don’t care they just want us brought to our knees. If Trumo doesn’t win their will be a civil war that’s what I predict and the marines army etc won’t stop them. Prolly join in to get the demturds outta here

  46. Yes, there will be a war between good (God and His people) and evil (satan and his people). You get to choose which side you want to be on and where you will spend eternity. It’s very simple. All who follow Jesus are on the winning side. All who follow satan will lose for eternity

  47. Is there any doubt now that the left wants to take down America by any means necessary.
    If you wanted to kill America, the left would be your greatest ally.

  48. I believe that the blacks are being used for high treason and they don’t know it. The commiecrats are willing to see people die for an agenda.

  49. Democrats created this problem in the first place I don’t want to live in this country without police do U

  50. All part of the plan, Greg! If they have burn the country to the ground to get Trump out of office, they dont have a problem with that!

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