This Fox News host went on TV and said one thing about impeachment that was a giant lie

The first day of the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt ended in stunning fashion.

No one could believe what they saw.

And this Fox News host went on TV and said one thing about impeachment that was a giant lie.

Democrats are counting on the Fake News Media to brainwash Americans into falsely believing Donald Trump committed an impeachable offense.

Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi got a boost on that front from Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace.

Wallace falsely claimed that the testimony of Ukraine Ambassador Bill Taylor and State Department official George Kent were “very damaging” for President Trump.

“I think that William Taylor was a very impressive witness and was very damaging to the president,” Wallace said. “First of all, as you pointed out, he took very copious notes at almost every conversation when he put quotes in his opening statement, he said those were direct quotes from what was said.”

“It also doesn’t hurt that he has a voice like Edward R. Murrow. He is a pretty impressive presence up there,” he added.

“And I think very non-political. He went out of his way to talk about what he knew, what he was specifically testament to. The only thing he talked about was a strong feeling that it was in the U.S. national security interest to support Ukraine in the fight against Russia. But, he certainly wasn’t taking any partisan position.”

Wallace was reading from the Democrat Party script with those talking points.

Taylor and Kent offered nothing but gossip and opinions masquerading as facts.

Their third-and-fourth-hand rumor mongering destroyed their credibility and helped tank the first day of the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt.

But instead of reporting the truth to Fox News viewers, Wallace jumped on the Fake News’ anti-trump bandwagon and passed off wishful thinking and misinformation as reporting.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I completely agree with Tommy Clark as I too think that Chris Wallace should not be on FOX. He is definitely a democrat or his views are slanted against President Trump. I cannot understand why he is still there.

  2. You might want to read your bible a little more. God thru the ages has used evil to accomplish good. We are all sinners

  3. Hey Granny, maybe they can get together and start their own Rainbow Network. I’m sure there are some folks that would just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mainly to keep FOOLS like yourself from getting in the way of real progress and keeping America great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’ll bet “daddy Mike Wallace is turning over in his grave at what an idiot he raised and supposedly trained to be an honest Journalist!!!

  6. I watched the proceedings, and George Kent did say that the investigations into Burisma have been quiet, but are still ongoing. The money is still missing. So, if investigations are still ongoing, why is that not a salient fact? It means that there was corruption, money was taken when the CEO of Burisma left the country, and Hunter Biden was on the board at that time and just recently left. Why was he there? I believe that President Trump was frustrated in getting any information from both the Ambassador and State Department offices, and those people, there since Obama appointed them, were looking to keep their jobs when the next Democrate administration came to power. If Biden was clean, there would be no need for Trump to look into their activities in Ukraine. Biden was passed over by the Democrats at least three times for the Presidency, and his flaws were well known. Yet, his record in Ukraine demands scrutiny.

  7. Then you ought to shut up and people will then think you are intelligent. Unfortunately in your case we just can’t fix stupid.

  8. It is very sad that the very lefty children of Rupert Murdoch would deliberately put trump hater Paul Ryan on the Fox Board to force Fox into putting partisan democrats like Donna Brazille as ‘commentators’ on Fox to push the democrat agenda. That Chris Wallace is a longtime lefty and Democrat supporter. But the real disgrace is that Fox puts on some ‘commentators’ without noting who or what they are.


  10. I totslly agree with Chris Wallace. I think that the testimonies were very enlightening and that A. Schiff did a good job. All in all, it proves that Trump and his minions are as guilty as can be.

  11. I don’t even believe Wallace qualifies, as a RHINO – He’s an outright Trump-hating Democrat. Let’s tell it like it is!

  12. I watched Outnumbered and Outnumbered Overtime (I love Harris Faulkner and all the GOP Gals.) I watch Dana as well if I don’t have important errands to run – I do like her too. But when Smith came on at 3 pm, my TV was off! Sorry but he was so arrogant at times! Glad he’s gone. I like the different newscasters each day – guess they’re auditioning for that time slot?

  13. I’m on the same page as you, Gloria! I watch less and less of it each passing day. I do tape (DVR) some favorites on DirecTV in case my sister tells me about some interesting story or something. But even she (who I used to call “The addicted one”) is watching so much less often as well.

  14. Judge Napolitano should also be fired. He is a jackass and doesn’t know what he is talking about. As a matter of fact, he lies with everything he says!! I also do not watch FOX news any longer.

  15. Thanks, Nancy. You have said what really needs to be said here. May the Logos go straight through to his heart and he will hopefully become a New Man with all hope for a better future in YESHUA.

  16. Amen, Chris Wallace has been part of the fake news for months. Every Sunday he badgers his guest to agree with his Hate Trump spowting. He is a disgrace on Fox news and his father probably id rolling over in his grave that he bore a liberal son.

  17. I definitely agree that wallace should be fired by FoxNews so he could get a job at msnbc or cnn. I also think that the Republican House reps should walk out of the fake hearings. They should do it when everything is setup and on a live broadcast…..

  18. True. I used to watch Fox News Sunday, but no more. I can no longer stand Wallace’s hostility to every Republican that has to speak over him and his aggressive attitude tiwards them, but patience with any and all Anti Trumpers! He has to GO!

  19. Race, race,race! What the hell is wrong with you? Don’t you have anything better than that crap? Probably not and that’s why you won’t see a difference in your own miserable life. Keep pushin the race card dumbocrap

  20. Wallace Isn’t the 0NLY 0ne FOX SHOULD Dump.
    A Few others (ahem ) Donna B? etc. I do Not watch Fox.
    >Since the Liberal Children ‘Inherited’ the biz,
    FOX WILL NEVER Be the Same as it was a few yrs ago.

  21. I agree….he should go to CNN or MSNBC and join that (_!_)head Joey the clown and his pet with the white hair.

  22. Chris Wallace is for the dems. and He hates Trump. You see and hear it when he is on. I thought Fox News was honest and told the truth. Well Chris Wallace is the culprit on your channel who lies and IS A TRUMP HATER.

  23. ok, going to tell it like it is …
    Chris Wallace Is 72 yrs old.
    >Tons of Botox/ ‘baby juice/ Adrenochrome ???
    Centrifuge? + maybe more ___
    > Brain warp & V. Sick Soul ___


  25. Chris Wallace has always been a never Trumper…….he doesn’t talk bad about Peolsi does he when she asked President Trump to ring the evidence forward to stop impeachment….let that sink in folks crazy in America you are innocent until proven guilty and Democrats keep fishing….

  26. I’m with you on turning the channel, Chris Wallace ruins Fox News for everyone. They better fire that guy before their ratings drop, which they will do. Just ask the Dixie Chicks how it turned out for them

  27. Every time important issues are being discussed on fox Juan Williams and Wallace are right up in the middle of it. CNN wouldn’t let any conservative news person on the property. Disgraceful.

  28. I agree. It is all about money,greed,revenge,coruption at every turn. Fox made a mistake taking on Ryan. No one will watch if this continues.

  29. Wallace,Williams, The View,and all that are like minded are hurting our country. I don’t care what party you are from if you don’t respectfully support our country, president and it’s people you should move somewhere else and/or shut up. Conservative American people are so tired of this constant nonsense! Leave the President alone so he can concentrate more on our country, it would benefit us all. Get rid of them FOX or I will be one that doesn’t watch just like I don’t watch The View. I wish all could realize how serious this is! There is no way I will concede to a liberal way of live because it goes against God so as I see it we already are in WAR. Wake up America and so thankful for all those who already have. May God continue to protect and bless us and our President.

  30. English translation: Just like the racist white folks (TO) post their ignorance on here (PERIOD). (NEW SENTENCE) They ruined America from ever reall(Y) becoming “great”. Stupid (T)rump turds. Why do(n’t) yo(U) demons in pink skin rape y(our) own brats.
    Interesting first sentence for an individual accusing someone else of being “ignorant”, followed by the ignorant grammar. “Coloreds”?? Really??

  31. English translation: Just like the racist white folks (TO) post their ignorance on here (PERIOD). (NEW SENTENCE) They ruined America from ever reall(Y) becoming “great”. Stupid (T)rump turds. Why do(n’t) yo(U) demons in pink skin rape y(our) own brats.
    Interesting first sentence for an individual accusing someone else of being “ignorant”, followed by the ignorant grammar

  32. Jes like the racist white-folks post their ignorance on here, they ruined America from ever reall becoming “great”. Stupid trump turds. Why do yo demons in pink skin rape ya own brats. hahahahahaha

  33. The thing that liberals LOVE isn’t what he said. It wasn’t his position. It wasn’t his suit. It was that he “…SOUNDED like Edward R Murrow.” SOUNDED!! What are they going to do next? Dig up the late Sen Edward Kennedy?

  34. More and more I am using other channels like OAN, instead of Fox. The reason is that the likes of Chris Wallace have made me lose confidence in Fox. Fox used to be my favorite channel until several months ago.

  35. The Media will rue the day, that they didn’t stay neutral, known as the ‘fourth Estate’. All through the War Eras, they were valuable reporting the news and much appreciated for the honest reporting in spreading valuable News to the People.. How could ANY true American who grew up in freedom and protection by our Armed Forces and Government benefits for it’s Citizens, the most important thing being Freedom, to live your lives as you choose, not what is dictated to you…

  36. Chris Wallace is like hid old man a traitor and sell out to the biggest dime. He has always been a rhino and fraud. He should be fired.

  37. Chris wallace is a jerk. not a normal human being for sure. should be fired. I turn the TV off when I see him.

  38. The demons are a busy bunch, even Wallace has been marked with his misrepresentation of the truth should be a fine ! The F O X needs to apologise, for his actions.

  39. Chris Wallace is left to his soul. He likes style over substance ala using Edward R Murro’s voice in one of the two males witnesses on Wednesday. He probably liked the crease in 0bamas pants, too.

  40. If fox doesn’t do something with Wallace people will find another source of news. Let him go over where he belongs Communist News Network . And take that ahole Napolitano with him. Pres Trump saw right through this guy when he thought he should have been appointed to Trumps inner circle. True colors have shown through on this fraud.

  41. Little Chrissy Walleye got the memo from Rupert’s progeny and knows it is now safe to spew his libaturd BS! Until they took over Fox he had to kind of hide his real leanings.

  42. Sure, dems were outraged by Benghazi. The left was outraged that poor Hillary was being picked on by the bad Republicans.

  43. To me, it sounded like Balless Wallace was wanting him some Shep Smith pounding him in the behind. Wanted to hear them balls slapping him on his honey hole. Pwop, pwop, pwop.

  44. I watched Fox coverage on these Dem comedy show called IMPEACHMENT …. until they turn to the talking heads. The minute Chris Wallace starts… I turn the channel … Just like I do on Sunday Fox News…. much better at Weekend Fox and Friends…

  45. I can’t believe this idiot chris w. And his comments. any normal American understand what democrats are trying to do…what was the meaning of bringing this woman to testify…!!?? She have no Shame coming and telling how “devastating “she was…!!?? Really !!?? she still have a job and a salary the same as she was ambassador! What about the ambassador from Bengazi!!?? He and his people come back in boxes !! Democrats weren’t “outrage back than…!!??

  46. Fire Chris Wallace NOW from Fox News or get the Ratings that CNN gets. I no longer watch any News Channels & Fox was the only one I watched. The Democrats are Liars & the Media is Lying to the American People. The Democrats & Media are trying to over throw our Government & oust our President. The American People voted for Trump. Are you just going to throw away our votes, then WHY Vote??? This is America not Russia. Fox News should have FIRED Chris Wallace a year ago. You support our President OR get the HELL off the AIR & CNN is just about to shut down. FIRE CHRIS WALLACE NOW FOX NEWS.

  47. Chris Wallace is such a drooling idiot. If his father wasn’t Mike Wallace, he’d be doing piece work on an assembly line and screwing that up, too.

  48. Chris wasn’t paying attention when Texas Rep John Ratliffe asked Taylor, Kent, and anyone in the “inquiry” to name one impeachable offense identified in the phone call. Not one democrat, let along Taylor and Kent, spoke up. Even after Ratliffe paused and asked “anyone?”

    Seems, since the whole boondoggle was engineered by the democrats, that at least one of them would have said “yes, there was an impeachable offense spoken of in the phone call”. Since there were none, it’s obvious the “inquiry” is a total sham.

  49. Chris Wallace might as well jump over to the Clinton News Network {CNN}, because he is CLEARLY one of them!!! I NEVER did think Wallace was conservative…….always figured he was liberal!! THIS IMPEACHMENT FARCE WILL FALL TO ITS KNEES ON THE DEMS!!! THEY WILL BE REVEALED!!!

  50. “Never Trumper” Wallace is an embarrassment to the overall Fox News line up. How could either of these two people’s testimony injure President Trump? They only had third and fourth party stories and neither had spoken directly to the President. Only in Washington DC could this be taken without loud boisterous laughter.

  51. Chris Wallace is causing Fox News to lose credibility. His anti-Trump spin is being shown as fake news. If events are damaging to Trump they should be called out that way, but Wallace is just telling lies. Chris Wallace is making Fox News look like CNN.

  52. It would be a wonderful day if Chris Wallace joins his late father in ‘the happy hunting grounds’ in the near future.

  53. Chris Wallace is a idiot, as a register democrat, I review the whole process against President trump a forest of lies and that Shiff and Pelosi should be charge with the cost of the tax payer money for the illegal action and charged with a crime of intent!

  54. They keep him because of “fair and balanced reporting”, so – called. As it has turn out the Dumbocrats have all of the voice on Fox “News” network. There are only a couple left there who are actually on the Right. I think Fox needs to be sued for false advertising.

  55. Chris Wallace is growing into his reputation as another Fake News Contributor. I stopped watching Mr. Wallace maybe a year ago for his constant spew of stupid remarks. He is part of the rotten timber making up the dark and foreboding Fake News Ship of Propaganda.

  56. Wallace is in fact nothing but a Never Trumper and just another part of the ” FAKE” news A__ Holes! FOX should get rid of him!
    He belongs working for CNN “Clinton News Network” I change the station when he comes on with his Garbage!

  57. Blue, the left is doing their best to shut down the voice of the Right. I’m afraid the repercussions would be tremendously bad if so.

  58. James H Roberts, I don’t think “Yeah right guess again” was being threatening, I think he was saying that someone might be stupid enough to commit a crime with a gun against our President.

  59. Juan williams explains his point of view very well, and often he has good points. He does not claim to be anything different than what he is–as opposed to Chris Wallace.

  60. If I want to be enlightened by liberal ideology I would flip to CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, or CBS. I don’t. That is why I go to Fox News. Wallace has been a weak conservative for as long as I can remember. I wish he would make conservatives happy and leave Fox. I am glad that I have a mute button on my remote. I use it every time he opens his mouth.

  61. Who ever you are, that bullet is just what you need to put it in your mouth and swallow it!!
    That will put you out of your misery!! Sad that you remain in secret so nobody will ever know who you are!!

  62. Impeach My Presidnet and that means that message by ballot failed. The next in line is message by bullet, in accordance with the Constitution of the United States!

  63. I have never liked Chris Wallace and thought he sounded more like a bitter Democrat. I always change the channel when he comes on.


  65. Wallace and Juan both should exit FOX because their both DOUCHE-BAGS!!!!
    It wouldn’t matter what was said they would still put a negative spin on it as long as they bash him along with the judge, Napolitano another D-Bag….

  66. I don’t kno what happened to Wallace. He used to be pretty informative with the truth of the political situation in the US. He has begun to sound like a typical brain dead liberal. He doesn’t seem to understand that if the liberals take over, it will be the end of this country as we understand it. Sure the Republicans and Trump make mistakes but the libs are a thousand times worse!

  67. Wallace is a typical Northeastern elitist who can’t stand the rest of America that lies between Yonkers & the Left Coast.
    Such ‘civilized men’ will be the death of our nation.
    You’re too kind when you call him as ass…he and others like Jim are Quislings..

  68. Frankly,I see that Fox,since Murdoch put his liberal spawn in charge has turned way left to join all the rest of the fake news stations. That being said they are slowly promoting the liberal newscasters and removing the strong liberals. Chris Wallace is just another liberal leaning journalist . The whole thing is disgusting,if we loose President Trump I see no hope for our Country. We are headed down the rabbit hole!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA,PLEASE!!!!!

  69. Well said! Chris Wallace has shown his true leanings over the last couple of years he is absolutely a Pardison and not a fan of the president. I could care less if he disappeared from the Fox News lineup. I watched his father for years and would never have seen what I’ve seen from his father!

  70. julio dick lard
    The fact that heresay isn’t allowed in a court of law should be a strong hint that the democrats are running another illegal impeachment coup attempt. Another hint is the dictatorship style being used by the democrats.

    Neither one of these career politicians heard any conversation first hand. That’s not evidence it’s heresay. The released transcripts are real evidence and don’t show any quid pro quo or bribery.

    It’s shows the president for doing one of his campaign promises. That’s was to drain the swamp. One good example of the need to drain the swamp is the film of old creepy joe biden boasting about his corruption involving Ukraine.

    You just keep up those one sentence posts of delusion, insecurity and closed minded hatred. Meanwhile there are people waking up to the lies, deceit and corruption of career democrat politicians. That’s why DJT is attracting huge crowds to his rallies it seems that around 27% of the crowds are democrats who are curious to hear what DJT has to say.
    DJT 2020 KAG landslide is coming.

    PS, I have noticed that you never reply to any post that points this out. Kind of hard to argue against real evidence. Have you watched the Serial Brain 2 video yet?

  71. Keeping you in the gutter would be a great success.I hope New Jersey has better people then the likes of scum like you. You racist prick.Red turd is a better handle for your new posts.

  72. Dan T., Chris needs to go find Shep, now that’s a pair of liberal lunatics! Note: They don’t have a pair between them!

  73. We are saddened by the way Mike Wallace seems to have turned his reporting toward the left. His father and other great news commentators gave more of a middle of the road approach to their reporting and left all the listeners free to make better more rational decision about concerns. Sorry Mike, looks like the Swamp captured you.

  74. Chris Wallace is a complete failure not many watch the asss holee he is nothing like his father and never will be. Pure garbage. I only watch Hannity, Tucker, Laura . My main New is ONE AMERICA NEWS NETWORK THE BEST FACT NEWS ANYWHERE.

  75. Chris Wallace should go and work for CNN or NBC. He is discussing and has been a left wing liberal for years. Get rid of him Fox! Dick

  76. Send them to the middle east. They wouldn’t learn a thing on a remote island. A remote Island is too good for them.


  78. FNC may be a Conservative news station, but they have ALWAYS had LIBERAL guests and commentators . Way more liberals show up on FOX ,than Conservative guests are invited on CNN, MSNBC or the rest . It’s why their slogan is “Fair and Balanced” ! I’ve put up with a lot of liberal noise on FNC , JUST to hear the REST!!!

  79. This country needs to wake up and sack up all the stupid dumb ass democrats and drop them off on a remote island somewhere in the Pacific and leave’em there to fight amongst themselves for ever.

  80. because it had no Validity. Neither of them had ANY first hand knowledge. It was ALL heresay. Some staffer, overheard part of a conversation that they evesdropped on in a restauant, and they told somebody what they though it was about. Neither of these two witnesses when asked could say a single thing that they thought President Trump did that was impeachable. NOTHING. Neither of them actually were in on a conversation directly. I came away from listening to both of these career “diplomats” thinking my God we wasted tax payer money on these two so they could attend cocktail parties and listen to gossip. This entire thing is a charade.

  81. As I have said before, Chris Wallace needs to follow Shepherd Smith out the door. I have long considered him as a “never Trumper”!

  82. Fox news needs to do something with this f****** Chris Wallace he’s a traitor to our kind that damn Kent and Taylor didn’t say a damn thing except screw themselves

  83. Great comment Ric… I also call him George (Sorrows) Soros who ought to be deported to his native country where he is wanted for treason and hanged… He turned in his whole family to the Nazis where they were all murdered…I pray that he dies and him and all his billions burn in hell leaving ZERO to his equally loathsome sons…

  84. Chris Wallace has always saying negative things and siding with the Democrates…I have 1 questions, WHY IS HE ON FOX if Fox is a conservative station. I change the channel when he is on. Its a shame that Fox has resorted to this. If it keeps up I will stop watching the station all together.

  85. This is what comes of things when there is a change at the top. Fox has been in a slow decline for over a year. It will continue. I have quit watching.

  86. I am a huge Fox fan, but never watch Chris Wallace, he is a never TRUMPER and a dishonest reporter. He, like his father are Democratic supporters. He would have love to see Hillary in the WH, as she would have RUINED the WORLD. CW is nothing more than a puppet for the Democratic commies and Georg (SORASS) Soros. FOX NEWS WOULD BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT HIM. SHEP IS GONE, NOW WE NEED WALLACE AND JUDGE NAPALITANO, TWO OF NEVER TRUMPERS.

  87. Chris Wallace is a sorry excuse for a journalist. More and more I am finding myself tuning into Newsmax and OAN. I just wish that the three main commentators would move to one of those stations so I could leave FNC behind. Also, fire Chris Wallace!!!


  89. We the REMAINING viewers of FOX NEWS want CHRIS WALLACE “IMPEACHED”(REMOVED FROM FOX AND DEPOSITED AT CNN OR MSNBC) and perhaps we will remain viewers, at least when JUAN WILLIAMS is not on!

  90. No surprise, whatsoever, at Chris Wallace quoting from Dem talking points or pushing Dems’ agenda! Chris Wallace is a born and bred Dem liberal by his journalist father, Mike Wallace! The only reason his politics have become so blatantly in your face obvious is, the not so new anymore liberal management at the helm of Fox News is allowing liberalism to flourish and they have become just another fake news MSM network! We have two options turn to another channel when liberal hosts are on or stop watching Fox altogether which many many of us are doing or have done.
    When the changes at Fox news hurts their ratings and cost them revenues maybe, just maybe, they will understand they made a BAD DECISION!

  91. If Fox news want to become a Liberal station just tell us! I have never trusted Chris Wallace! He a never Trumper! His father would turn over in his grave! I get my news from OAN. ONLY TRUE CONSERVATIVE STATION

  92. Redman
    As a tribal member of the Cherokee and Choctaw indian nations…A RACIST COMMENT IS STILL RACIST…NO MATTER YOUR LINEAGE!

  93. All white folk are racist even if they don’t know it or don’t think they are just wait long enough and the racism will slip out. Beware of the white folk that say they want to help coloreds. There are always strings attached. Never trust white people.
    They will stab you in the back at a moment’s notice ahahahahahahaha

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