This Injured Navy SEAL just dropped the hammer on Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is still taking shots at Donald Trump.

The failed two-time presidential candidate is attacking the President to defend her record of failure.

But that all ended when this injured Nancy SEAL dropped the hammer on Hillary Clinton with one truth.

The Obama administration’s failed nuclear deal was one of the biggest foreign policy disasters of the last generation.

Obama put in place an agreement that allowed Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon in about ten years.

Donald Trump pulled out of the deal and reimposed crippling economic sanctions which led to Iran escalating hostilities in an attempt to force the President back into the nuclear agreement.

Hillary Clinton attacked the President’s decision on social media saying Trump failed because Iran now has enriched uranium beyond the parameters of the nuclear agreement.

Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw – who was injured in Afghanistan while serving as a Navy SEAL – shut Clinton down.

Crenshaw pointed out that the Obama agreement left the U.S. helpless to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon once the deal expired.

In addition, many Americans are wondering how Iran could exceed uranium enrichment limits virtually overnight if they weren’t already cheating on the deal.

Obama’s nuclear agreement was a failure on every level.

Donald Trump campaigned on pulling out of the deal and he made good on his word last May.

Hillary Clinton tried to defend the failed legacy of the Obama administration by attacking Trump’s decision, but the reality is Obama left Trump an agreement that allowed Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon.

The President had to make the best of this bad situation and pulling out of the deal and crippling Iran’s economy with sanctions was the only way to restart negotiations on a real agreement that would stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.