This Injured Navy SEAL just dropped the hammer on Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is still taking shots at Donald Trump.

The failed two-time presidential candidate is attacking the President to defend her record of failure.

But that all ended when this injured Nancy SEAL dropped the hammer on Hillary Clinton with one truth.

The Obama administration’s failed nuclear deal was one of the biggest foreign policy disasters of the last generation.

Obama put in place an agreement that allowed Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon in about ten years.

Donald Trump pulled out of the deal and reimposed crippling economic sanctions which led to Iran escalating hostilities in an attempt to force the President back into the nuclear agreement.

Hillary Clinton attacked the President’s decision on social media saying Trump failed because Iran now has enriched uranium beyond the parameters of the nuclear agreement.

Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw – who was injured in Afghanistan while serving as a Navy SEAL – shut Clinton down.

Crenshaw pointed out that the Obama agreement left the U.S. helpless to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon once the deal expired.

In addition, many Americans are wondering how Iran could exceed uranium enrichment limits virtually overnight if they weren’t already cheating on the deal.

Obama’s nuclear agreement was a failure on every level.

Donald Trump campaigned on pulling out of the deal and he made good on his word last May.

Hillary Clinton tried to defend the failed legacy of the Obama administration by attacking Trump’s decision, but the reality is Obama left Trump an agreement that allowed Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon.

The President had to make the best of this bad situation and pulling out of the deal and crippling Iran’s economy with sanctions was the only way to restart negotiations on a real agreement that would stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. If Iran drops a nuke, hope that old hag clinton gets what she deserves and it lands right on top of her while that best#rd from Africa is visiting her..perhaps the “squatting squad” can be there at the same time. Some problems solved.

  2. I wonder how much money was donated to the Obama and Clinton foundation.Why was the Iran nuclear deal brokered any way. They are a terrorist nation. What do people think they going to do with nuclear weapons. Look what they are doing now. Clinton should be prosecuted and shown to be traitor she really is

  3. Rejoice in the fact that Hillary is DONE! Her E-MAIL SCANDAL, Of course Bill, and Benghazi. Isn’t that enough?

  4. Damn it!!!!! You can drop “1000 bombs” on these washed out DemoRATS but NOTHING ever sticks!!! and I am afraid nothing ever will!!! I am afraid if TRUMP won by “90” percent votes the DemoRAT, Leafiest crap heads would find a way to nullify the votes so they would win. They are all CRIMINAL but NOBODY SEEMS TO CARE>

    • Yo, James R. MCClendon
      I care James.
      And I for 1, am totally with you!
      The Demon rats will stop at nothing to win!
      Even if Trump won 93 million to their 9 million they would still complain that the electon results were untrue and therefore; the dems would need a recount of all of the votes till they cheated & got the results that they desired & wanted!

    • I Care a Hell of alot, If you know how to get rid of them let me know I’m in.
      They need to get RID of AOC, OMAR And TLIEB TOO.

  5. Hillary should shut her mouth she is the one and Obama that gave the Uranium to the enemy countries in the first place. She committed treason and Obama right along with her. There is a saying people in glass houses should not throw stones and her house is glass all the way.

  6. It’s going to be proven that Bill Clinton went to the island owned by fellow pervert Epstein and had sex with underaged girls. This has been whispered about a few years ago. Hillary probably was there with her strap on. Come on libturds. Keep defending them reprobates.


  8. Why does the media even give a damn what some old drunk bitch like this has to say. Could it be she still has power among the ranks of the deep state? America has become the land of the free on every damn thing we can handover and that black puppet that the deep state and Davos Man bought for him sent us directly on the path of destruction. Remember this, “IF ITS NOT BENEFICIAL OR PERTINENT FOR ALL CITIZENS, someone is trying to divide us by pandering to separate communities in our Country. But, our country doesn’t care because we have more individualists than team players. I saw a survey that was conducted at a liberal college up North East Coast and the students were asked a question. Do you feel your country should be required to provide a free education to all of its citizens. Guess what they answered overwhelmingly? Yes! Imagine that! That’s kind of like asking the fix if it should be allowed to guard the henhouse. There is one thing about the Iran nuclear deal that puzzles me. Do the citizens of this country honestly think 100% of the cash made it to the runway where it was dumped in Iran? Tiny minds can’t fathom the deal the inept Negro made. I’m not talking deplorables can’t comprehend because they work for their money and know what I mean, they have common sense. I’m talking Baby Murderer ineptness type. You know, Hillary’s kind. We dropped off billions in cash on pallets in Afghanistan aircraft flight lines.

  9. What Hillary and others seem to have forgotten is that this was not a deal between Iran and the United States. There were about a dozen countries party to this deal. So, when the U.S. pulled out that was just one party. The other parties and the agreement survived.

    So what we have is a case where Iran has been cheating. They didn’t pull out of the agreement. They are still bound by its provisions and they clearly are NOT doing so.

    Now does ANYONE actually think Iran was or would toe the line if the U.S. was still a party to this agreement? Anyone?

  10. Facts are speaking out loud of what’s been going on
    with these so called democratic failures.
    Same policies for decades, with no room for advancements
    That’s why the freeloading is way out-a hand.


    • You got that right. The Dems are dumbing down our youth and making them lazy partying/drugged brainwashed idiots. They will wake up one day I hope before they ruin their lives or have nothing to show for their lives.

  12. We know Hillary, along with Obama was a real face value failure. Iran is a bad player and if Obama hadn’t given them 150 billion in cash they would be begging to come to the table for a real nuclear deal. Hillary should stop sticking her nose into President Trumps policies, she better get back to helping Bill with his out of control Penis issues especially with 26 flights on the Lolita Airline with young women under age hmmm! She needs to do what she did best and throw women under the bus and protect her para more!

    • H👁l_L👁AR_y’s name is on that flight list too but no one is saying anything about that. Why? It was noted from before when this first came out but not a word this time. Why?

      • Because there is more than sex involved with the poor innocent children…

        Hillary, and her “kind” will face the Judge of all the earth!

        A lesson for everyone; “Guard your heart with all diligence, for from it, flow the wellsprings of your life!”

  13. Hillary Killary can not talk about nobody , the bitch sells a quarter of our uraimum supply to Russia and thinks nothing of it , oh right she’s entitled and allowed to do whatever she wants , she needs a trip too the Gallows , along with Obummer , Holder , Kerry and Muller , many more I’m sure , It’s time to see these Traitors Dangling , from the short end of a Good ROPE

  14. Iran never stopped enriching. The inspections, if any have been had are limited to non-military sites. Inspections have be scheduled by Iran.

    The only reason the EU signed on to the treaty was for them to be able to business w/ Iran. Obama used the make believe Treaty to get Iran’s seized funds back to them w/ interest. He did not pay the American Companies who got left holding the bag when the Mullahs took over.

    Obama & Hillary had no intention of stopping Iran or interfering w/ the Mullah’s. Obama’s library should be built in Iran.

  15. Two major denominations of Islam: Sunni and Shia (Shiite).

    Iran vs Saudi Arabia.

    Iran with Russia. Saudi Arabia with the U.S.

    Strange that it was the Saudi nationals that took down the WTC in 2001.

    Iran is much closer to the development of a nuclear weapon.

    Obama and John Kerry played with the fire, producing one of the worst diplomatic agreements in US history. Right after the Arab Spring revolution that removed a few national leaders. Assad survived the government coup.

    Iran: on the uranium enrichment process and the control of the oil-shipping strait.

    What a mess, thanks to that retard Obama and Hillary/Kerry. Hope that Trump would bring peace to the Middle East. Cross your fingers.

    • We have absolutely NO common ground with you bleeding heartless, demonRAT, fascist/communist morons julio. Your time is coming, and it’s coming soon. We will have a reckoning and the evil cancer of the Democommie political cartel will be purged from our nation forever… With fire.

    • You keep asking that idiot question and keep proving that YOU are the idiot. WHEN are you going to PROVE Pres. Trump’s corruption????????????????? It never happened, so of course you can’t

  16. Jimmy Carter started this entire mess when he allowed the exiled muslim leaders to return to Iran and Carter worked to rid Reza Pahlovi from Iran. Once the Mullahs were back in power they began their dictatorship and terrorism in the Middle East. The mullahs used the national treasure of Iran bomb and murder and go to war with in hopes of controlling the entire Middle East.. The Iranian population are smart and educated but not strong enough to throw off the shackles of the Mullah’s dictatorship.

  17. Anything the Clinton’s and Okenya were or are involved with was and is anti-America and anti-American’s safety. They all should be shot for treason…

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