This Injured war hero told one truth that made Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s blood run cold

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was not prepared for this.

The freshman Democrat was expecting the Fake News Media to cover up what she was trying to hide from the public.

But this injured war hero told one truth that made Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s blood run cold.

The illegal immigration crisis along the Southern Border is the biggest issue in American politics.

And Democrats are trying to play it both ways.

They want to blame Donald Trump for the crisis to damage his 2020 re-election chances but they also don’t want to propose any solutions that would hurt their open borders agenda.

Former NAVY Seal and current Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw doesn’t want the Democrats to get away with this two-faced stand.

So Crenshaw called out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow Democrats during an interview on Fox and Friends, saying they “never have a solution.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw chastised New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for not working to fix the border crisis and painting President Donald Trump as “evil” Monday on “Fox and Friends.”

Ocasio-Cortez called for a “9/11-style commission” Saturday to investigate family separations at the U.S. border. Her commission would be based of the independent investigation used after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, according to Vox. Crenshaw called her idea “fuel to the fire” on growing tensions about illegal aliens in America.

“Notice that they never come up with a solution,” Crenshaw told “Fox & Friends.”

“They talk about the over-crowded facilities. They never have a solution. They don’t have a solution for our immigration system. They say it shouldn’t be defined by the administration — well, we do have laws right now … that says you can’t illegally cross the border. That’s immigration policy set by Congress. It’s a law in place. We need to enforce it.”

Democrats don’t want to talk solutions because they know the idea of open borders is wildly unpopular.

But they also know their base will lose their minds if they work with Donald Trump on a real answer to close asylum loopholes.

So instead they play the dishonest political game of bashing Donald Trump and telling lies about how he is torturing illegal aliens and hoping no one notices they don’t want to do a thing to solve the problem.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. AOC is to stupid to notice that she and the rest of the Dems that are involved with this will never win against President Trump. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) is something they need to start thinking about.

  2. The left have no ideas or solutions. A commision, get a grip. Sure lets talk some more about how to keep the familys together. Who cares, they are breaking the law, if you break the law you are seperated from your family, thats the way it goes. Aoc is as ignorant as she is stupid. She has no new ideas no solutions, nothing but running her mouth.

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  7. The Dems talk a lot, but never take any sensible action on anything. They use words to get people stirred up and people to hate, but don’t use words of hope, prosperity, love, and common sense… they have shown their colors and I for one would not believe them if they did change. I’d have to wonder if it was more for show, than reality.

  8. I don’t understand Republican hostility towards Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pushing a Green New Deal, she really should be vegan, like so many of her colleagues. An animal rights message is warmly received on the political left, not on the right. Bill Clinton was vegan and Al Gore is vegan. Dennis Kucinich is vegan. Cory Booker is vegan. Reverend Al Sharpton is vegan. Chelsea Clinton was vegan for a number of years: her wedding in 2010 was strictly vegan. Amy Carter is a vegetarian. And the Bush daughters were famous for… underage drinking? Well, to be fair, PETA reports that Lauren Bush, niece of George W. Bush, is a vegetarian.

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

    • Vasu…That is your problem…You have no understanding at all of the truth. You are a brainwashed lib who only believes the lies of your sick lib leaders without question. WAKE UP and think for yourself. AOC is an anti-American idiot and since you think she is so great, guess that makes you one, too. You have no clue about who our founding fathers were or what they left us.

      • Animal rights! I have a dog that is pregnant, what day after conception can you say she is pregnant with puppies? Defending the Affordable Care Act. When did it become affordable? It’s never been affordable for the people I know. Just because it doesn’t screw you personally doesn’t mean it’s not screwing thousands of others. A lot of other people besides the ones they paid for it dearly will have to pitch in. All of the subsidies people. Those receiving it for free need to get off their ass and help foot the bill. The medical industry will have to take the biggest hit since they value themselves very highly. The days of the $75 dollar Motrin in the ER will need to be over. In other words no one but the middle class is going to get screwed and it was a half assed attempt to get rid of us but that plan won’t work. They’ll have to try again! It wasn’t for people’s healthcare needs or the Dems would have read it before it went out and they need to take out that other funding for bullshit projects before I’ll pay ten more cents. Don’t be an idiot thinking big corporate is going to pay the bill, remember you idiots like the NAFTA deals and other that moves those dollars to a cheaper country. I’m all for ending marijuana prohibition since there are not many states who are United anymore cause Americans would rather get drunk or get high than be responsible. Plus we need more approval for gateway drugs to increase the amount of drug addicts we already have. Gun control is as good as it gets without a war. I’m all for moving the wage to $15 an hour since we are already sending $12 dollar and hour jobs to Thailand. Ask Nike what they pay per hour in Thailand. What is a Pro Life Democrat? Is that a Democrat that did not vote for Hillary. I ask this sincerely because you remember the old saying you can’t have your cake and eat it to? My wife’s cousin prayed to God to send her children to adopt. She is white and the two babies from the black heroine addict are well, you know. So I asked her what God she was praying to so she could receive those babies and she got mad. She is from Indiana and is a big Hillary supporter. Are you Democrat’s really that stupid? Really? If I say I am Pro Life and I vote for Hillary or an Obama or a Bernie I cannot have true belief in God. You know when their platform is to kill babies in mommy’s belly or the day after birth that God is marking you for a millstone. It’s the only time in the Gospel that Jesus/God tells you, you may as well kill yourself. He says he knew you in the womb. So don’t go acting like you have half a brain because you just proved your not pro life. YOU CANNOT VOTE DEMOCRAT ON STATE OR NATIONAL LEVEL AND CONSIDER YOURSELF TO BE A CHILD OF CHRIST/GOD. If the Democrats platform believes in abortion and homosexuality, you vote for one you vote for all of the platform. Don’t kid yourself. Your name will not be in the book of life. I am not being judge mental! I cannot pass judgement upon you but I can read a BIBLE. Not and abbreviated new interpreted to fit slime bags desires so they will pay offerings and tithes. That does not mean you cannot be saved afterwards but unless he calls you, your not getting it anyway so heed his calls and lay down your Donkey flag. People say Trump is not a Christian because he blocks the border. 1. Bush started it heavier in 2006 and Obama kept it going. I know I was there in Nogales in Jun-Jul 2006. Trump is following policy and is being good to most of those criminals. 2. Trump knows we cannot afford all of those illegals. Germany takes in 100,000. We have over 44 million immigrants in the US right now that are not citizens but most have temporary papers. So your homework people, the lies are killing us. All of these super stars hate America. Why are we the most migrated to country by far in the world? More lies? Did anyone catch where Obama was importing people from? Uncle Sam paying the bill and i bet you only have to guess once. Do your homework and don’t listen to these name calling idiots who assume.

        • Caldwell you are getting crazier and more long winded, you need to smarten up. Trump is not only not a Christian, if there is an anti-Christ it could only be Trump.

          • Yep Caldwell you did make some pretty stupid points about certain subject matters, especially the one on legalizing marijuana. But I have to say the reply from “TrumpsEvil” is a sure sign of stupidity and ignorance. Whether Trump is a Christian or not, he surely is not the anti-Christ. You far left people have absolutely lost you frigging minds. If you want to look into the eyes of evil, take a long hard look at Nadler, Pelosi, Omar, Talib, AOC, and last but not least, there come along little black female who has jumped aboard the dumb f–k train.

    • Vasu…WHO THE HE!! CARES WHO IS OR ISN”T VEGAN???????????????? There are MUCH MORE IMPOTANT things in life. And YOU have no right to tell ANYONE what they have to eat. You are a fool.

    • Vasu…EVERY SINGLE PERSON you mentioned is anti-American and the enemy of our freedom. But then, so are YOU. You hate our freedom as much as they do. YOU want to force us to eat what YOU want us to eat.

    • Vasu–the only way for you & your Demonrats comrades- to get what you want for America- is to leave and live in Venezuela or Puerto Rico or somewhere. The idea your now advocating & supporting will NEVER HAPPEN in this GREAT County called the USA!!Send them BACK!!

  9. These four noted in this set of comments have little or no clue as to the effects from their proposals will have on the citizens of this country and certainly have little or no understanding of the fundamentals of what has made this country as great as it has become even with its flaws. Their proposals are about as un-American as any one in their right mind might think. If our nation decides to adopt their philosophies it will crumble and become not just miserable, ungodly like and an impossible ‘place to try to live with respect a safety. Their ideas a rhetoric ar least border at least on those of a traitor to our country. And they should be treated as such .

  10. If Today’s America is my America and if all the “squad” are up for re-election and they are not soundly drummed out of office then my America is most likely doomed! There is nothing Patriotic about any of them, quite the opposite and anyone that wants them to remain in office has the same unpatriotic attitude as they do. They are an affront to all I believe in and I pray what most patriotic Americans believe and uphold. What I am extremely disappointed in is how few in there jurisdictions voted thus letting them saunter into our Congress where they have done nothing but lie, misrepresent, demean and attack our way of life including our President and then have the audacity to claim they are more American than I am. There is nothing American about any of the “squad” not in action, not in word, not in beliefs and certainly not in support of The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, our National Anthem, our flag and our sovereignty! They use and abuse them but they do not support them, not personally and certainly not in their current Congressional seats. They have to go and the sooner the better and if there is proof that one or more violated our laws to get where they are then they require prosecution to the fullest extent of our laws and deportation to those that applies to. How dare they!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Little Julio man needs to stay down by the school yard. He talks whether he has any real idea of what is going on. Come back when you start talking like an adult. Nobrainio Corset talks about being “buried with work” aunt Nancy give her, but still finds time to head up a commission? You might think with doing dishes, mixing cocktails, waiting tables, washing windows, polishing furniture she would just be too tired from all the “Nancy Chores”. Those are the only ones she is fit for. Maybe like some lazy sneaky brats she isn’t her chores and instead decided she wanted to go play. What a worthles twit.

  12. I just keep seeing in my mind that ugly witch Talib on her election night victory party wrapping herself in a Palestinian flag and saying “now we will impeach that MF”. That in itself in a way is treason. No God Bless America , No American Flag. That bitch needs to go away.

    • I agree with Vern Fisher. If they don’t change their ways, hell is their destination. You do not mess with GOD. You can’t hide from Him either. That goes for all human beings.

  13. they desperately scream”collusion”,”fascism” just because the so called “squad” is just a group of kgb agents-saboteurs….look into their path to the congress and you would find a lot of collusion and fascism there…

    • PUTIN, TRUMP’S heartthrob-du-jour, is also KGB….whose expertise is international sabotage in pursuit of universal Communism.
      Who knew!

  14. The Democrats supported border security and even built walls before Trump (BT). The problem is the evil Democrats hate Trump so much that they will try anything to get rid of Trump. Anything President Trump supports they have to oppose even if it hurts the United States of America and its citizens.

    • Trump once tossed out a brilliant plan saying he would oppose everything he wanted to accomplish. “Then” he commented, “the Demos will approve every bit.” How funny, but so very true.


  16. These four are finished. They are giving everyone that voted for them the information they need to vote for someone else who will help make America great again. These Dem’s haven’t worked a day for the American people since Donald Trump became President of the USA. It’s time to give these losers their walking papers. AOC, don’t forget how to make drinks. I wouldn’t know who would hire you but that’s the only skill you have. I haven’t heard if you were any good at it or not.

    • Julio, obviously that tells us how uneducated you are on John McCain issue. Better you run along and go outside to play. Leave this matter to the adults.


    • McCain has ALWAYS been a traitor to America. He was no better than Hanoi Jane. He turned on his fellow soldiers and his country to make things easier on himself. He was an inept pilot that caused the deaths of other fellow Americans. NEVER ANYTHING CLOSE TO A HERO. JUST ANOTHER COMMUNIST SUPPORTER.

    • Well, Julie it goes like this……you go to the airport
      pick a destination, and leave.
      I’am sure you will miss the United States within the
      first week, and you will remember all of the free handouts
      that you have now.

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