This insane cash drop from one debt-ridden state’s governor has Gov. Andrew Cuomo boiling with rage

When in debt and in doubt, just spend more money you don’t have on whatever programs you can dream up.

That’s a plan politicians like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo know will get them fawning coverage from the insane media for spending huge on programs like vaccination incentives for children.

But you won’t believe what debt-ridden California’s governor Gavin Newsom announced he’ll drop an obscene amount for.

California has gone from the Golden State to one of the worst states in the Union.

The pride of the West Coast is now just filled with drugs, homelessness, and Leftists.

Needless to say with California’s obsession with Socialist government spending programs, they have been racking up insurmountable debt for years.

But when you have someone like Democrat Gavin Newsom as Governor, that’s only going to get worse.

And that’s especially true when he is trying to buy votes to avoid his upcoming recall election.

Now, in the middle of a mounting debt issue in California, Newsom announced he’s going to just hand out $116,500,000 in rewards for getting vaccinated.

Newsom went to Twitter to announce his plan to pay people for getting the shot.

Boasting in his tweet, “CA is launching a $116.5 MILLION GIVEAWAY for vaccinated Californians! $15 MILLION in cash prizes for 10 winners selected 6/15 $50k for winners on 6/4 & 6/11 Already vaccinated? You’re entered. Not vaccinated? Next 2 million that get fully vaccinated can ALSO get a $50 card.”

So far over fifty-one percent of California’s population has been vaccinated.

Californians have suffered for years the Golden State’s failing public school system, crumbling infrastructure, and raging drug and homelessness epidemic.

California politicians have gone on one reckless spending spree after another promising to fix all of that to no avail.

Now, instead of putting that $116,500,000, back in the pockets of the taxpayers who earned it, Newsom decides to entice people to take a shot when cases of coronavirus are plummeting nationwide.

Of course, it’s not just Gavin Newsom pedalling such schemes.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is boiling mad he’s not getting the same praise as Newsom from the left-wing media for his own reckless spending on such incentives.

But in reality neither of them can take credit for originating such a leftist scheme.

In fact, it didn’t originate with Democrats at all. Ohio’s Republican Governor Mike DeWine came up with the idea of handing out taxpayer’s hard-earned money for the shot and many states have followed suit.

Just goes to show that Leftist thinking isn’t unique to Democrats.

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