This Islamic terrorist planned an assassination to make Joe Biden President

Joe Biden is the presumptive Democrat nominee for President.

Now his campaign was thrown for a loop.

And that’s because this Islamic terrorist planned an assassination to make Joe Biden President.

Navy SEALs seized a treasure trove of intelligence from the compound in Pakistan where they tracked down and killed Osama bin Laden.

One bombshell America discovered is that Osama bin Laden tried to plan an assassination attempt on Barack Obama in order to make Joe Biden President.

Bin Laden wanted Biden as President because he was “unprepared” and would lead America into a crisis.

Fox News repots:

The secretive documents, first reported in 2012 by The Washington Post, outlined a plan to take out Obama and top U.S. military commander David Petraeus as they traveled by plane.

“The reason for concentrating on them is that Obama is the head of infidelity and killing him automatically will make [Vice President] Biden take over the presidency,” bin Laden wrote to a top deputy. “Biden is totally unprepared for that post, which will lead the U.S. into a crisis. As for Petraeus, he is the man of the hour … and killing him would alter the war’s path” in Afghanistan.

Bin Laden specifically wanted fellow terrorist Ilyas Kashmiri to shoot down Obama.

“Please ask brother Ilyas to send me the steps he has taken into that work,” bin Laden wrote to the top lieutenant, Atiyah Abd al-Rahman. Kashmiri wouldn’t get too far along in the plot, however; he was killed in 2011 in a U.S. drone strike shortly after bin Laden himself was shot to death by Navy SEALs.

Joe Biden’s mental state has only deteriorated since 2011.

Nowadays Biden cannot even form a coherent sentence and routinely loses his train of thought in interviews, even when it is apparent to viewers that Biden is reading from notes or cue cards.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments to this ongoing story.


  1. Scott and JohnFrancis: Thank You Gentlemen! Your honest discourse is mostly unappreciated around here but, I do appreciate you. President Trump defenders are like the goose stepping Nazzis of the 30’s. They have nothing different to say, they just resort to pejoratives and all their answers come straight from Fox and Bannon. And then you have people like BJ that are just delusional. And almost all are just mean, like President Trump! So, keep the faith and Have A Great Day!

  2. John Francis and Scott27: Thank You Gentlemen! Your wisdom is greatly appreciated! The BJ’s and Dan Tyrees of the world love living in their Emperor has beautiful clothes world! We must forgive them and keep telling the truth and with God’s help, we shall overcome! Keep your heads up and smile! We have lots of Love to share! Have A Great Day!

  3. I can’t believe a Muslim terrorist would kill their best supporter as Omama and his father are right? BUT for now they don’t have any good candidate so this senile mentally ill hospice candidate biden is the one who will loose greatly, so we clearly see the current POTUS will win greatly by landslide, we’ll good for him. I voted for omama I call him omama because of the disappointment. Well looks a great victory for them is imminent.

  4. Snott27 do you plan to vote for retard joe? Just asking. You could always write someone else in. Bernie is waiting in the wings for joe blow to self destruct. And he will. Don’t matter. Trump would beat either of them, no matter which token they choose for vp.

  5. BJ I’m glad that you’re saved. Denominations doesn’t mean anything. It’s all about trusting in the death,burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And knowing that He’s the only means of salvation. And that hell awaits any that hasn’t trusted Christ. Both good and bad people go to hell. We are all sinners, but Jesus rescues us from the penalty of sin.

  6. Kirk, maybe I should throw in a nazi or cultist claim and they would post it. I honestly tried again. Seems the more respectful and well-reasoned the post, the less chance they will post it. I’ve had this issue before.

  7. Sorry, Jesse, but I am neither southern nor Baptist. I am just saved. I am not any domination, although I am looking for a church in my area that still preaches God’s truth. That is getting harder to find, as people outright reject God and the truth or put words in His mouth that He did not say. satan is gaining ever more ground, but we know what happens to satan and all who follow him.

  8. scott, produce one name I have called you. I only spoke the truth, but you have denied the truth, which is on you. And you have no concept of what a Christian is. That is very obvious. You have no clue of who Jesus is or His great love for us or what He has sacrificed for us. Read the Bible and study it and you will find the truth. satan has you very deceived. And if you don’t like what we have to say, no one is forcing you to come here. There is no way that you can have a reasoned conversation with conservative Christians because you are way out of your league. You have no clue. It is your choice to follow Jesus or satan and you have chosen satan, the great liar. Yet you attack us for knowing the truth

  9. Snott27 I’m sure you can get your point across. I noticed that the people on your side called Trump supporters nazis and cult members. So you’re telling me that you can’t describe in detail exactly what it is about the left agenda that you want? I don’t buy that and I doubt that you can explain anything about any issues. Trump’s not perfect, but America is and will be much better on his watch. Ok your turn. Tell me why not I’m sure that renewed right will allow it.

  10. Kirk, I just respectably addressed your questions, but this click-bait site apparently prefers juvenile name calling and ignorance; thus won’t post what I wrote.

  11. Snott27 you want an intelligent conversation? Ok, tell us what you like about the agenda of the democrats that you like. Do you want social ism and open borders? Loss of personal freedom? You are not looking at the big picture. I don’t always like what Trump says, but his agenda and vision for America beats anything that the idiots on the left has to offer. You don’t know what silly comments are until you get a brain dead commie like Joe Biden in office.

  12. This is no surprise. Joe Biden was chosen by Obama because Obama would be a less likely removal target if incompetent Joe Biden was to follow. Joe Biden is famous only for incompetence and corruption. The media got behind Biden early because he was the least polarizing. He is also the least intelligent.

  13. Biden’s fame as a senile old fool has spread far and wide. Even the Muslim world has tried to exploit the situation. The swamp gets thicker each the day.

  14. Thanks, Jim. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, it’s not possible to have any sort of intelligent and reasoned discourse with the likes of Dan T, bj, DCC, etc. etc. etc.. They can only call names and stick out their tongue; something most people grew out of in elementary school.

  15. Scott 27, God is truth and He tells it in His book. And He also gave us science to study His wondrous creation. You are a loser who has no concept of what truth is. You have only satan’s lies. God wins. You lose

  16. Jim you and snott27 should get together and get a room. Perhaps Julio will lend you his butt dildo. You two queers could lick stains out of your underwear.

  17. Snott27 I have not impersonated you. I read the posts and figure that you will blame me. You do a great job making a fool of yourself. You don’t need my help. And forget retard joe. He’s finished.

  18. This is B’s!! Bin laden died years ago of kidney failure due to depleted uranium!! Obama is a cia plant and a friggin traitor! Do is Biden and majority of the communists sellouts be dnc🤮🤮take me of your email sick to death of lieing msm propaganda outlets


  20. Is anyone surprised that democrats would try to elect a dummycrat for president ??? This stupid man was once a conniving crooked democrat but now is incompetent and still crooked ! Watch out for his pick for go !!!!

  21. I think that Biden will choose Hillary Clinton as his running mate, she will become president if he becomes unable ( which would, I’m sure be soon after elections ) That’s why we need to keep President Trump in office ! Why do you think Obama is getting so chummy with Biden, cause he can manipulate him into choosing who he wants as a running mate.

  22. The Democrat Party know full well Biden is a BIG liability so we have to assume that they have an evil plan in place already.

    It’s possible that if Biden wins the 2020 race, he will shortly, thereafter, meet with ‘an accident’ and his running mate will automatically be installed. Watch who the eventual running mate chosen turns out to be which will have very significant ramifications for America, of the mostly negative variety.

  23. John… “everyone knew…” “everyone knew…” The whole world does not believe as you do. What a ridiculous claim “everyone knew.”

    E Louie… interesting you claim others have a “hate filter” while you proceed to run that event through your own filter. How you can think that was anything other than an incredibly stupid thing to say for a U.S. president just confounds me, as does the lengths you folks will go to in the interest of defending, obfuscating and diverting to protect a man who constantly has to be corrected by knowledgeable experts. His ignorance of the world, the Constitution, common sense and other people is dangerous to this nation.

  24. Everyone knew “Senile Joe” was only chosen as an insurance policy for Obama, everyone knew no matter how incompetent Obama was Joe would be 100 times worse. Now the DNC is saying he is the best they have to offer America, Lord help us.

  25. 27…How would you like it if your were a leader trying to run a country in one of the largest pandemics the world as seen, man gets about two hours of sleep a night and has to answer to some lap dogs and parasites who have him under the microscope 24/7…I’ve never run a country, but I have supervised large battalions of men in combat with limited sleep, I’m quit sure I misspoke at times, but I had men around me, not little whining girls…

  26. Obviously some of you people on here think you can just say anything you want about someone and have it believed. I watched the White House press briefing for myself and compared it to what others interpreted the President’s words to mean. What he actually said does not even come close to how some have interpreted his words, because he never said it that way. I firmly believe if you listen to anyone you are already biased against you will strain the entire message through your “hate filter” first, and come up with an entirely different understanding of the original message. Say what you will (you have that right) but don’t expect everyone to believe and jump on the hate bandwagon. I will continue to use my God given ability to listen and reason to come to my own conclusions just as I will decide who to vote for. The one vote I have is mine alone and so is yours. Cast your vote when it is time to do so and so will I. Different or similar the choices are our own.

  27. bj… it may be YOUR truth, but it’s not objective, real world truth… ya know, that which can be proven, based on facts and science, etc.

  28. John Francis, what I said is the TRUTH. But you have no concept of the truth, just hate and lies. You accuse Trump of lying but have no problem that Hillary lies every time she opens her mouth and muslim traitor Obama lied his way into our White House. Very sad that you would rather believe the sick lies of your dem leaders than to think for yourself. YOU are clearly the fool. This is a conservative Christian site and it is obvious that you have no clue about either one. Jesus is the one and only Messiah and it is He you will answer to. And Trump was not serious about the disinfectant. Only a fool like you would think so

  29. James 75th… apparently Dan T thinks I am. And bj… seriously? You buy that he was only be sarcastic and not serious? Why, then, keep changing his story? Watch the segment and tell me that again. Even if I buy that he was just “musing out loud” that’s even scarier. Even 5-year-olds would dismiss that thought before it crossed their lips. He is dangerously insane.

  30. ” if you bothered to let go of your hate and open your eyes you would know that Pres. Trump is doing only good for this country.”

    Pathetic. He’s lied over 16,000 times with one goal and one goal only, so he can continue to loot the public coffers for another 4 years and ass rape anyone not of the 1%

    You fools are like the idiots in Germany in the 1930s. You think you’ve found a messiah leading you to the promised land when in fact you found an evil madman leading the country to ruin who will leave it an empty husk.

    FFS he told people to drink bleach and lysol to combat coronavirus. How freaking stupid can you people be?

  31. Believe me, your not worth impersonating. Everything that comes out of your head Means Nothing Chim Chim…Go watch Don the gay Lemonade…

  32. Mario…yes, China is our enemy and all of the dems (not just Biden) are in line with them, as they hate this country and would welcome a Chinese takeover so we would no longer have any freedom or the Constitution they hate so much. The dem party has thrown God out and is ruled by satan

  33. Scott 27, if you bothered to let go of your hate and open your eyes you would know that Pres. Trump is doing only good for this country. You should be thankful that Trump is president and not Hillary. This virus would be much worse and there would be no freedom at all. But guess that’s what you want. And that injection thing was certainly not serious, but you wouldn’t know that, being the ignorant fool that you are

  34. Dopey jo Bydumb for president?it would be funny if it wasn’t true that the dumbascrap party thinks that Bydumb could actually run the country, even our enemies know that he is a complete moron but that is just how shortsighted the dumbascrap party is they think the rest of the world is just a place to go visit and feed the natives and then tell glowing stories about how they are helping the world all the while ripping them off like Bydumb and his son. At every turn the Democrat party shows it’s need to be removed from any and all positions of power they are the worst parasites in history with Bydumb, Scummer and nutsy Pelosi leading them

  35. Mario… are you really not aware of the layers of business ties trump and his daughter (not sure which wife was her mother) have in China? You should look it up… makes Biden’s ties seem like shoelaces.

  36. Forget Bin Laden. Communist China is incestuously involved with Biden. It is to Communist China’s advantage for a weak President to be elected who can be manipulated and corrupted. Biden and son Hunter developed ties to Communist China back in 2013. Communist China has deep deep pockets to influence and infiltrate all levels of American society. Trump is definitely a major problem confronting Communist China — he is incorruptible and uninfluenced.

  37. I see someone is impersonating me again today. Are you that bored, Dan T? On the subject of Biden leading us into chaos and catastrophe… I guess they settled for trump, who has certainly led us into chaos and catastrophe. Anyone have their disinfectant injection today?

  38. Bi-Laden & al-Qaeda concerned Obama a Crusader and he wasn’t of pure blood. Their job was to take up jihadist cause around the world, righting perceived wrongs, which Obama was one of the wrongs. Under the accordance of pure Islamic Law Obama was a traitor, just like he was to this country. I’m really surprised he’s still breathing…

  39. Didn’t he know that Obama was on his side??? Obama hates this country and our Constitution. He brought in many thousands of muslims knowing full well the goal of islam in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution with sharia law

  40. Not to say that Hajji didn’t deserve to float with the fish, but he was smart enough to know Joe Biden is an idiot. May be the only reason Shoe Shine took out his Muslim brother, he knew through intelligence that Bin-Laden had him in the cross-hairs…


  42. PS Cute dogs Diane. I have a beloved beagle. She likes to howl when I play my fiddle. I guess she thinks I’m pretty bad.

  43. What?, that sounds like completely insane reasoning, because that foreign enemy Kenyan tyrant “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry the Osamanator” was a crusader for islam, he was sneaking in ISIS members in the dead of night, spreading terrorism around the globe by removing those islamic leaders that did not promote all out jihad against non-believers, for instance Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya, yes, Libya Gadaffi’s attitude towards Ameticans had become far softer than they had been years earlier and he was making serious efforts to negotiate with our government.

  44. Dan, Ben Laden killed many Muslims of whom he suspected rightfully or wrongly of being traitorous to his cause. His was not a Muslim war but a creation of a Islamic caliphate.

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