This jaw-dropping truth about the coronavirus spread will change everything

Donald Trump and his administration are scrambling to contain the coronavirus outbreak and reopen the nation’s economy.

But now all hell is breaking loose.

And that’s because this jaw-dropping truth about the coronavirus spread will change everything.

There is so much public health experts don’t know about the coronavirus.

At the top of that list is how deeply the virus penetrated America.

Santa Clara County, California gave a hint the infection began spreading much earlier than first thought when a medical examiner announced that the first death in the country from coronavirus was actually on February 6.

The San Francisco Chronicle exclusively reported:

Santa Clara County on Tuesday announced three previously unidentified deaths from the coronavirus: the Feb. 6 case; one on Feb. 17, which also predates the death that was earlier believed to be the first; and one on March 6. Initially, the first death in the county had been reported March 9.

“What it means is we had coronavirus circulating in the community much earlier than we had documented and much earlier than we had thought,” said Dr. Sara Cody, Santa Clara County’s public health officer. “Those deaths probably represent many, many more infections. And so there had to be chains of transmission that go back much earlier.”

Cody did not provide details about the people who died in February but said the deaths “tell us we had community transmission – probably significant community transmission – far before we realized it and documented it.”

This was more than three weeks before the first confirmed coronavirus death was recorded in America on February 29.

There is no record of this individual traveling to China or other hot spots, which means there was community spread in Santa Clara dating back to January.

These findings indicate that not only was the coronavirus in American long before it was first thought, but that more Americans were exposed to the virus and the country could be closer to herd immunity – where so many people have been exposed that an infected individual has almost no chance of running into someone not yet infected and viral transmission is suppressed – than people thought.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. We have all been lied to by the scientists and data.
    Look up these people On the internet and then tell me they know best.
    Look who they help and give money to.
    Look what there affiliation is.
    They have taken things off YouTube because other Dr.’s where given facts and data that made since.
    Wish someone could find them and turn over to FOX so everyone can see.
    We are not stupid like they claim we are.
    Research research research

  2. I swear I had covid 19 in December 2019, can’t get anyone to test me. I went to Baptist Hospital sick and weak as an old dog (I am 64) and they gave me IV fluids and a cat scan which I threw up the last 10 seconds. They asked me if I could “hold it”??? Really??? I walked in the cold air to my son’s house next door and would have collapsed on the porch had they not answered soon enough. I made it to the couch saying I can’t breathe!!! Get me some water. They brought me an inhaler instead that worked wonders, thank God! It was scary as hell–would not wish that on anyone. It felt as though the next breath would not come. I kept the inhaler and used it for the next week. Since then, when the U.S. heard of covid 19, I also had all of the symptoms, including a fever for 5 days straight in March. I called my doctor wanting to be tested that time, but they put me through to another place that wouldn’t take you in (even for testing) unless you were having trouble breathing to the point you needed hospitalization. I STILL don’t know of a place to go for antibody testing. I think I had it in December, but then again in March when I self quarantined at home with help from my son who brought me food and things I needed. I stayed away from his house because of my grandson and mostly my daughter-in-law who is dying of cancer. I am tired of living scared of getting it. I wish it would go away … enough is enough.

  3. Randy who’s threatening your life over voting? I’m not following you here. Are you talking about the coon panthers threatening voters in Pennsylvania in 2008?

  4. Mail in voting is BAD? Risking your life to vote is BAD? Only the right would try to equate risking your LIFE with voting as being BAD! Sick!! I want the FREEDOM to vote without risking my life. SHAME on you who think otherwise!!

  5. Let’s stick with facts. Covid-19 is here. Didn’t matter where it came from. The only way to know if we’re getting close to herd immunity is testing. So, let’s get on with it. My cousin is ICU nurse. It’s a terrible way to die.
    Almost half the dead here in California are 19-39. That bucks the trend elsewhere. Of course, per capita, California is doing pretty well.

  6. This “thing” appears more and more to resemble a science fiction bio-attack…especially as Beijing and Shanghai – way closer to the “epicentre” – remain virtually “unscathed”…the MSM and Democrats keep doing 180’s and somehow maintain a “following” ( and these idiots claim that Trump supporters are the idiots -smell an Alinsky rat here???)…

  7. Brad I said the same thing. Apparently nobody died of anything but the Covid-19. Last year 37,000 people died of the flu, this year 0. This is all to make Trump look bad. Higher the numbers the more likely people will vote him out. I hope people can see past the transparency. But totally agree with you. Also time to open economy. Democrats using this for mail in voting. Up to them the dictators then we’ll be in perpetual lockdown and democrats will win with mail in voting and take the senate too.

  8. Tawaian contacted the WHO two times in November to warn them but they ignored it. Too busy covering up for China. I hope everyone realizes they’re trying to blame us and democrats are helping them.

  9. So maybe that individual didn’t travel to China or any of the hot spots. More than likely, they came in contact with someone who did travel and was possibly a carrier of the virus.

  10. Communist China’s suppression of the actual breakout origin date of COVID-19 is the reason for asymptomatic carriers — the unannounced 2 months allowed full trade with the world and Communist China whereby visitors, goods, foods, pharmaceuticals, textiles, etc. were unrestrained. Countless persons throughout the world were unwittingly exposed to the disease, which compounded exponentially to infect others, and consequently, more. Realistically, the global majority has already been contaminated with the virus, but those with weakened conditions and the elderly have since died. The initial timeline is the critical incubation period corrupting all to the deadly contagion. Communist China should be held accountable and responsible for each nation’s reparations due to secreting the virus without properly and responsibly informing the world.

  11. How were these “early” cases tested, or is it assumption. There are probably thousands of other cases that were never tested, but decided they were “the Virus” cases. Many died of other things-heart,cancer, etc. Since they had “symptoms”, when they came in (whatever that means), they were listed as having “The Virus”.
    You realize that medical providers get an extra 15% reimbursement for cases involving Covid-19. Also, its strange that the Asian Flu cases are “way down” over this same period.

  12. Justice for trump, you are one sick puppy. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
    Don’t bother responding, I already know your sicko answer.
    The CCP virus will pass soon. Just stay clean and separate from folks, wear a mask when in the market. This pandemic may well be tied to the DNC, piglosi as well as China. We just don’t know for sure how deep it runs in our swamp. Be vigilant and vote the commiecrats out in November, all of them! MAGA KAG GBA

  13. I think this whole thing is in prepaetin for a Martial Law and a Communist dictatorship If this continues without cessation, be prepared to see tanks, etc., running in yuor street1

  14. Can records be check if Pelosi visited Wujan in November? Could she have brought a vial of the virus back with her? Since she is speaker of the house, they probably don’t check her baggage like they do us. If it is found she did so, she should be put in the chair(and I don’t mean Sp of House) for the murder of so many people. She probably wanted to get rid of some of the people in CA esp ones low income people.

  15. Justice?? – did we get any when bill clinton signed nafta and all our jobs left the country, how about Obama and all the cash he sent to Iranians of our taxpayer money along with the 15 terrorist he sent back to them – how about Hillary Clinton and the uranium she sold to Russia that’s used for weapons. What about scum bags Eric holder, Jim Kerry, Comey, Rod rosenstein along with his wife, McCabe, Peter arrogant Strzok, Mueller, Nadler, bug eyes, Nancy pelosi, chuckie, Maxine the idiot, Jeff (they got something on him) Sessions, WHO organization, and on and on and on – the Swamp is tooooo big and no moral compass! May God help us for letting this all happen!

  16. I’m tired of hearing about it (all the names of this famous flu virus 🦠). Especially from a bunch of politicians that have no idea what the hell they are talking about. Most can’t do the job they are being paid to do in government let alone in the medical field. If some one figures out how to stop people from dying then that is the person we want to kill first. There are too many people in the world now. Who cares how many people have died? If you are health enough to worry about dying you are in great shape.

  17. In December we had over 3,000 people from China come into the United States. As stated earlier, people may not know that they have it, because they do not show any symptoms. Then the virus is spread to others. I’ve heard that many people believe that they had it as early as December. They were tested for the flu, going around at that time, and the results were negative.

  18. I trust the Government of Ca.about as much as I do China or Pelosi Now as far as this china virus we have had more people die from the reg. flu and other usual stuff than we have the virus and the virus numbers have been inflated and as far as staying healthy one thing I think people need to do is stay away from so many antibacterial soaps and such your body needs some bacteria on it to keep its immune system built up I am going on 66 and Thank the Good Lord have not had the flu in I really don’t know and have never had a flu shot I might get it any time I don’t know but when kids and grandkids start getting sick I stay away from them and anybody else that is sick except My wife of 45 years

  19. Justice for Stupidity…Have you been watching Michael Obama’s new children’s program???

  20. Keeping one’s Mouth and Nose cavities clean by gargling with SALT WATER three times a day after each meal brushing. Then, patting a very, very small amount of salt inside the nose with your little finger, leave it in there for while, then sneeze it out after gargling the Salt Water. Salt is the best thing for me when it comes to my oral hygiene. I noticed that when people are getting the flu each season, I stayed healthy! All by the GRACE of GOD for helping me with the SALT of the EARTH!

  21. I thought I had the COVID 19 virus back in December at Christmas, before I knew it’s name. Had all the same symptoms, and the doctor put me on a z-pak for a bacterial infection caused by the virus. My son had the same symptoms, and ended up in the emergency room. Was it COVID 19 or just the flu? Makes you wonder.

  22. I for one BELIEVE we all need to have a talk with our doctor. We need to take care of ourselves better than before. So ASK your doctor what you can do to make your IMMUNE SYSTEM STRONG! So you can fight off the flu! I take vitamin everyday and they are multiply vitamins. Yes, I still get sick but only for a day or two! Taking vitamin help fight disease and keep the heart strong! And a hot stream shower will help fight the flu!

  23. Open the country back up and get the economy going. This is just a nasty flu and we have never shut down for the flu before and there should be no need to now. Most people recover

  24. “These findings indicate that not only was the coronavirus in American long before it was first thought, but that more Americans were exposed to the virus and the country could be closer to herd immunity” that is NOT how herd immunity works.

  25. Let’s end the lockdown & take Sweden’s way of how they didn’t lockdown & no wore off from common flu!

  26. This coronavirus thing is being used as a weapon. The commiecrats want Trump’s defeat at any cost. We the people need to organize and stand against them. We are being lied to by the commiecrats and the fake news. Yes, we have a problem that needs addressing, but laying the groundwork for social ism isn’t going to do anything but put the American people under dictatorship.

  27. So lets understand what has been discovered. People can become infected and have no symptoms. You can’t get tested unless you have symptoms and ordered by a doctor. The overwhelming number of people who are tested result in a negative test. The overwhelming majority of people testing positive, have mild symptoms and do not require hospitalization. Is it not reasonable to conclude from this that there is nothing that can be done to block the spread of the virus, only delay it somewhat by mitigation action? Also while it was helpful to have mitigation to avoid overwhelming the hospitals, since hat has been accomplished, is it not reasonable to reopen the economy with practical mitigation, NOW?

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