This jaw-dropping video will send Kamala Harris running for her life

Kamala Harris has enough problems on her plate.

But her political future just took a turn for the worse.

And this jaw-dropping video will send Kamala Harris running for her life.

Last March, Joe Biden named Kamala Harris as his border czar.

Since that announcement, the situation at the southern border has deteriorated into a full-blown crisis.

Two million illegal aliens attempted to invade America on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ watch in 2021.

In 2022, matters are worse.

Fox News posted a blockbuster video of the Biden administration sending busloads of illegal aliens into Brownsville, Texas, where waiting cabs ferried the illegal aliens to the airport.

The Biden administration armed each illegal alien with a plane ticket and sent them off into the country.

There is no guarantee that these illegal aliens will return for their notice to appear at their immigration court date.

Tens of thousands of illegal aliens already ignore those orders and remain in America.

The Biden administration is doing nothing about these stray illegal aliens breaking the law and embedding themselves in American communities.

In fact, the Biden administration encourages it.

Of course, Democrats want illegal aliens in the country for a reason.

If they ever pass amnesty through Congress, Democrats want to have as many potential new voters as possible.

But in the immediate term, this is a massive problem for Kamala Harris.

Harris would like everyone to forget that Joe Biden tapping her as border czar is the biggest issue in her portfolio as Vice President.

And polls show that Joe Biden gets some of his lowest marks on illegal immigration and handling the border.

There is a strong possibility that Joe Biden will not run for re-election in 2024 and that Harris will be the Democrat Party candidate for President.

And any Republican running against Harris would place her failure as border czar front and center in their campaign.

Donald Trump won the 2016 election by elevating the issue of illegal immigration to the top of voter’s minds.

If Harris is the Democrat nominee in 2024, it is likely that she would face that same problem, as the election would turn into a referendum on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ failure at the southern border.

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