This Journalist’s insane tweet about Trump is sparking massive backlash

Americans were horrified to learn of a tragic shooting at Capitol Gazette newspaper in Maryland.

A suspect killed five innocents before being taken into custody.

But one journalist’s insane tweet about President Trump us sparking a massive backlash.

Rob Cox is the Global editor of Reuters.

Cox used the occasion of the White House offering their deepest sympathy to victims of the tragedy to attack the President. Cox later deleted the tweet, but we acquired the screenshot of it, which you can see below.

This is what happens when @realDonaldTrump calls journalists the enemy of the people. Blood is on your hands, Mr. President. Save your thoughts and prayers for your empty soul. At least four people killed in Maryland newspaper shooting: reports

Currently there is no known information about the shooter or his motives.

But Cox gleefully exploited the tragedy to attack Trump for when the President calls out inaccurate reporting.

Social media users responded by pointing out Cox’s tweet was ghoulish and wildly out of bounds.


  1. Going back before the incorrect ruling of a certain judge in a wrongful termination lawsuit that is what we had journalists who would actually investigate and fact check a story instead of just blindly airing it because they were ordered to do so.

    Then years ago a station owner gave a reporter a FICTIONAL story they wanted aired to manipulate people into supporting his personal political agenda to their congressional representatives.

    The reporter upon fact checking the story found it was fiction that it never happened they refused to lie to the people spouting the fictional story as if it was proven fact and was fired.

    The judge in the wrongful termination lawsuit declaring that news was “just another form of entertainment” upheld the wrongful firing of the reporter. Thus telling all reporters they had no right to refuse to air any story they were ordered to air regardless of if it was true or not if they wanted to keep their jobs.

    Since that time fake news to promote the political agenda of those who control the media became the “mainstream news” and we have had to dig through numerous other sources to find the truth. sources they want to falsely label as fake and censor because they contradict their propaganda.

  2. I agree completely, and am so disgusted with the ignorant journalists that are only “GOSSIPMONGERS” looking for a remark that will give them national notoriety and they don’t realize that every negative publicized remark works against the aim of the people that are doing POSITIVE, HEALTHY, LEGAL statements and actions. An HONEST complaint is proper, and deserves consideration, but the liars, cheats, low-life jerks that only make statements to get a line or two in a major news report only add to the difficulty that HONEST news reporters are trying to convey to the American Public.

  3. You are so right. democRATs never take any blame on anything, even when it’s there own doing!!!! They are sick people!

  4. We would have known before the gunsmoke cleared or the gun barrel cooled off. Sorry dumbass liberals. Not a Trump supporter in this deal. Can I get an amen?

  5. How I wish I could meet Cox. I’d give him the good paddling he has earned ….. Trump is 1000 times the smarter, nicer, and better MAN than “ROB COX” can ever imagine being. Loose mouthed, hate filled, idiot is what Rob Cox is. I am 79 years old and sick and tired of all of the left’s crap drizzling down constantly. IF they had an intelligent bone in their bodies, they would KNOW how decent people think about them…..I think of them that way. They are merely human enough to be traitors, and SHOULD BE TRIED, and if we had a government worth a dime, this crap would CEASE.

  6. Hey Rufus, Butchy is Butchy #2 and he is a “troll”. It is his paid job to create anger, hate, discontent, and chaos on this and other websites. When you reply to him, he is paid by some mysterious liberal. Oh and there is another Butchy who is Butchy #1 and a real hard hitting conservative deplorable good guy. You will know right away which one you are hearing from. 🙂 🙂

  7. This bleeding heart libcommie “journalist(?)” is a complete moron. That low life murdering scum did exactly what the democommies told him to do. First – he did exactly what Joe Biden told every citizen to do, “buy a shotgun, buy a shotgun!”. He did and then he used it. Then he did exactly as Mad Maxine told him to do, “Push back, push hard and chase them down. Don’t let up.” He chased them down and didn’t let up until they were dead and the police arrived. So this lemming was thoroughly adhering to what his illustrious demigods instructed him to do.

    Clearly the blood of these innocent people is on the hands of the demomorons and no one else. However, they are never to blame for what they incite, right?

  8. It turns out that once again a liberal “reporter” looking for fame has jumped the gun and made statements before the facts were available. It turns out that this was a vengeance attack by someone who had lost a defamation of character law suit against the newspaper because it was proven that they had in fact printed the truth about him. There were no political motives involved.

  9. Couldn’t have said it better…it’s misfits like him that are responsible for the actions of other misfits.

  10. President Trump is stating nothing but the obvious – the MSM is biased and does slant the news to the left and many times outright lies about it. The general public is aware of this and their knowledge is reflected in the recent a new Axios/SurveyMonkey poll on the traditional media.

    When asked the question, “How often do you think news sources report news they know to be fake, false or purposely misleading,” 72 percent of respondents said a lot or sometimes. On 25 percent said rarely or never.

    Two-thirds of respondents (65 percent) said fake news is reported because the “people have an agenda.” About one-third (30 percent) blame fake news on laziness or “poor fact-checking.” Only 3 percent believe it’s accidental.

    Most of America is fed-up with the “fake news” MSM, and I fear there will continue to be the occasional John Q Public who will flip out and attack some member of the Ministry of Truth – the MSM. I suggest they simply don’t see any other way to stop the lies.

    The respect America had for Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, and Walter Winchell is gone because the fairness, integrity and honesty in reporting is gone.

  11. This Rob Cox, is he a joke? Blaming the president and saying blood is on the presidents hands. Blood is on the hands on people like Rob Cox and the person he stands by Maxine Waters. Don’t blame my president for something that you are responsible for. Get a hair cut, shave hair off your face, clean your act up and maybe you can become an honest citizen of the US.

  12. These reporters seem to think they have the right to their opinion! Their job is to report the real news not give their opinion just because they think they are the news and can’t be brought to task! I think their opinion is just gossip!

  13. If that shooter turned is a Trump supporter we have heard about it before the shooting even stopped! So we know that he took his orders from the Left!!

  14. the main problem is the dems don’t want ownership of culture change under Obama administration like a dog chasing a car don’t know what to do with it when he catches it IMMIGRATION ETC take a stand

  15. Hey Butchy #2, How much are you getting paid for each reply to your insane angry comment and who is paying you? Fat chance you will answer either question. Be a good Dem lib and deny, deny, deny.

  16. Don’t be an idiot butchy. This is the Greatest President we’ve had in decades. Time for the stup[d decisions of the demorats to end
    . Get this country back on track from the crappy obummer years.


  18. Cox is certainly no journalist by any stretch of the imagination. If anybody is responsible for the violence is happening in America it’s the liberal/progressives, Democrats And biased corrupt lying fake news people like Cox. They encourage and insight violence between the American people consistently. Responsibility for all that’s happening and all the desks it’s happening in America is their fault and certainly not President Trump

  19. This is what is laughingly referred to as a journalist. Just another American hating POS. MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  20. All the hype of 5 people being shot?
    Why hasn’t the “Lame Stream” media published one word on what happened in Chicago!
    Sat. 6/23 16 people shot
    Sun. 6/24 21 people shot
    Mon. 6/25 23 people shot
    60 people shot in three days, why no coverage?
    Because Chicago is a “Liberals heaven”! No GUNS!
    The “Silence” is deafening!

  21. Louise is in the true trail of those calling for violence!
    But it is tragic to see one with no understanding of
    spiritual laws. Now he is and will be judged as he has judged
    Even his judgment is false!

  22. Because they went to a liberal College where everyone gets a degree no matter how stupid they are. The ones that deserved it would get it anyway but the ones like this clown did not have a chance so he got one. There are a bunch more just like him, just look at CNN.

  23. Yes! This malignant Marxist myrmidon should blame the brainless Joe Biden for the imbecilic passage gun free zones. Gun free zones are magnets for those who seek and secure a complete advantage over those who are deprived of using guns to defend themselves against those who love to kill without resistance in gun free zone. Biden and the heathen demoncrats are the best friends evil and evil doers have. Round them all up!

  24. This guy Cox is a disgusting creep. Typical of leftists he blames others for the lies and discord he spreads. Tell Nancy, here’s one whose lost any divinity he may have once had.

  25. We used to have reporters who investigated things and wrote about what they found.
    They used to call them investigative journalists.
    We don’t have them anymore.
    What we have now are parrots that echo the line of the deep state.
    Anybody who says anything different is out of a job.

  26. Maybe we should think about what Maxine was calling people to do. This person could have done this because of what Walters said. The left spread hate, and look what they have done to our people and country.

  27. They just identified the suspect in the Maryland shootings as Jarrid Ramos. I wonder if he is the brother of Mexican activist George Ramos.

  28. I was particularly impressed by the individual who hid under his desk while the shooter went about his business firing and reloading. Was that you Mr. Cox, giving the blow by blow description while your fellow workers were under siege? Maybe a little bravery on this individuals part might have prevented the damage. Mr. Cox don’t preach at us in order to garner a name for yourself. There’s no Pulitzer in your future.

  29. When I returned from ‘Nam I began the custom of a celebratory drink whenever a member of the media was killed or seriously injured. Cox post reminds me that my personal custom remains appropriate. Semper Fi!!

  30. Rob Cox your Fake Reporter,be advised all willknow not to believe anything with your ink. Rob Cox easy name to publish tweet, facebook, all other media that needs to know your fake!

  31. The liberals are so stupid. People really don’t believe this BS. The left is going to kill themselves.

  32. Robbie… You blame Trump??!!Are you insane? This comes hours after Maxine Waters tells the group she was talking to to “push them back… push hard… From my research, this was a conservative leaning news outlet. If I am right, Maxine Waters has the blood on HER hands!

  33. Simply disgusting that’s all! We need to shut idiot’s like this down period! Oh and why did he delete the Tweet? hmmmmmm He knows deep down he is an idiot! So sad

  34. This fellow is so far over the top that we must wonder if this “shooting”, too, was contrived like the one at the Florida school and the attempted mass assassination by democrat zealot and Bernie Sanders protege Hodgkinson. It is more likely than not that all of these attacks have been orchestrated by cucks and comsymps, in part to serve as further pretexts for gun confiscation and now to have something else to blame on the President. We are clearly within months of a civil war, and any American normal who does not want to be enslaved and killed had better get ready for it.

  35. Ft. Hood shooter – Registered Democrat – Muslim

    Columbine shooters – Too young to vote but both families were registered
    Democrats and progressive liberals.

    Virginia Tech shooter – Registered Democrat – Wrote hate mail to President
    Bush and to his staff.

    Colorado Theater shooter – Registered Democrat; staff worker on the Obama
    campaign; Occupy Wall Street participant; progressive liberal.

    Connecticut School Shooter – Registered Democrat; hated Christians.

    Congresswoman Gabby Giffords’ shooter – Leftist, registered Democrat.

    All of these shooters were progressive Democrats!

    Why is it that the media always tells us that conservative NRA-type
    gun-owners are the real danger?

    Lesson… Don’t trust the media! Or politicians!

  36. God bless the USA and all of us! Hope Rob will find in his heart, how to confess and ask God’s forgiveness. Rob, as journalist, give it up if you cannot tell the truth. I believe God, wants us all to be truthful. So, all POTUS haters learn to Love not hate. So stop helping the evil that continues in our God given land. President Trump is doing a great job to make America Great Again! Swamp out! Jr.

  37. The depth to which liberals will dive to discredit President Trump and his administration is truly an unlimited abyss. The only one to blame for the shootings is the shooter; with the media and liberals being culpable because of their long standing protest against criminal prosecution. Liberals are the first to blame the NRA, GOP and President Trump for whatever violence we endure, yet, they are also the first to blame everyone but the shooter for having committed the crime.

  38. Yo butchy — you looney little b****y — your lunacy sounds a whole lot like the nut cases pelosi and waters. A great pair to be compared to.

  39. Well, well, well, The troll, BUTCHY #2 has put his -$.02 in. Go away and play with your own kind, that is if you can find any this side of hadeas this evening. Why do you want to go messing with decent people for anyway? Goodnight troll.

  40. How did these so called journalists graduate with journalism and communication degrees. First thing I learned in school was not to embellish and stick to the facts and truth, otherwise you are just another storyteller.

  41. Here’s a thought…..”Better to keep your mouth closed and thought the fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”


  42. Brilliant observation Beth. I wonder if the actual shootings start and stop in unison with the President’s actions, -or- if the shootings are unaffected / continuous and journalists just seem to “coincidentally” report such events when the President scores any type of victory. (I used the term Journalist loosely since it used to be an honorable profession)

  43. If the idiot was a Trump supporter – you all would have in all read spread around in your garbage leftist media lies

  44. How about the is the RESULTS of MAXINE WATERS ORDERS. Bet against odds it a LIBERAL < REPUBLICANS are not SHOOTERS

  45. Amen. This is so pathetic. Another horrible attempt to disgrace our president. Instead they, and we all know who they are, just keep proving their stupidity and ignorance. God bless our President Trump and his family along with all of us who love God and our country.

  46. Journalist? I think not. Just another individual who took advantage of a tragedy to trash our President. I thought President Obama was a joke, but gave him the respect a person elected the the office deserves. Haters abound everywhere, and they Don’t respect anyone and especially President Trump.

  47. You are correct Tom. So called journalist have No clew how to write about news coherently. \It is why their is so much fake news. They use their own opinion as factual.
    Sadly many accept that, because they are not informed actual facts.

  48. Trump creates yet another incident with his “hate” of the press. The only thing he creates is chaos an division in the country. Trump holds rallies to fire up his base, He has no policies, only policies to “enrich” the Trump dynasty. He is a POOR excuse of a human being. A MASTER CON MAN!!!!!!!!

  49. This gets old after a while. You would think they would figure it out. They do not have the ability to write factual news stories so they resort to this. I have had sixth graders in Catholic Schools that could write better stories. Anyone can slander, lie, blame, but most do not get paid for doing so

  50. How shamefully disgusting to be the first one, Mr. Cox, on board to call out our President’s name blaming him for something so tragic. The shooting of these people at their work place, constructing a newspaper doing whatever they do, the same as you Mr. Cox. Only, of course they are dead and you step up w/o any actual knowledge of their situation and text such an asinine hate bating statement. You are the essence of Fake News Media. You should be ashamed to even call your self a reporter let alone journalist, what you can call yourself Mr. Cox is ” LIAR” !

  51. Today is another example of a somber day when people go to work to only loose there lives and we have to hear from another classes supposed journalist farce who instead of showing mercy and compassion only show his relentless hate. Today is another day we can see those who refuse to stand for humility but instead choose the route and discoarse of demeanor, when our founding fathers wrote the constitution and took office they were farmers labors business owners fathers and neighbors they served a short time and went home because this was not a forever job but know these people get elected to office get consumed with power and stay forever and doing this they have muddied the waters and use many journalist to secure the constant role in government with that they have not only lost there souls and way in life they have taken a good many other souls with them .Those who are simply loosing there minds and cant possibly see the truth for wearing blinders will continue to play the blame game because it is to painful to admit the truth and in there misery must take as many as they can to join them.The previous weeks have been at best appalling, we have so called journalist describing children being taken to the showers and referencing Nazi Germany ( shame on you my father immigrated here during that time and nothing in America is like that disgusting) we no those children and many others were gased and never seen again you sickos, we have them referencing concentration camps!!!!!!!! People refuse to think for themselves, we have MAD Max referencing violence we have people and protester demanding to ignore the law or we will come after you and we have this guy spewing even more hate and really do you need to ask why this country is in disorder, many year ago our ancestors left a life a government that no longer represented them thus America and our constitution America those of us who are of sound mind how long are we going to allow our our country to be torn apart by a deranged media and government

  52. …it’s almost as if this propagandist was WAITING with his prepared ‘tweet’…as if was EXPECTING this violence…and not a single word about all the violent rhetoric spewing from the fascistcrats every day…

  53. Cox, it’s people like you making our world a lot less safe place to live by saying untrue things about people and trying to insight violence. As a reporter you are supposed to be unbiased and honorable which I can see you are neither. Maybe its time you find another line of business which doesn’t insight hate against others.

  54. Does anyone else notice that every time Trump is having really good things happen these shootings start and the media has something else to focus their attention on so they don’t have to say anything good about our president! Think about this!! I just wonder what is up with this!!!!!!

  55. You idiot liberal coxs, your opinions will not stop TRUMP supporters unfortunately, you also reap the benefits of our beloved president.

  56. You dip, notice I did not call you sir, you don’t deserve the title, are the poster child of the term stupid. I feel sorry for you, as there is no known cure for stupid, and it last a lifetime.

  57. What a disgusting human being you are do you have all the facts about this before anyone else!? I would think this would fall into Maxine Waters hands and her liberal friends she is the one calling for harassment and violence!! Plus assault charges were just filed on her today as a matter of fact! By the way does anyone know her whereabouts when this happened!!

  58. Journalist that report fake news don’t they know that they are subject to being attack. So please do the right thing.

  59. It goes without saying, the people shot are probably Democrats, if they were Repubicans the media would be silent !

  60. Hey Robbie,
    I swear there is a massive resemblance between you and Maxine Waters. Could she be your real mother? You both also talk the same crap!

  61. We must understand the “news media” is not about reporting news. Not even close! The media is, for the most part, in reality the propaganda arm of the radical left which has total control of the Demorat Party. They have an agenda and a narrative. ALL news must be filtered through that narrative to fit the agenda. If that can’t be done, the news is either ignored or flat out lied about. Anyone naive enough to believe they are hearing the truth about anything coming from this bunch is a total fool!

  62. The news media in this country would make Joseph Goebbels proud. How many times have you seen articles they put out as news are proven to be false. That story about the child on the border being separated from her mother. If you looked at the photo her mother’s leg was in the picture and the fact of the matter was they asked her to put her child down so they could frisk the mother. They never separated her child from her. The MSM stretched the truth to make Trump appear as the bad guy. What is going on at the border has been going on since before Trump became president. The left believes that if you tell the lies often enough that they become the truth.

  63. By now I am used to it. If anything bad happens Trump is blamed. If this reporter is correct it would be the 1st violent attack by a Trump supporter. Think about that for a minute.

  64. Rob Cox- You are part of the fake news. It is the fake news idiots that are causing the problem. Let the President run the country and keep your mouth shut if you can’t report the news fairly

    Vivian Hunt

  65. Must be nice in your head to be able to blame every evil thing on one person, our President. I understand the sentiment, only in my mind the ultimate evil doers change in rotation, the Clintons, the Obama’s, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters and the Notorious RBG. May the all step into the light soon.

  66. Rob Cox you are a total jack ass. Damn liberal good for nothing person that should go back to the hills from which you came. To bad for the wild life that live in the hills as I am sure they would not want him either. Good luck to bad rubbish.

  67. Ron Cox should roast in he’ll! To criticize Trump at this time while he was offering condolences and prayers to the victims and their families is par for the course for Liberals. Any opportunity to smear Trump!

  68. The hypocrisy is starting to come back and bite you liberals in the ass..The Lord works in mysterious ways

  69. Rob, there is a reason God says in Proverbs,”Open your mouth fool so I may know you”. Conservatives don’t resort to murder when we don’t agree with something, liberals do! Go crawl back under the rock you came from.

  70. This leftist journalist is nuts, spewing so much hatred against Trump. The President did not shoot those people. It is the democratic liberals doing this to our country. They have nothing but hatred in their hearts, which they are exhibiting every day.

  71. Let me get this straight if an idiot kills someone then it is President Trump fault.

    What a bucket of crap. The moron doing the shooting is to blame. No one else. Period.

  72. Mr. Cox? No. Mr. Penis is more appropriate for a flaming idiot. Here’s hoping that Mad Maxipad Maxine Waters turns out to be the catalyst behind the Annapolis shooting…

  73. Cox is obviously an idiot and now no one will pay any attention to his lunatic ravings.

  74. This is just another case of a unhinged liberal moron being stupid and ugly about a story he has no facts about. This is the liberal media with the fake news BS!

  75. Rob Cox another so called “journalist” making false statements before the actual reason behind the shooting is found. This is why the President calls out inaccurate and false reporting. Rob Cox and his propagandist friends and cohorts who will support his false narrative because of (TDS) Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  76. What a liberal of feces this clown is.
    I do believe it was his girlfriend Maxine Waters who stirred this crap up.
    A backlash is coming, LOL LOL

  77. Is it just me…or were these corrupt propagandists ready and prepared with their lies and ‘statements’…again…each and every shooting…a leftist/fascist/democrat propagandist is right there with a blame-Trump tweet…not a mention of the demented fascist/racist waters for inciting violence…


  79. Just more posion, mean, dirty, corrupt, hateful, judgemental, untruthful, left leaning, unfair, riot baiting, nasty, Oh, I could do this all night and you A_ _hole, don’t deserve another minute of my time. So, shut you filthy lying mouth and go learn how to practice your trade with honor, dignity and class. The majority of patriot Americans are sick to death of the MSM. Come on patriots, tell him what you think.

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