This judge just handed Donald Trump a defeat that left him red with rage

Democrats are going all-out to bring down President Trump.

The latest skirmish in the coup attempt against the President took place in a Manhattan District court.

And this judge just handed Donald Trump a defeat that left him red with rage.

On Monday, U.S. District Court judge Victor Marrero tossed out the President’s lawsuit to block the Manhattan District Attorney from subpoenaing eight years of Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance demanded eight years of the President’s tax returns in an effort to continue the criminal investigation into hush money payments made to Stormy Daniels during the 2018 election.

The New York Times reports:

A federal judge on Monday rejected a bold argument from President Trump that sitting presidents are immune from criminal investigations, allowing the Manhattan district attorney’s office to move forward with a subpoena seeking eight years of the president’s personal and corporate tax returns.

The ruling issued by Judge Victor Marrero of Manhattan federal court does not mean that the president’s tax returns will be turned over immediately. Mr. Trump’s lawyers quickly appealed the decision, and the appeals court agreed to temporarily block the order.

The judge’s decision came a little more than a month after the Manhattan district attorney subpoenaed Mr. Trump’s accounting firm, Mazars USA, for his personal and corporate returns dating to 2011. The demand touched off a legal showdown that raised new constitutional questions and drew in the Justice Department, which supported the president’s request to delay enforcement of the subpoena.

Mr. Vance’s office has been investigating whether any New York State laws were broken when Mr. Trump and his company reimbursed the president’s former lawyer and fixer, Michael D. Cohen, for payments he made in the run-up to the 2016 election to the pornographic film actress Stormy Daniels, who had said she had an affair with Mr. Trump.

Many Americans see this as a clear example of Presidential harassment and an abuse of power.

And some federal judges do as well, as the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan temporary blocked the order as the case proceeds.

But doubtless, partisan Democrat so-called “advocacy” groups will continue to flex their ideological muscle as Democrat Party legal foot soldiers to grasp at any possible straw for impeachment of a duly-elected president.

No previous President has ever been subjected to partisan prosecutors looking to jail them for the crime of winning an election.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Its jes sad ta see so many trump-butt-bumps on here worshiping a lying, boasting idiot called trump, more den God. They have brown nosed so much until not even the gnats will land on em. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. President Trump really should send in the Marines to arrest all of these Democrats as well as some of these Backstabbing Republicans that are involved in this Political COUP against him. That is High Treason and they all should be shipped off to Diego Garcia and GITMO for the Military Tribunals. With all of the Treasonous acts, they have done against our wonderful and good President they all need to pay the price for their crimes against the American people as well.

  3. Trump “claims” he is so transparent but stonewalls on releasing his taxes. (which he stated he would) Anyone with an “ounce” of common sense knows this clown doesn’t want to release them for potentially 2 reasons. The “ego maniac” is not worth anywhere near what he wants people to believe he is. (he probably is extremely highly leveraged, some of you probably don’t have a clue what that means) Or second, he doesn’t want his “minions” to know they are paying the egotistical clowns freight. He is a HUMAN DISGRACE!!!!!

  4. The House needs to subpoena payment records where he purchased his underwear. Keep digging illegally baby killers! Sooner or later you’ll find something you can take to one of these liberal courts and try to act like it was an impeachable offense. It’s great to be an American with all this crap we’re paying for that’s a waste. I bet in this housing development here in Fort Myers Florida if you did an ICE raid you couldn’t find 10% legal labor. Americans are all hypocrites just like this BS against our President. Obama entered office in 2009 worth $1.2 million, 8 years later at $400,000 salary he’s worth $14 Million? $1.2 +$3.2= $4.4 and that doesn’t include taxes and expenses while in the Whitehouse. Investments in Chinese produced goods and money filtered through the UN for special projects from South Africa through Northern Europe. That’s why positions that land you in an office in DC are very and always criminal whether they tell the whole truth or not.

  5. Let’s see those tax returns that cockwobble trump is afraid to hand over. We’ll see how crooked trump is. Brainwashed GOP needs to wake up soon and get on the impeachment bandwagon to save our great country. Let’s make America respected again and rid us of trump and gang of criminals !!

    • But Lew, today’s GOP is not like the more reasonable, educated GOP of the days of Nixon. Republicans then cared more about the country over party, but Trump supporters would rip the GOP apart if Trump said they should. Trump IS HURTING AMERICA IN THE WORLD STANDING, ESPECIALLY WHEN HE BETRAYS OUR GREAT ALLIES LIKE THE KURDS IN SYRIA. But Trump did more than betray them – – he hung them out to become victims of the military of Turkey – – he SACRIFICED those who fought, with bravery and valor, the radical ISIS groups in Syria.

      Of course, Trump puts his interests with Russia and how he “fell in love” with Kim Jong Un, before the best interests of America before. But this one, this BETRAYAL, along with Trump numerous violations of the law, makes him TOTALLY UNFIT TO BE PRESIDENT. PUT AMERICA FIRST, BEFORE PARTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Why is it all these “news” sites use things like “red with rage” or “jaw-dropping” in their titles? Could they all be from the same source?

  7. In the first place.. There is No way Our President Trump Will be ‘impeached.’ Secondly..How many more Straws are these DEMO-mongers going to Hold UP To TEST the AIR…before Being TOLD..Again..Over and Over…Just HOW Stupid THEY ARE… To BE Grasping at Straws that Can`t even Suck AIR >?

  8. So what happens now? Will the democrats search through thousands of tax documents, and I think his re-election is in the bag, because it took years to find nothing with Russia, and the same will happen with his thousands of tax documents.
    So by the time 2024 rolls around, the democrats will still be searching his tax documents.

      • They are doing exactly what we elected them to do and that is to put some oversight on tRUMP. Remember we did flip 40 seats in the 2018 election. Why do you think we did that because I like knocking on doors I don’t think so we did it so DOTARD would have someone looking over his shoulder.

        • They are doing every thing EXCEPT their jobs. They are the ones that need watched. Not the president. The democrats are all crooks and liars. They wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the head and knocked them out.

          • MJ I’m damned proud of it. Maybe after he wins again you assholes can leave America. Cuba would be a good choice

  9. The Democrats and the power brokers may believe that they can overturn the 2016 election by hook or crook or a fabricated impeachment but unless the President of the United States is permitted to run for re-election, and win or lose at the hands of the voters they will germinate the seeds of a genuine civil war.

    • If Trump is impeached in the house and if he wins reelection, when it comes time for him to replace Ginsburg the democrats will cry foul and say an impeached president cannot appoint judges to the SCOTUS. They will file lawsuits and it will get tied up in court I bet.

    • OldGoat – I like your name! I think it’s way past time to release ALL the documents! The FISA documents, the IG, Horowitz report (being reviewed by AG), the, the Huber and Sessions report, the AG Barr and Durham reports. That will put an end to this nonsense. The Dems are guilty of what they’re accusing Pres. Trump of and they’re guilty of way more. It needs to be made public! They messed with the wrong President and the wrong party.

    • I want nancy Piglosi tax returns. I also want Schitts returns. I want to know how they got so rich, considering they never worked a real job.

      • Now you’re asking a big question, just exactly HOW did they all get so damn filthy rich? Especially with them just sitting on chairs shouting their stupid mouths off, & impeding the growth & greatness of America.

        Time to yell & demand for investigations to start right now on all of them!!!!!

        Thoroughly ticked off with their two tier justice system & their evil ways!!!! NO-ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW especially the crooks in congress!!!!!!

    • So what you want is to exercise your 2 amendment rights on Democrats is that the leadership or just anyone who is not part of the tRUMP Cult of personality. There are 65,000,000 million folks who didn’t vote for tRUMP what are you going to do with them. Either open up re-education camps or just do what your brothers did in Germany. You had better think about it.

        • No disagreement is what politics is about it goes to the heart of it who we are as a country. Compromise is what good leadership is about. Something tRUMP knows nothing about.

          He would have had his wall all he had to do is compromise on the Dreamers. But the hard right wing fascist wouldn’t let him do it. So instead he shut down the government. Now maybe you don’t care but many of us deal with the Feds everyday.

          • You are so brainwashed. The democrats would have never given the money for the wall no matter what he agreed to.

    • Me – No, I’m Me! His tax returns have already been seen by IRS and Mueller. I think he should challenge every a-hole in Congress to submit their tax returns. I’d be very interested how many became so wealthy on $176,000 per year salary! There is no law saying that Presidents need to turn over their tax returns. If they want to make an issue, then they need to also be required. I knew he was wealthy when I voted for him and if there was even an iota of wrongdoing, the IRS and Mueller (who’s not on his side) would have already disclosed.

      • Also . . . if the IRS assigned a dozen of their best Auditors and the Selected/Elected Demented-Dems also chose a dozen of their Lemming, preferably those not foaming at the mouth, we would have somewhere around a couple dozen “solutions”, all of which are correct or NOT correct . . . no one will ever know.

        Trump has around 600 corporations that feed into his main corporation so the paper pile would probably be around 10,000 pages, or more, if backup documentation were used, AND if backup documentation is ignored then it is absolutely impossible to draw any conclusion . . . . even Sheriff Woody, who seems to have picked up a supply of “Wood Boring Beetles”, would not be able to make out the solution.

        Anyway, his corporations have probably been audited every year by the IRS and have passed muster.

  10. It will only get overturned if the decision is appealed and a higher court agrees to hear the case, now I hear Clarence Thomas is ill and not hearing cases, which leaves the criminal and treasonous Activist/Legislating SCOTUS judges with the authority, damn!, I do wish the evil vegetable would croak while deliberating so if a doppelganger has not already replaced the the real RB-G there will be no chance of the Democrats using such a crooked method to keep their crazy judges in control of the decision making.

  11. Criminal and treasonous Activist/Legislating federal judges should be removed from the bench at the behest of the genuinely cognizant patriots of this nation and not those criminal and treasonous members of the Communist party who appointed them.

    • Did you ever study Hitler one of the ways is he seized the judiciary. But that is fine remember the Republithugs will not always be in power and when they are they can just kick out the Republithugs judges have you thought about that. Just asking

        • Why because it doesn’t fit your right wing ideas. We all know what you people want is to turn the clock back to the I would say 50’s but that is to good for you. You would like to turn it back to 1860 then you can go live with people that look like you. No African Americans no Hispanics and if they are around they had to be out of town by dark is that the country you want to live in.

      • A political party can’t kick out judges. I’m assuming you didn’t attend school in the United States but migrated from some other country later.

  12. Maybe they should also be investigating “Bubba Slick Willie” for paying hush money to women he raped rather than paying for their services provided by their trade as a prostitute, it is not a crime to pay a prostitute off in exchange for them remaining silent to having sex with you.

  13. The left wing should ALL have to do the same to prove whether or not they are crooked. Everyone knows about the slush fund they use to keep peopl quiet for the same thing.


    • What happened to all that money tRUMP got for his Inauguration twice as much as President Obama and half the crowd have you ever wondered what happened to that money.

    • What happened to all that money tRUMP got for his Inauguration twice as much as President Obama and half the crowd have you ever wondered what happened to that money. What do you suppose happened.

      • And where did the democrats get all that money they got while in office? They are all crooks and liars and do nothing for our country. Are you being paid by Soros like some of the other democrats in here?

  14. What a sham on the American People. The Democrat Party has absolutely NO platform, NO direction, NO solid candidate for the 2020 Presidential Election so they use their DISTRACT AND CONFUSE tactic, and REVERT to PLAYBOOK NARRATIVE #1. Lie, Fabricate Untrue Stories about President Trump and play it over and over and over and with the help of our most corrupt biased media in history, try to distort anything and everything our President does… It’s sickening and come 2020 Election time, every Patriotic American Citizen will let them know just how sick and tired we are with their games, their lies, their thirst for power and control….. Landslide Victory for PRESIDENT TRUMP!

    • Didn’t Stormy Daniels admit that there was no affair with The President??? I seen it somewhere but unable to remember where I seen this at.. can’t she be brought up on charges for lying???

      • The judge ordered Stormy to pay Trump back for his legal expenses, and her attorney is going to jail.
        Stormy didn’t turn out so well for the get Trump by any means necessary crowd.

    • DC Very well put I couldn’t have said it better myself. They should put a ballot on the election in twenny twenny which would state any and all media outlets if caught in a lie or fabricating lies or even delivering news on a lie should be held accountable and you should be able to press is many lawsuits against them for libel slander defamation of character even treason if necessary

    • In the last couple years I have seen the democrats become something that is unbelievable. If Aoc, Ratshida and Omar the enemy are the best that they got, I know now there is no choice anymore when I go vote. I vote now for freedom, not for freaks, enemies of our country, or people who don’t know what sex they are ! I will be voting Republican forever !

    • Landslide Victory for PRESIDENT TRUMP! We the people are sickened by the corruption of the Democratic party and ashamed and saddened by the corrupt mainstream media.

  15. It will be overturned. We are getting rid of the commie activists judges. More proof that we are taking our country back.

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