This judge just handed Donald Trump a huge setback on impeachment

Democrats are going all in on the phony scandal over Donald Trump allegedly pressuring the Ukrainian President to investigate Joe Biden for corruption.

The President’s enemies smell blood in the water.

And this judge just handed Donald Trump a huge setback on impeachment.

Legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox Business on Monday and said Trump withholding military aide to Ukraine before his July 25 call with that nation’s President was itself evidence of a quid pro quo.

Napolitano also declared these allegations were far more serious than anything Robert Mueller accused the President of doing.

Breitbart reports:

Monday on Fox Business Network, Andrew Napolitano said President Donald Trump’s call to the Ukraine president where he has confirmed he mentioned 2020 presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden was an “act of corruption,” if true.

Napolitano said, “I think this is the most serious charge against the president, far more serious than what Bob Mueller dug or dragged up against him. If there was a quid pro quo. It does appear as though a quarter of a billion dollars in defensive weaponry was held back for a period of time while these eight conversations were going on between the president.”

He continued, “If you are the President of the United States and making a conversation that you know your intelligence community is listening to, of course you’re not going to articulate a quid pro quo. You’ll just make the quid pro quo happen.”

He added,”This is probably the end of Joe Biden’s presidency and it ought to be the end of his dream for the presidency, but doesn’t diminish one iota what the current president is doing which if an act of — if true, we haven’t seen the whistleblower complaint, and, under the law it has to be revealed — if true, this is an act of corruption.”

Those were strong words from Napolitano, considering the judge routinely said Mueller’s work found evidence of impeachable offenses and criminal conduct by the President.

Democrats, the media, and anti-Trump figures such as Napolitano believe they finally stumbled upon the scandal that will end Donald Trump’s Presidency.

But everyone predicting impeachment is getting way ahead of the facts.

The simple truth is there is no publicly available evidence to back up the charges that Donald Trump improperly leveraged the Ukrainian government to investigate his political rival.

All the Fake News Media and Democrats have to go on is speculation.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



    • We know that democrats are stupid people but if they think we are going to allow them to impeach this President they are stupider then I thought. This judge is a hack and doesn’t know what he’s talking about most of the time. We have to vote the democrats out of office in 2020 then we can work on getting rid of the rinos like Romney and the other democrats who are acting like they are republicans.

  1. every metric I’ve seen shows his salary for one year is only about 1 trip for golf at mar-a-lago. and he spends only about 6 hours a day at work, though I suspect it is closer to 4 hours a day. if you have verifiable sources that show I am mistaken let me know.


    • Absolutely correct. He is a poor loser. Because he did not get appointed to the US Supreme Court which he wanted desperately and thank God, Trump did not accept the “bribe” money he offered Trump he has done nothing since except “bad mouth” and undermine Trump.

  3. Judge Napolitano has joined the same club as others, such as Sen. Romney, who are taking out their frustrations on President Trump. Romney didn’t win his bid for the White House back in 2012 and simply can’t accept the fact that Trump won when he couldn’t. Napolitano wasn’t appointed to the vacant Supreme Court seat he wanted so he’s taking out his anger at being passed over on Trump. Both of these men have lost the respect they used to garner and their reputations as honest and trustworthy men has been tainted, all because they suffer from “petulant child syndrome”.

    • Most people previously respected Napolitano, but I find few real Republicans whoever respect Romney. He has been hated by true Republicans because of his father who was a joke and ran for President as a Republican in the 60’s while as a Mormon aka Moron hating and despising African-Americans. The Mormon aka Moron Church even had to change their mind about blacks since Old Man Rummney was an Elder and hated blacks. But, running for president, change him and the Mormon aka Moron Church. God does not change. He loved everyone from the beginning of Creation. The Mormon aka Moron Church only started acting like they loved blacks when Rummy ran for President. Most Mormons aka Morons do not even know about that anymore.

    • The Club of workers of inequity the sons of disobedience using Trump to hide and prevent their crimes from being uncovered just like Biden’s were. Too late Napolitano the American People are coming to get you the War against you and your Ilk has begun. We have a more powerful Judge than you.

    • Correct Julio, Trump has played golf on 290+ days, more in two years than Obama did in eight. The cost for the taxpayers totals over $100 million. Worse, it is not just on any golf courses, it is ONLY on his golf courses, which means Trump, and his entire delegation, has funneled more than $100 million into his OWN pockets. Most reasonable people would call that corruption. There is just SO MUCH corruption, including how Judge Napolitano says Trump extorted campaign aid from the government of Ukraine, that it overwhelms people.

      • No it was Biden that blackmailed the Ukraine to fire the prosecutor looking at Hinter. Watch the video yourself. He said they wouldn’t get the $ billion unless the prosecutor was fired. If that never happened then Biden is a liar but I think it did.

      • Thank God we have a president who loves America and without taking a dime in salary, works nearly twenty hours a day to make America great again.

    • Because there WAS crimes:
      a) 10 counts of obstruction of justice, outlined and confirmed in the Mueller Report
      b) numerous crimes with Cohen, who is not serving time for crimes directed by Trump.
      c) numerous and continual violations of the emoluments clause of not enriching himself
      . . . on public, taxpayer money.
      d) two instances of soliciting of help from a foreign government for the 2016 and for
      . . . . .the 2020 election.
      e. obstruction of justice in hiding the transcripts of his phone call away from the
      . . . . proper server and buried it in a super-secretive and inappropriate archive.
      f. holding up military help allocated for the Ukraine, in order to convince Ukraine
      . . . to “play ball” and help Trump personally.
      g. giving Russians secret information on a spy in Russia.

        NOVEMBER 10, 1999.—Treaty was read the first time, and together with
        the accompanying papers, referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations and ordered to be printed for the use of the Senate.

        THE WHITE HOUSE, November 10, 1999.
        To the Senate of the United States:
        With a view to receiving the advice and consent of the Senate to
        ratification, I transmit herewith the Treaty Between the United
        States of America and Ukraine on Mutual Legal Assistance in
        Criminal Matters with Annex, signed at Kiev on July 22, 1998. I
        transmit also, for the information of the Senate, an exchange of
        notes which was signed on September 30, 1999, which provides for
        its provisional application, as well as the report of the Department
        of State with respect to the Treaty.
        The Treaty is one of a series of modern mutual legal assistance
        treaties being negotiated by the United States in order to counter
        criminal activities more effectively. The Treaty should be an effective tool to assist in the prosecution of a wide variety of crimes, including drug trafficking offenses. The Treaty is self-executing. It
        provides for a broad range of cooperation in criminal matters. Mutual assistance available under the Treaty includes: taking of testimony or statements of persons; providing documents, records, and
        articles of evidence; serving documents; locating or identifying persons; transferring persons in custody for testimony or other purposes; executing requests for searches and seizures; assisting in
        proceedings related to restraint, confiscation, forfeiture of assets,
        restitution, and collection of fines; and any other form of assistance
        not prohibited by the laws of the requested state.
        I recommend that the Senate give early and favorable consideration to the Treaty and give its advice and consent to ratification.

    • U people need to get a grip on yourselves. Obama was the worst president the USA has ever had. You still can’t get over the fact the Trump got in. You idiots should be proud of him for all he did for your country, no other President has done what he has accomplished in the 2/1/2 yrs that he has been in the WH. He has the right to go golfing on weekend. He works 16 hrs a day. So lighten up. Best President you ever had. Good luck, you will win in 2020.

  4. Its to bad that the judge doesn’t see the other side where if the money the US throws around is being used properly. If this type of “blindness” continues,Fox better think about getting someone else. We hear enough from the democrat media!!

  5. The democrats Desperation is apparently getting the best of them. And our President will make them regret all of the useless
    attempts on the impeachment highway.
    This is historical, and the whole world is watching.

    • What these continued demoloon hysterical events are showing the world is that the USA is becoming a joke.
      Take piece of Schiff, for example; he comes out using his own words, twisting and lying about what is in the complaint.
      When confronted, this azwipe goes on open tv and says “it was a parody” – something said in jest.
      This fool excuse for a human has turned the seriousness of impeachment into a joke?
      What morons the Democrats are
      – sorry to all the regular morons out there.

  6. Sorry Judge but you got it WRONG. Trump did not withhold anything so there goes the Quid pro quo LIE. The transcript also proves it was not Trump who brought up the Bidens. So you are WRONG as WRONG can be.

      • Just a phony facade or misnomer for “someone who thinks like I do” – – which most judges, thankfully, do NOT. You see, THEY are educated.

        • No, thinks like the founding fathers did who created the constitution.
          Judges that ignore the constitution as its written are called activist judges. Try to remember the judicial branch is not supposed to make laws

    • Actually, julio, it’s you left-wing, DEMONazis who appoint judicial activists who actively deny the Constitution and “rule” by their poor baby feelings and public misopinion also based on feelings and a few, not law. Whereas, Republican appointees are Constitutionalist justices who abide by the Constitution.

      • Wrong, yet again, little Stevie. Trump has used Fox network, mostly Hannity (they talk all the time and maybe even a little pillow talk too) and Morning Fox shows. Almost all Trump’s staff and family BEG him to not put every single thought and feeling on twitter, but Trump is compulsive in his personality disorder.

        • Hannity is not news and neither is Twitter. I was referring to media that calls itself news. You understand the difference don’t you?

    • Actually Hitler took control of the media and used it to spread propaganda against the Jewish people.
      Very similar to how the democrats use their media today to spread propaganda against Trump and all things republican.
      Of course Trump is calling out the media for what it is – FAKE NEWS – the propaganda wing of the democrat party.

      • run out of valid points to make and resorted to vulgarity again, Dan? Most Trumpers are so thinned skinned, they cannot tolerate freedom of speech and other points of view. They can’t handle media, that often has more knowledge of the issues than the public, that expresses anything that is not right wingnut propaganda. That is one of the points of fascism.

        I keep telling you, Dan, I have seen you do better, but you keep showing me that many times, you can’t seem to rise and do better.

    • Alaska sub-Woman go sign up at a local commie website and voice your ant-trump s*** there as you are not welcome here and and take cabeza de
      caca Julio with you as you and that stupid Jerk are not welcome here.

      • What lies and propaganda are you talking about? Trump tells so many lies that there are people that have tabulated over 12,000 lies or misrepresentations by Trump since he became president. If Trump doesn’t like what the major news organizations are reporting, he should clean up his act and quit giving them so much to report about.

    • It was one of Trump’s dumbest moves – – because what we are witnessing now, is that media has some of the very best researchers in the world, even better at times than does our government. Most of the dirt Trump works to hide is being uncovered by the media in story after story. But since he has vilified them, they have nothing to win by courting his favor, and everything to gain when he gets shredded.

  7. I don’t go to left wing communist websites and spew my hatred for their readers and the management of them. I figure they already know what we think of them. Shot 27, Racists for Trump and others just to name a few should take their anti-Trump s*** to those sites as they are not welcome here. Thats what sets me apart from those a** h**** and puts me above them which I am proud of.

    • The Cold War ended under the Reagan Administration. You need to catch up. The “Communist” insults date you and embarrass America.

    • You have little to nothing to be proud of Greggie. It might be you are too afraid to go on liberal websites and expose your ideas to people who are more educated and intelligent than you are. And those people are less fascist than you are also. They would shred you like confetti.

  8. Andrew Napolitano has evolved into a Never-Trump hostile ever since he was not appointed to the Supreme Court. Napolitano is such a little man. And other than his Fox News platform, he is a pure nobody, not respected by any legal talent. Napolitano is a nattering nabob of nihilism; he should shut his pie hole.

    • The State of New Jersey made him a Superior Court Judge in 1987.
      He is an accomplished, published author.
      He has also been a Professor of Law

      • Great points, Alaska Woman! But we have seen here, Trumpers do not like educated people because they have been taught to critically think, and there is no room for that, even in their own party. Why if McCain or Ryan or any GOP actually expresses a slightly different point of view, they get as hysterical as if someone poured acid on their MAGA hats and call them RINOs and other vile names.

        As their founder, Lincoln used to say “a house divided against itself cannot stand.”

  9. Shame on judge Napolitano. I always watch fox news and always felt that the judge was honest and fair. I have noticed after Kavanaugh was appointed to the Supreme Court, he became very critical of the president. I would believe President Trump before I would believe you and Shepherd smith who I never liked because he is very biased. I never watch any of the liberal news channels and have been watching fox news 24/7. As long as fox keeps hiring people like Shephard smith, judge Napolitano and Donna Brazil to be fox news contributors I will have to switch to Newsmax with O’Reilly. I want to watch honest news reporting. I am very tired of the lies from liberals.

      • i agree, the judge should be removed from the bench..Just because the president did not appoint him to the Supreme Court he is mad proving that President Trump was right NOT APPOINTING the judge as he is a petty liar.When he comes on Fox I turn to another station and Varney will lose a lot of viewers because of the judge.

    • Carole, you are being brainwashed by a bunch of lying puppets of the Trump regime. If the only news you watch is biased you will not be able to make an informed decision about your political decisions. Try educating yourself by watching other news programs. If you are afraid of watching cnn or MSNBC or any other news channel, watch the bbc channel for an unbiased view of world news.

  10. for one thing, that case referred to only one property. as to innocent until proved guilty kinda like the exonerated central park 5. has trump apologized, yet?

  11. Judge Nap and Shep Smith are practically giddy over this. President Trump baited the Dems and they swallowed the whole line. Pelosi says no one is above the law, we’ll see if she changes her tune now that Biden is exposed for doing far worse that President Trump has been accused of.

  12. “It doesn’t take a brain to essentially repeat the same comment over and over.” kink of like, ” lock her up! lock her up!”?

    • If you will notice, Julio, Trumpers don’t get far from a bumper sticker mentality of 3 or 4 words. Lock her up, drain the swamp (for more room for Trump’s people), MAGA, KAG, or “polls don’t matter.” They cannot handle complex issues, and like to ignore history and the fact the only one really siding with Russia now is Trump.

  13. Judge Andrew Napolitano is exactly what Mark Levin said he is a FOOL. He proved that he is a Never Trumper. Has no business being on Fox.

    • Martin, Fox news calls itself a news program and should report the news as it is instead of only reporting anything that pro Trumpsters are likely to agree with. If they want to continue spewing only right wing propaganda they should continue as a comedy show or at the very least an “entertainment program.”

  14. Judge Nap didn’t hand our President a set-back – nothing he says means a damn thing. He is just a turncoat that didn’t get the position he wanted and he is like any DemoRAT who doesn’t get what he/she wanted. They turn on everyone who doesn’t agree with them because they can’t stand being dismissed. Go fly a kite Nap, that is, if you have the intelligence to do so. Meantime crawl back under the rock you came from.

  15. The following comments, omitting the Redman, are clear examples of what Trump bragged about when he said he could shoot someone in broad daylight on 5th Avenue and his supporters would still be behind him (or words to that effect). Probably the truest words Trump has spoken in years. Cult followers will continually deny guilt of cult leader, just as many family members act as enablers and deny the drug problems of some family members.

      • No kidding, I want to know why the towel head from Minnesota has not been impeached yet, she lied about who she married(her brother) then lied about not having ties with ISIS and other terrorist organizations among her hated towards Jewish people is that not racist lets impeach her and her squad.
        Also lets not forget Elizabeth Warren wasn’t she supposedly American Indian and received college funds, is that not fraud and a crime against our government stating false info on government giving money for her education, of it was you or me we would of been prosecuted or doing jail time. Oh yea nothing is going to happen because these two women and the squad are so up Nancy P butt she can’t reach up there to do a thing to them. But of course let’s go after a president that has done more for this country. I like Trump but if he gets impeached all these evil doers will get exactly what they deserve commies in the W.H. and a bunch of stupid women trying to run the W.H. and this country. God help us all…

    • hey little Adam you biased asshole….why did you not post the same remarks about the scumbag Obama..the most corrupt President in history…you are just a scumbag like the rest of your liberal snowflake assholes….

      • The most corrupt president in history? Can you back that up with facts? Of course you can’t. Obama was not embroiled in any scandals or hundreds of personal lawsuits like Trump has. He was never investigated for impeachment like your current president. I could go on and on but I am sure that it would go in one of your ears and out the other with nothing in between to absorb it. Why waste my time?

  16. It just goes to show you what kind of person Nappy is. He didn’t get the supreme court position he wanted. So he now hates Pres.Trump with a passion. Shows you that he didn’t deserve to be on the highest court anyway because. if he didn’t get what he wanted in the votes he would start to cry and say bad Judges here.

  17. Why do so many of you racist brown nose white-folks love to rape ya own brats. trump already said dat if his tramp daughter wasn’t his daughter, he’d lick her to the moon. Dat’s where he got the ideal of his stupid space program. 98% of you brown nose, racist, trump bandits are some of the worst terrorist in the world. hahahahahhahahahahahaha

  18. Nothing to impeach President Trump on but there are thing to impeach a number of Democrats on. The house will be retook by the Republicans and the Republicans will retain the House. All the Democrats are doing is killing themselves. If they can not see that then they should be removed from office.

    • Most of the trouble in america is caused by ignorant white-folks, both democrat, and republican alike. And they all live deep in denial of their black hearts. Even the brown nose ones who post on here who try an rid me of my opinions as if their’ are the only bias ones dat count. Yo kind ruined america. may-we-jo. hahahahahahhahahahah

    • Mary it’s all about turnouts remember tRUMP only won the electoral college by around 88,000 votes across three states if we drive both minority and youthful voters out we can beat him. Hell even I voted for that SOB but realized that he is a wannabe dictator and will not vote for him again. So that’s three votes he will not get from my home my wife myself and a brand new first time voter.

  19. 99% of the racist white-folks dat post on here are brown nose trump thugs who will be whining like lil lice headed babies when trump-hump-em all the way to Russia wit nothing butt love. What a bunch of greasy headed losers. hahahahahahahahahha

    • The only loser we see is you, Redman.

      You obviously live a lonely, useless life with no one to love so you resort to disrespecting your brothers and sisters.

      How inconvenient that what you sow is what you reap. That’s a double whammy for you.

    • Redman; Blackman and whatever you are Racism is not a one way street there are as many bigoted and racist no-whites as whites, I do not believe we should keep playing the race card, that deal is for people with less I Q that a dead possum. Please clean up your act so Christian People like me and Martin Luther King won’t dismiss you. You are not part of the solution you are the problem. May God have mercy on you.

  20. I keep telling you that when the names of people that the Obama Administration stole from the NSA and are using that information as blackmail Judge Napolitano will be one of them.

  21. It appears that the latest accusation against Trump is a smokescreen to cover up Bidens son’s actual crime. It is coming out that Bidens son has accepted large amounts of laundered money and insisted that that investigation be dropped.

  22. Folks; Judge Napolitano has changed his tune since being rejected by Trump for a seat on the Supreme Court. Before that he was in Trumps corner, but the lure of a lifetime appointment has soured him to think realistic. The person they should be investigating is Adam Schiff, he is one of the leakers of fake news about Trump, he has ambitions of a higher position, btu after his condemnation ofTrump he will be lucky to get a job on a garbage truck.

  23. Napolitano hates President Trump, that much is obvious. Everything Democrats are accusing Trump of, they are guilty of themselves. That’s where the real guilt lies, with the Democrats.

    • You have the right to your own opinion but keep your nasty name calling to yourself and speak with some intelligence and not your IQ.

    • What Joe Biden did with reference to his son was “persuade” Chinese government to drop the prosecutor who was charging son with illegal act. Also, Biden received millions of dollors in this deal. So Trump investigated–so what? It’s just wrong if a Republican/conservative does it.

  24. And the transcripts were released and there is NOTHING but a bunch of dumb dems with egg all over their faces!
    They just keeping making fools of their party!

    • People with a brain won’t listen to him…..we all know what the purpose of this is: desperation!! They know Trump is THE President of the century…and will win (as long as there is no fraud) easily. Can’t the judge see this?? But then…when you are biased against Trump…the blind leads the blind in this case.

    • Lisa – Nap used to sing his praises of Pres. Trump in the beginning. He wanted a seat on the Supreme Court and he was turned down By Pres. Trump. He now hates our president and has nothing positive to say anymore – in fact, quite the opposite. Most, if not all, of what Nap predicts has turned out to be false. I don’t even listen to him anymore – he’s full of himself (same as full of sh*t).

  25. THAT was Monday, this is Wednesday. Different day, different story! I didn’t read any quid pro quo. I actually read a fairly happy Ukrainian president. And satisfied.

  26. Judge Nap wrong again. Rudy outed him last night on TV. Rudy is doing what he did when he cleaned up NYC and made it liveable again unlike lazy de Blasio. Rudy has bushels of dirt on the Biden clan. It will be an invigorating election as it will take a lot of shovels to clean up the Demomarxist manure–past and present.

  27. They released the transcripts of the “phone call “. So another commiecrat witch-hunt blew up in their faced. No bribery. Only asking about checking on corruption. The commiecrats needs to be checked on. They are as corrupt as hell. So you trolls that’s been burning up this site with your bullshit allegations can stfu. Trump 2020!!!!

    • Dan Tyree, Yeah buddy, rotten eggs in their stinking faces, AGAIN!
      Not even one conservative is surprised by what the transcript revealed! We already knew DJT is not “the silver tongued devil” that old BHO is but, President Trump is ours with or without his faults! BHO lied in the faces of the American people with carefully chosen words and innuendos, but lying with every word he spoke! DJT is the kind of man who often tells on himself, he is just all out there, “what you see is what you get”! We are okay knowing he is not perfect while knowing, DJT is doing everything he can to improve all our lives every day he is in the Whitehouse!
      #WalkAway to the Republican party, we want and need good conservative Republicans!

          • We have a new troll that just popped up in the image of The RedMan.
            This new troll goes by the handle “Racists for Trump”.
            Don’t feed it and maybe it will go away.

          • I’ve reported The Red Man THREE times already, so MAYBE they’ve nixed him. 10 to 1 though, he’s just being quiet for now. They don’t seem to have any problem censoring a conservative, but never do a thing when it’s a liberal or an idiot!

          • Yeah, she/he/ron. You racist white-folk tramp women always try to hide behind yo ignorance to rid others of their opinions. Dats why I keep posting about how demonic yo racist white-folks really are, huh, stevie-inbred-taris. hahahhahahahaahhahahah


        • Irene thank you for your words, Yes President Trump is the best President we’ve ever had and I hope that the LAW changes in favor of President Trump. And throw all those who are against him put a limit on their time working as Congressmen and Congresswomen their all to old to know the times have changed not the climate change.

      • Every visit here is like watching one of Jay Leno’s old Jay-Walking episodes. Ignorance and gullibility are boundless. Jim Jones or Charles Manson would have loved you on their team. Keep on believing the world is flat and we’ll see how this plays out. I just can’t fathom your willful blindness but I do believe considering yourselves to be patriotic Americans is shameful.

        • I am so JEALOUS that I am not the big man YOU are! It’s just not FAIR! Damn it all to hell, anyway! And YOU have to put up with mere mortals! Pobrecito!

        • Scott, you are the one displaying ignorance and gullibility here. You claim Trump is shredding the constitution because you heard some other democrat say it but I asked you several times to back that up and all you could come up with is the emoluments clause. The doctor thinks you’re smart but I don’t see it in the things you post. Maybe you are smart but I don’t see any evidence of it. Just hit and run comments is pretty much all we see from you.

          • The Emoluments Clause isn’t enough for you? Twice asking foreign leaders to get involved in our electoral process to help him isn’t enough for you? Beyond the Constitution, flaunting the Hatch Act isn’t enough for you? Ignoring ethics laws isn’t enough for you? My word, what would it take for you to open your eyes?

        • Scott, I don’t know of any instances of Trump asking any foreign government for help with our election. I’ve heard that but haven’t see any evidence.
          And the hatch act doesn’t apply to the president or the vice president. It’s also not part of the constitution. But yeah, the emoluments clause thing if it were true is a far cry from “shredding” the constitution as you put it.

        • I’m certain that you are aware that the President has been found INNOCENT in Federal Court of the Democrat charging him guilty of Emoluments?

          Maybe you can keep up with TRUE current events.

          • Bruce, that case ONLY applied to his Washington Hotel. Maybe it’s you that should keep up with the true current events.

          • Bruce, Scott likes to waffle back and forth. First he claims Trump is shredding the constitution but he only comes up with the emoluments clause.
            He claims Trump asked foreign leaders to get involved in our election with no evidence. And now he claims Trump is profiting with his private businesses without it even being adjudicated. The lawsuit was thrown out of court, and only recently has been revived by a 2nd circuit court. Forget about innocent until proven guilty. Scott claims Trump is GUILTY period! Guilty of shredding the constitution.

      • Wow. Look at all the trash-tramp women posting on here. They remind me of ole snake-mouth dan-o-inbred, and the real moron mama’s. Jes running their prick-stinky mouths just to be around greasy headed racist white-folk men. They have NO true human value. hahahahahahahhahaah

        • RedMan, you know I come here just to look for you.

          You are NOT stupid but you say DUMB stuff.

          You are definitely going to reap what you sow.

          Think about it.

        • I have to definitely disagree with Bruce Gregory Bell. The RedMan obviously smoke um da bong.

          I’m betting The RedMan’s IQ is around 65. It doesn’t take a brain to essentially repeat the same comment over and over. I’m also betting that his IQ is not the only thing that’s teeny tiny as he is clearly over compensating for his lack of true masculinity.


    • Bullshit! He asked for a “favor” from the Ukraine president, reminding him of the Millions of dollars he (Trump) had withheld from Ukraine. That favor involved interfering with the 2020 election to help him get re-elected. We will see the truth when Trump gets impeached.

      • No it was Biden that threatened to withhold a billion dollars from the Ukraine, (not millions) if they didn’t fire the guy investigating Hunter. Biden told us he did that on video unless you’re saying Biden lied about that.

          • Listen to the Biden tape yourself. Maybe he was bluffing or Obama gave him the authority, or he made the whole thing up. Either Biden is a crook or a liar.

  28. Judge Nap isn’t a fan of Trump. He tried to get appointed to the SCOTUS and was refused. So he’s going to try to make Trump look bad. It’s not the first time that he’s done this. Consider the source. He’s showing bias and immaturity.

  29. It sounds like the President was mentioning the Biden episode to the Ukraine president to make sure that wasn’t the case, this time, but Trump wanted to bring in money from other countries in order to close the deal
    The Democrats have done nothing to help the country for the past 3years

    • The Democrats have done plenty in the last three years. The problem is that Moscow Mitch has blocked any legislation that has passed the House and won’t even bring them to the Senate floor for a vote.

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