This Kamala Harris reaction to Afghanistan just showed why she should never be President

It’s not just Joe Biden struggling with the failed withdrawal in Afghanistan.

Kamala Harris suffered the political consequences as well.

And this Kamala Harris reaction to Afghanistan just showed why she should never be President.

Like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris went into hiding as the situation in Afghanistan spiraled into chaos after the Biden administration stranded thousands of Americans behind Taliban lines.

Americans did not see or hear from Harris for days.

Harris even absconded on a foreign trip to Singapore and Vietnam to try and avoid press scrutiny for her role in the fiasco.

But even this simple exercise provided the chance for Harris to saddle the administration – and her future presidential ambitions – with bad optics.

When Harris got off her plane, reporters rushed to ask Harris about her thoughts on the calamity in Afghanistan.

Harris shushed the reporters but not before bursting out into her trademark cackle.

Whenever she feels the press has asked a tough question, Harris can’t hide it and routinely erupts in obnoxious laughter as though it dismisses the non-answers about to spew from her mouth.

Harris’ cackle is one of the defining personality traits that grates on Americans.

In her disastrous Presidential campaign, Harris showed a complete lack of political skills and instincts that led her to drop out with near-zero support in the polls and her fundraising all dried up.

Polls already show Harris is the least popular Vice President in at least 50 years.

A Rasmussen survey also found 55 percent of Americans believe Harris is unqualified to serve as President.

And video of Harris cackling about thousands of Americans hiding in fear for their lives as the Taliban hunts them down will do nothing to change those numbers.

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