This Kavanaugh accuser just landed in hot water with the FBI

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

After Democrats delayed the initial Judiciary Committee hearing on the Ford allegations, several other scurrilous accusations were lobbed at Kavanaugh.

And one of his accusers just landed in hot water with the FBI for this outrageous claim.

The media gleefully reported that allegations were piling up against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Michael Avenatti’s client made three women, so far.

But hours later, the media touted there was a fourth case from an anonymous accuser of an attempted rape on a boat in Rhode Island in 1985.

And that’s where the orchestrated smear campaign against Kavanaugh began to fall apart.

Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s staff had received a call from a “constituent.”

The claim was outlandish — a man said he and a friend confronted and beat up two other men named “Brett and Mark.” The reason for the severe beating, according to the caller, was that Brett and Mark had allegedly assaulted their friend on a boat after she met them in a local bar.

The caller claimed he recognized “Brett” was Judge Kavanaugh after seeing his high school yearbook photo on the news.

Whitehouse’s staff somehow found the accusation “credible” enough and could barely contain their excitement as they reported it to the Judiciary Committee and the FBI.

A letter from Senator Whitehouse to Chairman Chuck Grassley and Senator Dianne Feinstein read:

“This morning, a constituent contacted my office to report another allegation of sexual misconduct by Judge Brett Kavanaugh, nominee to be Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. At the constituent’s request, I provided the constituent with the contact information of a reporter who might investigate the allegation. I have also alerted the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“I look forward to hearing what further action you would like to take.”

That led the Committee to question Kavanaugh about the allegation.

Kavanaugh, clearly fed up with the smear campaign by this point, told committee investigators, “I was not in Newport, haven’t been on a boat in Newport. Not with Mark Judge on a boat, nor all those three things combined. This is just completely made up, or at least not me. I don’t know what they’re referring to.”

As it turns out, it was completely made up.

Days after the story broke nationally, Kavanaugh’s accuser recanted his story on social media.

And now, he could face multiple felony charges, as Senator Grassley has referred the matter to the FBI for potential prosecution.

As Senator Grassley noted in his letter to the FBI:

when individuals provide fabricated allegations to the Committee, diverting Committee resources during time-sensitive investigations, it materially impedes our work. Such acts are not only unfair; they are potentially illegal. It is illegal to make materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statements to Congressional investigators. It is illegal to obstruct Committee investigations.

What are your thoughts?

Should the accuser face felony criminal charges for making false statements to Congressional investigators and obstructing the Committee investigation?

Should Senator Whitehouse be forced to apologize for his role in spreading false allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh and smearing his good reputation?

Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Definitely felony charges are in order. The Senator should be censured for ethics violations and investigated further. Sounds like his office deliberately perpetuated a fraud

  2. I agree. These people actually are committing perjery and should be taken to task for that.Nadler and, Whitehouse, The DOJ should open up a RICO investigation on Soros as well, revoke his citizenship, confiscate his property and money, this man has his fingers and checkbook into every sordid plan, the left has come up with.Send Soros back to Hungary, they would love to set their hands on him.

  3. They are not above they Law!Put them in jail what they did was an awful unspeakable let them pay for what they did

  4. Yes, Linda, agreed. Whitehouse was particularly rude, crude and obnoxious.
    He defamed a great man.
    Soros does need to be deported as a traitor
    To the USA. He is continually helping the Democrats cause, but harming the safety of this country as are all paid left cleaners
    and any Democrats in office who roll in glee as he continues on. Investigations and sentencing needed on all these high ranking
    Dems. Then we start on the Hillary illegalities and Mueller + conflicts.

  5. Anyone who knowingly makes false statements to a congressional committee should face charges. Sen. Whitehouse should be impeached and also face charges. Feinstein should be changed and impeached also. After impeachment then charges and jail. Maybe they’ll be lucky and get a cell next to their hero: crooked, lieing, whining Hillary!

  6. And his sons. I understand his oldest son is as vile as Soros is. We really don’t need people like that in any great numbers. I wonder how many sons does Soros have?

  7. I agree and Whitehouse should be made to apologize, from his JAIL CELL. He is as guilty as those being investigated by the FBI. He needs to be investigated too, the fuc…g scumbag.

  8. they ALL need to be sued and I hope it happens”tired of the FAKE news and their smear’s against our new supreme court judge””’it’s over already”’AMERICA ”won”’ get over it”””””””

  9. Jon; I really would like to agree whole cloth with your statement, BUT!! My thought goes to the MALE WHORE that was the sperm donor. Do DNA, find out who the “wham, bam, thank you maam” runaway donor was, pluck out the sperm bag, force him into HARD LABOR to pay for the support of the baby and mother until age 20. PRESTO, males will start thinking about keeping it in their pants or spending more time in a cold shower.

  10. I do not think that those making false statements concerning Kavanaugh made up the false statements from their own simple mentality. THIS ENTIRE event reeks of web weaving DEMON-RAT SPIDERS. ALL of the accusers should be;1. arrested and charged with every type of illegal foul ball charge possible under the scope of the law. 2. They then should be offered a plea deal. RAR OUT THE ELECTED OFFICIALS AND THE COACHES THAT HELP THEM THROUGH THE PERJURY OF THEIR TESTIMONY. Bang, you now have the smoking gun to arrest the people like Feinstein, Warren, and many other DEMON-RATS. Then invent a new law that requires execution of convicted TREASONOUS CONSPIRITORS that have plotted the overthrow of this nation.

  11. Amen to that….all of these accusers and their attorneys, senators, and staff of these senators, and any celebrities contributing to these sham accusations ought to be fully investigated by the FBI and if there is no substance found to their allegations, prosecuted to the full extent of the law….but any jail time should be substituted for commmunity work programs, in public view, dressed in bright orange jumpsuits on weekends with a minimum of 500 hours of community service.

  12. I agree with you in all. I can’t figure why the Clintons and their cohorts haven’t been jailed but they are free to spew their rants and rages against innocent people. Where is the justice????I am so sick of the Demoncrats and their selfish “it’s my way or no way.” Get rid of them for good. Why do we have to pay wages to someone that is not doing a job they were hired to do.?

  13. Prosecute! Not just him either! Unless there are consequences for violating laws, laws have no meaning and do not inhibit criminal conduct.

  14. YES! Prosecute – Fine – Imprison
    I am afraid that many are going to slip under any investigations for their illegal dealings., though. SAD. No one should be above the law! Not Democrats! Not even Soros! Fine him BIG time and deport him. Investing his fines into our country instead of against it. He is trying to divide our country.
    Send him back to Hungary!

  15. Yes Delores they are attacking defenseless elderly persons trying to drive down our streets!
    Portland has become a cesspool of evil crazy people. Most of them apparently have moved into town due to our Sanctuary City acceptance of all. The homeless is over the top out of control. When an elderly person cannot get to the hospital nearby without having his windows broken in and car damaged. What is next? Pulling him screaming from his car and killing him? If the attacked is not caring a concealed weapon then he and his are going to die. This is what has become of Portland! Having a different opinion should not bring on danger to your life and family! Bulling & Attacking innocent citizens in their cars is so wrong! Where is the Mayor Wheeler or our Governor Kate Brown? They have the Police standing back with their hands tied. We need help to clean up our streets! The local authorities do not seem to want to do anything. We are getting very close to having to protect ourselves with weapons. You see it on the news every night in Portland now. Protect your home & family first!

  16. I agree. George Soros should be fully investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. His crime syndicate should be shut down and he should be thrown in prison.

  17. “Ewwww” and what party are you with ? What did the democrats just do to Kavanaugh? talk about lying.. ‘WOW” they did a Great job.!!!Gary

  18. I don’t believe these are all American democRATS that are creating and continuing this sh$t. I believe paid protestors are behind most of this. Soros is paying these people to cause as much trouble as they can, without him there would be FAR less unrest.

  19. Jessie. The main reason is they are democrats. The republicans try to be nice and not fight dirty. Democrats will do anything to win,legal or illegal, cause they know republicans can be bullied, cause they won’t fight dirty like democrats.


  21. A quick trial with real consequences will serve as notice that impeding govt investigations has real consequences

  22. BTW, the liberals continue to say “we need immigration to fill jobs we have for them”. If we had not allowed abortions in this country, we would have 65 million more citizens to do the job filling they speak of. Women that utilize abortions should have used a condom, a pill, or another way to prevent pregnancy.

  23. I would like all of the above people to vote Republican In Nov. Seems to me we can cause liberals more than a little bit of trouble in that manner. They should be punished for telling lies and dreaming up situations in trying to prevent our candidate from being appointed and confirmed as well!

  24. I agree. He was a standout of the Dems.
    Who would do anything, go to the height of lying to get a decent, more than qualified
    gentleman to keep him from being confirmed.
    Delay, delay was the game plan. Now it better be rush, rush to charge these liars
    In the Senate, left.

  25. Good point made with few words. The Dems are nasty and of course live by different standards-based tell a lie, ruin a life of a conservative and get away with it when backed by other Dems.! Whitehouse was one of the worst.

  26. Not only the men but Whitehouse as well. Both should be charged in COURT for their participation in this lie and smear TACTIC. The democrats have gone over the line with this WITCH FEINSTEIN requesting them to go ahead full steam ahead.

    They have shown how demented they are and would do or say anything to force people into their CULT. Me, my family and friends, have left the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and now will vote all REPUBLICAN.

  27. How about inciting violence against a group of innocent people who don’t happen to agree with you? Maxine? Prosecute and fine and imprison all of them! No one is above the law! If they can bring up high school for decent men how can Clinton avoid prosecution?

  28. And the biggest of them all, George Soros, he’s not an American, why is he allllowed to interfere in America’s elections.

  29. Absolutely, we need answers to all that has been going on. The Demoncrats needs to be totally investigated and retribution needs to be made to Justice Kavanaugh and the American people. Maybe if there is actual payback the Demoncrateswill stop! I also feel that Killary should be made to pay back the American people on the Non Russia collusion. She is the only one & Obama that colluded with the Russia, don’t forget the uranium they sold to Russia, of which the money went into their pockets.

  30. Whitehouse should be suspended from the committee. He is a lying low life bastard. Who in their right mind would believe anything this idiot said.????????????.

  31. Whitehouse should be tossed in a cell along with the other LIAR. Sadly it won’t happen. He like all the other LIARS against Kavanaugh will walk without ever paying for their baseless attacks which are all politically motivated thus the Democraps behind them will also walk Scott free.

  32. Make no mistake, the left has lost this unfair fight but they will not hesitate to use the same narrative against anyone they wish to stop. Ever notice how they usually use uncorroborated sexual misconduct as their go-to tool? I’m a real conservative but irregardless of which side of the aisle you’re on, consequences for liars or those who embellish or compose false allegations as an attempt to stop anyone who disagrees with them, consequences are imperative. If not, this pathetic behavior will be used and probably grow in intensity. We the people, we deserve far better than we’ve been afforded. Find the leaker(s), investigate Feinstein for withholding info for nearly six weeks, hand out the stiffest possible sentence for Jackson-Lees staffer who doxed the GOP opposers, investigate Jackson-LEE for her part in this disgusting act. The list is endless of the wrongdoing in just this one case. Make the consequences hurt bad enough that anyone with a brain will defining think twice before doing the same.

  33. Please stop asking these senseless questions. This wicked senator, Dianne Feinstein and all the vicious accomplices,including Christine Ford and all the indecent,vulgar impostors, coming out of the woodwork; involved in this unjustified, cruel and evil plot, against Judge Kavanaugh. They all must be held legally accountable and severely prosecuted. That is: If you want to restore our confidence, faith and respect in the political system. If indeed, this woman was honest, and felt so bad and ashamed of her collaboration, in this contemptible act, she would’ve had come forward and admit it. Shame on her and all of you corrupt, self serving Democrats, for inciting, this nationwide abuse and savagery, against an innocent, decent and civil, highly respected man.

  34. All false allegations just hurt real victims when they come forward, if they come forward. I doubt that #Metoo understands the consequences of this.Another point, why do I automatically have to believe a woman just because I happen to be a woman? Last time I checked,my brain is located in my skull, not my ovaries.

  35. A fellow airline pilot was suspended when TSA was formed years ago. Turns out he lifted a ball point pen when he was a college student. The charge surfaced during the mandatory background check imposed by TSA. Cost him dearly, even as he had paid his dues back then.
    These people want to be arrested , is a badge of sorts. they are told the arrest will not show on their record.

  36. They can always come back to investigate all the accusers, liars and perjurers. Time to open up those 50,000 sealed Indictment and start draining the swamp. Congratulations Justice Kavanaugh!

  37. Sorry but there is nothing that anyone can do that will teach these radicals anything. As long as Schumer.Waters and Pelosi keep stirring them up nothing will change.

  38. I agree that all those that make false accusations should be tried and if convicted, put in jail for the maximum allowed time. Those that protest and cause bodily harm to any person they have confronted or breaks any laws pursuing their cause should be immediately put in jail, tried in a court of law, and if found guilty, have them serve the maximum jail time and make them pay for all legal, medical, damages to property costs. This may make them think twice about the violence they commit.

  39. Just like the Salem witch hunt, which cost 19 people their lives, is unjust and those that brought charges against the people were not held responsible. Over 200 people were accused, and those that were found not guilty still had their name slandered. Nothing happen to those that bear false witness against the accused. If those that accuse others truly believe their statement at the time it was made, they should have to possibly have to go to court and prove their beliefs. If their statement was just to stop someone from a job, or greed on their part, or party affiliation. They should do jail time, maybe work release, but still jail time for a minimum of 5 years before they are on probation for another 5 years with their right of voting revoked. If they have family, the family can only see them in jail. The monies that they would earn while being in jail would be split, with them paying for their cost of being in jail and the rest going to their family.

  40. I concur! If they were prosecuted, it would teach the left that there are consequences for their never ending lies.

  41. I think everyone who has brought forth these outrageous claims against Judge Kavanaugh should be investigated by the FBI and if found to have lied about this, prosecute them immediately! This goes for the Senators and ANYONE that has done this. They have deliberately lied about him when they give their floor speech then they rush out to address the throngs of people standing outside, repeating the same lies. This is DANGEROUS and needs to be STOPPED!

  42. False accusations against Kanavaugh they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, Put them in Jail & cost of investigations, they will think twice about doing such a thing again, in trying to ruin someones life & reputation in the future.

  43. False accusations made against anyone should be treated as
    Defamation of character and the the individual that made the s
    Accusation should be prosecuted. Perhaps that would make the next accuser think twice before flapping their jaws
    Without proof.

  44. Agree 100% ! I am so fed up, with these loud-mouthed, do-nothing, hypocritical, BS-artists in Washington DC. The ones who think that just because they are members of Congress, they can stand up, and say anything they want about a person, slander, defamation, unfounded accusations, anything… and have no consequences. I understand that because Judge Kavanaugh is going up to the USSC, he probably won’t pursue the matter.

    But, it would be an excellent lesson, if all those who made false claims, and those in congress who ranted against him were sued for liable, slander, defamation, and anything else the law will allow. It might act as something of a deterrent against future liars, me-tooer’s, and those looking for a spotlight, book\movie deal, revenge, or whatever!

  45. If it’s not illegal, there should be a law made against bringing false actuations against a court judge nominees.

  46. I so agree, there are numerous charges that should come out of these falsely accused mob actions. Charges should also extend to Democratic Senators that have participated and encouraged these actions.

  47. I agree! Look at the money they have cost the taxpayers. Maybe they should use some of Fords “go fund me” money and send the remainder of the bill to Soros!

  48. Ethics charges need to be filed against ever member of Congress participating in this attempt to defame Judge Kavanaugh, and FBI investigations into the gang rape allegations, attempts to expose himself, and the supposed attempted sexual assault. 2012 and 2008 are just the beginning of the lies.

  49. I believe the Democratic Party has totally
    Lost their INTEGRITY!!!
    Unbelievable what they have been doing.
    Just Terrible!!!

  50. EVERYONE of these people who swore that Judge Brett Kavanaugh had personally violated their person, or been a party to the violation of their person–including their attorney and/or legal representatives–should be thoroughly investigated by the FBI…and if any of their statements or allegations are proven to be false, misleading, derogatory, and a defamation of the character of Brett Kavanaugh–including Dr. Ford, her legal team, Senator Diane Feinstein and her team–these individuals should have their background information revealed to the American public, and they should be charged with a felony, prosecuted, and sentenced to 1000-hours of community service dressed in an orange uniform in the community in which they live.

  51. ALL of the DEMOCRATIC SENATORS who openly criticized Judge Brett Kavanaugh and smeared his reputation BEFORE all of the people who contended that Brett Kavanaugh had assaulted them, r participated in acts that were demeaning to them, should be thoroughly investigated by the FBI and their background investigations given to the American people in unredacted format…

  52. If people can bear false witness or perjury without penalties then this false accuser stuff will get worse not better. Without the thought of penalties the false accusers will round up supporting false witnesses and the accused will be in deep problems trying to defend themselves. Having a represses memory bought up with a few mistakes is forgivable, but being a totally fabricated false witness should require a little jail time etc.

  53. Yo Hey. ’bout time U say __
    > Lindsey Graham has a plan/Strategy, ie IF
    vote falls short, then re-nominate.
    Read what he says. POTUS considers.
    >No likee for AG. Another name ‘floats’.
    >Sessions received ‘subpoena duces tecum’
    For THURS.!
    `EaglesFly’. Shared Space. NoBumpZone.
    > guess what: Today, a lone ‘DragonFly’ flew around me,
    while i was outside feeding the birds & critters.
    How coolio is that___ a ‘Godwink’ for sure !!!

  54. Finestein needs to be investigated for the Chinse spy driver that she had for twentey years. She clams that she had no idea that he was a spy. After what she has been involved in, I do not believe her, do you? I wonder if she was feeding him information for those twenty years.

  55. I agree. I was raised Republican. I started reading Us news magazine and Newsweek when I was 13. I Just made a small contribution of 70.00 dollars to the NRCC. They have asked for more within 24 hours. Forget that! I will remain silent and keep my political viewpoints to myself. GOODLUCK!????

  56. I totally agree with every word you said. I think that all democrates should arrested for their phony, lying, part in this

  57. Mr. Zuckerbery is removing conservative blogs ! Mr. Zuckerbery is a friend of Obama and allowed Obama to graze in facebook before and during 2016 election to get dirt on Mr. Trump !


  59. these lying accusers should also be arrested for false reports the attorney should be arrested to not having any facts he is just trying to make a name for himself after being porn stormy. he is not creditable to be a lawyer. he is a liar.

  60. Yes he should not only be arrested,jailed for 6 monhts, which would set an example for future “allegators” (creators of unsubstantiated allegations), he should be fined heavily, until it hurts. Maligning an upright person for political gain is slanderous, which is a prosecutable offense.

  61. All those Who submitted false testimony should be prosecuted for breaking the laws in order to establish confidence to the American people check for the damage they have committed . If found guilty certainly to pay monetarily as well as serving time in jail.

  62. Well, we know where and how she got the idea to fabricate such a lie and benefit from it. It runs in her family!

  63. DIE-ane on VACAY?! DR.JD labcoat…you know what you can do with your…POLE! IF Kavanaugh fails to get the votes? Trump’s NEXT Attorney General! Make ALL them DemoCRAPS SH*T their pants! LMAO! Dan Tyree, zee, steel mags, potty, scooch, M…it’s ME! ????????????

  64. Linda…you’ve got it right. Whitehouse should be thrown out of the Senate. He lied to the Committee on television no less.

  65. they should be tried and if found guilty throw them in jail a gitmo with the rest of the radical extremist

  66. I totally agree with you. And all the democrat trash should be put in jail for treason and mishandling of tax dollars committing FRUAD against us American citizens. And the illegal trash coming into this country should be prosecuted for living on free tax dollars for ever and then buying car loads of soft drinks on food stamps and then turning around and selling those soft drinks at her store where she drove in her new Lexus. This is all wrong.

  67. Exactly! No rights to illegal invaders/criminals! Stop supporting the criminals running from their own countries with “stories” of abuse and forced expulsion from their home countries. No proof. No proof of children’s birth parents.
    We have to make sure the law gets applied to ALL breaking the laws of our country! Rich and Multi-racial alike! Prosecute, fine heavily, & imprison!

  68. They need to pay for the monies spent investigating this, the accused lawyers time and the senate’s time wasted on this frivolous accusation. This lies should not cost anybody anything except those who are complicit in the accusation and lie. This will make people who make these fake accusations think before they do it again.

  69. Senator Whitehouse who lied to the Judiciary Committee and everyone else being Democrat who lied deserves 60 days in jail for lying and should also pay a fine on lying on Judge Brett Kavanaugh trying to hurt the reputation of the judge. all the fine money should go to the Republicans in selecting judges fund that support the Constitution.

  70. all the Women and all the men and all the congressman and women who have also made all this up to see that he is not put on the supreme court. God has a way of what you do wrong will come back 10 fold and that would leave all of y’all in deep poopoo!!!!!!! with GOD and I never want him mad at me like that.
    Good luck on your lies people

  71. I would hope that Sheldon Whitehouse would be sued for his part in all this. He sat so in front of all us who watch with this snub of an attitude. He is another DEM pond scum that I hope will lose his seat on the committee.

  72. I really agree with you on this. Everyone of those Democrat need to be investigated and should be prosecuted to the full extent. Dam Senator Sheldon Whitehouse is one of them and many more of them.

  73. Every last Democrat should be investigated and indicted for anything they have been suspected of or accused of. This investigation against Kavanaugh was nothing more than an attempt to delay his confirmation. All persons involved should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, including Democratic members of the judiciary committee.

  74. 100% and throw them in jail and throw away the key. Not just this one but all of them because I believe that all will be deemed lies.

  75. All of these false accusations about Judge
    Kavanghan should be prosecuted to the
    Fullest extent of the law. To ruin a person
    life is unjustifiable.

  76. I agree whole hardheartedly. Fabricators should be sentenced and spend some time in jail! This is serious, not a game that ruins reputations.

  77. The problem is that the Republican victims of these character assassins do not sue their attackers even when there’s proof that what was said about them were blatant lies. That’s why the false accusations mushroom each time a Conservative is nominated for appointment especially now. Where a false accuser’s finances are ruined others will think twice before indulging in the profession of fools.

  78. The reason ….

    American men are cowards . they let cowards tell them what to do . their wives tell them what to wear what to think , such cowards . time to stand up to this ridiculous love affair with the leftist movement . be careful you cowards . when the real men in this country stand up WE WILL BURY YOU LEFTOST COWARDS

  79. These people who join in with the psychosis of fabricating stories should be prosecuted to fullest extent of the law. Their sentences should be made public. This action will stop this nonsense immediately. It is no joke when a person’s integrity is attacked and it is criminal to fabricate stories pertaining to this issue

  80. This sure might explain a lot of things

    ” Christine’s father, Ralph G Blasey Jr. Had worked for the CIA and was a vice president, at one time, for the National Savings and Trust “black budget bank” allegedly known for funding CIA deep state operations.
    And that’s not all.
    Her Brother, Ralph Blasey JR., is still a Vice President for a security guard corporation that provides protection to Deep state entities.
    And Christine Blasey Ford currently oversees the CIA Undergraduate Internship Program Stanford University developed by the notorious CIA-connected Stanford University Psychiatric Professor Dr. Frederick T. Melges-who himself, in 1985, took into his care the homeless woman Lois Lang who assassinated CIA paymaster Nick Deak-and that afterwards saw the CIA’s black operations monies being controlled by Ralph G. Blasey Jr.-who, not so mysteriously, just happens to be the father of Dr. Christine Blasey.”

  81. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I agree totally!!! HOW CAN ONE PERSON RUIN YOUR REPUTATION AND PERSONAL LIFE, “AUTOMATICALLY GUILTY”. THIS IS NOT OUR NOT OUR AMERICAN RIGHT!! THINK YOU DAMN DUMBACRATS. THIS ATTITUDE WILL TURN ON YOU.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  82. If this is ok conduct for Democrats, then Chuck the Scmuck Raker should be charged as a pedophile and investigated.

  83. Dr.JD likes to site these Left Wing polls a lot. How did the polling turn out for Crooked Hillary DR.? I tried to give you the benefit of doubt, but I have finally concluded that you are an ass.

  84. PUT YOURSELF IN THAT POSITION ,HOW WOULD YOU FAIR ? been through this type of background check ,you probably would not servive!!

  85. If they would prosecute some of these individuals publicly and insure that it was shouted from the roof tops on all three major news channels, then maybe it would get the message across that this can’t be done without dire consequences.

  86. They should be fined half their worth, lose citizenship, and be deported. I’m tired of spending millions on each criminal. Life in prison, until next Dem becomes president, then all are pardoned. Look at the states that allow felons to vote! Why not do what Mexico does, not allow any Americans to become citizens, and make criminals so miserable they come to America illegally. Canada is not much better. They required me to have a Canadian sponsor, my wife, letters from the chief of police in every city I lived in that I was an “Upstanding Citizen”, and could only take a job no Canadian had filled in 90 days. Wife 100 percent financially responsible for me the first ten years! Those are the facts, so why do we give “Illegals” everything for free???

  87. When a candidate is nominated for SCOTUS, that candidate should be subjected to the most extensive background possible and there should be a 60 days open to the public where any accuser has the right to come forward with any disparaging charges, after that, case closed!

  88. Ford has an expensive home and raised close to a million on GoFundMe so far so even though she’s worthless she has monetary value.

  89. Actually John I believe that it insults crackpots as they have higher standards and morals and shouldn’t be lumped in with lesser lifeforms like that as it may cause them undue grief that could lead to them using either crack or pot.

  90. People, would you please stop referring to a “Democratic” party. 1). It is, and always has been, the Democrat party. 2). There is nothing remotely democratic about them.

  91. Jill: If all the DemoRATS in DC are investigated, polygraphed and given mental competency tests none will pass! We’d have to make them all resign. What a terrible shame that would be! All liars should be punished to the full extent of the law for lying to the FBI. Wouldn’t that be just awful? NOT!!!! Let the investigations and testing begin!!!

  92. Yes, Sen. Whitehouse should apologize! And, anyone who makes a false accusation should apologize and be put under the jail. This ruins peoples lives. It is a form of murder! If someone is going to accuse…make sure you have the facts right.

  93. This guy probably thought his comments were funny, well you know what i think would be funny….. Him getting a felony and 5 yrs in a federal prison…. That will put some of these liars on point. See how many ppl want to open there mouths now. Every single person that makes an unfounded claim should get jail time…..

  94. To Lisa; please don’t use the terms crackpots and politicians in the same sentence, you are merely being redundant.

  95. Take them to the mat and make an example of them than publish his sad face in social media in solidarity confinement crying with no beer

  96. Hellsbells yes they should be prosecuted! They can be sued for Libel by Judge Kavanaugh, but he has more “Class” than that.
    Personally, that low life guy needs to lose his job, his friends, his ability to survive. People like him are just snakes, no slugs, no swine, no TRASH. YEP, THAT’S WHAT THEY TRULY ARE, “TRASH” AND THAT’S WHERE THEY BELONG!

  97. When in GOD’S name are these wanna bees in the news going to be prosecuted and go to jail”’I hope that the judge could sue them for all their worth but that is most likely 0””””

  98. How do you know? Have you been raping women? How drunk did you get in college? Perhaps you woke up with a condom hanging out of your ass. Any thing’s possible.

  99. This Demoncraptic Leftists loser should spend at least 25 years behaind bars for this fabrication against Judge Kavanaugh. As for Senator Whitehouse, he has been closed minded on this from the begining, having already convicted Judge Kavanaugh for the very first hint of this from Senator Feinstein. He sshould be broought u on charges for demanding that this be investigated when he knew all along that this was more than likely a work of fiction. You notice he said he past it on to a reporter before notifing the FBI or Chairman Grassley, just another SMEAR TATIC by the Demoncraps Feinstein should face jail time for holding onto this information for two months

  100. Amen Jan. The Dads ( dumb a__ democrats are so corrupt it just getting started. Lock all of them up. Stand up and put a stop to all the lying. Start wit Ford where the lying started. BULL S___ on all snowflakes.

  101. You can start right now by writing the DOJ and the FBI requesting an investigation into these matters and copy all your congressmen. Ask everyone you know who believe as we do that people should go to jail for all false information they put on the judge and for false statements to the senate, This includes members of the senate and or their staff.

  102. I dont trust any polls because when you try to voice your opinion in a poll, it wont take your email address sometimes and it’s always conservative voting. That’s how they were saying Hillary winning in 2016. Ha! Got fooled didnt everyone?


  104. I dont trust any polls because when you try to voice your opinion in a poll, it wont take your email address sometimes and it’s always conservative voting. That’s how they were saying Hillary winning in 2016. Ha! Got fooled didnt everyone?

  105. I agree…………If that was you or me, we would be behind bars..
    Any one that makes false statements, well it’s one of the Ten Commandments. Exodus 20:16 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour..

  106. If it wasn’t for the money then Dr. Ford prove it and donate every penny to charity. It won’t happen because it’s all about the money and you should be ashamed of what youv’e done to a good man and his family.

  107. If it wasn’t for the money then Dr. Ford prove it and donate every penny to charity. It won’t happen because it’s all about the money and you should be ashamed of what youv’e done to a good man and his family.

  108. Has anyone told you you are full of it Democrats such as yourself are unable to accept your losers. Get over it. Go to sleep and dream anything that gives you a sense of happiness. When you wake up from your dream Trump will still be President and Kavenaugh will be on the Supreme Court – it is fabulous being a Republican sorry about your luck. You can go back to sleep now.

  109. The only way to stop false allegations is to penalize them strongly. They are only looking for some recognition just as children do anything to get attention to be recognized.

  110. She said she had double doors installed on her house because she suffers PTSD with “claustrophobia”?? Claustrophobia is a type of anxiety disorder, in which an irrational fear of being unable to escape from a small, enclosed environment can lead to a panic attack. So she double doored to keep herself safe inside a locked up house? But what do I know? She is the Doctor of “Psychology???”

  111. This is outrageous! This is establishing such incredible and wrongful precedent if Kavanaugh is not voted in. Every single situation from here until eternity will have “an accuser” with FBI investigations. This is unreal! This IS NOT how our country works!

  112. Hey jackass, did you see the polls that said Killary was going to run away with a win in 2016? Gee, that didn’t happen. Polls must have been wrong. Polls are so one sided and useless that it’s pathetic.

  113. What I know about Strategic Research Associates is that they do Marketing Research for clients………not polls!! When did they become affiliated with taking Polls? Can you elucidate on this?????

  114. I believe by our laws and gods that anyone caught lieing specialy with these intension to bring any kind of harm to another should be tryed and jailed for it specialy if yhey are law makers.Other wise everyone with the same intentions will feel they can get away it as well with no fear of the laws or punishment.

  115. Amen William,this must be stopped n the only way is to get rid of the trash that only cares about greenbacks. Impeachment we need to elect people who really care about all people that are Americans n that includes of color creed or religion,old young,legal immigrants of all nationalities n who want to continue to keep us safe ,alive,working n free They buy people looking for a fast buck n these dumb jerks are complete liars n could win Oscars for their false truths!People like Ford would most likely put even her Mother under the bus for greedy corrupt money from some of these Democrats that want power n of course corrupt money coming not only from powerful evil a Democrats also Hungerian monster Mr Soros n on top of that you got the Clintons n Obama who would do anything to derail President Trump,not happening President Trump will be elected for another Four Years,another landslide!God Bless President Trump n all those who believe America will be Greater with him running this Country!Remember Pray is powerful!Amen❤️????????

  116. Did you not know the democrats are above the law and can mold it to meet their needs? Yet, they are the elite class and keepers of the moral code for America.

  117. I bet that pollster was the same one that said President Trump could never win. And…. I was not polled, nor was ANYONE, women or men, polled. And… as a RN, I am trained in statistics and polling. Depending on who the person may be, Right or Left, one can word the questions to gain the results they want. One other problem, you mentioned only one, and that causes suspicion. And… I have never heard of this pollster. And… the biggest question question is who hired them to do the poll.

  118. You guys can blather and gripe among yourselves, and even figure out ways to blame Soros or the abominable snowman, but new poll came out Oct. 1 by Strategic Research Associates that show Americans OPPOSE the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh (48% disapprove to 42% approve). The opposition to Kavanaugh is particular strong among American women, 55% against versus only 37% in favor. The support for Kavanaugh started low even before the sexual assault allegations, but have even decreased over time.

  119. Hey Irwin, you pretty much a classless low-life who pretends he has something to say, correct? Just an empty barrel making a lot of noise in classless, vulgar stupidities.

  120. Ron, CLEARLY you did not listen to Dr. Ford’s testimony and how she explained the physiology of memory and how some memories get encoded in the brain and others do not. Dr. Ford is an expert on the brain and how it works. You clearly are not and do not know the evidence on traumatic memories.

  121. The Go Fund Me program should pull Dr. Ford’s account because it is a fraud. Look to see who dumping all the money into the account.

  122. yes and to any one else of the other accusers. They should be arrested and indicted. What a bunch of scumbags. Whitehouse needs to publicly apologize Kavanaugh too and to the rest of the judiciary committee for wasting their time.

  123. The Democrats need to start showing their real name that they had in the 1800s, KKK. Back then they lynched people with a rope, and now the use a different method. I don’t see how any good American could allow them in office to representing them, vote them out.

  124. Let’s give him 20 years in Prison. That will loosen his ass up so he will know Right from Wrong. This type of crap is the results of the Commiecrats getting the illegal alien from Kenya into the Presidency. What the idiot Nazis did was to create a Constitutional Crisis to protect their criminal in the Oval Office.

  125. I have been researching information about impeaching a justice of the supreme court. What I have learned is that unless the justice or judge committed some act while on the bench, he/she cannot be impeached. I could be wrong and not gone deep enough yet, but so far this is what I have verified. It is apparent that these liberal senators and activist judges don’t know the laws…..Does that surprise anyone?


  127. How do accountability and meaningful consequences begin … when you get serious about the obstruction and flaunting of the law ! Throw the book at him and let’s see if the accusations diminish !

  128. Carol may I please ask you who is the author of the book Big Sister Watching? So that I can look it up and check it out from the library.

  129. Appropriate action should be taken against the mentioned false accusers. Democrats say they will stop Judge Kavanaugh if they win control of Senate in the upcoming election. I believe the Democrat Senators should face investigating because their last minute actuations as well as future threats seem suspect.

  130. I think half the senate should be in jail or at least fired. Booker is supposed to be an habitual groomer, another one was telling everyone he was a great Viet Nam vet which ISN,t true and a third one is a WIGE beater and probably a felon. Feinstein is a liar who sat on the Tory for more than a month. Dr, Ford might have had something done to her, but why would anyone go to parties ten times when you KNKW someone was raped. She,s definitely unbalanced and I feel sorry for that but I don,t believe Kavanagh had anything to do with it. It,s so obvious this is all because of Trump being President. He could walk on water and he,s still be piece of doom to the liberals. Who are really running our country. Prez Trump could drain the swamp for twenty years and there would still be more slime to left over, Obama and the Clintons and Soros. Power will always win, not truth. Very sad.

  131. If ANYONE in found giving false information to the Senate or to the FBI should be arrested, this should include any Senator and/or staff members. If it of wrong doings by a Senator they should be impeached and never allowed to run for any office again after they get out of jail and they should loose any and all benefits that they may have earn including retirement.

  132. Didn’t anyone else wonder how those two women were able to get to Flake?
    It smelled like a setup from the word go!

  133. What bugs me is that I have experienced three traumatic events in my life, the first was when I was eight in 1955 and I can clearly remember details of that event and two others later in life. Dr. Ford alleges she was nearly raped, which I would characterize as a traumatic event, yet she presents virtually zero detail about the event! The witnesses she said have knowledge have all said they don’t? She has lied over and over! Perhaps I’m wrong but I don’t believe you can experience a traumatic event and not recall specific details.

  134. Senator whitehouse doesn’t need to apologize, just resign for showing us all that he’s a number 1 dumba$$.

  135. Did I say “agent(s)”? I’m not talking about Comey. We all know that Comey is already history, but is the Deep State organization still existing?

  136. I agree but think the democrats should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, anything short of this will not stop them and the people who vote for and support them are also sick.

  137. I think they all should be investigated pay back the tax payers and every one get out and vote republican. The demos. will ruin the country. I keep telling everyone read the book Big Sister Watching You and you will find out what Hillary and her Hell Cats are up to.

  138. What’s the difference if you were on jury duty. And the judge told you, that you couldn’t give out any information about the trial. And then when the day was over you went straight to the press. All those involved should be heavily fined and sent to jail. And they should end this witch hunt. If this were a trial. It would be a mis-trial and bring on the vote.

  139. That is correct. Any
    Accuser including Dr Ford who even though may have been used like a puppet and paid for her performance against Judge Kavanaugh should be charged. If she is a professor she is an example of those who infiltrate the minds of some of their students with garbage. And the Senator is disgraceful and be penalized and his constituents should think twice before voting for him to such a prestigious post as senator.

  140. Also, send them the massive bill for the hearings, investigations and other incidentals. The taxpayers should not have to pay for their corruption, defamation of character, ineptitude. They really need to look into Booker’s own story about sex abuse and Fiendstein’s totally unethical (if not illegal) behavior.

  141. it is time that the democraps be charged with obstruction and be placed under federal arrest for causing all of the delays and cost to our government process. It is time that we make them pay for all of their grandstanding. As long as we allow the to get away with this type of behavior then the more that they will use it. These left wing fruit cakes act more like uneducated children that no one has taken the time to show them the correct way to act. And these are the people that think that they should be in charge. We have to put a stop to this BS and group together and go vote at every election and vote these left wing nut democraps out of office. If we do not take back control of our government we will lose all of our freedoms and constitutional rights. And when that happens we will be treated like slaves. And history will nrepeat itself again, remember what happened to people during the days of the Roman Empier. And when someone did not do what they were told and were trown into the gladiator areana. We the people can stop this left wign movement, but we have to get involved to do it.

  142. All of these fabricators, starting with Soros and Feinstein, including Ford, her attorney and the other conspirators, should spend time in jail and be forced to make restitution to Kavanaugh and to the US taxpayer for all the wasted time and money.

  143. Most uncivilized group of ????? Get out and vote them out
    Very smug and arrogant they sure pulled the wool over Sen.Flakes eyes a couple of shouting woman and his backbone disappeared. Joe

  144. Anyone who votes no on Kavanaugh should be labeled to get the boot on their next election cycle. Further, George Sorros should be informed that if he continues to fund the riots, thugs, racism, discourse that his naturalized citizenship will be revoked and he and his sons will be deported back to Hungary where they will openly embrace him to prison.

  145. How sad that the democrat party has become the party of liars and shisters! In the mid term electons their platforms don’t show positivity, but, on the contrary running on falsehoods and against the best interest of legal and rightful Americans!

  146. Take him out tar and feather him and ride him out of town on a rough cut cedar rail wrapped in concertina wire.

  147. Looks like all these illegal, migrants, legal migrants, and others are having second thoughts about voting for democrats, seems that they are realizing that democrats want the same kind of government that they fled, escaped from!
    Now they are voting for Republicans by the thousands & thousands.
    I deem that to be good.

  148. I listened on Rush’s Show today & heard that a
    NYT “So-Called” Journalist, Female Type, was
    soliciting for anyone, who could give info on Judge
    Kavanaugh, to contact her. IN THE NEWSPAPER!!
    I will bet my Aunt Fanny that a Monetary reward will
    be offered, when a Rat Responds to the NYT .
    The GOP MUST STOP this Verbal Assassination of a Fine Judge & let’s see who the skunks, aka RINOS, are who
    Vote No on his Confirmation.

  149. I would like to see an investigation of Kavanagh’s accuser’s, Especially Ford, (1) what was she doing at/in the alleged house at 15yo, Possibly she is not so pure herself; will we ever know? All these charges seem to one sided to me!

  150. I want Dianne Feinstein investigated. I want Christine Ford investigated for making false statements and I want her alleged academic level and professional credentials investigated. I want Brian Fallon investigated by the FBI for making a threatening statement against the life of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

  151. …or it could be one of the 64 men that she slept with between high school and college (according to her own admission).

  152. In reference to the Kavanaugh family, these Deamoncrats are now going after his ten year old daughter. Have these people no feelings what so ever. Is the face of Maxine Waters the new face and thrust of the Democratic Party, full of hate, rage, anger, threats, lies, cheating, deception, killing, and treason? If Trump did even 1/10 of what these Democratic Party leaders are doing today the impeachment flags would be waving. Instead he has made steady his course, fulfilled campaign promise after promise, and set the USA back upright and on course to be a world leader again. I can hardly wait to see what happens after the 2020 elections when he can go after the illegal activities of all who were members of the last administration from Treason to violations of the Constitution.

  153. Women who are raped goes through a horrible ordeal. Falsely being accused can be just as horrific. These false accusations will only make it harder for women to be taken seriously when rape really does happen. The Democrat Party doesn’t care about women they just want to use them just like a rapist. Women organizations have to focus on issues they can control. Does anyone ask why does The entertainment industry belittle and degrade women on TV and in movies. Even video games with virtual reality allow men and women to do things including rape with sensations. The porn industry is rapidly growing an now targets the young children 8 plus years. That could cause A weak sick minded person to act this out for real. Even the fashion industry make fashion that is sick and unflattering. The most attractive women are dressed modestly not showing everything. These are questions we should be asking the Democrats? Why do they promote and encourage sex, drugs, alcohol and gambling in many states with Democrat Governors, PA for one.
    Why doesn’t these woman organizations speak out against these things.

  154. I agree with Yasha. I have even read about Democrat operatives approaching women and offering them huge bribes (biggest was $750,000) for making false accusations against Kavanaugh. As it is, Christine Ford is getting richer from her GoFundMe account: $900,000 last time i heard, netting her $750,000 after paying $150,000 to her lawyers: so far. I don’t like it that these nasty people can make these false accusations and get away with it, with impunity. I think that the ones who are caught lying under oath need to be JAILED.

  155. Yes, he should . all it is that dems know that when kavanaugh gets confirmed, there way of life is over because supreme court is going to limit there power grabs for the next 30-40 years. And they cannot have that

  156. The person who fabricated the story should be prosecuted. But, do you remember Maxine Waters words inciting attacks? The Dems operate this way. In a way, all Dems are expected to be operatives. And this is an example of how they now feel compelled to act. There have been worse attacks, like the shooter who tried killing House Republicans at a softball practice last year. After losing the election they are at war on all fronts. So now, for example, look out for ANTIFA to show up any time they want to scare reasonable people when some issue inflames their base. Bad people, bad policies, bad for the USA.

  157. Anyone providing false statements in order to go along with the Democrats’ corrupt plan to derail Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation should be criminally charged. They need to face the threat of prosecution, otherwise the Democrats will continue to fraudulently pay off these criminals through Go Fund Me accounts. This is all a scam.

  158. Not ever and that is an injustice. They should go to jail and maybe there wiill not be a next time.

  159. Did sleazy porn lawyer Avenatti have to help this remember the incident that never happened? Maybe it was the lure of $ from Soros, Steyer, Killary or even the DNC. Or whoever is financing all these composers?? I’m fairly sure, any $ made by all the liars,
    Pretty sure that $ will be used mostly for lega fees.
    Never fails… WE REAP WHAT WE SOW

  160. As a member of a staunch Democrat Family I became one myself and left Them only after They LEFT ME. When Ronald Reagan became a republican I joined Him and others. The Democrat Party failed my expections then;but, now I’am ashamed that I was ever a member of such a dishonest and vile Party.

  161. This isn’t going to end till the American people demand charges be filed, and that includes against lying senators.

  162. A minimum 90 days in jail, $50,000 fine, and felony charges on their records at minimum. Senator Whitehouse should be censored and brought before the Senate Ethics committee an neutered.

  163. People need to be charged for false allegations , if indeed, that is what this (another WITCH HUNT) is. Is this what is is? Bill Clinton was a serial rapist and the press stayed silent and even attacked His victims: this is why I say the democrat party is about to be hoisted upon Their Own petard.

  164. When the law is broken…the perpetrator should be prosecuted.
    Never cave to a bully. That only encourages the bad behavior.
    The law is for everyone.

  165. You are so right. Just in case you have not noticed, Bill Clinton’s nose is aslo a carbon copy of O’neil and Kennedy’s noses. It is obvious to me that there is a serious smear campaign going on. The dems(dims) have conveniently ignored his escapades and the physical abuse of their high up running for a state attorney general. I truly hope these people will be prosecuted.

  166. All those people that lied should be put in jail. They keep coming out of the woodwork thinking they will get paid like the women who have been proven have lied about everything. Look at the money the phony DR has received through her 18 Fund Me’s, combined equals in the six figures. This needs to stop and they need to be prosecuted and jailed to show what will happen to lying to the Gov from now on, including the liberals that throw out there all their lies and corruption.

  167. Great suggestion

    Great Suggestion! Make it happen! Maybe that would stop some of this craziness and lying!

  168. It sounds like it’s only illegal to make false or fraudulent statements to congressional investigators only if you are a male constituent and not if you are a woman or in congress. I wonder what would happen if Donald Trump had made a statement like that? You don’t beleave me, just go back and study all the remarks made by the DEMS.

  169. I am somewhat hesitant to admit that I was a former Democrat but proudly say that I did support his years of presidency it did not take too long after that that I begin to see the Democratic party change and I am proud to say that I was smart enough to see what I felt was coming, went to the courthouse and change my registration. Since that time some 50 + years ago I have not regretted this change whatsoever but am ashamed of the time that I did spend as part of the Democratic Party. At present time it is a party of hypocrisy and win or campaign at any cost and who cares who gets hurt.

  170. there is no time limit on sexual attack. When will she file a report with the local police in the place it happened? NEVER because then all those witnesses can be held for perjury and she can be held for filing a false statement with the police.

  171. You are so wrong. He hasn’t been bullied into quitting. He has stood firmly for the Constitution, for truth and justice, and for honor and family. He represents what was, in the past, referred to as “The American Way”. He absolutely deserves to be a US Supreme Court Judge.

  172. Tragic for the Kavanaugh family that there are such hateful people (democrats), and I use that word loosely, that would put his wife and children in jeopardy.
    Dems and their ills are sick.
    God bless the Kavanaugh and America.
    Vote him to the supreme court and vote Republican in the midterms.


  174. I agree, they are trying to crucify the Judge. Had they been believed, the Judge would have gone to prison. Shame on these people & their attorney should also face charges since he didn’t have any proof. This is all being done because they don’t like Trump & they don’t want a republican on the Supreme Court. What a sad time for the USA!!!!!

  175. White House his staff in all of rusted dems and of course in the taxpayers needs the thousands of dollars for a waste of time has been done 6 times already it will should be brought up on charges thrown in jail with the clintons

  176. this kind of actions need too B nipped in the bud w/o hast!!! press charges against those involved. pass it off and they confirm it can B done with no

  177. If they don’t come up with proof, they all need to be prosecuted for lying under oath. I don’t think he did what they have accused him of doing. Dr. Ford needs to pay attenyion to the fact that there is another guy who looked a lot like Judge Kavanaugh, and she could have mixed them up very easily.

  178. Not only this guy but everyone of the train of lying dems and their perpetrators starting with Ford, Fienstein, the attorneys she chose, Booker and all the rest chestbeating fabricators.

  179. By all means, the accuser of the false boat rape charge should be prosecuted as should any of the 10 Senators found complicit.

  180. Anyone, I do mean anyone who makes any false allegations about someone else should be detained without bail, tried, found guilty and sentenced to life in prison

  181. the same thing should happen to these women if they are lying , if you threaten them i bet they change their tunes

  182. “Senator” Whitehouse has to be the US Senate dumbest of the dumb. His questions of Judge Kavanaugh were embarrassing. Jokes about flatulence in High School was his big moment in the Sun. I guess it is near to his heart as he already has his head up his own flatulence opening.

  183. If this type of false allegation is not dealt with promptly and appropriately, it will encourage other unscrupulous people to make similar false allegations and we have certainly seen enough of these already. We have to stop this seemingly endless stream of malicious character assassination.

  184. All of these parasites need to be charged. They should all sitting in a jail cell for awhile . Or beaten .

  185. If the FBI were to arrest and hold for prosecution some of these so called victims of Kavanaugh’s sexual assault, I believe you would see a big drop in the accusers. You lie to the FBI and you face a ten year prison sentence. I also think they should also investigate some of these more liberal demoncrats.

  186. “It is illegal to make materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statements to Congressional investigators. It is illegal to obstruct Committee investigations”
    So let’s do something about it! There are so many involved at this. They need to be terminated and fined and prosecuted immediately before they can slip through the system!

  187. I do believe that all false allegations should be punished by the full
    Extent of the law. 20yrs or even more

  188. Anyone else remember Tip O’Neil and Ted Kennedy? Those two sots probably spilled more than this young man drank and by the looks of their faces and noses they weren’t drinking beer. Another thing is that no one has accused Kavanaugh of leaving a girl to drown in a car he drove off a bridge, yet. But it’s early in the week.

  189. If these false accusations are not prosecuted to the full extent of the law, we will continue to see BS like this forever, and could potentially lead to wrongly convict the accused of a crime.

  190. @Debra I think you must be dreaming when you suggest that Democrats will apologize for any of their dispicable words and actions against Kavanaugh. They do not ever apologize for anything they do that is wrong.

  191. Sure, he beat up 2 guys on his boat 35+ Years ago but it took a yearbook pic to confirm his fabrication of the facts. Hope he can spell F E L O N Y ! !!
    People are losing the last of their brain cells as they are trying much to hard to think. Not just think, but to think how they can continue to lie about the Honorable Judge Kavanaugh.
    Give em time & they will claim he fathered a monkey.

  192. I agree 100%. This is getting totally out of hand, all because the Dems are very sore losers. SWEAR KAVANAUGH IN. He’s so much better than all of these lowlifes.

  193. The accuser should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. NO DEALS.
    Senator Whitehouse should firstly be censored and then removed from office, with no pension, no medical benefits, nothing.

  194. This is a easy one. As each time the judge applied for or received a government job, or perhaps changed organizations within the government, he was subjected to another investigation. Quite routine!


  196. Yes the person should be prosecuted along with the senator and staff who gleefully brought this outlandish claim to the committee.

    Time for the Republicans who believe in law and order to stand up to be counted.

  197. That was well said Bruce and I agree, but let us remember the FBI was run by the left wing liberal for the last 24 years (that includes Bush who was a big-time buddy to the Obummers).

  198. Certain jobs require a current FBI background investigation, it doesn’t matter what’s been done in the past. Take me for instance, I enlisted in the USN and as part of my job, I was required to hold a secret clearance, which then required an FBI background investigation. Later I was part of a 12 man unit, who was assigned with experimental missions for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which required an upgrade to a Top secret clearance, again requiring another FBI background investigation. Upon leaving the military, I entered into Law Enforcement as a career…yep, another background check, which established a Law Enforcement profile. The last job I held was contracted to the Federal Protective Service FPS, which required one last FBI background investigation. So I’ve had at least 4, however I’ve also been under the impression that at times the FBI just signs off in an investigation and that’s all that is required in some cases. I made that as clear as mud, huh?!

  199. Anyone lying to do harm to another human regardless of the reason being should be held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The should be given the maximum sentence that would be given for whatever crime they falsely alleged with no chance of parole, They should be required to make a public statement that they lied and give the reason why they did so or face an additional ten years added onto their sentence.

  200. Prosecute and imprison. Fine them all! Loose some of the funds that Soros gleefully gave. Prove to them all they are NOT above the law! DRAIN THE SWAMP!

  201. Senator Whitehouse should be commended for helping clear the judge of slanderous charges and allowing exposure of a likely conspiracy against Supreme Court nominee. I’m sure the Dem party members appreciate it too.

  202. Does anyone know why some one would be checked out 6 times. To me it means the FBI has not a clue. Usually they can set some one up in 1 check. Follow the money Trail

  203. Go back in history, Eisenhowers failed nominee was renominates and later appointed to the Supreme Court. Evidently you listened to flimsy accusations by three low life women represented by an unethical lawyer. I was molested as a child. I have never forgotten the details of that assault.

  204. Anyone making false allegations should pay a price for their deceit. In Kavanaugh’s case, he has had so many scurrilous allegations made against him as well as death threats to his wife and children, I think a term of five years would be more acceptable to me. It’s a shame the whipping post has been outlawed. Using that punishment method, I would recommend ten or more hefty lashes and a year in jail.

  205. They haven’t even begun an investigation. I doubt Comey et al will be involved. Your comments are confusing

  206. Just for kicks and giggles, why don’t some of us jointly take out a GOFUNDME page to collect money to get the investigation done? I’m willing to help write it up….the more people the better for their ideas. Reply if you are interested.

  207. That’s because there is no such a thing as “liberal logic”. The only thing liberals have is generations of brain-washed sycophants, trained in our government schools, and various groups beholden to their liberal benefactors for their “entitlements”.

  208. Judge Kavanaugh should be and must be totally apologized to from all the DemoCRAPS in this proceeding along with the media and those awful lying people making false accusations…. NOW !!!!! VOTE KAVANAUGH NOW AND……… MAGA. Stop the madness immediately……

  209. Linda,
    I’m in the same boat as you. As former 20+ year democrat I am ashamed to say I bought into the liberal/democratic BS without taking the time to dig deeper and find the truth about what the party actually stands for, and who is funding it. The party of the rich pretending to be champions of the poor. Never again.

  210. Surfing the internet and how wonderful to see that some of the FORMER DEMOCRATS
    FOR HIS GOODNESS AND letting people to see the difference…good for FOX FOR

  211. So Beverly what if I decide to spread rumors or make insinuations about you, with no evidence to back them up. And as a result of these rumors and insinuations you lost your job, are you okay with that?
    I will never understand liberal logic…

  212. Making false accusations is a crime and for good reason. Go after all of them including high level Dimocraps for the crime.

    I am so ashamed and outraged that I ever was one of them for as long as I was. I was lying because I never checked out anything at all about the party or its people

  214. Except for few words I couldn’t have said it any better myself oompa!!!
    I knew what this was and who it came from from the very beginning how can you not know it’s so blatant

  215. There is already enough rumour and insinuation spreading around to make this a “not viable” candidate for a jurist position, it is time to bring him in and take the nomination away from him, he will never be regarded as fair now after all of this
    back and forth on this person to eliminate him from ever being a just jurist.

  216. IT is TIME to investigate the 10 Despicable members of the (D) party Cretins on the Judiciary committee for being afficted with TDS , LIES, DERANGEMENT, INCOMPERENCE, ANTI America , and INDUCT THEM INTO THE KOMMINIST STUPID HALL OF FAME !!!!

  217. It’s funny that a lot of places wrap fish in newspaper – because the media seems to bite on every fake news story hook line and sinker.

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