This key Democrat just hit Adam Schiff with some really bad news about impeachment

Democrats are about to move to the next phase of their impeachment witch hunt.

But they have one big problem on their hands.

And that’s because this key Democrat just hit Adam Schiff with some really bad news about impeachment.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi initially said impeachment needed to be bipartisan to move forward.

That turned out not to be the case as every Republican voted against her motion laying out the procedures for hearings in Adam Schiff’s impeachment witch hunt.

But after weeks of testimony, and with Schiff’s committee on the verge of releasing its report on the matter, the only hint of bipartisanship is in opposition to impeachment.

New Jersey Democrat Congressman Jeff Van Drew was not impressed with Adam Schiff’s dog-and-pony show.

Van Drew told USA Today that he still opposes impeachment because a small group of elites should not overrule the results of an election.

USA Today reports:

After days of testimony detailing Trump’s dealings with Ukraine, House Democratic leaders want to hold a vote on articles of impeachment by the end of the year. It the articles are approved, that would send the matter to the Senate for a trial on whether Trump should be removed from office. But Van Drew remains opposed to impeachment, saying it would fracture the nation. The stance has won praise from the president, who has tweeted out his words.

While he considers the president’s actions on Ukraine “unsavory,” the congressman said he has yet to learn of anything that would persuade him Trump did something to warrant removal from office.

No president has ever been removed from office, Van Drew, 66, points out. And to have a “small, elite group” of lawmakers do so when an election is less than a year away seems to him to be not only unfathomable but un-American.

“To some folks, that’s reminiscent of what was done to kings and queens many years ago,” he said. “Everything our country doesn’t stand for.”

Van Drew is one of 31 Democrats that represent a district Donald Trump carried in 2016.

They are putting these seats – as well as the Democrat majority – on the line by supporting this impeachment witch hunt.

As this drags on, and the Democrats’ failure becomes more obvious, it remains to be seen how many more of those Democrats running for re-election in 2020 in red districts will jump ship on impeachment.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Trump Haters make allegationc but fail to back them up with facts.It is hi time we get facts otherwise SHUT UP.

  2. Give me Snowden any day of the week to discredit the lies from the msm – CNN, MSNBC, etc., etc. 3 cheers for Snowden and Trump’s tweets …!!!

  3. Hey Wallace Wood .. talk much? because you cannot write worth a sh** … and just an FYI — being called a Nazi is the worst name you can call a Jewish person or any of his family… and our Pres. Trump’s daughter and family are Jewish! Get back to your history book! You, idiots, don’t know what u shout about!

  4. FurtherMore : NONE of the ppl Called to Testify Today
    WERE 0r ARE WITNESSES to the alleged ‘phone Call’… etc.
    > To Dems (the Rightful 0nes) WAKE UP! Pronto. & ‘they’
    ARE ‘Waking UP’ in ‘districts’…
    > This ‘dawg & pony’ Show IS ‘unprecedented’. & MUST NOT SET
    ‘Precedence’ for Future Presidents. Period___ .
    > Today, Nadler w/ House Judiciary Committee, ‘Stepped INTO ‘IT’
    Big Time… Also, & therefore relieving Schiff of ‘Perjury’.
    > The American ppl SEE what’s Going 0n.___

  5. Russia owns the lying treasonous tyrannical lying self absorbed self centered jack ass dictator wannabe.

  6. Trump remains one original American. White among whites. Bearing the true burdens of true Ma Americans. Bold and brave as the true white lion. Making promises and keeping same. Unlike last president before him. Trump remains my best president and I remain an unrepentant supporter of Trump. Trump knows what US citizens needs for their better future and he does just that which must be done to make America great again. I unconditionally love his sort heartsand determination.

  7. If I had your brain I would sell it for lots of cash. Just look at its value. Never used and almost functional. You might even get enough for a glass of water. What a dumb ass

  8. Do you recall that Hillary Clinton sold RUSSIA SOME BOMB MATERIAL? DO you recall Obama was the one who told PUTIN HIS PLAN FOR THE 2016 ELECT? WITH A LIVE MIC STILL ON! How about Obama and John Kerry getting the HOUSE TO GIVE IRAN BILLION OF TAXPAYERS MONEY? And Obama use his execute power to bypass the Senate? Now put two and two together! IRAN CAN BUY THE BOMB MATERIAL FROM RUSSIA! FOR A NUCLEAR BOMB!

  9. Wow, you need to get educated before you can understand Politics. Trump owns himself, that was a very appealing part of why he was voted by the people of the United States of America. He can not be bought. By anybody, at anytime. He has plenty of money, he is not owned by anyone. He even donates his salary to charity. Bet you have never done that, have you.

  10. She just got through will Harry Reid balls! So Adam want to take his place! I prefer them tie to a tree naked and oil and feather pour over them. Then execute them by firing squad!

  11. Wow! A smart demoncrap?! I’m truly impressed. At least he’s smart enough to realize he’ll lose his job “fer shut” by pissing off the majority republicans in his district.

  12. What this country needs to do is take the speaker of the house “NASTY PUSSY” and her sidekick the little weasel “ADAM theresSCHITTonmydick out to Pennsylvania Avenue and hang both of them upside down by their balls and leave them there til Christmas is over!!!

  13. I knew there were Democrats not will to follow the squad but was surprised to see one that would speck out about why

  14. Schiff isn’t a bully. Hes the kid that starts trouble by telling the teacher or running to mommy when the real bullies wait for him after school.

  15. I agree that both sides have to be cleaned out, to many do nothing people sitting. In congress and senate make them
    Share their thoughts with public, bunch of back stabbers both sides

  16. It’s just obvious why the Washington “Swamp” is so “Anti-Trump! He’s extremely wealthy. Consequently, he cannot be either bribed or totally bought-off like 75% of congress already has been.
    He will eventually block all the “Under-the-Table” payments to the corrupt leaders, and they are many, in Washington.
    If the American people knew the depth of corruption in Washington there would be another revolution!

  17. The creepy bully schiff is in tv right now…. I wish he would listen to himself…what the dems have done is worse than any of the things that they are Ep accusing our President of… if the Dems were in the WH we would be up the creek w/o a paddle…..
    How do we get rid of him?????????? Obviously the dems have no interest in getting to the bottom of the election interference….

  18. Adam Schiff may reconsider his rabid attack on impeaching our president because he will be up for re-election and knows he will have a problem if he continues with this sham, in which case George Soros will no longer have use for him and Schiff’s funds will dry up just as those of the Clinton foundation.

  19. The democrats are in for the biggest thrashing in their party’s political history. DJT and the republicans will win all three branches of government.

  20. No the impeachment is wrong as our President has done so much to restore our country and it’’s still his first term. We the people should impeach all those that flew to Spain to keep alive a charade that our President was smart enough to get us out of. She is overstepping her boundaries with this one and should be locked out of Congress as well as find to ar least pay back the cost of this expensive trip. Nancy is just another of the many Communists that think she is in charge not our President.

  21. “This key Democrat just hit Adam Schiff with some really bad news about impeachment”

    Better he should be hit with a Louisville Slugger!

  22. I agree that dems have wasted taxpayor dollars (they’ve been doing that for decades, but these witch hunt / coup attempts are way over the top).

    But I do’t agree that the GOP has done nothing. I’m really impressed with how they are standing strong for once. No one has jumped ship. That amazes me. FINALLY!

    I’m just waiting for Dec 9th and 11th. If the REAL criminals end up indicted, it will restore my faith in our system. HATE that damn swamp. MAGA!

  23. Did these mental midgets not understand they are public servants not elite in any manner. Well we have tthe three box system. The soap box, voting box, and the ammo box.

  24. They ( the Rat-mocrates )have been draining and wasting our tax money always in many hypocrites way for their own political gains. They careless American public. Enough is too enough . Out for 2020

  25. What the hell are you even saying??? What are you like 3 years old? Dude you need to spend some time working on your own issues. I can’t even believe that TDS is so powerful! Perhaps it will turn out to be terminal!

  26. dems keep wasting taxpayer time and money and repubs just seem to be sleeping at the wheel. Time to clean house on both sides.

  27. @Julio just what did our President do that warrants Impeachment??????? Nada Nil Nothing. Hr has got this country on the right track where it needs to be and has done everything he said he would do during the campaign

  28. Is julio another word for *^#%&**(? Have you rea dthe5 page memo with the red word Classified marked out in black? Or is that too much for you?

  29. Besides everything you said in your last sentence the democrat party has also become the social -ist party USA. There is no denying it now. Listen to their current crop of candidates and what they advocate if they win. Where the democrat party once stood for blue collar American workers it now stands for big government social -ist globalism.

  30. As a once ardent JFK Democrat, I find that once again the leaders of the current democratic party have fallen on their impeachment faces. Only to arrogantly ignore the will of the people, as if they actually have the right to embarrass the party as though it’s only their opinion that counts. As they stammer and stutter like nervous children, they’ve disgraced the American people yet again by failing to recognize they’ve lost the support of the people and should have resigned months ago for being totally inept and completely out of touch with the people they’re suppose to serve. I left the party in part, due to low life politicians just like them who have made the democratic party into nothing more than a bunch of whining, crying, sniveling beggars. No honor, no pride.

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