This key Senator dropped a bombshell about the Russia investigation that changed everything

For two years the fake news media and Democrats have pushed a narrative that the GOP crawled into bed with Russians in order to steal the 2016 election.

That false claim just fell apart.

And it’s because the last Senator anyone ever expected to blow the whistle just stepped forward.

Virginia Democrat Mark Warner is the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

He has helped lead one of the high profile Congressional investigations into alleged Russian election meddling in 2016.

And Warner blew the fake news media narrative about Russia’s activities out of the water.

The Virginia Democrat admitted the Russian hackers did not favor one party or the other.

Breitbart reports:

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), vice chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, seems to have strayed from the Democrats’ talking point, reinforced by Obama-era intelligence agencies, that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election specifically to ensure that Donald Trump was victorious.

Warner stated: “This is one where ‎there is no Democratic or Republican ‎answer since clearly the goal of our ‎adversaries was not to favor one party ‎over the other. It was to wreak havoc and ‎split divisions.”

Warner made those brief closing remarks at the end of Wednesday’s Senate intelligence committee hearing on “foreign influence on social media” that focused significantly on the 2016 election.

The hearing took place nearly one month after Warner’s Senate intelligence committee released a seven-page report documenting its initial findings in its investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and affirming a U.S. Intelligence Community report alleging the Russian government specifically sought to aid Donald Trump’s election chances.

Trump has long argued convincingly that there is no reason Russia would favor him.

The President campaigned on building up the military and America’s energy economy.

Both developments would threaten Russia’s national security and economic interests.

But the fake news narrative about Trump and Russia working together persisted.

And it was Mark Warner of all people who just put it to bed.



  1. Thank you Senator Warner for being a strong DEM and know you will get flack from your party but you cannot sell yourself for the DEMS. You are to rewarded for your answer to
    the truth. God bless you.

  2. Its refreshing to see a Democratic Senator doing his job! As Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee he should know what he’s talking about!

    • Warner has to get off the Booze ASAP , it has been effecting his Brine Cells for years.
      Makes me nervous just watching him struggle with words.

  3. its time we go washington to remind who runs this country not on a saturday or sunday,if you wants to save this country it time to go. look at any other country people show up by the thousands her in america thay talk and no action OUR DULY ELECTIVED PRESIDENT USE

  4. Well duh! I think the DEM WITS keep insisting that Our Fearless Leader colluded with Russia Is becoz they KNOW that voter fraud IS SO HIGH & IN THEIR FAVOR.
    Additionally, if they actually told the truth about the REAL RUSSIA COLLUSION, not only would they be in trouble but they would have to admit to the world that they were lying sacks of do-do. They absolutely know Pres Trump DID NOT collude with Russia – OVER 60 MILLION OF US DULY ELECTED HIM!

    • If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

      • Every person who wants our country back needs to beat the bushes and get every person out to vote. As our President said at one of his rallies GET OFF YOUR ASS AND VOTE!

  5. Hey Man From Grey, I see that crazy commie Dem lib Diane hate monger attacked you and several decent people today, including me. I don’t know if you have any experience with Diane before today but if not, I just want to tell you to totally disregard anything it says. Diane is a paid troll and it says all these stupid hateful things and insults to make people angry so they will reply and she makes $ from each reply. Just ignore Diane and maybe it will eventually go away. It is such a nasty despicable creature it is difficult to ignore. Just laugh at Diane as I do, such a pathetic and useless piece of trash it is humorous

  6. I am a republican and was honored to meet Se. Warner and his wife Elizabeth Taylor-Warner aboard the USS Independence V-62 docked in Norfolk VA. in the 70’s. I was honored because of the job he did and not weather a person was republican or democrat. As a matter of fact, during my many years of voting, have never pulled a straight ticket due to investigating the candidates and choosing the one I believed would do the best job. Gee people, lets try that for awhile!

    • Phil Trimmer, I am also a Republican. There was a time years ago when a lot of us voted for the candidate instead party. The political atmosphere at this time is so explosive and in both houses of Congress neither side holds a huge majority. If you believe in your party’s agenda, I think it is necessary to vote a straight Republican ticket to get all the GOP laws passed possible in order to get our agenda done. We can’t have many no votes especially in the Senate to pass anything. Yours is a good idea but with all the political hostility right now, don’t think it will work. Be great if it would.

  7. MAGA! It is about time a real MAN take the White House and hes doing a GREAT job! Liberals should all go to California so that when it falls in we can wave, bye, bye! LIBERALS are dying by the day, real America is showing up!
    It is truly amazing how many kids are Conservative, I talk every day to more and more. STRONG BOARDERS is the place to start! Thank you Trumpski!

  8. we are dancing around this for a very long time , there is only one culprit -OBAMA , is the one that started all of this

    • Yes !!!!!!!!!! He (OMAMA)started to do it from day one he is in office,He himself, and his staff alike cause A LOT OF PROBLEMS for our country,and those problems PROLONG till now

  9. Now does anyone think that the freaking money grubbing dip Muller and let the US government get on with governing instead of trying to disrupt the running of the country? If he heads in another direction to disrupt the governance if the USA he should be drawn and quartered while still alive.

    • David Jefferson, I am not ready for American blood to run in the streets. Have you stopped to realize that you and everybody in your family could be killed and/or maimed? Now if war is declared against our side and we are attacked, then it’s game on! And it would be a very bad time for them if they declare war. There is no way their side is ready and prepared for us. But, there are more things we can do to resolve the situation before we come to war, Americans against Americans! Everybody should be looking for ways to increase the Republican voter registration, #WalkAway, make sure everyone you know gets out and votes, make sure everyone has transportation to go vote, etc. Let’s don’t be inciting violence and war until it is a last resort and there is no other alternative, short of them declaring war on us. EVERYONE VOTE VOTE VOTE REPUBLICAN IN NOVEMBER AND FOREVER, SAVE OUR COUNTRY, MAGA!

      • The War is over. President Trump holds ALL of the cards and is in control of our military who in turn are on OUR side. There will be no war. More and more people are jumping on the Trump train daily. Witness the millennials and the #JUST WALK CAMPAIGN. The DEEP STATE is in full panic mode. They are now on the verge of being taken down. They are now trying to control speech. It is too little too late.

      • Any DAMNED FOOL that even “HINTS” that we should go to war, is INSANE!!! Have you not studied or even “glanced” at the oft shown shows depicting the First, Second and Korean and Viet-Nameze Wars:?? My GOD, how STUPID ARE YOU to suggest or even HINT at war???!!! You had best shut yourself in a closet and STAY there, if that is the only answer to our problems that you can offer!!! The deadly skirmisches that are fought nearly daily thru-out America should be a good indicator of what could be. We could not walk the streets at ANY time of the day or night without wondering if we would make it home! GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER, DUMMY,,,,CRAWL UNDER YOUR BED, COVER YOUR HEAD WITH A PILLOW, AND DROP DEAD!!! There is enough trouble already, without your ignorant remarks!

      • Could have been a troll to try to stir things up. A fool and his gun are soon parted. I know that’s not exactly right…but you get the point.

      • Im pretty sure I can get an army together, the libs would not want to see. Eastern WA. and OR. Then Idaho, Mont, Wyom, Utah, Nevada, northern CA, Ariz, New Mex, Texaqs, Miss, MO, Kan, Iowa, Neb, western Minn, and western WI, Southern Ill, Ind, Ohio, Wesrtern PA, Kent, Tenn, Georg, Fla, Ala, and LA. Now that’s an army of hunters, and im pretty sure we never miss our prey. I feel very sure we could alter the libs thinking. These people all know how to use firearms. That even includes me. My gunnery Sgt said once if you are second fastest you are dead.

        • Hey now you left out A fairly decent sized bunch of the same kind of people that you listed in your post you really need to add Upstate NY most of Vermont except the tree hugging sanctuary fools who are ruining A Decent State and then you Can’t leave out New Hampshire and Maine which are both filled with Hunters and other Gun People.

      • AND HANG AROUND both before and AFTER Voting to make sure every person in line SPEAKS ENGLISH and doesn’t appear to be furtive, nervous or scared.

        Wear a shirt with “If you aren’t a Citizen, be very careful you don’t get caught”…

        It’s NOT “campaigning” and there is no LEGITIMATE reason for anybody to complain.

        It sends a message.

    • I say we start with the POS’s from ANTIFA!!!! They are nothing more than terrorist on our own soil and WE THE PEOPLE will take matters into our own hands if law enforcement won’t because of the Anti American politicians who will be next
      This is our country not theirs

  10. SO if Mark Warner admits that the RUSSIANS favored NEITHER Candidate…..Isn’t it time to CLOSE the MUELLER CIRCUS and send the Clinton LAWYERS to go FISH somewhere else along with MUELLER????

    • Yes, there has been way too much time and money on this “Witch Hunt,” and it needs to be STOPPED IMMEDIATELY! It was Hillary, who was selling 200% of our URANIUM to the Russians, NOT PRESIDENT TRUMP! But, was Hillary Investigated by the FBI? Hell no, apparently she is PROTECTED BY THE FBI, and gets off Scot FREE! That is disgusting, and the situation should be rectified IMMEDIATELY1

  11. I’m not disagreeing with you, but as of now I still think Reagan was the best. Pres. Trump is doing a fine job, no doubt; but Reagan is still my personal favorite. That may change with time… let’s see what the rest of Trump’s term does.

    • If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

      • Carter Gave us REAGAN….. Obama not to be outdone gave us TRUMP..NOW let’s see if we can Back up Trump to continue the mission to OBLITERATE any left over 0bama MOLES that seem to impede progress towards Reconstructing America after 8 years of 0bama created decline..


      • Obama started the assessment to cover his own should the opposite party win the election. Look at what it has wielded, nothing. Now that we have president Trump and honest folks in charge watch what happens.

  12. Ever hear the saying “Too little too late”? He has known all along that the witch hunt is just that, A WITCH HUNT.
    Ironically, HRC is the only witch that colluded with the Russians & any other country I would guess.
    Mueller needs to go, have to reimburse the taxpayers who have funded his farce of a flawed investigation and retire from a life of corruption.

  13. This story of how the Russian communists helped to elect Trump reminds this elderly former refugee from a communist hell of the Churchill’s victory in the British elections in 1940 being attributed by the British leftists to the Hitler’s interference.

    • Hey Butchy, I think the Dem libs have seen this already. I have been watching for comments and input from them but have seen none as of right now anyway. You know they are usually right in the middle of us pouring on the liberal propaganda. I would say their fiire
      extinguishers are busy and trained on head hair right now.

        • Did you see the message I did tonight about a new troll has shown up? It’s name is Peggy Dwyer but I think it is aka Diane. Peggy Dwyer says she is a Republican but there is no Republican who has that kind of a nasty stench! Smells worse than Peppie le Phew! It is already on my “ignore” list.

          • M – There’s a new liberal on this nut case website named Danielle. I suppose that’s me, too? Hahahahaha, Man I’m getting busy! Don’t forget Scott, too! Maybe I’m ALL of them! Hahahahaha! But I’m not like that pathetic Dan (or YOU for that matter) who spends it’s entire day on this crazy website just to see its name in print. I’ve got better things to do than mess with ignorant misinformed morons all day! You get your “news” from Breitbart……..nothing more needs to be said about how sad that is!

    • Who has liberal friends?? They’ll never see this because they only watch fake alphabet news. It wouldn’t make any difference to them if they did see it, there’s only one way to fix evil or stupid. MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

    • I am a liberal. My hair is not on fire. Brietbart is such a joke that several social media platforms have decided to close their accounts for the hysteria their lies create. You’re clearly hysterical about the left. Settle down, Spartacus.

  14. He is not saying anything more than what Rosenstein said a few months ago when he decided to indict the first bunch of Russians Him and Burr have said for almost ya year now that they have found nothing but they would keep digging and that’s what they have done and I guess that I am grateful that Warner finally came out with this but I don’t trust the man either I do pray every day that this witch hunt comes to a close and I also pray that the President will not put himself in a position of talking to Mueller That would be the wrong thing for him..

    • Rusty, you are 100% correct on that. It is past time to shut down the Democrat’s scam called “investigation of Russian Collusion with the Trump Campaign”. If President Trump does the dumbest thing of his life and commit to a Mueller sit down, he will end up being charged with lying to the FBI. That is all this dirt bag (Mueller) has come up with and yet the media and all Democrats still keep saying that 19 people have been charged in the Russian Collusion investigation. None of the people found guilty of anything by Mueller were found guilty of Russian Collusion. So, it is past time for shut down this very expensive scam that is costing taxpayers a lot of money and making Mueller and his fellow Democrats rich.

      • Last sentence above should read, “So it is past time for Mueller to shut down this very expensive scam that is costing taxpayers a lot of money and making Mueller and his fellow Democrats rich.” Wish there was a way to make corrections by “editing” comments.

  15. The longer this witch hunt goes on, the more voters will support Trump. That said, the less likely incumbents will get re-elected; particularly Establishment types. Yes, these two are connected because the Dems continue to push for impeachment and the Reps for the most part have stood by hoping Trump will stumble along the way. Reps control both houses of Congress but, you’d never know it. In fact, instead of ending the witch hunt, they threatened to take action against Trump if he fired Mueller, Rosenstein or Sessions for impeding the investigation. Voters are not stupid and those same incumbents running in the mid-terms will or should suffer the consequences and, justifiably so!

    • True, the more democrats lie, media’s fake news. democrats anti President Trump, anti America and anti Americans, they’re doomed. People don’t like their vicious tactics especially inciting violence. Democrats are not convincing voters that they have a better plan for america.

  16. Regardless of what Warner said…I don’t trust him…would never trust him. He is a snake. The issue of the investigation is not just with the Democrats, it’s the Swamp and Deep State which is entwined in both parties, the FBI and DOJ.

    • All of this goes on, and continues on, because the people want to know what is the latest story, true or false. It is not unlike the grocery store tabloids. Very little of it is true, if any at all, but people buy it, so it stays in print. Best way to quell this, the people need to inundate their reps with demands to stop it, and get on to vastly more important tasks. It has already been shown there was no collusion, so why are “they” continuing to pursue it? Because people want to hear the latest Washington gossip.

  17. If this was a bombshell, it WOULD end the investigation on Russia collusion. But this investigation will go on until President Trump is out of office-one way or another-so this is NO bombshell-it is a DUD

  18. It’s amazing that after 2 years of Democratic Party screaming impeachment and know that the table has been turning and the actual Russian connection was with the Democratic Party. Now out of the blue a Democrat comes forward and all of the sudden it’s Russia wasn’t involved in either direction. We’ll I think the biggest mouth pushing for Impeachment over the False Trump/Russia Dossier should go on National TV and apologize to President Trump and the Administration for her slanderous “impeach 45” Big Mouth. The bad thing is that she as well as the Democratic Party knew that the dossier was all a False propaganda story only to harass Trump only because they are to thinned skinned/Snowflake to except there parties loss.

  19. It’s about time some one from the Democrats party to come forward to make Muller is nothing but a blowing windbag. And there is no Collusion in President Donald Trump in the Russians in the 2016 Elections. We’ll see what Muller will do know the investigation should be STOPED now. It is counting to much money to keep this investigation going on.

  20. I keep waiting for someone on the left, with their superior intellect, to explain why the Russians would want to see elected a US President who advocates rebuilding the US Military and putting America first. They already knew Hilary could be bought, and most likely believed as did everyone that she would win! Warner’s statement about the Russians not favoring one candidate over the other, but having the intention of causing havoc and division is spot on! At that the Russians succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, and are still succeeding with the left’s continuing to run with that ridiculous narrative.

  21. I wouldn’t trust mark Warner. He could be a trojan horse. Every week the dems come up with new anti trump tradegy. This could be another one.

    • If Senator Mark Warner is running for re-election, that would certainly explain his seeming enlightenment on the issue of Russian election interference. If re-elected by STUPID VOTERS who’ve probably never watched a Congressional Intelligence Committee Hearing, and never observed Senator Warner’s outbursts of Leftist lunacy, I’m fairly certain Warner’s true colors will once again be displayed for all to see and hear who have access to Cable TV or the internet. Millions of poor voters do not, which I presume is the reason they keep re-elected the worst Democrats in US History!

      • Mark Warner keeps getting re-elected for the same reason Tim Kaine does. They have both served as Governors and Senators of Virginia, since over 20 years ago, never losing a re-election, even following horrible terms of office and even though they do not have that many supporters across the entire State. To find the reason for this, all one needs to do is review the census reports that provide the number of residents in each district/voting precinct across the State. When there are more votes cast in a precinct than the population supports, there can only be one answer. In the past Presidential election, cases of illegal and fraudulent votes was very evident. How many remember the story that made the national news of the young college student that was caught traveling to many different precincts to cast multiple votes using the names he obtained from the local cemeteries? Did anyone ever learn of what happened with this young man or was it just covered up? This has been a very common event in Virginia since 1993, the year Bill Clinton won the Presidency. In the 2016 election, there were 3 districts in northern Virginia that gave the win to Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine and the Democrat Governor. These are the same districts that gave Virginia to Gore and Obama, even though they were not popular in the State. Virginia has voter ID laws that are not enforced because if anyone is questioned about proof of residence or ask for photo ID as required by law there are accusations of racism, impeding ones right to vote or any of the many other claims of bias that might be deemed as denials of ones right to vote. The poll workers are intimidated by voters without ID aggressively making a scene and disrupting the voting process for everyone else. This not only happens in Virginia but in many states, many that also have paid voters bused in to vote at multiple precincts under many different identities. Until this is stopped with very strict voter ID laws that are followed, the Virginia and many other states across America will continue to be falsely reported as a ‘blue state’. Mark Warner was shoring up his plans for becoming a Presidential candidate in the 2020 election. While it might appear to some that Virginia voters are stupid, the truth is that Virginia has become corrupted by the Democrat Party of Liars, Cheaters and willing to do whatever it takes to STEAL any election for the Democrat candidate, even if just running for the local ‘dog catcher’. Every state suffers some degree of illegal/fraudulent votes being cast, some states more than others. Take the time to check out the number of votes being cast in each precinct of your state versus the census report.

      • Hey 11th generation, me too!
        Matter of fact, my great grand kids are now the 14th generation in this great country! 1630s!

        And, I agree with everything you said!

  22. My guess the media will report this fact WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER.!!

    Why all the mainstream media cannot except the last Presidential election?

    It appears to stems from their lack in deciding the winner. When they (media) realize this HELL WILL HAVE FROZEN OVER.!

  23. Ya see, we have known this all along! Too bad it took so long for this Dem liberal to realize it and shocking he actually said it for all the world to see. I am amazed, however, I would not trust Mark Warner any farther than I can pick him up and throw him. There is no telling what he may say tomorrow to try and punch POTUS in the gut. We will be glad to take this little “crumb” and hope we will see much more like this as this bogus investigation unfolds.

  24. The libs don’t give a crap what Warner said. Trump Derangement Syndrome is still too strong. Now what we may be seeing is the closing chapter of Mueller investigation that started the indictment process in the court room.

    I hope that Manafort and Roger Stone will walk if the evidence against them is too weak.

    Yeah, I know that we may be seeing some court drama right before the election. 🤦‍♂️

    Trump 2020!

    • Put to bed maybe. Does anyone think that the accusations will stop? I think the accusations will last as long as leftists last. The left has an inability to lean toward truth….truth is their worst enemy, far worse than Trump. They hate Trump solely because he gets in the way of lying and their coup d’etat.

    • I wonder how come no one cares about the Clintons having $50 million in the Cayman Islands bank account when they got out of office and said they had no money but the account was in their daughters name I mean isn’t that a little ironic? If I know this I know the corrupt agencies know the same thing if not more just like selling uranium to the Russians during an election cycle and the Clintons benefiting by


    • Man From Grey – Hahahahaha you moron! The evidence against Manafort is quite strong. They have all his emails, corrupt transactions with the banks, his money laundering & tapes! He’ll be spending the rest of his life in prison! Mueller wouldn’t have gone to trial unless he had a slam dunk case against him. You DO know Roger Stone hasn’t been indicted (yet) don’t you? Or are you that stupid? (Me thinks you are!) Mueller’s next step will be to indict Stone, Donnie Jr., & Jared Kushner. Can wait until your puny head explodes over those indictments! Think i’ll sit back and pop some popcorn for that one! Hahahahaha

  25. its time to shut this witch hunt down and drain the swamp and move on so president trump can continue making america great again hes the best president we have had in the history of this country god bless the usa and god bless president trump

    • I’m not disagreeing with you, but as of now I still think Reagan was the best. Pres. Trump is doing a fine job, no doubt; but Reagan is still my personal favorite. That may change with time… let’s see what the rest of Trump’s term does.

      • President Trump is setting the bar to high, Its going to be almost
        impossible fore any president to compeate with him in the future.
        God bless him .

  26. he better be careful he will get trashed after the libs found out what he said!but maybe it will work to our advantage as if that happens he might switch parties.i know wishful thinking

  27. Well, there is truly light outside the tunnel. Seems like there really are some honest thinking democrats, I was about to believe none existed in the democrat party and just a few in the republican party. Maybe this country can pull back together and move forward for a “CHANGE”.

    • Ronnie – BUT, conspiracy IS a crime! If 45 didn’t do anything wrong and is so innocent, why doesn’t he let the investigation go forward? Because he KNOWS he’s guilty and most Americans do, too! I want it to wrap up sooner than later, too. Because then the moron will be removed from the White House. He’s illegitimate anyhow.

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