This lawsuit could be the silver bullet to take down Trump for good

Democrats have schemed to bring down Donald Trump since the day he won the Republican nomination.

They may have finally struck gold.

That’s because this lawsuit could be the silver bullet that destroys the Trump Presidency.

When Donald Trump announced he was declaring a national emergency, Democrats plotted to stop him.

And Attorneys General from California and 15 other states followed through with a lawsuit in the Ninth Circuit designed to shut Trump down.

Breitbart reports:

The State of California and fifteen other states sued President Donald Trump on Monday over his declaration Friday of a national emergency and his plans to redirect federal funds to the construction of a wall on the southern border.

The lawsuit, as expected, was filed by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, and was joined by attorneys general from “Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon and Virginia — all of which have Democratic attorneys general and all but one of which are led by Democratic governors,” the Wall Street Journal noted Monday.

However, ten of the 26 Democrat attorneys general have not joined the lawsuit — at least not yet, as of Tuesday.

The complaint, filed in federal court in the Northern District of California, decries what it calls “President Donald J. Trump’s flagrant disregard of fundamental separation of powers principles engrained in the United States Constitution.”

Democrats know the Ninth Circuit will hand them a favorable ruling stopping wall construction.

That will allow them to tie up the project in the courts as the case makes its way through the various stages of appeal.

And time is the Democrats’ number one weapon.

If they can block wall construction, they can claim in 2020 that Trump failed to deliver on his number one campaign promise from 2016.

They would then hope the lack of a wall would depress Trump’s turnout and allow their candidate to coast to victory.




  2. Can someone explain “freedom of the press?” When written into our Constitution, there was only the Printed WORD. Today, we have those talking heads on MSNCC and CNN that pretend to be journalists spouting their hatred against a legally elected President. God help us all!.

    • GIVE ME A BREAK! What you have is a poisonous orange toad, controlled by a x-KGB agent, poisoning the US from within.

        • Your so full of shit Langham. Like we have said previously. This President doesn’t take a salary. He is a millionaire. Name one President that didn’t take a salary. You may not like his looks, who gives a damn. You don’t like his speeches, don’t listen. Nobody said you had to like Trump. He is brash, he does what needs to get done and he take no Bull Shit from anyone. He could listen to advisors, but sometimes they just sit and vegitate and get nothing done. This President works all the time. I bet you couldn’t follow him around in one day. He furnishes his own planes. Americans do not pay for the fuel he uses like the rest of the ones that came before. Frankly I think Obama should be in Prison, he and Hilary broke the Law so many time. Hilary tried to steal stuff from the White House. What the hell do you not understand. Apparently you only get news from CNN and the other stupid dogs Do some thinking for yourself. I am 80 and I am not in a nursing home. I can read and I am probably more active than you will ever be. Get a life or get out of the USA. Understood No body care what the hell you call him., Orange Toad. You want to see a Toad Look at old Soros. There is a Toad if I ever saw one. He make me puke. Rich SOB. I want him out of the USA and someplace down in Kenya with Obama.,
          What kind of Poison are you suggesting. He has brought jobs back to the USA. are you too dumb to get a job. ARe you some kind of person who has a trustfund.
          If you have a reason for the way you write. Tell us what it is. Give us some insight as to how you know any of this. Explain how Trump is controlled by the KGB. If you can’t come up with where you know this from and if its true or do you just read from unreliable sources. We want to know just what you know and when you got it from and if its real or just someone’s opinion.

  3. The Democrat Party is a left wing hate group. They hate babies, gun owners, Christians, especially Catholics, Members of the Knights of Columbus and more! Who will they hate next?

      • J Youngblood: WHY? He is doing what he campaigned he’d do if elected. He won the electorial college by a huge margin. Take away the illegal votes from NY and CA and he won the popular vote too. The Liar of Benghazi would have continued the illegal rule of Nobummmmmmer and would have put an end to this great nation.

        • I see a couple of people from the Baby Murdering Party commenting and it looks to me like they are saying the same blah, blah, blah shit as 2015-2016. That’s good because unless they can come up with more than, “Orange Toad” and “they don’t like him he’s won the 2020 already”. I don’t know what the deal is either. We don’t need MSM to say he has done a good job. The GDP is up over $2 Trillion in two years. That speaks for itself on economy. He stabilized the economy with the mortgage insurance increase which cost the homeowner with Obama lending rules an extra $12.50 per month but those same people gained $80 every two weeks on Trumps tax cuts. He hasn’t shipped all of the fags to another country, trannys still use whatever bathroom, you can still murder your baby here, I mean nothing has changed. Quit crying and pay your damn taxes.

  4. Isn’t it funny that the only court the dems can find to attack PRESIDENT TRUMP, always seems to be the 9th district court in California? You would think, that if any of their whinny complaints had any merit, ANY court would do! But we all know the 9th democrat controlled court is always trying to be something it is NOT! no silver bullet here!

  5. I thought the Democrats liked the fact that Trump was running because all the polls said ant ‘twit’ could easily beat him.

    The clever part about the Democrats was they managed to nominate the only twit that couldn’t.

  6. 52 days into 2019. 44 mass shootings (a mass shooting defined as 4 or more people either being shot or killed per incident) Now there is a REAL national emergency!!!!!

    • Fake Dan I don’t do that. So I’ll never disarm. If you and your kind of cocksuckers think you can make me, bring it you son of a bitch. This isn’t Australia. There’s a lot more of us than you commie shit eating bastards.i know, you think the military will make us. Hell, many of them will join us. And who will guard their homes while they are playing soldier. Pussys like you would give in, but there’s a lot more of us than jack booted government thugs.

      • Howard what fake Dan fails to mention is the numbers of babies murdered in America daily The heller and Miller decisions from the SCOTUS cancels out the remarks by so-called house leader nasty pussy. Perhaps a secured border and enforcing the laws already on the books would work wonders. Illinois F–led up by not going after that Martin guy. The state police sent him a letter demanding he surrender his illegal weapon, but failed to follow up
        The families of the victims should sue the hell out of that shithole state. When I say out of my cold dead hand, I mean it.

        • Howard and tony I read posts that the other Dan served in Vietnam nam He probably killed women and children. His kind are asshole bullying shit for brains with no honor.

      • Wow, you sound just like Trumpty Dumpty will your “grade” school “bully” tactics. You, like him sir are a “PHONY”!!!!!!

      • Amen. 1400 people killed in the USA by the Illegals and you don’t want a fence. what the hell are you going to do when there are Millions of them here that need to be deported, There are 1 Million of them in Colorado

  7. To know who is standing tall for world wide dictatorship, make a list of all that filed suite against the president, and do not forget to add the major newspapers to the list because they are owned by the world elites.

    • Abd Trump isn’t elite”?????? Now that’s “hilarious” I guess you must be writing from one of your many mansions….lol…..He’s a “snake oil salesman”

  8. Article 3, section 2 of the US Constitution states: “In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction.” Thus, if the supreme court has original jurisdiction, they filed it in the wrong court. It should be dismissed.

    • So are we the peons that do not want to be killed by the Illegals. He is protecting this Nation of People. He is our voice of reason. All these that say get rid of Trump can’t even give a reason. They say he is friend with a KGB Agent. Really and what dumb assed TV New Reporter knows that for a fact. TV stations all report the same dumb thing.

    • And Trump knows this, Tom. He siad he will be sued….and sued again….until finally it will end up at the Supreme Court…and he will hopefully win it! Praying he does!!

  9. Another provocative click bait article. Even if the 9th Circus interferes, Trump will win big in the SCOTUS and this issue is supported by a good majority of voters in BOTH parties. Let it be around in 2020, the left will pay dearly. As for Renewed Right, who’s about as right as RINO Ryan or Bob Mueller, I’m done with you clowns and will unsubscribe as soon as I send this final rebuttal!

    • Well Mueller doesn’t want to quit after all he can’t find any Russian Collusion. So lets just try and find something that Trump has done before being President, This Mueller has already made $25 Million and he has given nothing to show for it. This jerk needs to resign and now. He has nothing and Taxpayers are getting tired of his : I will fix Trump as soon as I turn in my report. So after two and half years of BS Turn the Papers in to Congress. What the hell do you have besides he uses too much toilet paper. He eats hamburgers. He never sleeps a lot. Tell us Mueller we are waiting for your big Federal Report.

  10. In a (surprise) verdict the author of this article did not apparently know about, the 9th Circuit Court actually sided the the Administration on prototype Wall construction allowing continued Wall construction.

    Everyone in the Administration was utterly and completely shocked by this favorable ruling.

    It is not a “guarantee” that the 9th will rule against him over the emergency declaration.

    This is the problem when various journalists don’t know their subject.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CALIFORNIA)

  11. Once again the author of this article has gotten it 180 degrees off. President Trump’s supporters will see the obstruction for what it is and come out in droves to voice disapproval of the democrats and what they do. This will work to president Trump’s favor without a doubt. Too, I love the fact that these states have revealed their colors for all to see. Now we know where to focus energies to change leadership. KAG

  12. Trumps the best president weve ever had to get the job done and be fair! The rest have been nothing but deep state puppets doing whatever they wanted!! Democraps have nothing but games to play! What we need is to stop these corrupt these elections letting legals and dead people to vote and corrupt Soros owned machines! Corrupt judges allowing illegals to vote and giving them a free ride!! That’s non American and they need to be removed!

  13. I think anyone who reads these news items and knows what President Trump has been working on for our country will know that if he doesn’t succeed it’s not because he didn’t try. He didn’t make empty promises. Why can’t these people just look at the good he has done and is doing. He cares about our country, so why don’t they care? It’s because they’re self centered and selfish and all they care about is any power they can get. They would like protection, too, but they don’t want President Trump to have the upper hand.

  14. This will not take President Trump down as he is doing everything legally. Even if these frivolous lawsuits slow the progress, the Supreme Court will have to override any stays and allow the wall to be built. There is precedence for this Executive Order to violate no laws. Democrats are still crying over the messes that they have made and their failure with Hillary Clinton and the 2016 election. Sick and tired of this garbage and these liberals need to grow up and act like adults for a change.

  15. The Democrats don’t care about innocent American Citizen’s lives or the Innocent lives of children that are being unlawfully brought to the U.S border. That liability and responsibility weighs heavily on the Parents and Mexican authority’s shoulders not on Americans, we follow the our Laws

  16. no matter what happened the wall must be build because the wall will stop everything from bad hombre/drugs/human trafficking/and the illegal alien/entitlements that they were promise by the democrats,so the wall must be
    build at all cost and we, will support the president trump on this agenda.

  17. And why should President Trump listen to the 9th Circuit. Keep building the wall… What is the 9th going to do…. issued a contempt of court…haha. From the most overturned court in the US. give me a break just keep building until it gets to the real court. The Supreme Court.

    • I would vote for Trump even quicker if they try this trashy frivolous lawsuit! If for no other reason than to P. them off. lol Besides if it doesn’t get finished this term the Demonrat miscreants won’t finish it or protect us. So he will still win in 2020, that would give the idiot Demonrats great hindsight. I wouldn’t vote Dem. nowadays anyway strictly because they are much more corrupt than the Republicans.

      • Me too. Now tell me again what Mueller is going to do. Oh that is right. He needs to work for another two years to come up with something illegal that Trump did at least 20 years ago . Go to Hell Mueller. YOu want some Dirt to dig up. Go try the Clinton Foundation. Go try Obama and Fast and Furious. These are real problems and you will find you don’t need to dig more than a half of an inch to figure out how many people the Clinton’s killed when they were done with them,. You don’t have to look very far to understand that Obama wasn’t even a real President and he wasn’t even a US Citizen and how many times he managed to screw the US Over. Real easy to find wrong doings there. Oh hell you don’t want to mess with the Clintons, they will have you killed in nothing flat,

    • Don’t worry. A textbook is being written on what’s happening to President Trump. From that book a strategy for melining and tormenting the next Democrat president that takes office. He will be reluctant to do anything for fear of a court battle. What goes around comes around.

  18. Trump in 2020 he is only doing what he promised to do in 2016 and he won then but the dems hate him and that is only the reason they want him out Obama did so much bad things to us he was the worst

  19. It was a known fact that the democraps would first go thru the 9th circuit circus, they favor the democraps in the land of make believe. When it gets to the court heard by adults, hopefully they are familiar with the Emergency Powers Act. I trully hope the people of those States run by democraps will wake up come election day in their respective State.

  20. Wake the hell up Our President Donald Trump has done nothing wrong and the crooked Democratic would work with him we would not have to hear all these lies we the people will stand behind our President 100% God Bless President Donald Trump 🙏 🙏🙏 🙏🙏 🙏💯 🙏🙏 🙏❣️

  21. Wake the hell up Our President Donald Trump has done nothing wrong and the crooked Democratic would work with him we would not have to hear all these lies we the people will stand behind our President 100% God Bless President Donald Trump 🙏 🙏🙏 🙏🙏 🙏💯 🙏🙏 🙏❣️

  22. The President has the right to declare an emergency but didn’t have to go that route to get the wall. He needs to go to step #2. He knows what that is. The Supreme Court may be involved but perhaps not.
    Stinking and lying Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan put a boot in this thing from the start. They also were involved in invoking the 25th Amendment. More will come out about that in the future. Listen to Lou Dobbs and Todd Starnes. They’re able to get the skinny on everything.
    Hope he hangs Rosenstein.

  23. Bring It. Your horse shit is getting old. That a$$hole before Trump declared 8 national emergencies in foreign nations and nothing was said. All on the tax payers DOLLAR. Tired of your hollow bulls##t.

    • Obama declared 13 National emergencies, eight of them was for foreign countries, terroristic countries such as Yemen and Somalia, and 11 of his National emergencies are still in effect. And you’re correct not one word, but they think they can file lawsuits over immigration when Trump is doing nothing but enforcing immigration laws that are already in place and the same predecessors complained about the crisis at the border it’s all on camera. 9th circuit court has already kicked it back out and no State can go against a federal law, federal law is supreme law of this land and no state local or county law can go against a federal law.. these lawsuits will be laughed out of court

  24. I “absolutely” will not blame Trump if the wall does not get built due to DemocRat obstruction. I will blame the “DemocRats” and will still vote for Trump in 2020! Trump has already done more for this country than any DemocRat has. Trump will get my 2020 vote regardless of the traitorous obstruction of the DemocRats! Period! And I know many, many other people who feel exactly the same way!

      • Yes someone said that yesterday what happened to the 6 Billion that was set aside for the Border Wall when Obama was in power. Makes you wonder if Obama didn’t pocket it along with some other Democrats that are handy at taking money from the Til and not telling where it went. I would like to know where 6 Billion went, 6 Million. 6 thousand or even 600 went. Oh what’s a billion here or there to the Dumocrats.

  25. Obama declared National Emergency to aid Lybia, to aid Yemen, to aid Ukraine, to aid Burundi, to aid Somalia, to aid Venezuela, to aid South Sudan, to aid Central Africa; Trump declared National Emergency to aid America… Where was the outrage from the Dems then?

  26. The garbage of the democratic party and the “gang 13 fake media” will not succeed.. They are wrong, blind with HATE and rage…. They own Washington DC but one man will clean that cancer.

  27. These Democrat AG’s are all wrong and are fools led by the biggest of them all Becerra from CA. He has tried to sue befor and ran away with his tail between his lags

  28. President Trump is NOT going down. He will ONLY get MORE VOTES . Only 16 States? You know there are 50 states Right??
    I think the Red outweigh the Blue by FAR!! Supreme Court …will see the evidence of Drugs and Crime in America. NO BRAINER!!
    Blah Blah Blah..

    • President Trump WILL NOT go down. The Demoncrats have so much hate all because President Trump has done something that no one else had the guts to do. Our President Trump EXPOSED THEIR CORRUPTION..They just cannot handle the TRUTH..

  29. If President Trump can’t build the wall because of the Dems that would not make WE THE PEOPLE NOT VOTE FOR HIM, so this article not true.

  30. I stand with Trump. We need a border so we are protected from drugs, rape, and childern in America are not used as sex traders. What do you say to that?

    • This is just the crap from evil politicians, this does not speak for the people. They are gonna have a lot of problems if they remove the President there isn’t enough bidding places for them

  31. THIS
    IS THE
    Trump is not going down!

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  32. WTF!!! Read the Constitution!!
    The people have given the POTUS great powers
    To act on their behalf!!!!!
    Wait till this matter gets to the SUPREME COURT!!!!!!!!!!
    Then we will all get true civics lesson!!

  33. The demonrats will be the ones that go down. And they will all pay for their sins. There’s a war going on between good and evil, and good will prevail. They are Satan’s children plain and simple.

  34. The facts are that there is no legal process to deny his declaration. However, no person has asked why the FEMA department has not taken over. Their power is totally scary when they are activated. Further the state would have no say in the matter so my question is how was the declaration worded to not activate FEMA?

  35. Our great president will win against all 16 shithole states. We knew the commies would go
    judge shopping. But the Supreme Court will give him victory. Also I sometimes think
    Renewed right has a hard on for Trump by the way they throw articles out there.

  36. If I could I would love to sue every democract in New York for putting the citizen here at risk for them not doing their jobs right. Democracts in New York only care about the gangs and the drugs that comes here they are not serious about taking care of those two things that is a major problem. The democracts don’t care about people’s safety they care about their paycheck they get from the cartels

  37. The radical left hate President Donald Trump from the time he won election, and their scheme to bring him down will never suffice! The president will always be one step ahead of them leftist fools.

  38. Well how is that going to work. The Dems are the ones who stopped him from getting the money he needed ONLY because they hate him. They were all for it a few years ago. I don’t think the voters are that stupid. However, the illegal voters will take him down. There are too many of them to make any voting in the future legitimate. Unless they can get all the illegal voting stopped, there is no point in having any further elections. So sad.

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