This lawsuit just convicted the Democrats of massive voter fraud in Florida

Democrats are trying to steal the elections in Florida.

Shady lawyers are pushing to stall for time while Democrat counties try to conjure up the voters necessary to reverse Republican wins in the Gubernatorial and Senate races.

But one lawsuit just convicted the Democrats of massive voter fraud.

Democrats filed lawsuits in Florida to “count every vote.”

What they really mean is allow Democrats to fabricate votes so they can cheat to win.

And they got caught red handed trying to allow noncitizens to vote in the election.

Lawyers for Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson – the losing Democrat candidates for Governor and Senate – filed an objection with the court insisting a noncitizen’s vote count.

The Daily Caller reports:

Lawyers for Florida Democratic candidates Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson both fought to prevent a non-citizen’s vote from being excluded Friday night, according to a transcript of a Palm Beach County Canvassing Board proceeding obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Michael Barnett, chairman of the Palm Beach Republican Party, told TheDCNF that the county’s canvassing board was going through provisional ballots and quickly deciding whether to allow or disallow each. This exchange is of the first non-citizen’s vote they encountered. “We had a court reporter that we hired to sit in the proceedings, which are public,” he said.

The vote was disallowed despite the objections of the lawyers because two of the three members of the canvassing board ruled that it was an impermissible vote, he said.

Marc Elias, a lawyer for Nelson, told TheDCNF: “The lawyer who was present was not someone we had authorized to make such an objection. Non-citizens cannot vote in U.S. elections.”

The Democrats’ lawyers claimed this was a mistake.

Critics believe they are lying.

The only mistake was that they got caught trying to steal the election through fraudulent voters.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. They need to check other states for illegal voting.California is a big one. All states need to be check on last 2016 Presidential election. From there see how many illegals voted. Then see states involved and makes sure those states are very watch close with votes. I do believe President Trump is working the swamp. I believe he is making sure these horrible criminals are being charge on everything and making sure he has all the T’s cross and I’s dot and make them stick. I do believe George W Bush Jr turn a whole lot of info against them. It will happen. Yes, good bye to Democracy.

  2. Yeah, maybe even damage it all the way back to a CONSERVATIVE POLITICAL PARTY!

    That would be a shame.

    The RINOS would lose their comfy party and have to deal with the REAL WORLD!

  3. What Wyoming needs to do is LEAD the other 49 dumbass States out of the hell they are in.

    Get an ELECTORAL COLLEGE installed!

    The big cities in EVERY STATE CONTROL the votes.

    The Rural areas votes are ignored and have no value to State politics.

    Natrona, Laramie and Albany CONTROL the State government

    If the other 20 Counties sued for the Electoral College, it would undoubtedly end up on the US supreme(ly arrogant) Court docket and would ‘probably’ with the current makeup, be decided in favor, FOLLOWING Constitutional Protocol.

    The Electoral College was set up to PROTECT THE SMALLER STATES

    THIS would be protecting the SMALLER COUNTIES!

  4. The funny part is, no matter how much they whine and cry,


  5. So well said. Actually it’s a Mental Illness linked to ” My Liberal rules are right, even though I know I’m wrong, because my f…… pride gets in the way.” And also, yes, the Demoncrats are evil, misguided, blind fools. ” If a blind man leads a blind man, will the not both fall in a pit ?” Your post is one of the best I have ever seen. Thank you !

  6. Truth WHEN the civil war , caused by the left , breaks out thei numbers of commiecrats will get much smaller. We will kick some commie ass.

  7. NANA (meaning BRAINLESS), many MILLIONS of voters know and the countries law establishment in the United States Of America, know what YOU and your liberal cousins do is always ILLEGAL! THEY….LIKE YOU, will go to any length to gain power to rule. Kiss that goodbye, you and you criminals buddy’s WILL BE PUT BEHIND BARS. If I were you I would shut my mouth. If you can’t see what they have done wrong….then you are ONE OF THE CRIMINALS. YOU MOUTH HAS JUST MADE YOU AN ACCESORY!!!!

  8. Clinton Cartel is bringing down Democracy. There is a two tier justice in our country! The cartel is very large and spread across our nation! Day good bye to Democracy and your country it’s over peeps!

  9. Would sure like to find Micala Molnar and Dan Tyree to buy them a beer hell maybe even two. You guys are my kind of people.

  10. In defense of Donald Trump: Try to keep these points in mind,

    Donald Trump did not steal your money.

    Donald Trump did not raise your taxes.

    Donald Trump did not quadruple the price of food.

    Donald Trump is not starting a race war.

    Donald Trump did not leave any US soldiers in Benghazi to be slaughtered and desecrated by Muslims.

    Donald Trump did not send the US Navy to fight for Syrian Al-Qaeda.

    Donald Trump did not arm ISIS and systematically exterminate Christians throughout the Middle East.

    Donald Trump did not betray Israel.Donald Trump did not let illegal Aliens in the USA,o dump@$$ an the demoRATS did.Donald Trump didn’t give russian 20% of the USA uranium the F’ING demoRATS did. Donald Trump did not create a 20,000,000,000.000$ debt! LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?State Department Private Email Server
    Obama’s first secretary of state created a private email server. Hillary Clinton used the privately owned server instead of her government email during her four years under the Obama administration.
    Operation Fast and Furious
    The ATF under Obama lost around 1,400 guns after it tried to track them to Mexican drug cartels. Two of the guns were found at the scene of the shooting of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.
    IRS Abuse
    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeted conservative opponents during the application process to become tax exempt by putting them through intense scrutiny. Two hundred ninety-six applications from conservative nonprofit groups were flagged, including 75 that had “tea party” or “patriot” in their names.
    Chris Stevens, the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, and three others were killed during a U.S. diplomatic attack. Initially, the Obama administration claimed the attack was not a terrorist attack but, instead, was triggered by a reaction to an anti-Muslim film. However, emails later revealed they knew it was a premeditated terror attack.
    Veterans Affairs
    Over 40 U.S. veterans died because they were waiting to be seen by doctors at a Phoenix VA facility. According to a report, 1,700 veterans were forced to wait months to be seen.
    “Not a hint, not a hint of scandal,” he said.LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?

  11. Look it up, Katee. Here is the midterm analysis: Almost every subgroup of women in CNN’s national exit polls moved towards the Democratic Party, including white women, Latinas, white college-educated women, white non-college-educated women, Democratic women and independent women. The only groups that are inconclusive or stayed the same on a national level were African-American women and Republican women.

  12. Trump hires felons, criminals in his staff and election campaigns, and certainly has made a great deal of money with Russia mob money and Saudi bribes. Ever wonder why we have heard nothing about the murder by the Saudi prince on the WP journalist?

  13. whine, gripe and be nasty. Fester, fester, fester — so a person cannot appreciate the military if they are anti-Trump?!? Who put you in charge?

  14. It appears they are working on it. Remember 2016 in Detroit when they found more votes casted than registered voters? We voted on paper ballots & the worker would take our ballot & fed it through the machine?? It appears the worker would see Hillary’s name & say the machine had jammed, running the ballot back over & over again. When they recounted the votes, President Trump won hands down.
    Mid-term this year, the worker would not take my ballot from me, saying she was not allowed to. I had to. So, they are working on it in MI.

  15. Appears you have your parties mixed. It’s dimms. that wake up every morning being offended by something or somebody. Everyday they wake up & say: ‘who can we prosecute & lie about today. Need to take a look at your party, notruthisnotruth.

  16. It happened in Detroit 2016. Remember it took MI. a couple weeks to announce President Trump the winner over Hillary.
    We voted on paper ballots in 2016. The worker would take the ballot from you & run it to the machine to be counted. In Detroit, when the ballot was fed through the machine, the worker would say, the machine jammed. Then it was re-fed numerous times with the worker finally saying it had been accepted. In the Detroit area there were more votes than registered voters, calling for a recount. Hillary had won by a large margin. When they were re-counted, she lost by a great margin.
    This mid-term election when I voted we were offered to vote electronically, I chose the paper ballot instead. The agent would not take my ballot saying she was not allowed feed it into the machine, I had to. We have straightened out our voter fraud.
    I really think that’s why Hillary & the dimms. were so outraged when they released she lost Nov 2016!!! They had rigged the election, they thought.
    Believe our President won by a larger margin than we will ever know.

  17. Chicago as well is a “sanctuary” city. I live within about 10 miles outside the city. No one asked me if I want these undocumented players living in my state. This decision has nothing to do with me. Illinois belongs to the democratic party. The election process needs to change. No political donations allowed, news media is not allowed to back a candidate, only report votes, yea, nay or absent. No promises they cannot keep. No offers of goods that are not your to give. If absent where the hell were you.

  18. So there is no laws to put this scum away that are committing federal Crimes. They are all above the laws of the land. Our federal Government is totally use less garbage and would not know the law if it bit them in the ass unless it is to take down some average person for getting up and going to work in the morning

  19. Have you ever had bone spurs? They are extremely painful. To have them removed is painful for years. To leave them in place is equally painful. Bone re growth takes years and the site is painful for years. I had a spinal fusion and they harvested from my hip. Any time I put even slight pressure on the harvest site the pain was nearly unbearable. You do know that the bones contain billions of nerve endings. It’s why the pain makes you cry when you break a bone. You need to educate yourself by having a bone harvest and then come back and comment. Your ignorance is epic.

  20. You are mistaken, Trump did lay a wreath on Memorial Day. Look it up, it takes about 2 seconds and was documented by AOHELL. You are just angry and spewing hate. Voting corruption starts in high school and continues on into adulthood. Starting with ballot box stuffing for class president and student council elections. You need to learn to research on your own instead of repeating someone else’s rhetoric.

  21. You called it perfectly, Kathy!! Remember, Scott had the opportunity to FIRE this election official, Snipes, and failed to do so…

  22. This voter fraud happens throughout the country (especially in BIG cities), all the time! Now FL appears to have taken the place of big cities on a federal level. This is certainly nothing new. I learned about it in the ’60s in Mayor Daley’s Chicago

  23. Why is the contention of a NONcitizen’s vote even talked about. OF COURSE, IT’S ILLEGAL!! So is the voter, apparently…

  24. It’s amazing what the rats are settling for. I’m 71 and was a rat until this past May when I “walked away”. I’m barely making ends meet, so it boggles my mind that so many of the idiots out there are voting for the rats to win, so they can take more of their money in taxes and whatever else they can come up with.

  25. They are only the majority, in your opinion only, because they pad the votes with illegals! You just think the rest of us are as dumb as you!

  26. Who writes this crap? No one has been indicted for anything except BabyT’s people. They are dropping faster than a bad habit. it’s funny, besides the one case where an ex-con wasn’t sure about where to vote, all the cases of voter fraud have been against the repug supporters. Get your facts straight before you write. Remember, you are writing for the fearful, under educated deplorables Baby T loves because according to them, he can tell them anything and they will believe it. Damn shame!

  27. And that statement explains all that is wrong with the world today!!!!! You better give a sh_ _, life is too short and we are killing ourselves with this nonsense. Grow up people!

  28. I like the way you think!! They got caught red handed and they are screaming foul?? I do not think so!! Once a loser, always a loser and they have proven how much of a loser party they really are! They never learn but just keep doing assinine things. They can kiss my butt too!

  29. He didn’t get creamed but he won the power house called the Senate and no doubt will be able to appoint another conservative Supreme court judge. The house will send the Senate bills and they will lay on the desk of McConnell just like what happened when Reid the Rat was in there…nothing will get done.

  30. Could it be because our republican party officials are a bunch of wimps? They do nothing to stop all the corruption going on…wait until 2020, that should be interesting…the republicans walk right into the hands of the democrats all the time.

  31. You’re so right…look at AZ where they got away with it and look at New Mexico where strangely thousands of votes turned up somewhere, look at GA where the same thing is happening…and they are all getting away with it…crooks.

  32. trustistruth why don’t you crawl back under the rock you came from. You know you can’t fix stupid. Your are hopeless as all Democrats are.

  33. I’m a veteran and you can keep your phony sentiments. As long as you’re anti Trump you’re anti military. He has done more for the military than your Kenyan would ever dream of doing. Undoing the damage Obama did to our military was one of Trump’s greatest accomplishments to date. With the help of God and the military families across this country we will be victorious in 2020 in the presidency and in Congress.

  34. This Country of ours will continue to be accept voter fraud because we allow illegals to vote. It is time we have a Nationwide System that can be verified to stop voter fraud. Of course this will not happen while the dems are in control of Congress. It is also time for the honest Republican Legislators rid this Country of the sorry ass RINOs. Forget the Commy dems since they will always cheat in every election.

  35. Tim, I guess you liked it every time your communist coon said crummy things about our military. I remember your gay, limp wrist coons world tour, of blaming the US for everything bad in the world. You should be sooo proud.g

  36. EVERYBODY knows that the team that loses the Superbowl is always because the winning team cheated. I mean it could not have to do with Trump’s historically low popularity or that women voted against Trump by over 20% gap.

  37. But, Angelika, here is THE GOOD News!! It is not as bad as you think and said, since most of what you said is made up propaganda sponsored by rich people that just want to use you. They make up conspiracies to get you all worked up and upset, then you get mad/scared to vote against a non-existent “threat.” Like horror movies, the boogey man is fabricated to scare you.

  38. They . . . . . ARE . . . . the . . . . Majority. When Democrats show up to vote (didn’t do that well in 2016), they always will beat the fractured republican party.

  39. I believe the president just got back from France on the night of the eleventh and This is much ado about nothing except you left wing loons that not attending is a big “crisis” when the real crisis is the corruption the Dems in Florida are pulling off to cheat our voting system.

  40. Angelika, that makes sense because the Republicans should never be blamed for losing an election or Trump committing any crimes! I mean it HAD to be cheating, because – – – and they MUST be very good at it, because Obama won BOTH elections by a landslide, winning both the electoral college AND the popular vote by large numbers. Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million votes. Republicans believe in “personal responsibility” but not for themselves – – even when two republicans teams play each other in softball, the team that loses was a George Soros and Democratic conspiracy!

  41. You don’t get out much do you Tim? You seem to be somewhat out of touch on what’s going on. President Trump was not sitting on his ass in the White House, he was in France at the US cemetery commemorating the American soldiers that died there during World War I. Or don’t you think World War I veterans matter?

  42. Face it Tetvet, the republican party is fractured since the radicals have taken charge of it. If the Trumpers keep attacking members of their own party – – that sends a message that you don’t want to be party of this backstabbing party. Trump WILL damage the GOP for a long time to come.

  43. Much to do about one vote! What is this that just came on the news about Trump not attending the 100 year anniversary of the American involvement in the Armistice AND neither Trump nor Pence showing up for our Memorial Day to place a wreath – – while Trump just sat on his ass in the White House? Is he just having a snit or throwing a fit because he got creamed during the midterms?

    On a side note, thank you to all VETERANS and their families! May you be blessed and thank you for all our liberty!

  44. It is time to fix our broken election system. Why don’t we have a standardized ballot for all Federal elections and require proof of citizenship. We should have a system like this for all congressional races regardless of where the candidates are from. This makes sense because regardless of where the candidate is from, he/she impacts every American citizen and not just the state they are from. There is too much at risk to leave these decisions to corrupt voting officials. Florida and Arizona are perfect examples of voter fraud at its fullest. It would not be surprising to have similar fraud across the entire nation. Git ‘er done. Fix it.

  45. carol – The key issue is that this has been going on for forever and no one has done anything to stop it from ever happening again. Same sh*t, different election. We need to fix the problems and make arrests. Voter fraud is illegal!!! There has to be checkpoints and transparency. There are so many “well, duhs”, it’s too many to count. No one should not “allow” other officials to oversee the integrity of the voter counts.

  46. Ann – It’s one thing voting for local gov’t in cities, although I don’t think ANY voting by non-citizens should ever be allowed. It certainly shouldn’t be allowed for Governors, Senators or Representatives that will represent the entire country. Their bills that are passed will affect all of us, not just the state they live in. If this was going on in my state, I would object also at a state level. If you’re not a legal naturalized citizen of the United States, you shouldn’t be able to vote in any election, period. Maybe if there was a vote to deport illegals!

  47. Demoncrats are parasities. Why is it when the Republicans had the opportunity to unite and beat all demoncrats silly. The leaders showed their real support (me,me,and me). At every turn Paul Ryan would say nay, McCain would say nay, Flake, Corker and all the so called retirees just seat back and relax. How many of the Republicans leadership hit the campaign trail for the mid-terms, not counting POTUS, and VPOTUS. This is why we have scumbags stealing, lying, committing fraud, intimidating Republicans families, and doing everything they want without any issues of being arrested.All these scumbags are called demoncrats. The Republican leadership are POS because they have NO COJONES to stand up for the people.

  48. …for goodness sake…!…there’s ‘massive’ fraud happening in EVERY state, in EVERY district…it’s been going on for years…the only time the ‘crats can’t conjure up ‘more ballots’ is when the Republican’s tally is so large that the crooked ‘crats can’t fill out enough ‘surplus’ ballots in the allotted time.

  49. You are totally right Daniel! There will be a Civil War if these Liberal Democrats go unpunished. I am 75 and I will not give up our freedom without a fight. They are not the majority. True Americans will rule our country with God’s help

  50. Yep, THEY “do” whatever THEY want…NOTHING, NOBODY is STOPPING THEM ever….so PATHETIC…..obama, clintons’, soros and so MANY, MANY more of THAT party of EVIL should ALL be in PRISON……!!!! BUT, average Joe will NEVER get/see JUSTICE, NOT when it comes to THEM….the CRIMINAL so-called “elite”…..!!!!

  51. Sure wished they would re-count the votes in many States because I am with you thinking that they “won” the House by DECEPTION/BETRAYAL, but I also know that it will not happen, unfortunately, so these CRIMINALS will get AWAY again with their CHEATING/CRIMINAL activities, reminds me of 2008 and 2012, obama was NEVER “elected”, they CHEATED back then too and now LOOK at America – what has BECOME of it…..SAD….!!!

  52. JEdward Clark – I haven’t been a Democrat for at least half of that 50 years, if not longer. I haven’t voted Dem for many years but I can’t remember when I actually changed parties. For a long time, I closed my eyes and held my nose and voted for the better of the two worse. After a while there was no Dem that I would ever vote for.

  53. Democrats cannot be left without constant supervision or left alone in the dark. Tucker Carlson and family know about that as well as numerous Republicans who have been harassed and threatened in public places.

  54. Just count the illegals 4 times to start with. It would save the recount and the rest of you idiots in Florida could just bend over

  55. I haven’t even heard that anyone is going to jail yet although voter fraud is against the law. They need to look at AZ and GA for sure now. The entire mid-term has been compromised. States that Rep. should have won but didn’t contest. I wonder how many House votes wer fraudulent, therefore we need recounts. Perhaps the Reps. didn’t lose the House afterall. Greed and power is what the Dems represent anymore.

  56. What do we do about the muslems that was voter frauded into public office. Pure bs. That should never happen in this country because those terrorists will push for sharia law garbage.

  57. These criminals are making a travesty of the voting process. This is why no one votes in NY. Too many inmates are running the asylum!

  58. What about the rest of America where there has been massive illegal alien voters and protected by the criminal Democrat Party Mob, should they got to jail too!!!! You know the criminal Democrat Party Mob continues this crime wave they have going and there is going to be a Civil War in this America of ours for the American people will not stand for it anymore!!! They are playing with political dynamite that is going to blow up in their faces!!!

  59. Judges, lawyers, and candidates should jailed for breaking US law during an election. Our nation will be lost if lawbreakers are not punished. Could anyone get away with breaking the speed limit because they did not agree with it? Could one get away with robbery because they needed the money?

  60. I totally agree with you on that, Ann! The democrats have fully earned their name…DemoncRats. It is sad. We are supposed to be a two party system, with a free discussion on both sides. No more. The DemoncRats want it their way, or, no way….the future Gestapo regimeLL.


  62. Gillum just looks stupid. How the hell these people could vote a junior communist is unfathomable. Every vote legal or not? Isn’t that how they use to do it in Chicago? Suggest they can count every vote if we can shoot any illegal aliens found to have voted. Let them put other people where their mouths are.

  63. no matter how you try to cheat”the truth will ALWAYS come to the forfront’and TRUTH always wins”” they tried this before and were found out”’they will again””the AMERICAN people will NOT let this happen””their was a winner””no matter how they try to add votes ”they will be found out and exposed””they are just sore losers””’the AMERICAN people have spoken””deal with it””

  64. Doesn’t it seem odd that the same people that were involved in this illegal actions were involved in past events of fraud.

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