This leftist billionaire just revealed his plan to take out Trump

“The Resistance” to President Trump has been unlike anything America has ever seen.

George Soros has bankrolled massive Antifa protests that have turned violent against Trump supporters and caused massive property damage.

But a new leftist billionaire just unveiled his plans to top Soros and take out Trump.

The Democrat Party base wants to impeach President Trump.

While party leadership hems and haws about it in public, if they take control of Congress in November, impeachment proceedings will likely soon follow.

And it’s all being bankrolled by billionaire Tom Steyer.

Steyer told Politico he intends to dump $110 million into his 2018 midterm election efforts.

Between his two organizations, NextGen America and Need to Impeach, Steyer claims he’ll have nearly 1,000 staffers and more than 2,000 volunteers.

Politico reports:

Steyer is building out an operation that’s bigger than anyone’s other than the Koch brothers’ — and the billionaire and his aides believe the reservoir of nontraditional voters he’s already activated could become the overriding factor in House and other races across the country.

Yet Steyer’s oversize role also stands to position him squarely against Democratic Party leadership, which has shown little appetite for pursuing one of his signature causes: impeachment.
Need to Impeach is rolling out an extensive electoral plan, from having its most committed volunteers write postcards to other voters (which they are tracking through smart codes) to going in hard on field organizing, emails and phone calls. Steyer will continue to air ads through November pressing the issue in an organization where the expectation is that each buy is at least $1 million.

Steyer plans to active low-frequency voters through a rallying cry centered around impeachment.

If his preferred candidates win and Democrats take control of Congress, Republicans should definitely be concerned that Democrats will pursue impeachment along with other efforts to derail Trump’s efforts to Make America Great Again.

Steyer may also have his eye set on a higher prize than Democrats taking Congress in 2018 — Politico notes that there’s talk he’s interested in a 2020 presidential run.

Should Republicans be concerned about an anti-Trump blue wave in November?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


      • ps. ‘waiting’ for cluck cluck chicken,
        chickee, Diane.
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        pps. am ‘shadow banned’ from – aw, boo hoo.
        Getting ready to ‘rat’ ‘them’ 0ut to DJT comm Dept.

  1. Diane…..I must say, for someone who speaks a LOT… should re-educate yourself to some FACTS….here we go
    #1…the richest people / corps in the USA are NOT owned / run by Republicans
    #2…this “dumb down” education is one driven by the liberal educators….there is LITTLE conservative agenda pushed in HS and colleges. Go to your kids college classes and listen to the answers the students need to regurgitate to get an A !!

    • You might want to educate YOURself on the facts before you tell someone else to do it. Your opinion is Not a fact. You said that NO billionaires fund ANY Republicans. There’s a BIG hole in that claim considering the Koch Bros., the RICHEST MEN IN AMERICA, have been donating MILLIONS of dollars to Pence and other Conservatives INCLUDING TRUMP. You’re a liar and anything else you say will be treated as lies. I saved the best for last… the Koch Bros. will no longer be donating any money to either one of them. They’re Independent and they don’t like liars.

    • tom,> bingo. i ‘almost’ said in Post ie a ‘known Fact’ re Your #1.
      > Dems ARE the ‘Wealthiest’ in US. # 2 = Rite.
      > &&& haha, Way to go dude, ‘the Way’ to respond to Diane troll W/0UT $pay
      IS To Respond at top of page, Bypassing ‘reply’ button. 2x Bingo.

  2. Hi Dan Tyree, M, Drew, Nancy – Why you Pay???
    Diane Troll. Anyway —
    >Diane aka Frances (i think) IS V. Alone &
    Sitting Alone ‘somewhere’/ No 0ne to talk to.
    Mentally V. ‘mixed-up’ w/a Convoluted thought process.
    > Several blogs ago, i busted this persons ‘meme’ which
    resulted in a ‘quasi submission’. An Easy Psych 101.

  3. This Tom Steyer and all of his dirty money will never even come close to making any 2020. I hope that Steyer choaks on all of his money. Evil Democrats.

  4. Tom Steyer is just another “minion” of the corrupt globalist elite cabals who back the New World Order whose goal is to make the rest of the people of the world into their “slaves”. He evidently envisions himself as a “future” Slave Master. However those who follow Steyer are selling themselves, and the rest of humanity into slavery under the NWO.

    Those like Streyer will use methods that civilized beings would never even consider and then gloat upon their victories because of their inmate evil and selfishness. Those who choose to follow him are those who support the antithesis of truth, liberty and freedom for the people of the world and power for those like himself to control the other people as slave, willing or unwilling.

    Evil has been around for thousands of years and has been doing well until recently when Donald Trump set them aside. Steyer, Soros, and others well hidden who do their evil from the shadows commit crimes against humanity.

    Evil is now on the run, thanks to Donald Trump and those unknown who support him but there is much evil left to be dealt with. Perhaps it is time for the peasants who wish not to be slaves, and desire to be free and who desire freedom and liberty to gather their torches and pitchforks about them against their future need.


  6. This is 10 times worse than Russian interference, should be illegal SCOTUS should reverse the decision on corporate donations and a lot of this would stop.

    • Rick – Wage stagnation fir the vast majority was not created by abstract ecomonic trends. Rather, wages were suppressed by policy choices made on behalf of those with the most income, wealth and power………the corporate 1% owned by Republicans due to tax breaks for the wealthy. What don’t you understand about this? You vote against your own best interests by voting Republican and yet you’re too dumb to figure that out! See what Republican cuts in education have done for this country? Made idiots like you!

      • Diane.that is the small picture………Trump has made more jobs,lowered immigrant passage …which your group increased and is still trying to do…..idiot.and the dems are leaning toward NEW WORLD ORDER….idiot…..repubs are getting rid of Obama Care which makes us pay for transgender operations and abortions…………idiot…….you need to educate yourself…idiot.what you said may be the truth but is not worth crap in the big picture of MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN…….. educate yourself…….idiots like you will make America lose its values………….dems and lefts are against Christianity…. foundation of American values ! ! !

        • We would like to see proof that wages were suppressed by policy choices made on behalf of those with the most income, as stated by Diane the commie Dem lib male paid troll. Where is the proof that would make this a fact, or it is more fake news. Please ask Diane that question for those of who don’t believe she knows her head from a hole in the ground, we want to see that in print, Drew.

          • Diane I challenge you to PROVE the republican agenda has not made America better. I’m not talking about your tears because hillary rotten Clinton lost the election. Tell us how that crooked bitch would have been better. You can’t!!!!

        • Drew- Sorry, but 45 has already done that. Are you always this angry or did you get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? You need an angry management class. It really IS the big picture. The Justices appointed by Republican President are responsible for Citizen’s United, which gave Corporations unlimited money pouring into Republican’s running for office. “M” and Dan – I’m not going to do the work for you. Get someone to help you google everything I have said and find your own truth. But then, again, you can’t handle the truth.

          • So called liberal trough is bull shit. And you stink of it Diane. I proved you have no facts. Just more fake news. Check yourself in Diane. You are too stupid to run lose.

          • Speaking of can’t handle the truth, all you have ever done to me, Dan, Drew, and many other people is throw out you commie Dem lib NWO talking points. You never answer any direct questions and can only speak in generalities. That’s because all you know is what you have been instructed to say. You are nothing but a tool fool, Diane, male paid troll. Oh, please don’t look up anything for me because I would not believe a word. Since you are such a pillar of knowledge you should be able to tell Drew, Dan and me where you got all this earth shattering wealth of knowledge. Remember Ronald Reagan said “trust but verify”.

          • dandy, that’s rite. AGood ‘Spanking’ lol &&&
            that would be ‘nice’ compared to a Good ‘ol
            Italian ‘cuff upside the head’.

          • Can’t believe everything google has to say about anything. They’re redirecting you to lies and suppressing Conservatives on every subject. You’re talking about Daddy Bush and Little Bush, has nothing to do with who’s in Office now. The difference is night and day, President Trump is all about Rule of Law and returning America to The People. Everything he’s done confirms that.

        • Don’t forget the Democrats are also the people who want to give the UN the power to tax the American people, take total control of all of America’s waterways, and allow the UN to try American soldiers for any perceived war crimes, they chose to accuse, our military of committing. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

      • Please. Republican and Democrats were created by the Order to make the would be slaves think they had some degree of control. In truth the NWO controls everything or at least desires to control everything.

        They desire WW3 so they backed Hillary and, fortunately for humanity, she lost! Otherwise that paragon of immorality would have us nose deep in WW3 by now. Obama tried but failed.

        Trump is NOT perfect but he is the best we’ve had in so long it sometime feels that way. The current situation if far more desperate than many realize. The people not only of America just dodged, not just a bullet but a cannon shell. …And the worst is yet to come.

        I do believe that Trump is really trying to fix things but so much is broken, the situation is so dire, that he has to move slowly for now. The evil is just beginning to surface and show itself; it is an evil that has been around for thousands of years choosing to remain in the safety of the shadows. …Those stories we were told as children were actually warnings of things that are are hidden and a part of reality. Think, be safe, be ready. It will become clear to you.

        • I can clearly see you like POTUS, BigIron but, you are scaring me. I was already worried about the possibility of everything going to Hades, years down the road, in a handbasket and you have not reassured me at all.

        • I get it, BigIron. We 0n ‘borrowed’ Time thru POTUS DJT. &
          it has been said: 0brador (new Mex Pres IS ‘the Trump’ of Mex,
          which will definetly Help in ‘Teaming’ AGAINST the 0rder.
          > After DJT, Pres. James Mattis.

    • Hi Rick, Surely You ‘know’ , 1st comment below is Inane & convoluted.
      & the person has not reviewed Any Economical Statistics.

  7. As long as people in government can make laws and exempt themselves, we will have this kind of interference. Why is it that so many who are elected become wealthy while drawing only a marginally higher salary than the average? I don’t know what Steyer’s motivation is, maybe power? Soros would never want to be president. He makes his billions by buying and selling currencies. The more social turmoil he can create, the more monetary fluctuations he can take advantage of. (I love that he lost a bundle right after the election when he bet on a down market.) Soros reminds me of the old Star Trek episode where Kirk is forced to fight a Klingon to feed an alien. When they figure it out and refuse to fight, the alien flees. Maybe we could learn something.

          • I won’t lose sleep over the fact that you don’t believe me. You’d have to have an IQ more than a rock in order to and I haven’t met one Trump cult supporter that does. But I obviously get under your thin skin and that’s good enough for me, snowflake! Hahahahaha

          • No Diane you don’t bother me. I picture you as a young snot nosed milinial from some blue commie state. I learned the truth when you was jumping ball to ball to keep from being shot into a cow.

          • You wish turkey. You are a sick pathetic joke to me. I laugh when I read your inept attempt to impress and dazzle people with your liberal BS. You are in denial that Donald Trump, with his
            faults, has done more wonderful things for our Country in 18 months than BHO did in 8 years and had HRC been elected she would have finished the job of turning this into a borderless third world
            Country. Obviously you are not in the business world or you would know this. You are probably on welfare and have lost some of your freebies and are angry about that also. Okay, did not intend to get into all this. A sick joke can’t understand anything deeper than looney tunes anyway, Diane commie Dem lib paid troll girlyman. So smile, tomorrow is another day in paradise .

    • Hmmm?

      Perhaps legislators should not be allowed to make laws at all but only suggest laws after those laws have passed Constitutional scrutiny and been placed upon a ballot. If less than 50% of registered voters support that law then it should be dropped for two years.

  8. One shouldn’t shit in their own crass-hall !!? Always seems Trump is smarter than you think ,and has the people behind him !!

  9. We all need to vote in the midterms! Otherwise, we get who we deserve! I am praying God will place his laws in the hearts of evil people in order for them to see their errors, repent and to seek Him. Jesus is America’s hope!

    • God helps best those who help themselves! Vote and encourage others to vote and don’t believe anything the MSM pushes.

  10. Upset because a rich man is supporting the Democrats? What about the Koch brothers support for Republican / Conservative politics? Why is it “sedition” when one side of the political spectrum puts money into campaigns, while it’s quite okay when the other side does. (Perhaps the answer is to reverse the Supreme Court’s decision a few years back that allowed huge amounts of money to influence American voters.) As an above comment says, “Let the voters decide.”
    And by the way, Trump is being resisted more than any other American President because he is a bully who is mostly out for his own interests as the US president. His ethics and his morals offend people.

    • His ethics and morals only offend those whose morals are worse. Did the lying hillary not offend you? If this billionaire or the dems attempt impeachment for no other reason than they hate Trump, there WILL be civil war and it won’t be pretty for the dems.

    • You really need to get up to speed. The Koch Bro’s are now supporting Dem’s in order to keep wages low and maximize corporate profits. It’s about the border, undocumented workers and low wages.

    • Screw You! People who oppose Trump do because they Are Corrupt and want to continue the corrupt
      Govt! Traitors!!!?👹👹

        • I have a brain and a VERY GOOD memory. I remember a LOT of things that have happened in the past. I wouldn’t vote for a Demoncrap if I had a gun to my head.

          • Then I pity you for supporting this corrupt and criminal administration. Sad because you’re voting against your own best interests by voting Republican.

          • I agree with you, Nancy. I am 75 years old, and I have observed a lot in politics over the years since I was young. I started out an Independent, voting mostly Democrat, until Johnson, whom I couldn’t stand, and then changed to more Republican and third party or write-in votes after Jimmy Carter. I would never vote Democrat again, as long as they are like they are now, so hateful, corrupt, in favor of murdering babies, and trying to ruin America.

      • I don’t know about you but I do not want a wimp representing me in any position especially on the world stage as my President. By the way you should look up the word wimp in a “thesaurus” to know what it means.

        • Diane do you think hillary is honest? If you say yes you should be committed to a loony bin. Second thought, you do belong there. Trump hysteria has been recognized as a mental disorder. Watch and don’t melt snowflake.

        • Robert Taylor – Yeah, 45 was REALLY strong in Helsinki standing next to Putin, wasn’t he? He had his head up Putin’s rear end so far that he could light! He was weak and took Putin’s word over his own intelligence agencies! Dan- You’re inane post isn’t worth my time. Maybe if you had something constructive to say…..oh wait… don’t.

      • I disagree that Trump is a “bully” but he does play one very well.
        However, Obama was a “bully” who used race every chance he got to divide that American people! Hillary was just an immoral “murderer”; Bill was a just and immoral serial “rapist”. Bush, we won’t even go into that here.

        Trump is the only hope for America at this point. HE was actually chose by the people; usually the NWO chooses the two candidates and that is why the doctrine of picking, not the best but the least bad candidate came from. The people sensed this but didn’t have information to put it together.

        Since Eisenhower, America has had only three presidents who put America and Americans first. John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump.

        JFK was supposed to be President (his father Joe was promised that one of his sons would be) so he was put in by the PTB. He then shafted them and became a president for America and the American people; that’s why they killed him after 3 years.

        Ronald Reagan was NOT supposed to be the Republican candidate (just like Trump). He survived 3 assassination attempts by the PTB and tried to be an American president for the American people but he was limited in what he could do by his controllers.

        Donald Trump was actually drafted by the military in order to avert a “military”coup/takeover. The Republicans did NOT want him to run because he was not part of the establishment but neither did the PTB.
        They threw everything they could in his path …and failed! He has had them on the run ever since (thank God) and he is doing it right. He, and his backers, is the only thing standing between the American people (and the people of the world) and that long dark night of world slavery by the NWO.

    • Hillary and Obama broke laws, so stop talking about morals and ethics that Obama had worse than any other president in history. Politicians and media did not criticize Obama because they were afrai of being accused of being racist. Liberal lies and innuendos never override the truth.

    • “His ethics and morals offend people”
      If “people” are offended by saving babies from being killed in the womb before birth then “people” have a moral/ethic problem not Trump. I can go on but I will not because I value my time.

  11. Its all about them making more money (greed) by contributing to the Dems as has been the case till now and Trump has cut off their money supply and so much more.

    • John – You’re spewing a bunch of BS. How do they make MORE money by contributing to the Dems? It’s the Republicans who keep giving them loopholes and tax cuts. Do you feel the same way about billionaires who support the Republican, like the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Foster Friess, and Robert Mercer?

  12. I’ve always thought that too keep winning you defeated your opponent! Fairly, in debate as well as characte, like keeping your promises! This is out right meddling in an election of minipulaton
    Like in California has done for years! How can fair and balanced elections be held if their is outside influence! Where are the laws playing a role in elections?

    • The laws were NOT written to keep elections fair and honest but to make elections controllable by the “powers” in control.

      • that’s why Donald trump was picked by the American public to be president. the powers are the American people reclaiming our land from corrupt thieves in both democrat and republican corruption.Our leader IS Donald trump picked by Americans. You thieves try to overthrow trump will lead to among the biggest mistake you ever can run but not hide for long.thinl about it thugs.

  13. Liberals are doomed, period! No mistakes ever made by Liberals. Who make Laws never obeyed by Liberals. Who Lawyer Up, screaming Prove it! Need I say more?

  14. is there not a law against this SHIT ??? and soros an steyer need to be LOCKED the HELL UP and all of their billions frozen. Then shot them for TREASON.

  15. These damn liberals keep coming out of the woodwork. I’m guessing he must be part of the pedophile network, like the Clinton’s and the Obama administration. I have never seen a time when pedophilia was so common place, as during the Obama years in office. It just went rabid during his time in office. I guess he didn’t know anything about the economy or the laws that govern this country. He broke all the rules for that and should be punished, along with all his supporters.

  16. Pay attention to the folks who vote. I am sure the Demon rats will find as many illegals and dead people to vote as many times and in as many ways and places as possible.
    Get as many friends and family registered legally now. Do all you can to encourage them to vote. Fall on our knees and pray for us all. GOD still listens.

    • YES! For the LOVE OF COUNTRY, we must find a way to TEACH them what is called Critical Thinking! They have no minds, only HOT EMOTION! EMOTION= Energy in Motion without any Brian Functions!

      • This so called HOT EMOTION is nothing less than PHYSIOLOGICAL thought twisting. Though most of the citizens have an education it is not the type that recognizes when their brains are being fooled by mental trickery. This is an example of the Karl Marx theory “The more you repeat a lie the more will believe it”. The number of PLUSES credited to Obama in 8yrs is a fraction of Trumps in only 18mos. but the past Administration’s left overs will not acknowledge it and use the Marx theory over and over.In my opinion if this crap doesn’t stop this country is headed for BIG TROUBLE.

  17. The Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Citizens United v. F.E.C. has completely changed the landscape of American elections. It further established the legal basis for the idea that “corporations are people” and opened the door for billionaires and special interests to spend unlimited, untraceable money in America’s elections. Now, there’s no accountability at all. No transparency. We know that billionaires (like the Koch Brothers, Tom Steyer and Soros) and corporations are trying to tip the balance of political power in their favor, but it doesn’t stop there. Both Political party’s, Democrats and Republicans, are guilty of this. End Citizens United!

  18. Do not discount the wacky leftist. They r an entitled society. As long as u house and feed them they will follow off the nearest clift. Meet the new face of communism.

    • Thank you Rick Hendrix. We live in a very sad time. BUT. OUR. God. Hears our cry’s And HE is a just GOD KEPP PRAYING FOR AMERICA and OUR PRESIDENT PRAYERS FOR GOD TO PROTECT HIM. AND LEAD GUiIDE AND GUARD HIM. HELLIS FULL OF EVIL PEOPLE. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS. Zelda Simms Charlotte NC

    • Hmm, what reason do Steyer have against Trump? You know for sure that it ain’t about social justice. He wouldn’t care for it, right? Then what reason for his hatred?

      Likewise with the Koch brothers. Everybody is pissed off at Trump. Dang.

      Must be about illegal aliens and cheap labor.

      Trump 2020!

  19. Apparently Steyer having seen Obama policies and INCOMPETENCE giving America anew Leader ad a return to a REAGAN economy just like Carter managed to give America, wants to become the next Carter and 0bama to REVIVE the SPIRIT of 1776 when all TYRANTS were REMOVED He wants to establish VENEZUELA NORTH …Bring it on MORON !!!!

  20. He’s just a whiny liberal prick. I’ve seen his ads. I don’t understand the left’s actions. It’s like they insist America have no say in whom we elect. Get ready to lock and load people. They will make it physical SOON. Read history about 1920’s when communists were shooting WW 1 veterans from ambush. They are cowardly chicken shit bastards. I’m ready. Are you?

    • Looks like you might need to shoot the “Koch” brothers soon, since the “orange” doesn’t agree with the viewpoints they have. Be locked, loaded and ready. Never know Trumps alliance from minute to minute!!!!!

  21. Dems are lost all they have is illegal money to throw around. And illegal votes…. stop the dems at ALL COST

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