This meeting of the Electoral College did not go like anyone expected

Joe Biden thought when the Electoral College met on Monday his win would be cemented.

But that is not what happened.

And this meeting of the Electoral College did not go like anyone expected.

Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward announced on social media that state Republicans voted to elect their own set of electors to keep the President’s ability to challenge the election results alive.

Arizona was one of a number of states where Republicans voted to elect dueling electors in hopes of challenging the results when the Senate convenes on January 6.

Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks intends to try and force a Senate vote on the Electoral College certification, but he needs one Senator to voice an objection to trigger this procedural mechanism.

So far Kentucky’s Rand Paul and Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson have voiced support for making an objection to the Electoral College results.

Democrats and the Fake News Media will howl that President Trump and his supporters are attacking democracy and undermining faith in the electoral process.

In reality, all the President’s allies are doing is availing themselves of the options laid out under the law to argue that massive voter fraud swings the election.

These gambits may or may not succeed.

But even if they are unsuccessful they aren’t immoral or undemocratic.

The Fake News Media is ramping up their rhetoric condemning the tactics because they want to browbeat Republicans into accepting Joe Biden as President so they roll over and pass his radical agenda into law next year.

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