This Mitch McConnell betrayal of Donald Trump just backfired in a major way

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell is one of the biggest Trump-hating RINOs in the GOP.

McConnell thought he saw his moment to expel Donald Trump from the Republican Party.

Now this Mitch McConnell betrayal of Donald Trump just backfired in a major way.

Then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell viewed January 6 as the end of Donald Trump.

McConnell spent years stewing about the fact that Trump and his grassroots supporters took over the GOP from the RINO establishment, and now McConnell believed the opportunity was at hand to wrest control back.

New York Times reporter Jonathan Martin recounted that McConnell told him that “I feel exhilarated by the fact that this fellow finally, totally discredited himself” after the corporate-controlled media narrative took hold that Donald Trump incited an insurrection on January 6.

McConnell told Martin that Trump’s actions on January 6 amounted to political suicide.

“He put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger,” McConnell told Martin. “Couldn’t have happened at a better time.”

But McConnell began singing a different tune within a matter of weeks.

McConnell leaked to the New York Times that he was considering voting to convict Trump in the Democrats’ impeachment trial.

But McConnell also saw polls showing Republican voters stuck by Donald Trump.

So that’s why McConnell ended up voting to acquit Trump.

McConnell told everyone his vote to acquit did not reflect his true feelings when he delivered a speech on the floor of the Senate declaring Trump responsible for the events of January 6, as well as sounding open to Joe Biden criminally prosecuting the former President.

“Former President Trump’s actions that preceded the riot were a disgraceful, disgraceful dereliction of duty,” McConnell stated. “Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day.”

“We have a criminal justice system in this country. We have civil litigation. And former Presidents are not immune from being held accountable by either one,” McConnell continued.

McConnell even went so far to say that he would support Donald Trump should he win the 2024 GOP nomination.

“I think I have an obligation to support the nominee of my party,” McConnell stated. “That will mean that whoever the nominee is has gone out and earned the nomination.”

Mitch McConnell clearly has no love for Donald Trump.

McConnell is a RINO who loves power.

And as long as the GOP base stands by Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell will be forced to support him.

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