This mysterious trip to Ukraine could bring down one top Democrat

The real Ukraine scandal is unfolding in real time.

But the story is not going in the direction the Fake News Media and Democrats expected it to.

And now this mysterious trip to Ukraine could bring down one top Democrat.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is leading the impeachment crusade in the House.

But new evidence is emerging that shows Schiff was part of a coordinated plot to frame the President and fabricate a scandal surrounding his phone call to the Ukrainian President.

And now word has leaked that one of Schiff’s top staffers – Thomas Egaer – took a trip to Ukraine that was paid for by a think tank funded by Burisma – the energy company that Hunter Biden sat on the board of.

Breitbart reports:

A staffer for Rep. Adam Schiff’s House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence took a trip to Ukraine last month sponsored and organized by the Atlantic Council think tank.

The Atlantic Council is funded by and routinely works in partnership with Burisma, the natural gas company at the center of allegations regarding Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.
The Schiff staffer, Thomas Eager, is also currently one of 19 fellows at the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Congressional Fellowship, a bipartisan program that says it “educates congressional staff on current events in the Eurasia region.”

Eager’s trip to Ukraine last month was part of the fellowship program and included nine other House employees. The bi-partisan visit, from August 24 to August 31, was billed as a “Ukraine Study Trip,” and culminated in a meeting with former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

The dates of the pre-planned trip are instructive. Eager’s visit to Ukraine sponsored by the Burisma-funded Atlantic Council began 12 days after the so-called whistleblower officially filed his August 12 complaint about President Donald Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Eager’s trip concluded just days before Adam Schiff’s mysterious August 28 tweet where he echoed the spy’s allegations filed in the so-called “whistleblower” complaint.

Both of these facts raise suspicions that Schiff and his fellow Democrats were in on this plot from the start and that this so-called “whistleblower” was nothing of the sort.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Harrison
    and continued by obama. Donald Trump what’s to stop the endless wars. But apparently the democrats call Donald Trump a warmonger.

  2. One portion of the U.S. energy system — the portion that runs on renewables, nuclear, coal, and natural gas — is energy independent. But the transportation system is still dependent on oil, and the United States imports a significant portion of its oil supply (mostly from Canada). From Scientific American.

  3. Travis
    Red sook is actually contributing to the Donald Trump 2020 campaign. The posts by red sook are showing Americans just how hateful, racist and bigoted the anti trumpers are.

    So you should thank red sook for the contribution.

  4. Now you talk ‘sense’ re M.E ‘wars’.
    & for MORE Factoid re History WW1 /WW11
    & ‘started by ‘WHOM’ & Consorts. Do Deep
    Diligence. ‘Buck up’ dude. At least you
    ‘manned’ up in reply to PDW.
    > THNX PDW for comm.

  5. I never claimed Trump started any wars. You are right. Most of the conflicts in the middle were started before Trump by Bush.

  6. Red man your the exact example of what’s wrong will America
    You prob sleep with a transgender all u do is sit home
    Collecting your welfare checks and talk sheet on computer
    Trump whip you you shim your daddy should have pulled out of yo moma squirted on the wall and let you run down
    The wall saved this world of ever knowing u

  7. Harrison
    Can you please provide the evidence that Donald Trump is starting any wars. Oh that’s right, it’s the previous presidents who have the responsibility for these wars.

    Donald Trump wants to stop the wars in the Middle East. I believe that Donald Trump thinks perpetuall wars are a waste of money.

  8. URopinions NE MYfacts
    The Ukraine government could have terminated the prosecutor at anytime. Especially if the prosecutor wasn’t performing.

    So why did creepy joe biden threaten to withhold a billion dollars in aid?
    The only storyline that makes sense is creepy joe didn’t want the prosecutor to investigate the company’s board of directors, which included his son hunter. that’s extortion.

    So you think that Donald Trump should be impeached for investigating corruption from corrupt US politicians. This is even more appalling considering that corrupt creepy joe biden is running for the president of the USA.

    The American citizens should be thanking Donald Trump for bringing the corrupt behaviour of a presidential candidate to their attention.

  9. “Truth is”, shady-grady, no good white-folks like willie lynch, and trump ruined america long ago trying ta make it “great” for greasy headed racist white-folks like Di-anus. hahahahhaahhahhhahah

  10. jonathan overdone
    I heard that if the democrats stopped listening to cnn their IQ goes up by 95% and a further 95% increase if they stop reading the Washington times.

    I much rather have a republican president with a bad hairstyle then a stupid democrat. It was democrat hank Johnson who said that if too many people were put on one side of Guam, then Guam would tip over.

    Then there’s AOC, she takes democratic stupidity to whole new level. In fact most democrats politicians would struggle to tie up their shoes.

  11. harrison golow.
    Yes the republicans will fill up the prisons with all the corrupt democrats elites and rinos. Donald Trump has instructed William Barr to organise a team of investigators to look into the corrupt and criminal behaviour in the USA and aboard.

    This latest coup attempt is to try and stop William Barr and his team. To put it simply “ the democrats are claiming that Donald Trump is corrupt and should be impeached because he is investigating corruption by the democrats and rinos.

    How stupid do you think the American citizens are?

  12. The conservative American patriots will not standby and watch the democrats remove a duly elected president.

    The impeachment of a republican president by the democrats without any evidence will start a civil protest that will morph into a civil war.

    The democrats and their supporters will suffer the fallout.

  13. jes ole boo hoo your hate whine. All day long.
    ‘arf – arf, perro. haha. Nothing else to do ?
    Got no friends? haha. Stay Here. We like you. arf.

  14. Where you been re ‘google’ ??? Your ‘sleep rock’
    is heavy. wow. googie/Fb/twitty have made
    Blatant statements. Where do YOU get your schmooze’.
    ‘corrupt CA’. gas Gouge. $.62 (liteweight)

  15. Jes look at what the trump-butt-bumps post everyday. All they do is whine, and hate on other white-folks like demons in pink skin. These are the ones who ruined america from ever becoming great. hahhahahhahahahahahahahaah

  16. I am supposed to trust you rather than google? I have heard of fake news before but I have never heard anyone call google fake information. The facts don’t match with your b.s. so you say google can’t be trusted? Where do you get your information from, Fox news?

  17. Google NOT to be Trusted. AT ALL___
    USA Gas prices MAINTAIN. No large ‘spikes’.
    ‘0ther’ Reasons for ‘protecting’ M.E ‘oil’.
    Regarding ‘recent Huge Fires’/ & not reported by
    msm, = back 0nline w/in days.
    > Brief up Harrison.
    V. Important.

  18. We can start with firing all the communist professors who have brainwashed our youth. If we can’t have our true God mentioned in schools then it’s time to get atheist communists out of our schools!

  19. If we were energy independent we wouldn’t be embroiled in so many wars to protect the Middle East’s oil. As far as being the largest exporter of oil goes, the U.S. is number 8 in the world. Google it.

  20. He has sent Federal funds to a local government to clean up their streets? I object. Anything else positive he has accomplished?

  21. FOCUS 0N GOOD ___
    What HAs POTUS Accomplished ?
    & Largest ‘ExPORTER of ‘Energy’. FACTOID.

  22. Keith, you are reaching out on a limb talking about somebodies hair. The Chosen One spends hours working on that birdnest on his head. I heard from a reliable source that if you give Russian prostitutes vodka and then allow them to urinate on your head, your hair will turn orange.

  23. We certainly know for sure that Mr Trump has never worked a day in his life. And he is not fond of people that work for him and he has stiffed many a contractor.

  24. There is huge money in Jesus. Many churches are larger than college campuses. I don’t think Hank done it this way.

  25. Burn on Big River was a song by Randy Newman I believe about the Ohio River and a damn good one at that.

  26. Schiff at Gitmo with cellmates Manafort,Cohen and Flynn. A good foursome for a friendly round of golf.

  27. Hey Michael B> We have been all wishing the same thing about shiff and the rest of the democrats. It just took you to put in the proper perspective.

  28. Harrison Gralow
    October 4, 2019 at 2:24 am .
    What has trump done to protect and improve the environment?
    He has allowed the government to clean the parks, streets and areas of the trash and debris thrown on the grounds by leftist protesters for the Green New Deal. You would think the high and mighty protesters for clean and green would at least throw the trash they bring into the trash cans or take the trash with them…they really do not care about our environment. But our government pays people to clean up after the litters.

  29. Sure,let’s go back 50 years to before the clean water act was enacted when the Ohio river caught fire because it was so polluted due to companies dumping chemical waste in it. You can’t eat certain fish in most lakes and bays in my home state because of mercury poisoning. Pollution has killed millions of fish. Clean water does not just mean clean drinking water.

  30. Send this evil creep Democrat Adm Schiff to GITMO or De ago Garcia for the Military Tribunals. He is guilty of High Treason.

  31. Michael b
    It’s quite obvious that you are poorly education and suffer a below average intelligence. But don’t worry, if you join your local democratic antifa group you will among other democrats elite’s subordinate plantation slaves.

    There you can write about how to poorly implement a coup by trying to disguise it as impeachment. However because these attempts at coups are very poorly thought through. They will fail while boosting Donald Trump popularity.

    Of course you take the “how to mindlessly rant and rave with racist and hateful insults” course. But republicans don’t really care about your bigoted racist rhetoric. It gives us something to laugh about.

  32. MJ – Trial by Jury. In case you don’t know “sedition” is trying to take down a country and has severe consequences! Such as hanging! Do you want to be a part of that? If not, you’d best take a good look at how badly the Left has hurt this country. AND another little bit of info, the American public school system has been teaching kids to believe a lie, beginning about 57 years ago, maybe more! They have made good little communists out of America’s children!! If you think the government should support you, then you are one of the indoctrinated! When do you think YOU’LL be doing the Goose Step (like the Nazi soldiers did in WW2)? Or, do you even know anything about World history? Oh, yeah, I forgot, they quit teaching it about 50 years ago!

  33. Harrison
    Donald Trump only rolled back the regulations that costing companies tens of millions, but did nothing to protect and improve the environment.

    You need to stop drinking that dumocrat and msm stupidity juice.

  34. mj
    I think that you’re over estimating just how many democrats there are. Just because there was 65 million votes doesn’t mean that there are 65 million democrats.

    When the 28 million illegal aliens, 10 million dead voters and the remaining democrats who voted two or three time removed from the 65 million, there’s probably only around 8 million democrats left.

    If you look at the behaviour of the democrats and there supporters, like the Antifa traitorous nazi wannabes . Portland a good place to look at.

    Wasn’t it the nazis and the media who lied, fabricated, assaulted and murdered anyone who questioned their agenda. That looks an awful lot like the democrats and antifa are doing today.

    Didn’t Berkeley college suppress the republicans right to free speech.

    When Donald Trump wins in 2020, hopefully he will declare that antifa is a terrorist group and he send a few battalions out to deal with them.

  35. robert – You are so right! I can’t figure out what is so difficult about it. Illegal immigration means that someone from another country is living in a different country without going through the LEGAL process! That by definition means that they are ILLEGALLY in that country, and thereby they are CRIMINALS! The same as stealing something. Stealing would mean they broke the law and they are a THIEF! Does he whine about calling someone who steals a thief? He is an irredeemable idiot.

  36. Harrison Gralow – WELL LETS SEE IT!! Do you really think we are stupid enough to believe YOU?! You can fool some of the people all the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, so give it up! You have been outed and it’s time to leave. Do you really think anyone would want to drink polluted water? If water was polluted the Right would have to drink it just like the Left. MY water is NOT polluted and neither is yours, unless you pollute your own water…or do you push your dog out of the way so you can drink out of your toilet?

  37. You very well just proved how STUPID DEMON RATS ARE BY NOT BEING ABLE TO READ!! It SAYS RENEWED RIGHT!! Maybe MOMMY should have had planned parenthood ELIMINATE YOU!!!

  38. Bye-bye! Well, we’re waiting. Why are you still here?! Leave…please! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass! You really are not wanted here…no, really, we don’t want you here. We wouldn’t want you to be somewhere you didn’t want to be, and especially where we don’t want you…NO. We really don’t want you here! I’m sure you could find some libtard place to communicate with your new box of crayons. You’d feel much more comfortable in the company of your own kind…with other LIBTARDS!

  39. Really , Really ? The Problem with America is Politics and Both are almost equally to Blame but GUESS which one is Worse and the Most Corrupt of the two – and be forthright and open minded x And the Winner is ??????? In addition there is also the problem of Muslim Radicals and ILLEGALS – MIND YOU – there is a difference between a Legal Resident /Immigrant and this is always thrown out there – Undocumented Immigrants – Not so either one is a Legal Immigrant or an ILLEGAL ” Alien”

  40. Horsepoo! These unnecessary and burdensome regulations were only in honor of the corrupt Obama administration’s efforts to acquire additional government power.

  41. Horsepoo! These unnecessary and burdensome regulations were only in honor of the corrupt Obama administration;s effort to grant government additional power.

  42. So you want to get rid of the Democrats how do you get rid of 65,000,000 million of us are you going to put us in camps or just dig trenches like your brothers in Germany did to the Jews and put a gun to the back of our heads. Just asking

  43. William Lynch, My husband worked for an oil company for 37 years and I don’t think there was any improvement in the environment, either. All it accomplished was taking money from the oil companies and giving it to themselves.

  44. Agreed!! Their plans, proposals, and agendas WILL bring this country to it’s knees. So let’s vote every last one of them out in the next election. Trump 2020!!!!

  45. I use to work for an oil company in one of their refinerys and I can tell you it cost that company billions just to try and comply with EPA guidlines and you kniw what, there was very very little improvement in the environment.

  46. All of them I’ve met have been and that has been a lot of them. Womanizing, egotistical, and narcissistic. Not to mention either being beach bums or tree huggers.

  47. You’re as crazy as the rest of your Dim party. And, he did NOT change any rules on the pollution. He did away with some restrictions that made it cost prohibitant.

  48. Actually you’re wrong. Our ‘pollution’ has improved a LOT since Mr. Trump became President. Evidently there’s NO lie that you liberals WON’T stoop to tell!

  49. Schiff is swamp rat always has been and always will be until he is removed. Are all Californians like Schiff???

  50. Treason. Nancy Police has a blonde Ukarine Aid Ivanna Inchorick her mom & dad serve in the Ukraine Military & Gov.She works for drunk Nancy.Igor Pasternak from Ukraine funded Nancy & Middle Shift campaign.Biggest arms dealer in Ukraine.sells tanks a.Treason…Sen.Fiestien involved also when John Kerry was in Iran.Money Laundering Child Trafficking.What about 3 Dem Sen.Durbin.Mendesa.Leahe Ukraine pay to play…Impeach Demorats.Now.Trying to start wars for our kids to fight.Cia whistleblower??? When was CIA allowed to spy on our President?? John Brennan cought using Phony passport to Ukraine per Obama to get dirty doesia on Pres.CIA.Keep 2nd Amendment & our Constitution No Red Flag laws.wàtch out for FF from FBI & CIA.God bless USA

  51. Harrison the commiecrats have tried to remove God from America. The sad truth is, they have been successful Satan squated and what came out of him became the commiecrat party

  52. Right now the President is doing what is best for OUR interests, and he is rolling back the inane spending, and putting a stop to the wasted money on those who are using it to make war against us! He is also working on getting U.S. money back instead of us having to support every crap hole country in the world, like the former “Presidents” have allowed for the last 50 years!

  53. I can provide proof the right has to do with polluted water. Trump has rolled back epa regulations that protect our clean water. Mining and oil companies are now free to pollute our lakes oceans and rivers as never before,

  54. All you have to do is watch recordings of some of Trump’s speeches where he says one thing, then the next day he denies it. Do I have to do the research and point out all the lies to you? The proof lies right in front of you if you spend a little effort to find it. There are many, many videos of Trump contradicting himself. Do your homework.

  55. Harrison, NO, Pres. Trump does not have us brainwashed at all. I know HUNDREDS of people who voted for him and ALL have brains to think for themselves. It is you who has been brainwashed by the libs and you blindly believe their sick lies without question.

  56. Dan, no they would never try to hold Hillary or Obama accountable because they have no morals and do not care.

  57. Harrison, You are WRONG!!!!! Dems have thrown God out and satan controls the party. YES, dems ARE anti-Christ. They want nothing at all to do with the truth. And God did choose Pres. Trump, as Hillary is FAR WORSE. She would have continued Obama’s sick destruction of this country. God gave us a reprieve. There is a battle between God and His people and satan and his people. satan has dems, communists, atheists, muslims and all others who deny God on his side. Since you are not a Christian, I will let you know that God wins.

  58. Harrison, you have no clue about the truth. And you attack Pres. Trump but extremely corrupt vile Hillary and muslim traitor Obama are fine with you.

  59. Amen, It is you who has no mind to think critically. The dems have only hate and lies and you blindly believe them. The goal of the dem party is total control of our government. That is the truth, not a conspiracy. Your ignorance is profound. The right has NOTHING to do with polluted water. Please provide proof. You can’t of course.

  60. Harrison, your statement is inane. You can’t produce proof of something that never happened! You are owned, body and soul, by the Left. You will walk off a cliff following them. Just remember, Nancy Pelosi’s father was a Mafia Don! He killed and stole for a living! This is where Nancy got her money! This is where Nancy got her sense of values! THINK ABOUT IT!

  61. Ok Harrison, Lets see them! I’d really like for you to produce proof! Not Newspaper articles which may or may not be honest, but REAL proof. Something tangible.

  62. We can only hope she does. But money can do a lot to make judges not see the facts! Offer enough money and even the best of the judges might just be for sale.
    Nancy’s father was a Mafia Don and “earned” his billions from it. Nancy inherited her money. I doubt that she has actually ever had a real job which involved sweat! The only time she ever had sweat on her was when she was laying on her back.

  63. Jamie- No, the tv doesn’t tell the Left what to do. The Left is in control of the tv! There is only one channel on tv that isn’t leftist nor political. It’s the Hallmark channel.

  64. I hope that the left is exposed for what they are and each and every one of them kicked out of the U.S. political scene! I hope that they are fined so heavily that they all have to take jobs as sack persons in grocery stores to make a living! They don’t deserve even this much consideration!
    They tried to TAKE DOWN OUR COUNTRY!!!!!! They actually need to be executed for treason!!

  65. The only problem of burning Schiff and the Democratic Party to the ground would ruin our air and soil given all the crap they have stored! But wouldn’t it be wonderful!!!!!

  66. Democrats as a whole are not Anti-Christ. They are against the way some Christians have tried to influence our political system by claiming God chose Trump to lead the country and by anointing him as the “chosen one.” There is nothing wrong with Christ’s teachings but there is something wrong with having the churches get involved with politics. If the churches want to run the government they should at least pay their share of taxes instead of using their congregations money for private jets, mansions and mega-churches.

  67. Alaska Woman ; WE know you and Everything about you : go play with your dildo and use the 12″ because you do need it .

  68. It ie time to burn shift and the Democratic Party to the ground. They are not trying to help the American people they just want to change the election. It is time they pay the price for sedition against the United States Government.

  69. Only one Dimm? Make the trip really worthwhile and take down all DEMONazis and RINOs in one fell swoop!

  70. Schiff should be impeached for high crimes and treason. This ‘Thing” has lied to AM. Citizens for almost three years with Russian Collusion…and now at the committee hearing he reads his made up version of the “Phone Call” that said what he wanted to push on AM Citizens…all lies-just his sick twisted mind. Get rid of him and send him and Pelosi both back to their rat infested cities!!

  71. Please note, that Biden’s “pressure” was done at the direction of the then President to push the national, EU and International Monetary Fund effort to force the Ukraine to investigate and prosecute corruption. The then Ukrainian prosecutor was totally inactive.

  72. Yes exactly , as we hear that the Republican Led Senate is refusing to investigate Joe Biden n his son . What’s with that , they better grow a pair . It does make one wonder just what the hell . Are all of them RINO’S ? I believe I’ll be keeping my 2nd Amendment Rights . I don’t trust anyone of them sitting in the Congress or the Senate , and that’s both sides of the isle . Now President Trump , I do trust him !!


  74. How hard do you want to make it? Who in the past 75 years has done as much for our country regardless of length in office regardless of PARTY who? 1. How did the Chinese get a guidance system for there missiles?was it before or after the Clinton administration authorized launching satellites from mainland CHINA. (HINT AFTER) Who was it running for office who didn’t tell the American people Obama was a Muslim? Hint John McCain. Who sold over 10% of our weapons-grade nuclear supplies to Russia Hint, Hillary and Obama.
    Now you people can’t make up your mind on who’s good for America? Really? Now you are letting these same people run your life and you point fingers at the only man in the LAST 75 YEARS to give a damn about every single American regardless of color, sex, or undecided people running around protesting with Purple things on there head. Now you want to entertain the likes Sanders and Warren, Poliso, etc etc.. Get off your butts and look at the truth NOT FICTION.

  75. There’s nothing in the videos shown about Biden’s son. It’s the people putting up the videos who are adding false statements, e.g. “Joe Biden Admits to Getting Ukrainian prosecutor who investigated son Fired” Hunter was never investigated and left the company at the end of his term. Now you are being used to spread lies. Sad.

  76. You are in tragic error……………. the economy is not collapsing. In fact it is better than ANY OTHER TIME in American History. And the other items would have improved if the Democrats would start doing something for the country, and start earning their money by just voting to build the Southern Wall, and ridding the country of the largest tax increase in American History, ObamaCare. RWoodworth

  77. Interesting. Joe bragged before cameras about demanding that the prosecutor investigating his son be fired. If not, Hillary Clinton would have gotten involved and a suicide would have happened.

  78. Russia did invade Ukraine and took over part of Crimea. The US has been supporting Ukraine against Russia. But now Trump is pulling the funds to keep our military airports up in Europe, weakening us if any conflict with Russia. The Joe Biden went to the Ukraine to make sure that they were dealing with their corruption, as the Ukraine gov’t at that time was Russian-friendly. The US and other international groups wanted a change in a prosecutor who wasn’t doing his job. His job had nothing to do with investigating Hunter Biden and even Barisma Holding as far as known. Read the history! Madeup scandals only hurt our country.

  79. There is nothing mysterious about the trip to the Ukraine.
    The man is an expert. He was hired to do a job involving his expertise.

  80. God Bless the USA! I’m a 54 year old male that retired from the US Army after 27 years and 4 months and just over the last two years I’ve finally had time to read, watch and determine what the United States of America stands for and my answer is everything. Everything if you have enough money and friends around you willing to tell a lie. Thanks to Adam Schiff, Paul Ryan, John McCain, and a multitude of other cast members we are a mess. Can you imagine how much of our money and the thousands of man hours when we should be receiving competent governance all we’ve gotten is games, lies, betrayal, oh and a collapsing economy, infrastructure, social security, national security and all. Everything collapsing and worst of all is my children and grandchildren have to live and grow in a place where values only go as far as a bought and paid for vote. The media is humiliating, the constitution is a rubber band. Liberals stretch it to fit their need within a country mile. If i was President Trump, I would take my family, move to where ever i could find some peace and quiet and forget this lost cause. Now, after Bezo’s from Amazon announced the impending purchase of 100,000 electric vehicles to deliver packages i finally feel my last tour in Afghanistan and now the four surgery later to my left arm was not wasted. Two left shoulder and two left elbow surgery’s caused from and IED blast in 2008 serving my country i was actually serving Perdue Pharma and Amazon. Afghanistan supplies 90% of our opium needed to produce our plague for our country. Our country killer and i almost forgot, Afghanistan has a large reserve of lithium just waiting for us to mine it for Bezo’s trucks and Tesla’s cars. I also have to say, man wasn’t that weird timing for the planes to hit the twin towers and cause these needs to surface and Afghanistan can solve those two problems. What a coincidence!

  81. The “whistleblower” complaint reads as if it were written by a lawyer. Come to think of it, Adam Schiff is a lawyer, and a Schiffty one at that.

  82. Every swingin d**k in America has been to the Ukrain this year. Personally I was there in Spring and spoke with some of the top diplomats.

  83. No Harrison. I walked away from the commiecrats in 1993. Trump had nothing to do with it. I finally realized how dangerous you people are to America’s freedom. And it shows every day. But you people go ahead and stay stupid. And if killery had won she could have bragged about her lies and crimes and you people would never try to hold her accountable. You all are hypocrites.

  84. Jamie the folks at msnbc are a bunch of morons. Joe Scarborough and blondie, can’t remember her name, run an indoctrination show designed to brainwash people into communism

  85. Usually what happens in a coup is that when they are successful everyone involved in the coup is now in power and don’t end up in prison.

  86. I believe it is the Washington Post that has kept track of all his lies misstatements and misrepresentations. They would probably be glad to give you the list if you asked them. I don’t have time to list them myself.

  87. Exactly, but they know what they’re doing haste makes waste and heads will roll and they will roll right this time..there is so much going on behind the scenes that is why all these news channels are sitting here with all their opinions trying to push it onto the American people divert divert divert.. half of the left will be in prison if not hanging by the time it is all said and done.

  88. Exactly, but they know what they’re doing haste makes waste and heads will roll and they will roll right this time..there is so much going on behind the scenes that is why all these news channels are sitting here with all their opinions trying to push it onto the American people divert divert divert.. half of the left will be in prison if not hanging by the time it is all said and done.

  89. We are not diverting the only ones diverting are the dirty ass Democrats getting caught up.. they do sit around and accuse the president of doing what they’ve done but that’s too much for you to realize.. pop your popcorn, it tastes better than the crow you will have to eat

  90. My father is at my house right now watching MSNBC and they are nothing but opinions and now they’re accusing Russia of invading Ukraine and taking over part of Ukraine none of them are reporting the fact that Joe and Hunter Biden are caught up as well as Obama’s whole entire administration. The left today is so far lunatics it’s not even funny.. they never thought she would lose but she did and now it’s all unraveling so they try and twist it and frame a duly elected president of the United States who has been caught with no wrongdoing and the only people getting caught is another dirty Democrat for example of 44 years in politics dirty Democrat Joe Bidenwho happens to also be caught up in the previous administration’s corruptness as vice president go figure..these Demonrats are so off their hinges and let their TVs tell them what to think..

  91. ‘How despicable….. These dems are ruining this country…. The threat to ‘National Security’ is solely in the lap of the idiot whistle blower and his ridiculous supporters….. sickening….

  92. Come out of your little dark abode, take off your tin foil hat, and start paranoia medications ASAP, William! People who don’t use their minds to critically think, are prone to conspiracy thinking and drinking too much Kool Aid with polluted water, poisoned by right wingnuts.

  93. You bunch of liberal pussies don’t stand a snowballs chance in Hell of standing up against the Republican supporters in America. You will get your asses handed to you faster than you can say Nancy Pissoli is going to prison.

  94. when a post is repeated three or more times, it shows that what is posted was put out by an idiot. Does it apply that if a President tells over 12,000 lies in two years, that no one who is reasonably sane would EVER believe Trump?

  95. Better start focusing on the activities and growing list of crimes by President Trump, rather than trying to muddy the waters and point your fingers elsewhere. That diversion tactic is not gonna work here.

  96. AG Barr and the POTUS Needs to INDICT AND prosecute all of them for TREASON all before our Beloved Country is another Venezuela !!
    What is happening now between thousands of Illegals keep storming our Country and all TREASONOUS LIVE IN almost IN every state is the first of many first steps leading to Communism/Fascism, where all will have ZERO rights, no food unless you kiss the ass of the elite as we have with Congress right now !! The only so called *human families who Love our Great USA, is all who are HONEST,CARING & LOVING FOR ALL LEGAL CITIZENS as we are a Nation of LAWS in the greatest Country in the world. Always ASSISTING any Country in the world who needs us who ask for our loving financial help!
    These LYING DEMOCRATIC LEFT Treasonous, only care about exterminating us all so they can create THE NWO (never under God) and think, this will last long as created by the *HELL Headed)* Illuminati!
    IF all of you Elite, filled with PRIDE, don’t know it, ALL OF YOU ARE HEADED for HELL when you are Face to Face with Jesus your only SAVIOR !! Are you ready ?? If you cannot accept this, BEGG FOR ALL YOUR SINS? Then I doubt it and I truly Pray I am right !!!!!!!!!!! as America does!!!!!!!!!!! IF NOT, Satan has Captured your Soul!!

  97. You bunch of liberal pussies don’t stand a snowballs chance in Hell of standing up against the Republican supporters in America. You will get your asses handed to you faster than you can say Nancy Pissoli is going to prison.

  98. So far there is no justice for half of the Country that voted for Trump. There may be a breaking point, as some groups “get together” to find a way to counter this trend.

    It has not started yet. But if nothing is done to bring that justice, it may start. When it does, nobody, with the possible exception of Donald Trump himself, will be able to stop it.

    I pray it does not happen. But it ultimately depends on William Barr and his attorneys. I hope he is “aware” of it.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  99. It seems to be that interity has little to support the reality of this event and it seems as though the individul that is the problem is in trouble of trying to put the blame of issues raised in the first document are the ones that created their own problems. Let the individual be placed in the responsibility Box for what he himselfl created on his own choice?

  100. It seems to be that interity has little to support the reality of this event and it seems as though the individul that is the problem is in trouble of trying to put the blame of issues raised in the first document are the ones that created their own problems. Let the individual be placed in the responsibility Box for what he himselfl created on his own choice?

  101. I don’t claim to know the answer, but the double standard that exist in the American political playing field has got to stop. Short of curtailing the first amendment, the cover provided by the media to the Democrat party and the liberal left, represents a genuine threat to our country. It has NEVER been more evident than it is today, that the Dems have never been more ineffective, nor the media less reliable. The American electorate is being marginalized by this unholy alliance, and that bodes poorly for the future of our civilization.

  102. If they get away with this then I will be very angry with our DOJ! FBI Director is a do nothing and worse than Comey! If this goes unpunished then we just may let them have this country! At 74 years old, I don’t have much fight left in me!

  103. I’ve said this before but I personally think the dems are behind pretty much everything from the mass shootings to the conspiracies to oust Trump. Think about it, it wouldn’t be hard to find some pissed-off derranged liberalgun owner and promise him pretty much anything to go off the deep end just to push an agenda to get public support. The conspiracies, they speak fir theselves. Trump 2020 YEAH!!!!!!

  104. OPERATION CROSSFIRE HURRICANE…..the ONGOING COUP orchestrated by the antiAmerican Obama Administration’s FBI, DOJ, CIA, Lame Stream Media, the DEMONCRAPS….among many others PURE RAW TRUMP HATERS….is alive and well and living in the DNC National Headquarters as well as one of the many George Soros’ expensive mansions where he hands out big paycheck like candy….!! Anyone and everyone involved in that COUP to overthrow a legally elected President of the United States of America, must go to PRISON..!! Period….!!

  105. To the comments I have read thus far, I say kudos! I agree 100%. Let’s not leave out AOC and Elizabeth Warren just to name a couple more. The swamp of corruption in DC has gone on far too long and the american people need to open their eyes and ears and take action!! There are those no blinder than those who will not see so open your eyes and look. Quit being complacent! If you don’t this country will go down the drain and ALL of our rights right along with it!!!

  106. I’m afraid nothing will be done since it never has before. Schiff will come out of this just like Hillary, Comey and the rest of the crooked FBI. The Republicans will do like they always do, nothing. I don’t understand. They have plenty of evidence of wrong-doing. More than enough to put them all in jail for a long time. and they are doing nothing. The Democrats are doing what the Republicans need to do and they have no credible evidence to back up their claims.
    That’s one reason we have the mess we have now. If the Republicans would get off their Butts and start proceedings against some of these people, they just might stop some of this garbage and start doing the job they are being paid to do. I’d have to see it first to believe it but it’s possible. Like the Democrats like to say, “nobody is above the law”. Of course they are talking about the Republicans. I tell you I am getting fed up with the lies from the Democrats and the laziness of the Republicans.

  107. Well all i can say is that somebody should inform doj barr and prosecutor mr Durman. i really think they would love it.

  108. Well all i can say is that somebody should inform doj barr and prosecutor mr Durman. i really think they would love it.

  109. Well all i can say is that somebody should inform doj burr and prosecutor mr Durman. i really think they would love it.

  110. It appears that the concerted efforts of the Demomarxists is to arrange a pre=planned scandal in order to complete the coup they have had planed since President Trump won the election in 2016. The Demomarxists had arranged for their girl Hillary to win. Maybe they will try to arrange to eliminate him in some other nefarious manner so they do not have to come up with yet another plan to rid the White house of our duly elected President Shame-Shame. It is becoming more obvious with each attempt that sedition is O.K. with them,

  111. Adam stiff is a dirty scumb he new what he was doing against Trump dam little pig he needs to be remove out of Congress for good pos

  112. Adam Shift is leading the coup attempt against Donald Trump and its really not a secret anymore. A coup d’état in this country is a violation of the Constitution and therefore should be punishable under the Sedition Law. HE should be investigated, charged, judged and imprisoned (perhaps along with some of his cronies like Maxine Waters, Nadler, Schumer, just to name a few).

  113. Funny that the only time the Democrats stand behind Biden is when it looks like he and his son Hunter are guilty fhe very electioneering actions in the Ukraine, as they falsely accused Trump of with Russia. One day, just perhaps it will occur to Pelosi
    and company that they have an actual job to do. Help America rebuild its Midwest infrastructure, close infant murder clinics, end sanctuary “treason” nonsense, etc.
    For nonsense, nonsense and more nonsense seems the heart of the Democratic agenda for 2020.

  114. When a lie is being repeated a number of times from different mouths. before long, everyone will believe it was TRUE! Thus, the source and evidence both are necessary, no matter what kind of an issue it might be! No one wants to be blamed for something that ONE DID NOT DO! Neveer to create False Info! “As ye sow, so shall ye reap!” Gala. 6:7

  115. When a lie is being repeated a number of times from different mouths. before long, everyone will believe it was TRUE! Thus, the source and evidence both are necessary, no matter what kind of an issue it might be! No one wants to be blamed for something that ONE DID NOT DO! Neveer to create False Info! “As ye sow, so shall ye reap!” Gala. 6:7

  116. When a lie is being repeated a number of times from different mouths. before long, everyone will believe it was TRUE! Thus, the source and evidence both are necessary, no matter what kind of an issue it might be! No one wants to be blamed for something that ONE DID NOT DO!

  117. When a lie is being repeated a number of times from different mouths. before long, everyone will believe it was TRUE! Thus, the source and evidence both are necessary, no matter what kind of an issue it might be! No one wants to be blamed for something that ONE DID NOT DO!

  118. Y’all know that no matter what conspiracy to bring down Trump the kommiecrats are kaught doing, no one will ever even be questioned.
    The kommiecrats and the Obama Clinton Cabal operate with impunity, knowing that not merely are they above the law, they still are the law. Not one person in authority to stop this coup has any desire to do so.
    We need an entirely new Justice system.

  119. Hope this is true as I’d like to see Adam S*** brought down as he’s trying to do with Trump. As the saying goes, what goes around comes around.

  120. Now the democrats are saying that Donald Trump spoke to the Australian government about the Russian collusion and mueller report.

    How is this possible when clearance is required to obtain access to these transcripts. It’s more likely that the democrats think they can persuade people to believe their lies.

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