This Never-Trump RINO made a surprising confession on CNN

Donald Trump’s enemies within the Republican Party are not going away anytime soon.

Once again they are fixated on another supposed scandal involving Russia.

This Never-Trump RINO made a surprising confession on CNN.

Washington, D.C. has been consumed for days by a story in The New York Times falsely claiming President Trump was briefed on intelligence that the Russians paid the Taliban bounties to kill American troops in Afghanistan.

The CIA Director, Director of National Intelligence, and National Security Advisor all stated that President Trump was never briefed on this unverified report.

The Trump administration invited a number of Republicans to the White House to brief them on the intelligence.

Illinois RINO Adam Kinzinger was one of the members of Congress at this briefing.

Kinzinger – who is no fan of President Trump – said in an interview on fake news CNN that sticking something in a Presidential Daily Book – which few Presidents read every page of every day due to its length – is not the same thing as actually briefing the President.

“Everything I understand is that the president was not briefed about this. Now, if it was in his book, that’s one thing. And maybe he didn’t read it, there’s — most presidents don’t read the entire book every day. They rely on intel to brief them,” Kinzinger stated.

Kinzinger also told fake news CNN that it wasn’t a scandal President Trump wasn’t briefed on the matter because the intelligence community has no idea if the story is true.

“I don’t think it shouldn’t have been told to the president. But what I said, and what I meant, if I didn’t quite say it right, is there was conflicting evidence. So, that’s where you have to make a decision, especially on something as big as Russia. Do you want to present the president with the idea that Russia’s put bounties out on U.S. troops if you don’t fully know yet and if there’s conflicting intelligence, or is it better to gather the rest of that?” Kinzinger asked.

Russian paying bounties to kill U.S. soldiers is an act of war.

For the President to take action on this matter requires more than unverified intelligence.

But since there are just four months until the election, the fake news media, Deep State, and Democrats are putting a new coat of paint on the Russian collusion hoax and trying to make a new scandal out of it.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Power versus the Republic.Power is represented by the democrats and the republic is represented by President Trump.
    Which will you choose on November 3, 2020????????
    If the democrats regain power, you can lament as OUR REPUBLIC will no longer exist.
    Anyone who believes that Biden will call the shots is either plain stupid or part of the power structure represented by the democrats. History proves that Republics are
    ephemeral. Ae’on in nature. Vote for President Trump and the Republic will stand .
    At least for four more years.

  2. They are democrat’s in waiting to be against what works for the country ; lying all the time ;vote these people on a recall vote now.

  3. I’m quite sure Dan’s little dog had a better heart when healthy and more substance than the mullet mixed breed mongrel that inhabited the Oval Office for eight years with lies and corruption to the likes which the United States has never seen before. But that’s OK, he had the left-wing Liberal lap dog media on his side with set up questions just like with Old Corn Pop has presented to him.

  4. Gilbert…It is clearly you who is the ignorant trashy one. You have no concept of the truth. You attack Pres. Trump, yet extremely vile corrupt Hillary is fine with you. And muslim traitor Obama lied his way into our White House, but you don’t care. The dems have only hate and lies, and you are proof

  5. Zee my dog Dottie was old and had a weak heart. I have a beagle and a golden retriever. Thanks for asking. We loved her. She was a mixed breed mongrel.

  6. Dan – 0h N000, re ‘canine’..
    what happened ? Why ? 🙁
    What breed ??? I’m sad for you.
    I ‘know’ how it feels…

  7. i am trying to determine who did and did not even bother to read the article… comments frequently do not indicate there was anything but a desire to dump on Pres Trump.

  8. “ULTIMATE mask000” = 30 Gal Black Garbage Bag.
    Put 0ver Head W/ 2 ‘eyeball’ Slits.
    > Nice ‘formal Black ‘eve’ Wear’… LMAO…

  9. Zee our friend Diane showed up again a few days ago. She’s still as dumb as a box of rocks.

  10. ps. WHEW – STAY STRONG___
    > Big KrAAp IS COMING … TRY HAVE a
    ‘Nice Summer’ …

  11. HI Butchy !!! GlAD U still HERE !!!
    U OK, Rite ? I Miss STFU !!! LOL…
    > & Dan, U ‘know ‘the deal’… (u ‘lush’. LOL

  12. Just announced:joe biden says his cognitive testing is just fine.he said he wears a mask and does not have cognitive19…Gilbert….hahaha

  13. There goes the end of hoax number 7..trump just keeps playing them like the childish little leftists they are.these leftist politicians are no different than these Asshole antifa pussies..Gilbert..hahaha gilbert

  14. If Trump had been briefed on a Russia bounty even his supporters in Congress and Senate would turn on him. This rumor was intended for simple minded people who believe the commiecrats to run with it.

  15. YOU ALL This is Important. We need to Pray For our President, and call out to the GOD of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, when we pray, we need to say the President’s full name “Donald John Trump” his full name means something to GOD we need to have the Highest respect for our President if we agree or disagree with the way he speaks, issues his actions. GOD put him over the USA to help us with our rights as Christians,Israel and against abortion and other reasons.Pray for all leaders, rioters, neighbors, without gossip, any hate and sin in our life’s All tweets and writings we need to fight back with kind words make it simple words, GOD pray for us and this nation keep the evil one and evil doers away from this nation and world. A Short Story. King David was loosing a battle against an evil King, Why because he had gossipers and back stabbers among his soldiers, GOD was giving the victory to the evil King because there was no division among his troops no gossipers,no back stabbers they stood by the evil King, GOD taught a lesson to Kind David to see what was happening among his soldiers. We need to change things around and take the evil out of our hearts and Pray for our President “Donald John Trump” that he wears the Armor of GOD everyday that he is out there against all evil forces coming at him, us and this nation. God will bless all of us when we stand and pray for our President and leaders good or bad. We need to pray for Israel since it’s the apple of GOD’s eye, he “GOD” said I will bless those who bless you and curse those that curse you. Israel is under attack and our President is standing by the Jewish nation. If we only write GODLY thoughts we can turn lots of people from their hate when they see our hearts towards them, I know it’s hard to do but we need to start doing this asap. Only then GOD change us and the U.S.A.

  16. To Jim 1937; 👍 These punks are all bark and 0 bite… When the sh_t gets deep, they’ll be running like chumps from the jungle fire…

  17. That’s like when one of the Trump kids yelled on the way out the door, “I’m going to see so-and-so” being described as Trump being aware of a meeting a la the frigging FAKE NEWS.

  18. I am GAY and voting for Trump…this country will be a hell hole within 2 yrs after a Biden is sworn in…he is nothing more than a geriatric Mueller who will do whatever Nancy and AOC Squad tell him…..this Kinzinger should be ashamed of himself and his army benefits should be revoked over his betrayal of the most military prone President in our history

  19. @GILBERT WEST Who in his right mind would care what a moron like you has to say? By the way, this “white trash” served this country for 20 years, what have you done except loot and tear down statues?

  20. Adam my wife and I are going to vote for President Trump and a GOP representative from my Rockford district in November.
    I hope & pray he wins a second 4 years and YOU support his efforts to Make America Great Again after all we have been thru this year.

  21. I believe Kinzinger… Who in his right mind would believe anything Trump says? Some low-class ignorant white trash? This scum would die without a scapegoat to blame. Try the deflections somewhere else… Such childish remarks!!! You sound like the filthy little children of some really trashy people.

  22. RINOs are just as dumb as the DemonRATS if they think that Touchy-Feely would make a good President. Touchy-Feely would just be a puppet with ObamASS or other DemonRATs pulling his strings.
    TRUMP 2020.

  23. Renewed right, you blocked my post again for no reason…WHY? This rino is a jerk and needs to be replaced…the “fake” news media is spreading phony Russia hoax stories again…Come on guys, post it…

  24. If you think Obummer was a great President than you must be one lazy pos that doesn’t like to work and expects a handout. His numbers don’t lie…and if you think the economy turned around because of Obummer than your are as delusional as Obiden. This is just another example of wasted time by the libtard democruds.

  25. YES GOD is on out side but he needs OUR help. He needs us to campaign for Republicans and get Out to vote. PERIOD. Even God cannot do tis aloe and neither can President Trump.

  26. Bruce, I truly believe that God gave us a reprieve when He gave us Pres. Trump. Hillary would have finished Obama’s destruction. This next election will determine if we stay the United States or become the communist nation the sick dems want. There is a battle raging between God and satan and the dems are with satan. God wins. They lose

  27. This Liberalist/democrat is “NOT” 1. A Christian. He might claim to be a Christian but his actions prove different. 2. Should be considered a spy and forced to change his affiliation to democrat. 3. President Donald J Trump is a true Christian. His works prove this. He’s the best President this Nation has seen since Ronald Reagon. And Donald J Trump has surpassed him. 4. Donald J Trump is GOD’s appointed President and will make sure he is re-elected. GOD bless President Donald J Trump and his family. And help us once again to keep President Donald J Trump in office. I pray in Jesus’ Name AMEN

  28. This election is the left/dems/satan vs. God/conservatives. satan may win for a time, but that cannot last. They cannot fight God and win. That is impossible. Jesus will come to rule and we will be well rid of the hate-filled, lying dems

  29. Coming clean is a good thing! But those who refused are the enemy of AMERICA! Didn’t Obama start a war with Syrian? Without a vote from the Congress! He a war CRIME. And DEMOCRAT who fail to stand up to him are supporters! Due life in prison without parole!

  30. Bingo! Adam Kinzinger told the truth. Presidents don’t have time to read the book every day, and you don’t accuse another country of an act for war without proof to back it up.
    Democrats know this but they would rather just try and bash Trump with it. Playing politics is more important to democrats than the security of our country.
    If the same thing had happened under Obama the democrat media would have a completely different story to tell. We all know that because we’ve seen it. We’ve seen the double standard and the hypocrisy.

  31. Foolio you need to have your power supply cut or the concentration of your vaporized Dimethyltryptamine increased to a lethal dose, no rational true patriot wishes to read your psychotic viewpoints.

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