This Never-Trump RINO made a surprising confession on CNN

Donald Trump’s enemies within the Republican Party are not going away anytime soon.

Once again they are fixated on another supposed scandal involving Russia.

This Never-Trump RINO made a surprising confession on CNN.

Washington, D.C. has been consumed for days by a story in The New York Times falsely claiming President Trump was briefed on intelligence that the Russians paid the Taliban bounties to kill American troops in Afghanistan.

The CIA Director, Director of National Intelligence, and National Security Advisor all stated that President Trump was never briefed on this unverified report.

The Trump administration invited a number of Republicans to the White House to brief them on the intelligence.

Illinois RINO Adam Kinzinger was one of the members of Congress at this briefing.

Kinzinger – who is no fan of President Trump – said in an interview on fake news CNN that sticking something in a Presidential Daily Book – which few Presidents read every page of every day due to its length – is not the same thing as actually briefing the President.

“Everything I understand is that the president was not briefed about this. Now, if it was in his book, that’s one thing. And maybe he didn’t read it, there’s — most presidents don’t read the entire book every day. They rely on intel to brief them,” Kinzinger stated.

Kinzinger also told fake news CNN that it wasn’t a scandal President Trump wasn’t briefed on the matter because the intelligence community has no idea if the story is true.

“I don’t think it shouldn’t have been told to the president. But what I said, and what I meant, if I didn’t quite say it right, is there was conflicting evidence. So, that’s where you have to make a decision, especially on something as big as Russia. Do you want to present the president with the idea that Russia’s put bounties out on U.S. troops if you don’t fully know yet and if there’s conflicting intelligence, or is it better to gather the rest of that?” Kinzinger asked.

Russian paying bounties to kill U.S. soldiers is an act of war.

For the President to take action on this matter requires more than unverified intelligence.

But since there are just four months until the election, the fake news media, Deep State, and Democrats are putting a new coat of paint on the Russian collusion hoax and trying to make a new scandal out of it.

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