This new bombshell email is the proof Trump was looking for in his investigation into Joe Biden

Another day and another smoking gun email emerges about Joe Biden’s corruption.

This time Tucker Carlson broke the news.

And this new bombshell email is the proof Trump was looking for in his investigation into Joe Biden.

On Thursday night, Tucker Carlson read an email from top Burisma executive Vadym Pozharskyi to Hunter Biden in November 2015.

Pozharskyi wrote to Biden proposing a number of meetings with high ranking U.S. officials with the end result of shutting down negative stories or investigations into the corrupt Ukrainian energy company.

“The scope of work should also include organization of a visit of a number of widely recognized and influential current and/or former US policy-makers to Ukraine in November,” Pozharskyi wrote.

Pozharskyi said his goal was to “bring positive signal/message and support on Nikolay’s issue to the Ukrainian top officials above with the ultimate purpose to close down for any cases/pursuits against Nikolay in Ukraine.”

Now it is clear why Burisma was paying Hunter Biden $50,000 a month to sit on their board despite Hunter Biden having no experience in the energy industry.

Burisma executives expected Hunter Biden – whose father was Vice President Biden – to open doors and peddle influence in Washington, D.C.

In March 2016, just months after Pozharskyi sent his email to Hunter Biden, Joe Biden famously strong armed the Ukrainian President into firing a prosecutor who had been investigating Burisma for corruption by threatening to withhold a billion dollars in American aid.

This was the central focus of the Democrats impeachment hoax in 2019-2020 – that Donald Trump pressured the President of the Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden or Trump would withhold military assistance.

President Trump claimed he was asking for a legitimate investigation into Biden’s corrupt behavior in Ukraine before approving the money to make sure it would go to its intended purpose.

And months later Donald Trump was proven right.

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