This new poll is the final nail in Bill Clinton’s coffin

Bill Clinton is in big trouble.

The former President once again was tripped up by his scandalous past involving accusations of rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment.

And now one brand new poll is the final nail in his political coffin.

A Rasmussen survey found an astonishing 53 percent of Americans believe Bill Clinton is a sexual predator:

“The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 24% of Likely U.S. Voters consider Clinton a victim of his political opponents. Fifty-three percent (53%) describe the ex-president as a sexual predator instead. Another 24% are undecided.”

This survey was released on the heels of a disastrous interview Clinton gave to NBC where he whined about how he was the real the victim of the Monica Lewinsky affair because he left the White House $16 million in debt.

Clinton also revealed in the interview that he had not personally apologized to Lewinsky.

The Rasmussen survey showed a clear plurality of voters believed this was a mistake and that Clinton should apologize to Lewinsky:

“Clinton in the TV interview also said he didn’t see any need to apologize personally to Monica Lewinsky, the White House intern he had an affair with and a key figure in the impeachment scandal. But 44% of all voters say Clinton should personally apologize to Lewinsky. Thirty-four percent (34%) disagree, while 22% are undecided.”

These poll numbers could signal the end of Bill Clinton as a force in American politics.

No Democrat will want to campaign with him given how dependent the party is on female activists.

Any candidate who appears with Clinton will be bombarded with questions about if they believe the accusations against Clinton.

The downside will outweigh any benefit so Clinton will end up sidelined during these midterm elections.