This NFL star met Caitlin Clark, and you won’t believe what he said

Caitlin Clark may be the biggest star in the history of women’s sports in America.

Clark’s record setting scoring allowed her to crossover into the mainstream.

And this NFL star met Caitlin Clark, and you won’t believe what he said.

Caitlin Clark meets NFL All-Pro George Kittle

Five-time Pro Bowler and two-time All Pro George Kittle is arguably the best tight end in the National Football League.

The San Francisco 49ers star is also a former University of Iowa Hawkeye.

And Kittle and his family took in Iowa’s 64-54 win over West Virginia in the second round of the Women’s NCAA Tournament.

Clark poured in 32 points in that game, and Kittle had nothing but good things to say about Clark’s game and – more importantly – her personally.

“She’s incredibly personable. She’s charismatic. She’s just so authentic,” Kittle said in an interview with Fox News Digital. “She doesn’t fake anything. She’s very interested in everything you’re talking about. She’s great to have a conversation with. You can tell how much she loves her teammates.”

Kittle added that despite her stardom, Clark was still a down to earth college girl who makes time for everyone.

“We were hanging out in the training room after the game just to get away from the crowd a little bit,” Kittle added. “She comes in, hugs all the athletic trainers, talks to everybody, talks to us a little bit, and you just see how much people care for her. She has this incredible reputation that she’s built day in and day out. So, she’s done that and just so excited for her.”

“You see how she is on the court. She has this competitiveness. She’s got this fire in her,” Kittle added. “But as soon as she gets off the court, there’s this flip of the switch. She’s just Caitlin Clark. To be able to go back and forth between all that, you have to be very good to be able to do that, and she does that flawlessly.”

“It’s a spectacle [to watch her play] and [I’m] just happy for her success,” Kittle tacked on.

Kittle discusses Clark’s impending pro-career

Caitlin Clark was the number one pick in the WNBA draft by the Indiana Fever.

Clark sold more jerseys on the first day than any player in any sport.

The WNBA draft also drew a record number of viewers.

Kittle told Fox News that even though he and his family are from Iowa, they would all now be Fever fans.

“With Indiana, the amount of Iowa fans who are going to travel to see her play, it’s going to be a sold-out stadium every time they play. It’s really fun to be able to follow her and her incredible journey,” Kittle concluded.

The WNBA’s media rights deals – which pays the league $65 million this year – are due for renegotiation.

Thanks to Clark’s presence in the league – and her appeal across the sports world – means the league will see a sizable increase in TV rights fees.

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