This one fact about the Ukraine whistleblower will change everything you think

A whistleblower set off a chain of events that ended with Democrats endorsing an impeachment inquiry after they filed a complaint about a phone call between Donald Trump and the Ukrainian President.

But the whistleblower’s identity was shrouded in mystery.

That is all about to change because this one fact about the Ukraine whistleblower will change everything you think.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff announced his committee was in touch with the whistleblower’s lawyers about appearing for testimony.

That set off a round of questions about who the whistleblower’s attorneys were.

And the revelation of their identity immediately called into question the entire story.

Andrew P. Bakaj is representing the whistleblower.

Bakaj previously worked for Senators Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton, and also worked at the CIA and State Department.

Breitbart reports:

The announcement sparked questions about the lawyers representing the whistleblower. Andrew P. Bakaj, a former CIA official and founding/partnering manager of the Washington DC-based Compass Rose Legal Group, is one of the attorneys representing the whistleblower. He and the firm specialize in “adverse security clearance actions, whistleblower activities, and individuals, corporations, and organizations who are facing criminal and/or administrative investigations.”

Yahoo News notes that he “left the CIA in 2014 after facing professional retaliation for trying to work with intelligence community whistleblowers,” and the Washington Times describes him as a “vindicated whistleblower.”

The firm’s website details Bakaj’s past work as a private practice attorney in the nation’s capital and highlights his experience on Capitol Hill, working for three senators: late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY), as well as Schumer and Clinton.

The bio also mentions Bakaj’s past work for the Department of State, particularly at the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The whistleblower retaining partisan counsel like Bakaj suggests this story is another Democrat Party hit job.

t reminds many Americans of the first clue the allegations against Kavanaugh were a hoax — when Christine Blasey Ford retained liberal activists to represent her.

The whistleblower retaining Bakaj leads many Americans to question the credibility of this so-called “whistleblower’s” claims.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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  11. Actually, Trump will RETIRE if he can get a deal that keeps him, his kids, and Trump companies from being prosecuted. And that would be a hell of a deal for him! Do you know how many law suits he’s fighting at the moment???
    And, btw, the economy is beginning to tank. Or haven’t you noticed?

  12. What I do not understand is this so called liar (oops) whistleblower left the CIA in 2014. Trump did not take office till Jan of 2017. My first question is what was he doing with so called access to classified information and phone taps almost five years after he left the CIA. Second is he was in the CIA under Obama and was removed by the Obama administration basically for spying on his own people when he began pushing the whistleblower angle. Something really stinks.

  13. Don’t bother asking The RedMan any questions or expect to get any kind of remotely intelligent or even coherent response. The RedMan is a troll and it only serves one purpose.

  14. R U drinking KKK ‘k’oolaid? wow: Currently we have and so does Trump: Someone said something about the someone who had suggested that someone said something about what Trump may have said to someone. aka anonymous “whistleblower” — who did not hear Trump’s conversation directly… . now needs a lawyer? Why would she need legal defense? Was she lying? Making stuff up? so what does this have to do with trump butt bumps and glorifying him?

  15. Trump supporters are not moronic. We just don’t have a choice. It’s either Trump or the democrat clown car promising FREE this and FREE that for everyone, with some New Green Deal on the side. Call that a choice?

  16. not so much intelligent then coolade drinkers that are trying to turn America into a third world country.. Trump 2020 !

  17. He’s put 100s of constitutionalist judges on the courts.
    He’s gotten rid of Obama’s burdensome EPA climate change nonsense.
    Got us out of the Paris Climate Accord, and the Iran nuclear wreck.
    He’s put pressure on other countries to pay their fair share.
    He got rid of the unconstitutional ACA mandate.
    I could go on and on.

  18. OK so let’s vote for a guy who’s never ran a business, been in government his whole life, and promises FREE everything for everyone?

  19. It’s not so much the tax cuts that boosted the economy but all the burdensome EPA climate change regulations Obama instituted that Trump had to undo so he could start making America Great Again.

  20. Well you believe Trump is shredding the constitution without ever reading the constitution so it seems you’re into conspiracy theories too.
    If you had read the constitution you would have known the Hatch Act has nothing to do with it and it doesn’t even apply to presidents. It seems like you love to just make things up – hit and run comments.

  21. Truth & Facts, no excuse for your decisions…because murderers are a dime a dozen on the left. This includes abortions and suspicous suicides. Missing persons, abducted children who are used and their skin worn as shoes by elites. Careful what you wish for without all the facts. Sorry but we are all imperfect, including you, but who is following closest to God’s order. King David wasn’t perfect, but was a man after God’s own heart. Because he repented and did his best so God could use him. He listened to God’s voice, and obeyed. Just choose and live with the consequences of blood on your hands, or not. Your choice in th these last days according to scripture. Besides God places people in office, no matter what is tried. Only God can remove President Trump! God Bless President Trump, VP Pence and America’s people, including you.

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  23. He has put millions of of Americans back to work, he has cut taxes so the working class can keep more of their hard earned money for themselves, he got us out of that deal with Iran (that was all for Iran at America’s expense), he has broken the back of ISIS (a terrorist organization supported by OBAMA). The economy is thriving. He has made other countries pay their share of the expenses of the U.N. forces. He is constructing the wall to keep America safe. Wake up!

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  27. Sorry jreb57, got it wrong: Fusion GPS was first hired by the conservative news website The Washington Free Beacon to research Trump’s alleged ties to Russia during the Republican primaries. To do so, the company hired former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, a longtime Russia expert. Fusion GPS was first hired by the conservative news website The Washington Free Beacon to research Trump’s alleged ties to Russia during the Republican primaries. To do so, the company hired former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, a longtime Russia expert. The DNC and Clinton campaign’s role in funding the dossier, which was reported by the Washington Post, doesn’t add much to what was already public. It’s been understood for months that the research that went into the document was initially underwritten by Trump’s Republican opponents during the GOP primary season, and later taken over by Democrats during the general election campaign.

  28. You are SO so correct!!! Biden and his co-horts (Obama, probably) were putting Biden’s son in a cushy job in the Ukraine, and when Ukraine prosecutor wanted to investigate the Ukraine company Biden was director of, along gallops VP Biden to the rescue, saying he is withholding 1 BILLION DOLLARS aid to Ukraine unless Ukraine fires that prosecutor! EXTORTION, it seems!!

  29. BB I’m against sexual assault in any form. About trump, I don’t believe that he sexually assaulted anyone He never said that he grabbed pussy. He just said a celebrity can get away with more.

  30. I understand that the “whistleblower” is a CIA operative that has now returned to the CIA. The CIA is banned from spying on and having “ops” in the US against US citizens. If so, that is criminal.

  31. We get his humor! The “total allegiance to Trump” comments written here attest to the fact that he continues to get by with lies, outrageous statements, false allegations and exaggerations. A pitiful “belief system” to say the least!

  32. There are many unreported stories just like this that get no attention!! We all have faults, so does he, but I have no right to judge. I am not perfect and have made plenty of mistakes in my 70 years. I love Trump!! Best President I have seen ever!! Even Franklin Graham has said Trump will go down as the greatest President in history. Good enough for me.

  33. I have family members that knew Trump and what you say doesn’t resemble anything I have heard over the years. One story is when his limo broke down and a couple stopping and offering him a ride and thanked them by paying off their mortgage!!.

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  40. Your good writing skills indicate that you are intelligent. Therefore, what you write gives me pause. I’d feel BETTER if people of your calibre were on our side. Anyway…you’ve given me some things to think about…

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  44. Of course, there can be failures and creative, driven business people learn from the failures and can become very successful and wealthy people. But Trump got bailed out by his father, then the banks until they figured Trump out and would not lend him more money. To save themselves, the banks came up with the idea for Trump to “brand” himself. Plus legitimate business people don’t have anything to do with scam businesses, such as Trump University.

  45. You know nothing about me….so have to call names in place of any reasonable debate. I will tell you that I have ancestors that fought in the War of Independence 1776 and the War of 1812. That’s all you need to know about me!!!!

  46. You Leftist Democrats are the ones who try to separate truth from reality with all this your truth vs my truth crap.

  47. “the most glorious period of prosperity” teresa? Not only is that false for everyone but the most wealthy, but I’m sorry you sold your soul for that illusion.

  48. You do not know shi*. You democrats think up something on Trump and you run like heck to WSJ,NBC, CBS,CNN,and any other you can con. We are so sick of this it makes you wanna puke. The American people (the real ones)love Donald T.

  49. Your obviously an idiot. Anyone in his line of work has a few failed businesses. How many successes has he had? Enough to be very wealthy huh.. moron.

  50. Note to Jane Tarzan:

    I read your posts whenever I see them.

    Please continue posting; and God bless you.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  51. Truth and Facts:

    We are not naive. We know Trump had and still had faults.

    He managed to get elected despite enormous, unfair opposition.

    He has a big mouth.


    I pray for his continued good health every day.


  52. Unfortunately, there are too many with the same brain problem. Too stupid to see their Country being taken down by the Communist Democrats. Liars and thieves selling out our Country Like Hillary and the Biden’s have done. Obama was the biggest traitor ever to be in our government.

  53. Uneducated Americans only support Trump?

    Ask your doctor. Democrats have been in bed with trial attorneys forever.

    Ask engineers who lost their jobs because of HB-1 visas Democrats colluding with large business produced.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  54. Donald Trump does not have a “stellar” relationship with women, at least in the past. We are not naive. We recognize that, and always have.

    He is not even a “true” conservative either.

    He is not a racist and you and I both know that has no basis in truth. He has, in the past “stiffed” some of his suppliers. Undoubtedly he is not proud of that.

    But he is SAVING this Country, and doing a fantastic job at that.

    His election proves that “God has a sense of humor.”

    We Americans pray for his continued good health.


  55. Sign me up too im sick of these Demonrats, they keep getting away with everything. They’ve committed Treason, they are traitors, liars, backstabbers, murderers, shall i go on. They have done NOTHING FOR THIS COUNTRY for decades and as soon as we get a PRESIDENT who is for America and its people they cant stand it because they love to take taxpayers money, thats how they live high on the hog. DRAIN THE SWAMP NOW. No more wasting taxpayers money on a bunch of made up lies.

  56. Sorry Joanna, but if you support that you are certainly no Christian; and considering yourself a patriotic american is shameful.

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  58. Except, Larry, it was a trump appointee, a republican… the inspector general.. who deemed it credible and of urgent concern.

  59. He wont be impeached. This is just another smoke screen to TRY and make Trump look bad so they can grow their base. That wont happen either. The vote to impeach has to be put forth to the Senate which the Republicans hold the majority of. No impeachment , waste of time and money.
    Democrats are getting desperate

  60. Except for the fact, Pete, that the Inspector General did in fact investigate this whistleblower report, which was corroborated by others.

  61. Everyone of the democrats should be tried, and hung, for obstructing the office of the President. Adam Dip Schiff and Schmuck Schitbag first

  62. Everyone of the democrats should be tried, and hung, for obstructing the office of the President. Adam Dip Schiff and Schmuck Schitbag first

  63. I thought your mother ran the bars and whore houses. Oh my bad she just worked there. It was your Granny that ran it. Go eat do do you scumbag democrat

  64. Dear 82Airborne,
    First, thank you for your service to our country and trying to keep us safe.
    Second, I am a Christian BUT I love your answer to these stupid problems. I am so….very sick of the word “ impeachment that I could scream.
    We have to start helping our President with these scum bag Democrats and “taking out”;the scumbags as you suggested. Wouldn’t that be fun. Sign me up!!!!!

  65. Well we are certainly glad you are not in charge you sound like a real fascist jackboot thug. Maybe that’s why they call you a Republithugs.

  66. But the country would be poorer if you get rid of California. Look at how much GDP they generate. You might have to pay more in taxes although tRUMP screwed the blue states with tax deductions. But I am sure all you Republithugs were happy about that. But if you get rid of California the Republithugs Corporate masters would not be happy.

  67. We are beginning to see that the whistleblower scam was created by Shift, Schumer, Pelosi and the lawyers representing the whistleblower. The procedure taken by the whistleblower and the written documents supporting the whistleblower’s claims were too perfect- they were written by people very experienced in the specific whistleblower law and legal maneuverings! The Democrats also acted too fast in response to the release of information-LEAKED- by the media that such a report existed! The Democrat ringleaders knew the whistleblower report was baseless and fraudulent, but they had to act fast in order to cause a scene and to prevent the exposure of the truth of their scam. With the help of the media, they blew the story up into a frenzy only to inhibit any fair investigation, forestall revealing the scam with the smokescreen created by the media blitz. The democrat scam has a dual purpose: hurt the president and screen Joe Biden and his son for sure . And the whistleblower’s claim comes as Biden’s poll numbers plummet! Joe Biden bragged that he would stop the transfer of government funds, approved by congress, to the Ukranian Government! That is a High crime-Sedition and Treason- that should have been punished by his own impeachment. What governmental money or state secrets or business secrets did Joe Biden and his son give to the Chinese in return for the Billion dollars? Hunter and Joe Biden should be investigated and punished for admitted crimes!

  68. “Trump is the globalist”
    The dossier was paid for by the DNC to help elect Hillary. It involved Chris Steele a former British MI6 agent and Russian operatives. The Democrats are the globalists, just like their communist sympathizers.

  69. “The Demorats are going after Trump because they are afraid of being exposed”
    They have already been exposed. The only thing that remains to be done is vote accordingly.

  70. Whistleblowers should have to provide some evidence that what they are saying is capable of being proved true. It appears that the transcripts released by the president have proven the charges to be false.

  71. Robert Mendez:
    What I would say is that people on your side of the aisle have been accusing the president of doing what they (Democrats) have been doing. Example: The Trump dossier, and Biden’s (admitted) obstruction of justice in Ukraine regarding the prosecution of his son Hunter. As far as troubles, how about the community reinvestment act and the repeal of Glass Steagall banking protections

  72. Where do your “facts” come from-Pelousy, Scummer, Shifty Schiff, Nasty Nadler, or Obummer, maybe even HiLIARy?

  73. BS. What norms has he violated? It’s pretty much abnormal for the country to be doing well. Is that what you’re talking about? GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT!!! TRUMP 2020!!!

  74. Problem is, when a Dem wants a bill passed, they throw in so much pork, it makes the original bill virtually impossible to find! They are the epitome of corruption! Thank God we have Mitch, standing strong. They’re few and far between!

  75. Funny when they cannot find what they are looking for even when president Trump declassifies the information. Trump once said that their is only one truth and it cannot be altered. So I guess the democrats cannot fathom that concept. To bad for them.

  76. Trump brought in his own swamp which, based upon the indictments already handed out to his appointees and connections, will be the “biggest” in the history of this country. Of course, it’s in his blood. His grandfather ran bars and whore houses in the west and Alaska, and was rejected by Germany when his wanted to return–because he had left and not served in the Army. (Hmmmm…strikes a note somewhere!) So he came back and invested his money in building gov’t housing. He and son Fred ripped off the gov’t by overcharging on building costs, explaining that they did that because they could get away with it. (No genetic integrity, I guess!) We all know Trump has failed at many businesses, given false documents on loan applications and taxes (which he has bragged about not paying anything), and lies to the public daily. btw, income inequality is the greatest it’s been in 50 years. How much did you benefit from Trump’s tax cuts???

  77. Obvioualy, the Whistleblower Act has to be changed to mandate that the whistleblower have first hand knowledge of the infraction or crime and 2nd hand information must be thoroughly vetted in order to be admitted into the complaint!

  78. The sane democrats have left the party already. Most have become independents a few went whole hog and became republicans. I’m a no political party preference myself and will stay that way. That is why the democrats are for open borders, they need the illegals, illegal votes.

  79. Actually Robert, its you drinking the poisoned swamp water of the dim/leftist swamp that is causing gibberish to dribble out of your mouth. The dims can’t get over President Trump kicking Hilda’s behind and becoming President. Thank God this country was spared! The dims haven’t done any thing intelligent since President Trump was elected. Time for the dims temper tantrums to top and for them to act like adults.

  80. The Demorats are going after Trump because they are afraid of being exposed of all their corruption, illegal tactics and money laundering. VOTE in 2020!!!!!!

  81. The pencil neck pinhead treated a valued ADMRIAL like one of his stupid dumb-o-craps it proved, once again, that dumb-o-craps are all just over used toilet paper and should be flushed down the drain.

  82. The Terrible thing about whistleblowers is….they are protected, not letting the accused face the accuser, can lie and just stir the pot. Then they get some puffed up supporters and all hell breaks loose……

    I am still thankful that Trump is President…. he has accomplished so much in spite of the horrible bullies elected by Dems, getting paid with taxpayer’s money, and failing to do the job they were sent to DC to do……

  83. Agree Chris. But our so-called justice system has failed to act when there is overwhelming evidence of dim corruption, criminal activity and far worse I am sure, but its so far being hidden. So why wouldn’t the evil doers try again and again since there doesn’t seem to be any punishment for their crimes! The ultimate Ha Ha will come when President Trump wins in 2020. A happy day will be when all the evil doers are led out in handcuffs and sent to Federal Prison for long prison terms. The dims are still trying to punish President Trump and the folks who voted for him because he soundly kicked Hilda’s behind and made the media morons look like idiots when he won.

  84. Hey mendez you’re probably hear illegally but you get on the boat that you came from or the rubber tube you floated here on. And I’ll meet you out in the middle of the Atlantic so I can pop it on you and watch you drown

  85. you don’t actually understand Trump’s humor or you are just a democrat that tries to make a mountain out of a mole hill. The remark of “he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue, and his people would be OK with it” is a poor humor comment. He was jokingly saying his followers believe in him. Yes it is a bad comment but you need to understand people before making comments about them

  86. Yes it is treason and I would use my political clout and power if I was president even if I had to use the military to do so to round up every Democrat in office right now retain them bring them to gitmo and have a tribunal convened Convict every last one of them And then have them all executed. That will be the last time we ever see a coup happen in this nation. Especially by the Democratic Party cause There would be none left when I got through with them

  87. Dan T., Pollsters (poll takers and statisticians) would have us believe women don’t support President Trump but reality is screaming, yes they do! My memory was jogged to address this when I pulled up an email with three replies to your comment that I am replying to here. All three of these replies were made by women. I realize these are supposedly conservative sites which a lot of us doubt and I believe all the women on here are not Republicans or they are newly “converted”. What these people like JD are saying about polls being accurate, is much like the polls during the 2016 Presidential election and, we all know how wrong that was. Scores of Republicans, male and female, just won’t participate in polls, thinking how they vote is their business, or lie as to who they support. Why? Well, they don’t “trust” polls because polls can be easily edited and slanted toward whichever party the pollster is a member! JD would have a thousand reasons why this is not correct but, I bet a burger you look at polls like that and may can add a few more reasons why Republicans don’t participate in polls. I can tell you for sure, I would not knowingly cooperate with a poll being taken by a Democrat, period! And, I don’t think I am much different than any other Republican……………. I digress, I believe everyone will be surprised by the number of women who vote for DJT in 2020!

  88. Just another Dem hit job just like the Kavanagh scam but this time nobody believe it. After lying to the public for the past three years Dems are stupid enough to think they can get away with it.

  89. Wow, I agree! I couldn’t stand Obama, but had to respect him as president! Trump has done so much more for our country than Obama ever did. He caused nothing but strife between the races!!! I even prayed for him to change!!

  90. linda: any body can pass a bill but ask your self do any thing he liberal democrats do make any sense. nothing they pass will help the american worker. do you as a person with any common sense let muslim’s tell you what to do?

  91. look at all the great thangs our elected president has done without any help from the dems and his own party. Just thank how great our country would be if we had people all pulling in to make thangs like i know they could be instead of fighting each other all the tine.

  92. poor pelosi , she looks like she had to many opioids today , or is she drunk again they talk about abuse of power , being above the law , and corruption , we have seen it all in the democrats for the last 3 years , isn’t it treason to try and unseat the president on phony charges

  93. I think it’s time people let the Democrats know that we’re tired of OUR taxpayer dollars paying for this farce, and if they want it to continue, they need to use their own money. How much more of taypayer money is going to be wasted? This is all they’ve done since Trump took office. Spent OUR money on something we don’t want. Why aren’t they working for the people that elected them instead of working for themselves? Time to VOTE THEM OUT.

  94. Yeah Scott27 said pretty much the same thing as you but couldn’t come up with any examples. He said Trump was shredding the constitution.

  95. We do not believe the “whistleblower” is a single individual. One person may appear as a front for the group, but it is our judgment from a thorough review of the entire package that this is a composite effort by a team of individuals to injure the President and possibly Mr. Biden also. Consequently, we are expanding our probe to include associates of current Democratic candidates for President.

  96. Yeah but the house hasn’t passed the most important bill right now and that’s funding for a border wall. If democrats won’t do their job and work to protect our country why should republicans even look at their other bills? Pelosi and Schumer are both on record saying we need to crack down on illegal immigration when Obama was in office but now that Trump is in office, nothing but obstruction.

  97. The entire Congress and Senate need to give up their salaries until we the people recoup our money they wasted on the witch hunt that the rinos allowed to and continue to allow to go on.

  98. I am tired of the democrats spending all their time trying to impeach our DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT. It’s gotten to the point if they had a film of President Trump killing Nancy Pelosi, I’d start looking for the actor they paid to play the role. I no longer have any faith in the democratic party at all. I’M SURE THEIR MUST BE SOME DEMOCRATS WHO ARE SANE LEFT. I just haven’t seen any of them lately.

  99. Could you repost your comments about Harry Reid when he was sitting on 400 pieces of legislation passed by the Republican led House? Or, repost your comments about how Harry Reid refused to bring the BUDGET to a vote, even though that one is required BY LAW?

  100. Calm down, this is what happens to people drinking too much Trump kool-aid. To people like you who have been duped into believing all the ails of our nation is the fault of the Democrats. Poppycock I say, this man has violated every norm of the presidency and is a pathological liar. He is in deep do-do right now and he doesn’t know why.

  101. This article is supposition, because no one really knows at this point who the whistleblower is. So, not knowing that, you make up some conspiracy and guess what might be happening. Why can’t you wait for the information to come out?

  102. I thought they were voted in so we could all have a good laugh at their stupidity and to show us the importance of never voting for a Dimmocommie again. Blue team my butt. Team of ignorant fools.

  103. I wish they would go some where. Trump will get elected. those of us who know what is going one, Thank God for him, will never leave him. He is loved by his people.

  104. I can understand why a gutless anonymous whistleblower is afraid for their safety if it was about a Clinton,
    Obama, Biden or some other elitist democrat, but Trump has no track record in that regard.
    We need to find out the whistleblower’s identity. So far it has been leakproof. Democrat’s don’t leak information that will be detrimental to their narrative.

  105. I too believe that the Democrats staged the whistle blower on purpose because they want Biden out of the Demo race. He is the only one who will be caught up in this investigation and if it comes out that him sitting giving a televised conversation about how he went about holding back funds if the prosecutor was not fired in the next six hours…televised. If that is not against the law then I’m not sure what is. Trump requesting an investigation should not be because something really happened if the son was paid $50,000 a week for some job he had no experience in…there is definitely a reason to investigate.

  106. Wow. The House has passed many bills, but #MoscowMitch will not put them on the floor. So, who is really not doing their job?? BTW, his administration and the GOP have all lost their credibility because they have all begun to lie under his watch. Most of us know what kind of a man trump is…but like he said “he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue, and his people would be OK with it”.

  107. And we need to get the Republicans in the Senate who could be holding hearing right now on Biden and his son, and on other things but they have no “testicular fortitude.”


  109. Deep state victims that just keeping exposing themselves to America. This is getting to be more fun when we know the guilty partners involved with the Clintons. Talk about deep, they are digging to China to get dirt on anybody seeing as they are deep in with China and were deep in with Ukraine. There was never Russia just China and Ukraine and Hillary.

  110. I am sick and tired of the Democrates crying all the time. They need to start earning the money they are being paid and do the job (making America great) that they were elected to do and get off Trump’s back. He is doing a good job for us and they should appreciate it. Otherwise, put the illegals in their home area, let the Russians run over us, let crooked people like Beiden, etc., rip everyone off.

  111. I am sick and tired of the Democrates crying all the time. They need to start earning the money they are being paid and do the job (making America great) that they were elected to do and get off Trump’s back. He is doing a good job for us and they should appreciate it. Otherwise, put the illegals in their home area, let the Russians run over us, let crooked people like Beiden, etc., rip everyone off.

  112. Couldn’t be better said. America is having the most glorious period of prosperity under President Trump, and the lunatic lefties are fully insane with their envy.

  113. In a letter to the Attorney General the person in the room somewhere listening in to the conversation wrote that nothing in it would arouse any problem with national security and therefore asked why would it become classified? So there is the person telling others that just because all calls with foreign nationals and our president get put in classified area, he only questions this one? right after he clearly said there is nothing in the call to affect national security. bogus and fake

  114. Oh they have a pile of dirt on everyone including themselves. They will keep piling on crap until it all falls back on them and smothers them.

  115. Dan T., Yes I remember Merle Haggard from days gone by…and yes on the spin and lies. The stooges are so much fun and make my day when they get everybody going and replying to them and the comments are flying in on my computer. The Republicans on here have made me proud, they are savvy, intelligent and fun to read. Man, it gets wild sometimes! Time just flies by when that kind of stuff is going on……………Woo Hoo!

  116. It’s hard to imagine Trump an idiot when the commiecrats fail with every effort to get rid of him. They will have a cow WHEN he’s re-elected. And internal polls show him doing well in key states. I’m not a fan of polls, but it looks good.

  117. Real M it’s comical to read their spin and lies. But liberalism is based on lies. Remember the old Merle Haggard song about a government giving free bubble up and rainbow stew? That looks good on paper, but I won’t even play that song on my fiddle. And I’m a great fan of Haggard. Have met him.

  118. Dan T., Yes, they are three Halloween spook stooges, out and about waaaaay early! Poor things they don’t even realize Halloween is next month…..Maybe they will go “trick or treating”! 🙂 I want some candy!

  119. Do not put faith in Democratic attacks on the President. Given time when all the facts come out it is always questionable. Democratic Party is in panic. Just wait for final results.

  120. Please Congress. Stop this nonsense. Go and do your job that you are elected to do in Washington. Since President Trump got elected you wasted tax payers money and time probing the illegitimacy of his presidency. Pres. Trump is our President and you congress needs to accept it and respect the office. A lot of people did not like Clinton and Obama either but they had the decency and character to respect them as Presidents. President Trump did more than any other recent Presidents to all Americans regardless of color or economic class. President Trump for 2020. Amen.

  121. And DJ Trump is the “sewer” manager. Someday his “Teflon” will wear off and he will meet the same fate as another NYC “Teflon Don” (John Gotti)and Trump will rot and die in jail!!!!!

  122. Just kidding Just seeing If anyone is paying attention. I invite anyone to put me out of my misery If I ever mean that

  123. Ok everyone. Let’s be nice. Turn in all of your guns and vote democratic. Stop being fools. We need to be a global community.

  124. The Russia probe didn’t work for the Dems so now they are doing the Ukraine debacle, they need to start doing their jobs instead of all the ‘crap’ they have spent the last 3 years on. I’m sick of my tax payer money paying them for doing nothing.

  125. Would really be nice if the Democrats went back to work, doing the jobs they were voted in to do and are getting paid to do. They have been basically robbing America for the last three years with their endless array of lies, fabricated untrue stories and do anything and everything to hurt our President. They have done absolutely NOTHING to help the American People….NOTHING!

  126. Estell, I am a believer and have preached this for years every since BHO told us to not be alarmed because we were going to be seeing UN vehicles all around America. Nothing to worry about, they were just preparing to help us in case of a disaster. (Yes, they would have been the disaster!) I have never heard of anyone who ever saw one sign of a UN vehicle and have always wondered what changed or why did he say that……
    That, of course, is part of the plan for globalization/NWO! Hell no, we won’t go!

  127. The dems plan on handing us over to the UN. If you don’t believe it go into the UNs website and you will see that the dems are following the UNs agenda. And all these freebies they say they want to give us is all a hoax to get votes. They have no intentions of following through with them. The whistleblower deal is just another smoke screen to cover up what they are really up to.

  128. If trump-the-hump admitted to it, Why are you greasy headed racist still whining like stinky shampoo headed losers. hahahahahhahahahahaha

  129. The democrats will continue with this new witch hunt till election and again after the elections when trump will win again. But hopefully the democrats will lose the house and the senate on this coming elections, and only then can the democrats be prosecuted for their crimes and they’re many. Biden son, Omar, kamala Harris, Schumer, etc..but it depends on the republicans to do this and I hope they’re angry enough to do it. We also need to get the rhinos out …

  130. THE Second hand WHIFFLEBLOWER….has Tw0 ODIFEROUS AROMAS…STINK that is
    1) DNC PLANTED what ever it is to get Biden OUT of the race in favor of a REAL COMMUNIST
    2) SCHMUCKO SCHUMER has Designs on the SENATE top JOB ( but like Biden he could run a fully Staffed Whorehouse in DC at a lOSS) .. and bESIDES the DEEP STATE has Someone else in MIND ….

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