This picture is the one image that could end Joe Biden’s presidential campaign

Former Vice President Joe Biden is leading Donald Trump in hypothetical 2020 matchup polls.

But now Biden is facing a crisis.

And that’s because this picture is the one image that could end Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign.

Biden participated in a CNN town hall on so-called “climate change.”

Unfortunately for Biden the biggest news he made during the event was an odd moment when a blood vessel in his eye burst and the former Vice President was photographed with a bloody eye.

Breitbart reports:

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s left eye filled with blood while he was onstage Wednesday during a CNN town hall on climate change, apparently from a burst vessel.

Biden was in the middle of speaking when his eye appeared to fill with blood, and he seemed not to notice.

The incident instantly gained attention on social media

This health calamity comes on the heels of pundits questioning whether or not the 76 year-old Biden is senile after a series of gaffes and lies dominated the news coverage surrounding Biden’s campaign.

Now in addition to questions about Biden’s mental stability, Americans will wonder whether Biden is hiding the fact that – at 76 years old – he just isn’t physically up to the demands of running for president, let alone serving as Commander-in-Chief.

Biden’s candidacy is built on his supposed electability.

But in 2016, voters rejected Hillary Clinton in part because they found her untrustworthy after she hid a serious illness during the campaign.

Democrats could reject Biden if they think 2020 will be a replay of 2016.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Redman
    I’m white, but if all my freckles were to get together I would be tanned. There is nothing I can do about my skin, but there is always something I can do about my attitude. There are only two things in life you can change. Your attitude and your actions.

  2. I hope Trump wins again. In my opinion, there isn’t a viable Democratic candidate for POTUS. The Democratic party if fractured/splintered and ready to fall.. I believe there will be a separation of the Democratic party where the Blue Dogs will split from the party. The Blue Dogs of long ago were conservative/moderate Democrats who stood up for the middle class and little guy, however, they have become obsolete. Congress (both parties) are paid $174,000/yr to support their constituents wishes which they have not done.

  3. I don’t think Biden will be the Dem candidate. Personally, I don’t like any of them, therefore, I won’t vote for them.

  4. No. Keep Biden in he is like a comedian . We need some one to laugh at . Do you wrealy think he will be elected ? The American people are not that stupid . No one right now could beat trump..
    Name me one

  5. 2 years and eight months later we still see our media continues to be liars. The supposed poll shows Trump behind to Biden? I throw out the BS flag. When you see all of the other approval ratings and polls the math doesn’t support Biden. That said, when Trump does win again let’s see if the leftwing gestapo can embarrass themselves as much as last election.

  6. Yeah, i guess so.
    Biden got some ‘baaad’ problemmos.
    Also 2 have stepped up to ‘challenge’ Trump –
    Now ‘THAT’ is going to be ‘glorious’. 0u.
    & ‘scathing’ to ‘mincemeat’.

  7. Do you call yourself truth and facts because you wish you knew what they are?? You are not fooling anyone. It is obvious that you have only hate and lies.

  8. Truth, you show your profound ignorance every time you post. You have no clue about Pres. Trump. You just spew your hate and ignorance. There is no way he will be impeached. Name ONE THING that he has done that he should be impeached for. You CAN’T!!!! He has done nothing wrong. He has done far more for this country than Obama, who is a muslim and sides with our enemies. WAKE UP!!!

  9. Jonathan…Are you really that stupid???? Yes, I’m sure you are. sad. It obviously makes no difference if he went to Harvard and is a Rhodes Scholar. He has no clue. And neither do you.

  10. Tr…That is a LIE!!! But that’s all dems have is hate and lies. They have no morals. They threw God out and satan has taken over their party. You are proof.

  11. Truth…You really need to change your screen name. You have no concept of what is truth or what is fact. Pres. Trump has done a lot more for you than Obama ever even dreamed of. THAT is a fact. You can check it out. And you are calling him a liar? Really???? Hillary lies every time she opens her mouth and you are fine with that. Muslim traitor Obama lied his way into our White House, but you are fine with that. And I am very low income, but just got a very good raise. NOTHING you say is true. You just spew your hatred.

  12. Richard, dems are brainless. They cannot think for themselves. All they have is sick hatred, lies, and name-calling like you just did. You just vilely attacked someone.

  13. Biden is a Clinton stooge and will do whatever they tell him to do. He is too brain dead to think for himself. Just what we need, another crooked Clinton in office, oh goody, goody. I think I’ll puke.

  14. Charlotte Osborn: And to top it off he is a total moron. He can’t even deliver a sentence anymore. If they actually run him for Prez, I think Trump will win by large margin, and the Left will stay at home.

  15. Maddczech, did you say all of that just to be noticed? It was totally and completely inane. No relevance at all and a waste of everyone’s time. Try to think of something interesting to say and maybe everyone won’t think you are an idiot.

  16. So true Charlotte. The Dems, such as Hitlery, will run (or should I say “ruin”) the country if Biden were to win.

  17. Red Man, Why do you always think you have to be a total ass wipe? Anyone can be like that! It takes a REAL man (or woman) to maintain their composure under duress, which you are not. I sometimes wonder if they pay you to be a jackass.

  18. A lot of people back then called their dogs Lassie! Most of them did because they couldn’t think of anything else to call them. Some did because their dogs were female and they liked the name for their female dog. The only thing they didn’t take much notice of was that the T.V. Lassie was a male.

  19. You are an idiot T Bell.That kind of talk is just fodder for the liberals to attack.
    My guess, T Bell is not your real name, but it is mine.

  20. He’s the little troll who shows up now and again who likes to show the world how stupid he is and spouts crap like a three year old with a crappy diaper. Ignore him…if you can….

  21. He’s the little troll who shows up now and again who likes to show the world how stupid he is and spouts crap like a three year old with a crappy diaper. Ignore him…if you can….

  22. What is a shame about most of these comments is not about the story it’s connected to, but a bunch of Trump haters bashing Trump. Stick to the story at hand here. BIDEN’S GOT PROBLEMS,!

  23. And you will fill your shorts after my reply…..
    And then after that you won’t believe what’s in your pants….
    You won’t beli what your pants have to say about that …!

  24. How stupid is stupid, well think about it. You can’t say someone is ignorant when they choose to believe whatever they are told!
    Whoever thinks to themselves, I’ll choose to serve those who want to rule me. I want to pay for programs designed to crush my further and that of every generation after me. But what the hell anyway. What else could anyone expect from people who are simple-minded? After all, anyone who can be talked to hating someone by nameless faceless people. Without evidence to back it up, truly are the stupid and easily manipulated. That’s bad in and of itself, however, they are also dangerous to the rest of us. Ruled by their hate, believing whatever they told as long as it feeds the hate. The useful idiots actually have lent themselves to the ultimate distraction of the United States.

  25. Trump should retire before he’s impeached and go hang hang out with his buddy Glad in Russia where he belongs.

  26. Mayor Pete, Harvard education, Rhodes Scholar, Afghanistan combat veteran. I believe Mayor Pete has some good ideas and he has the credentials to be an excellent leader. Not concerned with his sexual preferences.

  27. What successes? I’ve seen nothing but failures covered over with lies. Don’t give me the welfare for the rich tax giveaway that costs any middle-class worker who files long form several hundred if not thousands of dollars.

  28. In my opinion, Mr Biden is who the Dems want in office because he will be a yes man just like to keep their secrets, do their bidding, and let them run the country.

  29. Reagan was up to his fetlocks in Iran Contra. He thought John Rambo was real and called his dog Lassie. His economic policies caused Daddy Bush to be a one term President. He was a great military President however, he sure showed them in Granada and backed Margaret Thatcher in the bloody campaign in the Falklands.

  30. Trump’s butt bump is named The Redman and will go away with a little scrubbing.
    But the butt bump The Redman has seems to be on his face with no means to get rid of it. Looks just like the puckered part of his butt!!

  31. Are you Redman because you’re blushing with embarrassment or are you Fauxahontus’ brother, the fake Indian wood statue holding cigars?

  32. I doubt Biden could chew and walk at the same time, and we just discovered he can’t recall any facts. It’s also well know he is very creepy around little girls.
    I’m okay with Trump playing golf and watching TV as long as he continues his successes, unlike any president since Reagan.

  33. Poor little redman he eats his food, he clever.
    Little redman against all odds, he finished, he whispered
    Little nothings, his demo-view tumble down
    dark path. He got no more arrows, he sad.

  34. If the job of President becomes too stressful for VP Biden he could always play golf and watch TV all day like his predecessor. VP Biden should pick his running mate carefully, personally I think Mayor Pete would make an excellent choice.

  35. Biden has had a series of health problems and is on his last legs. He should retire and be with his grandchildren. But being president is all about power, money and prestige. If he wins, Biden will be Obama’s third term (puke).

  36. Very sad. Though I’m not a fan by any means no one should be happy to see this. If in fact JB has health issues he should look into them presidency run or not. Of course if it was Trump you’d be hearing a different story from his proponents and they sure as hell wouldn’t be concerning.

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