This poll has Roger Goodell and the NFL terrified

The 2017-2018 NFL season was marred by national anthem protests.

Then members of the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles disrespected President Trump and were disinvited from the White House.

Now a new poll has Roger Goodell and every NFL owner shaking in their boots.

A University of Texas/Texas Tribune showed that nearly half of Texas’ registered voters have an unfavorable opinion of the National Football League.

The Texas Tribune reports:

Overall, 47 percent of voters said they have an unfavorable opinion of the NFL — including 28 percent who said they have a very unfavorable opinion, while 27 percent said they have a favorable impression of the league.

Black voters had the most positive opinions of the NFL — 49 percent favorable and 24 percent unfavorable. Among Hispanic voters, 29 percent were positive and 39 percent were negative. White voters were the least impressed of all: 20 percent have a favorable impression of the league, while 55 percent have a negative impression.

Texans notoriously love football and the Lone Star State is home to two NFL franchises, the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans.

The Cowboys were the most valuable sports franchise in the world in 2017 according to Forbes, but this poll could be bad news for owner Jerry Jones.

When Colin Kaepernick decided to take a knee during the national anthem, many Americans took it as a slap in the face. Then more players joined in and turned the league into a politicized mess.

So fans burned jerseys, stopped buying tickets, and shut off their TVs on Sundays.

With training camps opening up in July, NFL executives are running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to downplay this massive PR problem.

But the damage is already done.

If coddled millionaire athletes continue to force their fans to choose between supporting their team and standing up for their country, they’ll be in for a rude awakening.

Will you watch the NFL this season? Please let us know in the comments section.



  1. First of all non of us were born when what the NFL players are protesting. Second of all if the NFL players want to see things change they need to put their minds together along with donations from their pay and help to create change for the inner city kids that grow up in poverty and most of them never have bright future and then turn to a life of crime. Stop being a bunch of overpaid cry baby’s and stand up and make change by making America great again.

  2. I have been a NFL fan since teenage. Am now in 80’s. Am also a PROUD AMERICAN Vet! Will not watch those overpaid idiots any longer.

    • I ave watched the NFL for 75 years I grew up wtith Los
      Rams as my favorite team but now I do not watch the games
      An will not watch as long as the disrespect our

  3. Pro football has been on steady decline for the last 20 years or more. I recall that the winning team in Superbowl 3 or 4 awarded $56,000 per player and players received a modest salary. In comparison, today’s players receive millions in pay and other benefits. This has lead to the creation of a “prima Donna” status of a bunch of overpaid arrogant players. I have seen posts that cite players telling us that Armed Forces members are in favor of the Anthem protests. I am retired Army and I adamantly totally opposed to the use of the flag, anthem and pledge of allegiance as a form of social protest. Players who want to protest allegations should put their money where their mouth is and find other ways to protest. Make TV commercials, sponsor peaceful rallies where they perceive injustices occur. I have not watched an NFL game since these charades started nor do I intend to. I’d rather watch college games!

  4. A University of Texas/Texas Tribune showed that nearly half of Texas’ registered voters have an unfavorable opinion of the National Football League.

    Meanwhile the weaklings can’t tear themselves away from the TV when a game is on.s

        • I stopped watching last year and will not watch the NFL again. I am a BIG football fan but care more for decency, respect and responsibility and America.

          Roger Goodell and the coaches have a responsibility which they’re avoiding. What do we, as citizens, care more about…winning games and therefore making more money for those who disrespect us, veterans and those who fight and have fought for freedom!

    • I did not watch one game last year I love football but I will not support millionaire babies who disrespect our flag or country especially our military. These big babies make their money from people who watch the games and go to the games and yet they disrespect everyone I will not watch another football game again until every player stands. If these big money Players don’t like our flag go to another country we won’t miss them

      • I’m with you all the way. It makes me sick how they twist the facts to fit their own Liberal agenda. There are more Black on Black deaths that occur every year and in some cases (Chicago) every day but you never hear anyone talk about that FACT. There have been a few (very few) cases of criminals fleeing from officers that ended up being shot so the CRY BABY NFL players want ALL OFFICERS TO SUFFER. Sounds kinda crazy and that’s because it is.

    • I have owned 6 season tickets on or near the 50 yard line at the redskin stadiums for 50 years. No more, I have given them up. I have subscribed to NFL Direct TV for 34 years. No more. Spoiled, overpaid athletes are bad enough but disrespecting our anthem and flag has gone too far. I will watch girly soccer before I watch another NFL game.

    • Watching our grandsons practice and play soccer is far superior to watching the disrespectful fartball players on the sidelines.

    • Correct… I will no longer waste my time watching these overpaid crybabies who show no respect for our country let alone our flag.

      • Long time Jets & Giants fan. But after hearing both team managements support the players and advise that “they will personally” pay any player fines made me vomit. They will pay the fines personally? Who do they think they are kidding. They really must think that all the fans are morons just like their players. Overpaid street urchins that disrespect our country, our military and our police. No thanks – no football in my house this year .

  5. Go FIFA, I had the privilege to watch the world cup. The athletes have so much pride and support for their countries. Full and complete respect what a difference in the quality of the sport. NFL POLITICIZED BY GOODELLS ACTIONS. WHAT A CLOWN. I AM AS AMERICAN AS YOU CAN GET. USED TO BE A FAN OF AMERICAS TEAM. SURE YEAH RIGHT WHAT A JOKE.

  6. Having this game for 14 years of my life, I have always had q special love for the game. True, I got a free collage education, be it over 40 years ago. I never thought that anyone or anybody could do anything that would make me give up on the game. Pro football has been on steady moral decline for the last 15-20 years in my book. Back in my day a player in the league had to have an off season job so he could have a normal family life. They played this game for the love of it in their Heart ❤!! I have seen grown men reduced to tears because they had to give this game up. And I am talking about the men whose busts line the halls in the HALL!! What is going on today is a total disgrace to those MEN WHO MADE THIS GAME THE ONLY GAME THAT IS WATCHED AROUND THE WORLD ON EVERY DAY THAT IT IS PLAYED!!!! I want to congratulate these pieces of shit that have been able to ruin everything in just a few short years!!! The NFL will never recover from this to what it once was!!! THANK GOD THAT IT HAS YET TO TOUCH HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS, AND BY THE POWER OF ALL THE COLLAGE COACHES WORTH THEIR SALT!!! WHO WOULD DISMISS THEIR BEST PLAYERS, BEFORE THEY WOULD LET THEM JEOPARDISE THE FACE OF THIS GREAT GAME!!! I WILL NEVER ALLOW THE NFL TO BE VISIBLE IN MY PRESENCE AGAIN!!!


  7. I really can’t get interested in pro football since the megabuck players have shown such disrespect to the national anthem. Unfortunately the management did not take appropriate steps to curtail the disrespect I have lost respect for pro football players, owners, and Goodall. So I pass and will utilize my time to do something more worthwhile.

    • I probably won’t watch these black millionaires trying to dictate to the fans who support them, go to hell assho,es

  8. Racist bastards can go to hell. Put them on frint lines of national defense and watch them cower. Will watch High School & some college football

  9. No! Goodell needs to take the blame for this because he didn’t put a stop to it. The NFL was all prejudice against Tim Tebow because he would get down on his knee to pray. He didn’t make anyone else be part of it, now you go along with this, when they should be protesting on their own time and NOT forcing it down our throats.

    • Why not watch NASCAR and NHRA ? Lots more fun and they even respect GOD and COUNTRY. Lot of fun watching John Force win another championship (at 69 years old) and even have two of his daughters racing also. His third daughter used to race but retired and is now president of his company. If you think ball is exciting, try watching a car go from 0 to 320 mph in 3 to 4 seconds.

    • I can’t believe that goodell got a raise and other perks for NOT doing his job. Most other people would have been fired, whatever he has on the owners or some of the owners must be really bad.

  10. I am 70 years old and had been a 49er fan all my life until the instance of the taking a knee happened. That is the very last time I watched an NFL game, and will never again watch these people not respecting our country and flag. They do not deserve mi e or any other American promoting such actions.

    • I’m 70 years old also have been a Patriots fan all my life. No More! If the NFL did a 180 on this disgraceful, disrespectful, unamerican kneeling to insult our Country, our Flag and our Vets today. I’m done! I didn’t watch one NFL game last season and I will never watch another for the rest of my life. These ungrateful players for what our Country has provided for them to behave in this manner in my opinion is unforgivable. If it wasn’t for pro football a good 80% of these players would be dead or in jail! And, I could very well be low on that percentage!!

      • I will be 80 yrs old next month. Love the game, but I am thru with the NFL. I didn’t watch any games last year. The players are spitting on our flag and on the graves of those good men and women that sacrificed their lives for this country! No way in Hell will I watch them. I also quit watching major league baseball, during the strike in 1994. I haven’t watched a baseball game since then!! This is B.S. I heard the other day that a rookie starting this year will get a salary of $18,000,000 his first year! I hope they all go broke!!!
        I am not watching! End of Story!

    • This is totally unacceptable !!! I’ve been a fan since the 50s but haven’t watched a game since this disgraceful behavior was accepepted by the NFL!!! And I will not watch another game or renew my NFL season ticket until the league condenser and bans this behavior !!!

    • Ray I agree with just about everything that you said, except that I like the Seahacks and I am five years older than you are.

      I will continue to save energy by not watching football.

  11. Haven’t watched an NFL game in about three years. Finally got tired of these prima donnas acting so horribly with all the sexual abuse, mental abuse and total disrespect they show to their families and loved ones and folks in general. We owe them nothing. Maybe players have always been bad actors, but we did not know about it. Now we do. As for the Super Bowl – I don’t even watch the commercials any more. Maybe the companies who pay for those commercials should consider the cost and make better business decisions. We don’t care about that any more and we just don’t watch it. The players need to stand up for the flag and for the anthem. They need to play football and forget political BS while the games are going on. Let them protest on their own time, now our time. That’s right…..our time.

  12. I am DONE with the NFL and the assholes who own or play on the teams. All jackasses. Their insults the USA won’t be tolerated.

    • Agree.. Gave away nearly half a century of memorabilia and I’ll not be watching again. However, I must say that IMHO, the blame lies with Goodell. First, he refused to enforced the players contracts with regard to their behavior during the Anthem. The he attempted to bribe them giving them $90 million (of the fans money). This placed the league itself squarely on the side of leftists in the political fight going on in the country today. This ‘Nam vet sees the scum he paid and the league itself effectively repeating the treatment many of us received when we came home from the war. For the record, we’re not about to pay for or in any way support such overt enemies. NEVER AGAIN. I hope their league dies and their paychecks dry up.

  13. It’s college football for me… if I do watch… I wouldn’t watch a down of ANY disrespectful pro football team….they’re not intelligent enough to see what they have done to the “GOLDEN GOOSE” who has laid his last “GOLDEN EGG” for them and it’s their fault… poor dumb bastards!!!! someone should make a list of the jobs each of these irreverant sobs can and will get once the leagues go down…. should be most interesting… and they won’t be multi – million $$ type jobs…. they will be lucky if they can find a job that asks… “do you want fries with that?” no more pimp mobiles for them…….

    • I am livid over the NFL Players actions and even moreso over Roger Goodall,. The NFL Management and the owners! They are disgraceful! I am a Vietnam Vet and very Patriotic; I can not condone this behavior. Go Gators, College Football and MAGA!
      DICK USAF 1964-67 VIETNAM
      ‘All gave some and some gave All’

  14. When you are paid change that when you are over paid to play a game for 60 minutes on our dime you morons better stand up when you as are told sit when you are told play and any other thing because without us you got 0 protest on your own time, maybe get out in the hood and help your brothers and sisters from going down the wrong path and teach them to love the bro’s and sisters not drive by in 200,000.00 ride and look the other way. Wake up A Holes

    • i think the owners need to get some stones. when players kneel, raise fists, stay in locker room, the owners need to pull all players off the field and forfeit the game. lets see how players like not getting paid for what a few did, and the hell with rodger and the players union.

  15. I have found plenty to do on Sunday Pm and a few other evenings rather than watch NFL. I have also found that watching College Football is really better entertainment than the NFL and there spoiled overpaid “protesters” This is the USA and they should be proud for what they have.

    • I wonder if anyone has thought that this is going to hurt college ball also. If there is no NFL there will be no need for college football players. So these people that are causing all of these problems won’t play High School or College football. Because there won’t be away for them to become millionaires they will just have to be drug dealers or robbers so they don’t have to work at McDonald’s.

  16. I am 95 years old and a long time Packer fan, but unless the NFL starts firing these millionaire cry babies I will not watch any of them

  17. I’ll tell you what I think of the NFL. Last season I changed the channel and from what I understand about it this year, the NFL has not changed, so guess what? Nether am I. I don’t care if I have to watch the Animal Planet, I will.

  18. Not only no, but HELL NO. I hope the NFL goes belly up. it doesn’t deserve to make a dime and the players deserve less. They are all at fault the kneelers, their team mates,coaches,and team owners all share the blame.

    • Right on William. I will never watch NFL, buy from any of their sponsors no matter what they do. There is no come back. I got no problem w/ all the players, owners, & Goodall starving to death. If there were good guys in the league, they should have stopped this crap.

      If they think for one minute reorganization will make a difference, they are dumber than a pet rock. Same faces, no way. They all need to play in England, pay 50% tax start protesting about soccer players making more.

      • Overpaid anti Americans ungrateful for all the privileges this country has afforded them. You won’t O’Neal in front of me and get away with it. Click tv off

    • I agree 100% with William Hermann.The NFL and their kneelers are a huge damn disgrace to America and their fellow citizens. Especially those brave ones who died fighting for out freedom and flag. Keep allowing players to take a knee and see how damn fast we, the people, put the NFL completely out of business. Do believe me, TRY US!!!!!!

    • Ditto. Won’t watch this or next and so on. Completely disappointed with players and owners response. Don’t care what they do now. Besides college football much better anyway.

  19. I am done with the NFL!!! There’s a time and place for everything and being on the job is NOT the time or place to voice their opinions and protest!!!


  21. If they do not like the Management resolve then Fire them!!! Some nice guy that is talented and loves the USA will be happy to play. Maybe Tim Tebow!

    • If the NFL comes out and plays football I will watch. If any player makes a political statement at the game I will stop watching.

  22. I wonder who will pay the snowflakes salaries when all of us stop watching or going to NFL games??? They are in for a rude awakening when their millions dry up!!! No NFL in my house!!

  23. No way No how….I will never watch another NFL GAME AND I HAVE SHARED THIS WITH ANYONE THAT VISITS MY HOME EXPECTING TO WATCH THE NINNIES. I still say why don’t these overpaid wimps put their money where their mouth is. Let them build schools or give the money away to those poor oppressed criminals they feel have been treated unfairly.

  24. Bring On The New Leagues. I expect football when I watch, Not some Over paid Assholes political views. NO MORE NFL. I EVEN STOPPED WATCHING , FLORIO’S SHOW, PFT,.

    • I used to watch as many games as I could. I DID NOT WATCH ANY FOOTBALL THIS PAST SEASON. NOT EVEN THE SUPERBOWL The NFL has lost me as a fan. I will not be watching any football this year.
      As for these players… go do your protesting somewhere else.
      Yup, the NFL has lost me… strange thing is I DIDN’T EVEN MISS IT!!!

  25. I’m a Packer fan. Love my team. Always will. But won’t watch another game. Won’t buy another NFL item I’m done. My country comes before my football, and my God and my family come before my country. Amazing what can be accomplished in 3.25 hours on a Sunday afternoon.

    • Amen, I also live in Wisconsin and won’t watch ANY games. I thought that the Packers were better than that. Now I look at anything but. My son still does tho, the traitor, but he’s 30 and won’t be swayed. He even paid 250.00 for a stock that is worthless except they get to go to the share holders meetings. Lol

  26. I will watch it in the newspapers disintegrate and good riddance. Let ’em all find a job! Roger Goodell needs another job as well…can’t handle football players

  27. Hell no, I won’t watch the NFL this year or maybe never again. The NFL Commissioner is to blame fora lot of this crap for his actions or non-actions with regards to the National Anthem kneeling. The NFL Commissioner Goodell should be FIRED and thus the problems continue with him at the helm… I personally believe they should abolish the NFL and the overpaid thugs that play the game…..

      • Lots of people don’t want their email address published so the email services services say they won’t. That does not mean they don’t sell it to advertisers. I would not like to be harassed by some of the nut cases by a flood of emails. I am not hard to find so if they want to get up front & personal, have the time & money to come see me, I got no problem w/ that.

  28. As a Veteran, I will NEVER watch the NFL again. his could change, in the future, when they get a commissioner who has a back bone. The problem with the league right now, is not just the kneeling. It’s also the blatant disrespect, players that have a criminal record, and of course zero work ethics. Until this changes, they won’t have much of a fan base anymore.

    • The NFL players, owners & Commissioner are reaping what they have sown! The owners and the league don’t have to put up with this anti-American behavior — but they do! Why? Is it tacit agreement with the coddled players, or is it just more coddling & political correctness? These ungrateful “American” millionaires have a First Amendment right and so do the rest of us. When it comes to supporting the veterans & the police who risk their lives every day at low salaries for the risk or the NFL over-privileged crybabies — well, that isn’t much of a choice! Hey, Owners, get some balls or go broke supporting these idiots! We the People have had it!!!!!

    • My family will not watch Nor go to a NFL Game. These overpaid spoiled , arrogant millionaires have disrespected the country, our military, our flag, our citizens and our duly elected president and ALL those THAT DISRESPECT THOSE MENTIONED should pack their bags and get the hell out of this country

  29. I didn’t watch the NFL last year, and I won’t watch this year. I think the attitude of most players is very disrespectful to the country and the fans, not to mention the sponsors. I would rather watch Badminton.

  30. I have not watched the NFL over the past two years and I refuse to watch them at any time in the foreseeable future. The NFL will have to change their ways and they must decide that ALL players MUST be on the field sidelines and standing at attention and saluting the flag during the National Anthem! I will NOT watch them EVER if hey cannot show at least that much respect for our Flag and our National Anthem!

    • Same here and it is long-term. I will watch college football as long as they don’t disrespect my flag/country. As far as the NFL…NEVER again.

    • In the first place it’s boring as hell. Second place they are full of crap, they aren’t helping in the communities, they aren’t giving assistance to the needy families. They are showing how ignorant they are, they are overpaid, it cost an arm and a leg to go to a game, to watch supposingly grown men show their asses.

  31. It’s been crap the last 10 years and now that the NFL has insulted the American people they will never take a moment of my time from now on. Good riddance.

    • I agree. This last fiasco was the last straw not an opening salvo. I’m done with the NFL. College football is more entertaining without the social justice crap.

      • If you want good football, watch high school football. These kids have not been indoctrinated and corrupted by money and newspaper fame. I quit watching pro football years ago. A game consist of, four 15 minuets, 12 one minuets time outs, and supposedly a 15 half break and 2 one minute change of ends between quarters. Why does a game on TV last for three to four hours??

    • You are absolutely right! Any business that slams my country, abuses the men and women who freaking SERVE AND OFTEN DIE to protect us, and instead support illegals, while neglecting our veterans and our own citizens…I say, Get the Hell Out, go live somewhere else!

  32. Sad Day for favorite sport … played, supported … Well, the rich guys have ru8ined another thread of American Life. They bought it … and can keep it – without me – or us – or my friends.

  33. No!! I will not be spending any money or my valuable time watching a bunch of spoiled over-privileged children who can’t put two cohesive sentences together and would never defend this country. I have better things to do….and to the rest of the ‘Black’ community..get a life!


  35. What do you think of putting college football on TV on both Saturday and Sunday? Am sure some college athletic directors would appreciate the extra revenue too!I am through with nfl!

    • Johnny — A good idea. If the general public is represented by the 357 comments on this “site” the NFL is going to go bust relying on TV viewership. — I have not read every one of the 357 comments — however — the vast majority appear to be against the NFL and, therefor, supportive of my comment. — Bye Bye NFL. Welcome college football.

      • College football, high school, & Jr high football took a knee all last year. I love that sport the most, but I won’t watch any till it’s stopped. .When Trump called players ons of bitches that was wrong too. Their mothers didnt deserve that.He should have called the players LIARS.That would be truthful. They r taking a knee on a lie. ” hands up don’t shoot “is a lie. FACT: Brown didn’t have his hands up. FACT: 40% more whites get shot by cops than blacks

  36. I am a Vietnam vet(67-68) and still take my oath of enlistment as serious as the day I raised my hand and repeated it. I will not be watching the nfl at all. By the way, my family has had the uniform on all the way back to the revolution. The owners, coaches and players should understand this game called football is just that A GAME and not a platform for politics. Our freedom for them to play was bought with bloodshed from our beginning, and it has been a high price paid for some overpaid football aces who think they have a right to slap all who have ever worn the uniform and disrespect our heritage our flag our, national anthem, and our men and women in uniform past , present and future.
    No more NFL as I was weaned off them last year and took up college football on Saturdays and Sunday afternoon naps.

    • Same here. 56th AMES/USAF Vietnam 68-70. I Vowed never to watch those crybabies. I like you, have never regretted the Oath I took to defend our Constitution from all of America’s enemies both Foreign and Domestic. That Oath is still in place and will remain in place until I die. College football is great but the first clown who pulls a Craperneck and I change the channel and forget that team exists. Glad you made it back.

  37. I have loved, played, and watched – both at home and season tickets. I still love the game, but with the way management is acting like they deserve even more of my money and complaining that all of us “We The People” should learn the First Amendment. We do know it and the nfl should learn all of the rules and how to treat people. I am retired now and have retired form two jobs that required me to wear a uniform – like the players do – and if I had done what the players are doing, I could have been fired on the spot, for cause. Second time I would have been fired. The nfl, it used to be NFL, is the most paid snowflakes I have ever seen or heard of!!

    • NO PRO FOOTBALL WHILE THE CURRENT MANAGEMENT IS THERE AND THEN WE WILL SEE. . . PROBABLY NEVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE TIMER! In my family tree, that is another 30 to 40 years of not putting 1 cent into the nfl!!

  38. I think the NFL players should be able to pay their own salaries and expenses because the fans have switched to other entertainment options. They could then pay themselves as much as they want play the game.

      • No Football this fall. The family and I are already making plans to do good family outings, gatherings, home projects, home family hobbies, while the NFL does its season without us. No more NFL and that stands indefinitely.


  40. I absolutely will NOT watch ANY NFL games this year and years to come!!!

    I will never support stupid people that have zero respect for the flag and the men and women who have lost their lives for me and AMERICA!
    I love America.

    • NO I will nor support the NFL and no watch football as a result of their actions. I only wanted to see foot ball not here about what political party they care about and disrespect for the U. S. Flag. They lost me and my family.

    • AMEN!!! I too will NEVER WATCH THR NFL AGAIN. I mean seriously. These players are making millions and millions of dollars. With zero memory of where they came from and the pledge of alligents of
      said every morning for those men and women who are now deceased or seriouly injured so that these rich players can not only take a knee is like shitting onyjefglstvv

    • Hell no I will never watch NFL I cancelled my cable gave away all item related to NFL. I will not support dumb dumb disrespecting our flag, country, and our men and women in uniform the hell with millionaire dummies.

  41. The Spurs coach has always been an AH…the NBA appears to be going down the same disrespectful path as the NFL. Basketball is my favorite sport, but I am oh so close to turning it off as well. Probably more disappointed in Steve Kerr and his comments of late. How sad!

  42. The player ignorance on those topics they use to show the hateful and racist response to is just too incredible to believe or understand.

    • What’s to understand? If you are American even the smallest you will not watch another game. Even if the get it all straightened out I still won’t watch the games. Haven’t watched any since the first kneel down. Me I have be a die hard watcher for many years but no more. I can find a lot of things to do. I have even given up my Spurs for the same reason. Disrespect buy the coach to start.

      • Oh yes, I feel just as strong or even stronger about idiot Steve Kerr. He is outspoken in his pure out and out hate for the President and is so classless he has to open his mouth and let fly with pure no real knowledge of what he speaks. Some of the players are almost as ignorant of truths.

  43. I did not watch National Football LOSERS last year; will not watch a down this year. NFL lost me with their racist crap! Hope college football coaches were paying attention. I am not a Nick Saban nor Alabama fan, but I salute Mr. Saban and the Crimson Tide for the class he and the team showed on their celebratory trip to The White House this past year. Hats off to coach Saban and to President Trump.

    • I had 45 years of football blood running through our family…last year we didn’t watch football….for the 1st time ….I thought to myself wow it gave me the opportunity to pay attention to what’s going on in this country causing this Ani-American attack……I realized we are under full assault….We don’t need football…We need to defend our country…No country =No football….I get up every day in severe pain just to get myself able to walk the stiffness out of my injuries sustained while serving …..I never once thought of kneeling to the pain….I never once thought of kneeling while doing a missions that saved the interest and safety of this country……I didn’t always agree on the mission but I didn’t kneel. I addressed my concerns at a later more appropriate time. As far as to way they are kneeling…… We as a country need to come together and embrace our black Americans, and find out why they feel the way they feel….even though The stats don’t show it to be true , that’s irrelevant…they need our reassurance, love and support to help them build back the confidence in their protectors.

      • The Black people here are one thing the millioniare players most are not even from here. Kaper was raised with white people who took him when his black mother abandon ed him and this is the respect that he showed them. He was going with the leader of the BLM and he took his orders from her. Just keep listening to your pants and see how far he gets in hid project.

      • All the respect to you and your service, and what it has cost you. No respect goes to the millionaires who are merely dupes for the overall scheme to bring our Country down. This is only a part of the attack on our Republic, and what our founding fathers warned us about their fears for the future. More people should read their history, and founding fathers to get a better perspective on what is at stake. Keep the faith for all Americans who would see a better Country and future. That instead of pleasing the minority for their selfish needs and petty wants spun and disguised for their own purposes. I believe, as I think many do, that Trump beat the odds and machine against him for a reason, and indeed as this Country was inspired by diving intervention (George Washington), that may it never perish as long as it does not turn its back on the Creator who inspired its existence.

      • Wow Jerome. Thank you for your message & SALUTE.
        >So sorry re severe pain getting up E’day.
        ~I Know what ‘that’ feels like. whew.
        ~ Stay Strong/Some ‘prayers’ for You.

    • I haven’t watch pro sports, baseball, or basketball in years. I find the games extremely boring. In my younger years I officiated all the these games, including fast pitch softball, men and woman. A lot of officials are over weight or just fat.

  44. NFL, National Federation of Leftist or National Football League, which is it?
    I say the First. the Federation of Racist Left Wing Radicals, is synonymous with NFL. What with the outrageous protest of our National Anthem, and Pledge, athletes in the NFL, have demonstrated their disrespect for My Country, and Your Country, and for that behavior; I will not be watching NFL Games this Season.

    In fact, I’m a Trustee, for an organization, that has Social Clubs, where games are usually played. This year, the Club I’m associated with, will not be Promoting NFL Games. Or will we be displaying any NFL Promotion Displays or Signs.

    In fact, our NFL Subscription, has been cancelled. Roger, this movement, will sweep the United States of America. Further, NFL is a RACIST organization.

    The Fact that some Blacks were mistreated is absolutely correct however, it is not a reason for Disrespecting the American National Anthem and Pledge. These are Local issues, just as Black on Black Murders, are never brought to the surface by NFL Players, why is that? Or how about Black Crime, hmmm, now that’s a good one, huh?


  46. Ladd Chase and peter “nutshelled it”. I agree with them totally, we all should. GOD bless America, and her Patriots.

  47. All these stop the NFL are great, one other area that should be looked at, the sponsors of the NFL, i.e. USAA and others. I am a veteran and have been a USAA customer for nearly 50 years, however, I cancelled most of my policies with USAA, wrote a letter to the USAA CEO, and got their typical response, “USAA supports our veterans and the NFL does a lot for the veterans”. Goodell gets paid by these sponsors, we need to stop supporting these sponsors and clearly send a message, money talks. I stopped watching NFL two years ago and will not ever watch or support the NFL or its sponsors. You can look up sponsors like USAA, Avis, etc. on the NFL site.

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