This poll has Roger Goodell and the NFL terrified

The 2017-2018 NFL season was marred by national anthem protests.

Then members of the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles disrespected President Trump and were disinvited from the White House.

Now a new poll has Roger Goodell and every NFL owner shaking in their boots.

A University of Texas/Texas Tribune showed that nearly half of Texas’ registered voters have an unfavorable opinion of the National Football League.

The Texas Tribune reports:

Overall, 47 percent of voters said they have an unfavorable opinion of the NFL — including 28 percent who said they have a very unfavorable opinion, while 27 percent said they have a favorable impression of the league.

Black voters had the most positive opinions of the NFL — 49 percent favorable and 24 percent unfavorable. Among Hispanic voters, 29 percent were positive and 39 percent were negative. White voters were the least impressed of all: 20 percent have a favorable impression of the league, while 55 percent have a negative impression.

Texans notoriously love football and the Lone Star State is home to two NFL franchises, the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans.

The Cowboys were the most valuable sports franchise in the world in 2017 according to Forbes, but this poll could be bad news for owner Jerry Jones.

When Colin Kaepernick decided to take a knee during the national anthem, many Americans took it as a slap in the face. Then more players joined in and turned the league into a politicized mess.

So fans burned jerseys, stopped buying tickets, and shut off their TVs on Sundays.

With training camps opening up in July, NFL executives are running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to downplay this massive PR problem.

But the damage is already done.

If coddled millionaire athletes continue to force their fans to choose between supporting their team and standing up for their country, they’ll be in for a rude awakening.

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