This poll has Roger Goodell and the NFL terrified

The 2017-2018 NFL season was marred by national anthem protests.

Then members of the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles disrespected President Trump and were disinvited from the White House.

Now a new poll has Roger Goodell and every NFL owner shaking in their boots.

A University of Texas/Texas Tribune showed that nearly half of Texas’ registered voters have an unfavorable opinion of the National Football League.

The Texas Tribune reports:

Overall, 47 percent of voters said they have an unfavorable opinion of the NFL — including 28 percent who said they have a very unfavorable opinion, while 27 percent said they have a favorable impression of the league.

Black voters had the most positive opinions of the NFL — 49 percent favorable and 24 percent unfavorable. Among Hispanic voters, 29 percent were positive and 39 percent were negative. White voters were the least impressed of all: 20 percent have a favorable impression of the league, while 55 percent have a negative impression.

Texans notoriously love football and the Lone Star State is home to two NFL franchises, the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans.

The Cowboys were the most valuable sports franchise in the world in 2017 according to Forbes, but this poll could be bad news for owner Jerry Jones.

When Colin Kaepernick decided to take a knee during the national anthem, many Americans took it as a slap in the face. Then more players joined in and turned the league into a politicized mess.

So fans burned jerseys, stopped buying tickets, and shut off their TVs on Sundays.

With training camps opening up in July, NFL executives are running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to downplay this massive PR problem.

But the damage is already done.

If coddled millionaire athletes continue to force their fans to choose between supporting their team and standing up for their country, they’ll be in for a rude awakening.

Will you watch the NFL this season? Please let us know in the comments section.


  1. First of all non of us were born when what the NFL players are protesting. Second of all if the NFL players want to see things change they need to put their minds together along with donations from their pay and help to create change for the inner city kids that grow up in poverty and most of them never have bright future and then turn to a life of crime. Stop being a bunch of overpaid cry baby’s and stand up and make change by making America great again.

  2. I have been a NFL fan since teenage. Am now in 80’s. Am also a PROUD AMERICAN Vet! Will not watch those overpaid idiots any longer.

    • I ave watched the NFL for 75 years I grew up wtith Los
      Rams as my favorite team but now I do not watch the games
      An will not watch as long as the disrespect our

  3. Pro football has been on steady decline for the last 20 years or more. I recall that the winning team in Superbowl 3 or 4 awarded $56,000 per player and players received a modest salary. In comparison, today’s players receive millions in pay and other benefits. This has lead to the creation of a “prima Donna” status of a bunch of overpaid arrogant players. I have seen posts that cite players telling us that Armed Forces members are in favor of the Anthem protests. I am retired Army and I adamantly totally opposed to the use of the flag, anthem and pledge of allegiance as a form of social protest. Players who want to protest allegations should put their money where their mouth is and find other ways to protest. Make TV commercials, sponsor peaceful rallies where they perceive injustices occur. I have not watched an NFL game since these charades started nor do I intend to. I’d rather watch college games!

  4. A University of Texas/Texas Tribune showed that nearly half of Texas’ registered voters have an unfavorable opinion of the National Football League.

    Meanwhile the weaklings can’t tear themselves away from the TV when a game is on.s

        • I stopped watching last year and will not watch the NFL again. I am a BIG football fan but care more for decency, respect and responsibility and America.

          Roger Goodell and the coaches have a responsibility which they’re avoiding. What do we, as citizens, care more about…winning games and therefore making more money for those who disrespect us, veterans and those who fight and have fought for freedom!

    • I did not watch one game last year I love football but I will not support millionaire babies who disrespect our flag or country especially our military. These big babies make their money from people who watch the games and go to the games and yet they disrespect everyone I will not watch another football game again until every player stands. If these big money Players don’t like our flag go to another country we won’t miss them

      • I’m with you all the way. It makes me sick how they twist the facts to fit their own Liberal agenda. There are more Black on Black deaths that occur every year and in some cases (Chicago) every day but you never hear anyone talk about that FACT. There have been a few (very few) cases of criminals fleeing from officers that ended up being shot so the CRY BABY NFL players want ALL OFFICERS TO SUFFER. Sounds kinda crazy and that’s because it is.

    • I have owned 6 season tickets on or near the 50 yard line at the redskin stadiums for 50 years. No more, I have given them up. I have subscribed to NFL Direct TV for 34 years. No more. Spoiled, overpaid athletes are bad enough but disrespecting our anthem and flag has gone too far. I will watch girly soccer before I watch another NFL game.

    • Watching our grandsons practice and play soccer is far superior to watching the disrespectful fartball players on the sidelines.

    • Correct… I will no longer waste my time watching these overpaid crybabies who show no respect for our country let alone our flag.

      • Long time Jets & Giants fan. But after hearing both team managements support the players and advise that “they will personally” pay any player fines made me vomit. They will pay the fines personally? Who do they think they are kidding. They really must think that all the fans are morons just like their players. Overpaid street urchins that disrespect our country, our military and our police. No thanks – no football in my house this year .

  5. Go FIFA, I had the privilege to watch the world cup. The athletes have so much pride and support for their countries. Full and complete respect what a difference in the quality of the sport. NFL POLITICIZED BY GOODELLS ACTIONS. WHAT A CLOWN. I AM AS AMERICAN AS YOU CAN GET. USED TO BE A FAN OF AMERICAS TEAM. SURE YEAH RIGHT WHAT A JOKE.

  6. Having this game for 14 years of my life, I have always had q special love for the game. True, I got a free collage education, be it over 40 years ago. I never thought that anyone or anybody could do anything that would make me give up on the game. Pro football has been on steady moral decline for the last 15-20 years in my book. Back in my day a player in the league had to have an off season job so he could have a normal family life. They played this game for the love of it in their Heart ❤!! I have seen grown men reduced to tears because they had to give this game up. And I am talking about the men whose busts line the halls in the HALL!! What is going on today is a total disgrace to those MEN WHO MADE THIS GAME THE ONLY GAME THAT IS WATCHED AROUND THE WORLD ON EVERY DAY THAT IT IS PLAYED!!!! I want to congratulate these pieces of shit that have been able to ruin everything in just a few short years!!! The NFL will never recover from this to what it once was!!! THANK GOD THAT IT HAS YET TO TOUCH HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS, AND BY THE POWER OF ALL THE COLLAGE COACHES WORTH THEIR SALT!!! WHO WOULD DISMISS THEIR BEST PLAYERS, BEFORE THEY WOULD LET THEM JEOPARDISE THE FACE OF THIS GREAT GAME!!! I WILL NEVER ALLOW THE NFL TO BE VISIBLE IN MY PRESENCE AGAIN!!!


  7. I really can’t get interested in pro football since the megabuck players have shown such disrespect to the national anthem. Unfortunately the management did not take appropriate steps to curtail the disrespect I have lost respect for pro football players, owners, and Goodall. So I pass and will utilize my time to do something more worthwhile.

    • I probably won’t watch these black millionaires trying to dictate to the fans who support them, go to hell assho,es

  8. Racist bastards can go to hell. Put them on frint lines of national defense and watch them cower. Will watch High School & some college football

  9. No! Goodell needs to take the blame for this because he didn’t put a stop to it. The NFL was all prejudice against Tim Tebow because he would get down on his knee to pray. He didn’t make anyone else be part of it, now you go along with this, when they should be protesting on their own time and NOT forcing it down our throats.

    • Why not watch NASCAR and NHRA ? Lots more fun and they even respect GOD and COUNTRY. Lot of fun watching John Force win another championship (at 69 years old) and even have two of his daughters racing also. His third daughter used to race but retired and is now president of his company. If you think ball is exciting, try watching a car go from 0 to 320 mph in 3 to 4 seconds.

    • I can’t believe that goodell got a raise and other perks for NOT doing his job. Most other people would have been fired, whatever he has on the owners or some of the owners must be really bad.

  10. I am 70 years old and had been a 49er fan all my life until the instance of the taking a knee happened. That is the very last time I watched an NFL game, and will never again watch these people not respecting our country and flag. They do not deserve mi e or any other American promoting such actions.

    • I’m 70 years old also have been a Patriots fan all my life. No More! If the NFL did a 180 on this disgraceful, disrespectful, unamerican kneeling to insult our Country, our Flag and our Vets today. I’m done! I didn’t watch one NFL game last season and I will never watch another for the rest of my life. These ungrateful players for what our Country has provided for them to behave in this manner in my opinion is unforgivable. If it wasn’t for pro football a good 80% of these players would be dead or in jail! And, I could very well be low on that percentage!!

      • I will be 80 yrs old next month. Love the game, but I am thru with the NFL. I didn’t watch any games last year. The players are spitting on our flag and on the graves of those good men and women that sacrificed their lives for this country! No way in Hell will I watch them. I also quit watching major league baseball, during the strike in 1994. I haven’t watched a baseball game since then!! This is B.S. I heard the other day that a rookie starting this year will get a salary of $18,000,000 his first year! I hope they all go broke!!!
        I am not watching! End of Story!

    • This is totally unacceptable !!! I’ve been a fan since the 50s but haven’t watched a game since this disgraceful behavior was accepepted by the NFL!!! And I will not watch another game or renew my NFL season ticket until the league condenser and bans this behavior !!!

    • Ray I agree with just about everything that you said, except that I like the Seahacks and I am five years older than you are.

      I will continue to save energy by not watching football.

  11. Haven’t watched an NFL game in about three years. Finally got tired of these prima donnas acting so horribly with all the sexual abuse, mental abuse and total disrespect they show to their families and loved ones and folks in general. We owe them nothing. Maybe players have always been bad actors, but we did not know about it. Now we do. As for the Super Bowl – I don’t even watch the commercials any more. Maybe the companies who pay for those commercials should consider the cost and make better business decisions. We don’t care about that any more and we just don’t watch it. The players need to stand up for the flag and for the anthem. They need to play football and forget political BS while the games are going on. Let them protest on their own time, now our time. That’s right…..our time.

  12. I am DONE with the NFL and the assholes who own or play on the teams. All jackasses. Their insults the USA won’t be tolerated.

    • Agree.. Gave away nearly half a century of memorabilia and I’ll not be watching again. However, I must say that IMHO, the blame lies with Goodell. First, he refused to enforced the players contracts with regard to their behavior during the Anthem. The he attempted to bribe them giving them $90 million (of the fans money). This placed the league itself squarely on the side of leftists in the political fight going on in the country today. This ‘Nam vet sees the scum he paid and the league itself effectively repeating the treatment many of us received when we came home from the war. For the record, we’re not about to pay for or in any way support such overt enemies. NEVER AGAIN. I hope their league dies and their paychecks dry up.

  13. It’s college football for me… if I do watch… I wouldn’t watch a down of ANY disrespectful pro football team….they’re not intelligent enough to see what they have done to the “GOLDEN GOOSE” who has laid his last “GOLDEN EGG” for them and it’s their fault… poor dumb bastards!!!! someone should make a list of the jobs each of these irreverant sobs can and will get once the leagues go down…. should be most interesting… and they won’t be multi – million $$ type jobs…. they will be lucky if they can find a job that asks… “do you want fries with that?” no more pimp mobiles for them…….

    • I am livid over the NFL Players actions and even moreso over Roger Goodall,. The NFL Management and the owners! They are disgraceful! I am a Vietnam Vet and very Patriotic; I can not condone this behavior. Go Gators, College Football and MAGA!
      DICK USAF 1964-67 VIETNAM
      ‘All gave some and some gave All’

  14. When you are paid change that when you are over paid to play a game for 60 minutes on our dime you morons better stand up when you as are told sit when you are told play and any other thing because without us you got 0 protest on your own time, maybe get out in the hood and help your brothers and sisters from going down the wrong path and teach them to love the bro’s and sisters not drive by in 200,000.00 ride and look the other way. Wake up A Holes

    • i think the owners need to get some stones. when players kneel, raise fists, stay in locker room, the owners need to pull all players off the field and forfeit the game. lets see how players like not getting paid for what a few did, and the hell with rodger and the players union.

  15. I have found plenty to do on Sunday Pm and a few other evenings rather than watch NFL. I have also found that watching College Football is really better entertainment than the NFL and there spoiled overpaid “protesters” This is the USA and they should be proud for what they have.

    • I wonder if anyone has thought that this is going to hurt college ball also. If there is no NFL there will be no need for college football players. So these people that are causing all of these problems won’t play High School or College football. Because there won’t be away for them to become millionaires they will just have to be drug dealers or robbers so they don’t have to work at McDonald’s.

  16. I am 95 years old and a long time Packer fan, but unless the NFL starts firing these millionaire cry babies I will not watch any of them

  17. I’ll tell you what I think of the NFL. Last season I changed the channel and from what I understand about it this year, the NFL has not changed, so guess what? Nether am I. I don’t care if I have to watch the Animal Planet, I will.

  18. Not only no, but HELL NO. I hope the NFL goes belly up. it doesn’t deserve to make a dime and the players deserve less. They are all at fault the kneelers, their team mates,coaches,and team owners all share the blame.

    • Right on William. I will never watch NFL, buy from any of their sponsors no matter what they do. There is no come back. I got no problem w/ all the players, owners, & Goodall starving to death. If there were good guys in the league, they should have stopped this crap.

      If they think for one minute reorganization will make a difference, they are dumber than a pet rock. Same faces, no way. They all need to play in England, pay 50% tax start protesting about soccer players making more.

      • Overpaid anti Americans ungrateful for all the privileges this country has afforded them. You won’t O’Neal in front of me and get away with it. Click tv off

    • I agree 100% with William Hermann.The NFL and their kneelers are a huge damn disgrace to America and their fellow citizens. Especially those brave ones who died fighting for out freedom and flag. Keep allowing players to take a knee and see how damn fast we, the people, put the NFL completely out of business. Do believe me, TRY US!!!!!!

    • Ditto. Won’t watch this or next and so on. Completely disappointed with players and owners response. Don’t care what they do now. Besides college football much better anyway.

  19. I am done with the NFL!!! There’s a time and place for everything and being on the job is NOT the time or place to voice their opinions and protest!!!


  21. If they do not like the Management resolve then Fire them!!! Some nice guy that is talented and loves the USA will be happy to play. Maybe Tim Tebow!

    • If the NFL comes out and plays football I will watch. If any player makes a political statement at the game I will stop watching.

  22. I wonder who will pay the snowflakes salaries when all of us stop watching or going to NFL games??? They are in for a rude awakening when their millions dry up!!! No NFL in my house!!

  23. No way No how….I will never watch another NFL GAME AND I HAVE SHARED THIS WITH ANYONE THAT VISITS MY HOME EXPECTING TO WATCH THE NINNIES. I still say why don’t these overpaid wimps put their money where their mouth is. Let them build schools or give the money away to those poor oppressed criminals they feel have been treated unfairly.

  24. Bring On The New Leagues. I expect football when I watch, Not some Over paid Assholes political views. NO MORE NFL. I EVEN STOPPED WATCHING , FLORIO’S SHOW, PFT,.

    • I used to watch as many games as I could. I DID NOT WATCH ANY FOOTBALL THIS PAST SEASON. NOT EVEN THE SUPERBOWL The NFL has lost me as a fan. I will not be watching any football this year.
      As for these players… go do your protesting somewhere else.
      Yup, the NFL has lost me… strange thing is I DIDN’T EVEN MISS IT!!!

  25. I’m a Packer fan. Love my team. Always will. But won’t watch another game. Won’t buy another NFL item I’m done. My country comes before my football, and my God and my family come before my country. Amazing what can be accomplished in 3.25 hours on a Sunday afternoon.

    • Amen, I also live in Wisconsin and won’t watch ANY games. I thought that the Packers were better than that. Now I look at anything but. My son still does tho, the traitor, but he’s 30 and won’t be swayed. He even paid 250.00 for a stock that is worthless except they get to go to the share holders meetings. Lol

  26. I will watch it in the newspapers disintegrate and good riddance. Let ’em all find a job! Roger Goodell needs another job as well…can’t handle football players

  27. Hell no, I won’t watch the NFL this year or maybe never again. The NFL Commissioner is to blame fora lot of this crap for his actions or non-actions with regards to the National Anthem kneeling. The NFL Commissioner Goodell should be FIRED and thus the problems continue with him at the helm… I personally believe they should abolish the NFL and the overpaid thugs that play the game…..

      • Lots of people don’t want their email address published so the email services services say they won’t. That does not mean they don’t sell it to advertisers. I would not like to be harassed by some of the nut cases by a flood of emails. I am not hard to find so if they want to get up front & personal, have the time & money to come see me, I got no problem w/ that.

  28. As a Veteran, I will NEVER watch the NFL again. his could change, in the future, when they get a commissioner who has a back bone. The problem with the league right now, is not just the kneeling. It’s also the blatant disrespect, players that have a criminal record, and of course zero work ethics. Until this changes, they won’t have much of a fan base anymore.

    • The NFL players, owners & Commissioner are reaping what they have sown! The owners and the league don’t have to put up with this anti-American behavior — but they do! Why? Is it tacit agreement with the coddled players, or is it just more coddling & political correctness? These ungrateful “American” millionaires have a First Amendment right and so do the rest of us. When it comes to supporting the veterans & the police who risk their lives every day at low salaries for the risk or the NFL over-privileged crybabies — well, that isn’t much of a choice! Hey, Owners, get some balls or go broke supporting these idiots! We the People have had it!!!!!

    • My family will not watch Nor go to a NFL Game. These overpaid spoiled , arrogant millionaires have disrespected the country, our military, our flag, our citizens and our duly elected president and ALL those THAT DISRESPECT THOSE MENTIONED should pack their bags and get the hell out of this country

  29. I didn’t watch the NFL last year, and I won’t watch this year. I think the attitude of most players is very disrespectful to the country and the fans, not to mention the sponsors. I would rather watch Badminton.

  30. I have not watched the NFL over the past two years and I refuse to watch them at any time in the foreseeable future. The NFL will have to change their ways and they must decide that ALL players MUST be on the field sidelines and standing at attention and saluting the flag during the National Anthem! I will NOT watch them EVER if hey cannot show at least that much respect for our Flag and our National Anthem!

    • Same here and it is long-term. I will watch college football as long as they don’t disrespect my flag/country. As far as the NFL…NEVER again.

    • In the first place it’s boring as hell. Second place they are full of crap, they aren’t helping in the communities, they aren’t giving assistance to the needy families. They are showing how ignorant they are, they are overpaid, it cost an arm and a leg to go to a game, to watch supposingly grown men show their asses.

  31. It’s been crap the last 10 years and now that the NFL has insulted the American people they will never take a moment of my time from now on. Good riddance.

    • I agree. This last fiasco was the last straw not an opening salvo. I’m done with the NFL. College football is more entertaining without the social justice crap.

      • If you want good football, watch high school football. These kids have not been indoctrinated and corrupted by money and newspaper fame. I quit watching pro football years ago. A game consist of, four 15 minuets, 12 one minuets time outs, and supposedly a 15 half break and 2 one minute change of ends between quarters. Why does a game on TV last for three to four hours??

    • You are absolutely right! Any business that slams my country, abuses the men and women who freaking SERVE AND OFTEN DIE to protect us, and instead support illegals, while neglecting our veterans and our own citizens…I say, Get the Hell Out, go live somewhere else!

  32. Sad Day for favorite sport … played, supported … Well, the rich guys have ru8ined another thread of American Life. They bought it … and can keep it – without me – or us – or my friends.

  33. No!! I will not be spending any money or my valuable time watching a bunch of spoiled over-privileged children who can’t put two cohesive sentences together and would never defend this country. I have better things to do….and to the rest of the ‘Black’ community..get a life!


  35. What do you think of putting college football on TV on both Saturday and Sunday? Am sure some college athletic directors would appreciate the extra revenue too!I am through with nfl!

    • Johnny — A good idea. If the general public is represented by the 357 comments on this “site” the NFL is going to go bust relying on TV viewership. — I have not read every one of the 357 comments — however — the vast majority appear to be against the NFL and, therefor, supportive of my comment. — Bye Bye NFL. Welcome college football.

      • College football, high school, & Jr high football took a knee all last year. I love that sport the most, but I won’t watch any till it’s stopped. .When Trump called players ons of bitches that was wrong too. Their mothers didnt deserve that.He should have called the players LIARS.That would be truthful. They r taking a knee on a lie. ” hands up don’t shoot “is a lie. FACT: Brown didn’t have his hands up. FACT: 40% more whites get shot by cops than blacks

  36. I am a Vietnam vet(67-68) and still take my oath of enlistment as serious as the day I raised my hand and repeated it. I will not be watching the nfl at all. By the way, my family has had the uniform on all the way back to the revolution. The owners, coaches and players should understand this game called football is just that A GAME and not a platform for politics. Our freedom for them to play was bought with bloodshed from our beginning, and it has been a high price paid for some overpaid football aces who think they have a right to slap all who have ever worn the uniform and disrespect our heritage our flag our, national anthem, and our men and women in uniform past , present and future.
    No more NFL as I was weaned off them last year and took up college football on Saturdays and Sunday afternoon naps.

    • Same here. 56th AMES/USAF Vietnam 68-70. I Vowed never to watch those crybabies. I like you, have never regretted the Oath I took to defend our Constitution from all of America’s enemies both Foreign and Domestic. That Oath is still in place and will remain in place until I die. College football is great but the first clown who pulls a Craperneck and I change the channel and forget that team exists. Glad you made it back.

  37. I have loved, played, and watched – both at home and season tickets. I still love the game, but with the way management is acting like they deserve even more of my money and complaining that all of us “We The People” should learn the First Amendment. We do know it and the nfl should learn all of the rules and how to treat people. I am retired now and have retired form two jobs that required me to wear a uniform – like the players do – and if I had done what the players are doing, I could have been fired on the spot, for cause. Second time I would have been fired. The nfl, it used to be NFL, is the most paid snowflakes I have ever seen or heard of!!

    • NO PRO FOOTBALL WHILE THE CURRENT MANAGEMENT IS THERE AND THEN WE WILL SEE. . . PROBABLY NEVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE TIMER! In my family tree, that is another 30 to 40 years of not putting 1 cent into the nfl!!

  38. I think the NFL players should be able to pay their own salaries and expenses because the fans have switched to other entertainment options. They could then pay themselves as much as they want play the game.

      • No Football this fall. The family and I are already making plans to do good family outings, gatherings, home projects, home family hobbies, while the NFL does its season without us. No more NFL and that stands indefinitely.


  40. I absolutely will NOT watch ANY NFL games this year and years to come!!!

    I will never support stupid people that have zero respect for the flag and the men and women who have lost their lives for me and AMERICA!
    I love America.

    • NO I will nor support the NFL and no watch football as a result of their actions. I only wanted to see foot ball not here about what political party they care about and disrespect for the U. S. Flag. They lost me and my family.

    • AMEN!!! I too will NEVER WATCH THR NFL AGAIN. I mean seriously. These players are making millions and millions of dollars. With zero memory of where they came from and the pledge of alligents of
      said every morning for those men and women who are now deceased or seriouly injured so that these rich players can not only take a knee is like shitting onyjefglstvv

    • Hell no I will never watch NFL I cancelled my cable gave away all item related to NFL. I will not support dumb dumb disrespecting our flag, country, and our men and women in uniform the hell with millionaire dummies.

  41. The Spurs coach has always been an AH…the NBA appears to be going down the same disrespectful path as the NFL. Basketball is my favorite sport, but I am oh so close to turning it off as well. Probably more disappointed in Steve Kerr and his comments of late. How sad!

  42. The player ignorance on those topics they use to show the hateful and racist response to is just too incredible to believe or understand.

    • What’s to understand? If you are American even the smallest you will not watch another game. Even if the get it all straightened out I still won’t watch the games. Haven’t watched any since the first kneel down. Me I have be a die hard watcher for many years but no more. I can find a lot of things to do. I have even given up my Spurs for the same reason. Disrespect buy the coach to start.

      • Oh yes, I feel just as strong or even stronger about idiot Steve Kerr. He is outspoken in his pure out and out hate for the President and is so classless he has to open his mouth and let fly with pure no real knowledge of what he speaks. Some of the players are almost as ignorant of truths.

  43. I did not watch National Football LOSERS last year; will not watch a down this year. NFL lost me with their racist crap! Hope college football coaches were paying attention. I am not a Nick Saban nor Alabama fan, but I salute Mr. Saban and the Crimson Tide for the class he and the team showed on their celebratory trip to The White House this past year. Hats off to coach Saban and to President Trump.

    • I had 45 years of football blood running through our family…last year we didn’t watch football….for the 1st time ….I thought to myself wow it gave me the opportunity to pay attention to what’s going on in this country causing this Ani-American attack……I realized we are under full assault….We don’t need football…We need to defend our country…No country =No football….I get up every day in severe pain just to get myself able to walk the stiffness out of my injuries sustained while serving …..I never once thought of kneeling to the pain….I never once thought of kneeling while doing a missions that saved the interest and safety of this country……I didn’t always agree on the mission but I didn’t kneel. I addressed my concerns at a later more appropriate time. As far as to way they are kneeling…… We as a country need to come together and embrace our black Americans, and find out why they feel the way they feel….even though The stats don’t show it to be true , that’s irrelevant…they need our reassurance, love and support to help them build back the confidence in their protectors.

      • The Black people here are one thing the millioniare players most are not even from here. Kaper was raised with white people who took him when his black mother abandon ed him and this is the respect that he showed them. He was going with the leader of the BLM and he took his orders from her. Just keep listening to your pants and see how far he gets in hid project.

      • All the respect to you and your service, and what it has cost you. No respect goes to the millionaires who are merely dupes for the overall scheme to bring our Country down. This is only a part of the attack on our Republic, and what our founding fathers warned us about their fears for the future. More people should read their history, and founding fathers to get a better perspective on what is at stake. Keep the faith for all Americans who would see a better Country and future. That instead of pleasing the minority for their selfish needs and petty wants spun and disguised for their own purposes. I believe, as I think many do, that Trump beat the odds and machine against him for a reason, and indeed as this Country was inspired by diving intervention (George Washington), that may it never perish as long as it does not turn its back on the Creator who inspired its existence.

      • Wow Jerome. Thank you for your message & SALUTE.
        >So sorry re severe pain getting up E’day.
        ~I Know what ‘that’ feels like. whew.
        ~ Stay Strong/Some ‘prayers’ for You.

    • I haven’t watch pro sports, baseball, or basketball in years. I find the games extremely boring. In my younger years I officiated all the these games, including fast pitch softball, men and woman. A lot of officials are over weight or just fat.

  44. NFL, National Federation of Leftist or National Football League, which is it?
    I say the First. the Federation of Racist Left Wing Radicals, is synonymous with NFL. What with the outrageous protest of our National Anthem, and Pledge, athletes in the NFL, have demonstrated their disrespect for My Country, and Your Country, and for that behavior; I will not be watching NFL Games this Season.

    In fact, I’m a Trustee, for an organization, that has Social Clubs, where games are usually played. This year, the Club I’m associated with, will not be Promoting NFL Games. Or will we be displaying any NFL Promotion Displays or Signs.

    In fact, our NFL Subscription, has been cancelled. Roger, this movement, will sweep the United States of America. Further, NFL is a RACIST organization.

    The Fact that some Blacks were mistreated is absolutely correct however, it is not a reason for Disrespecting the American National Anthem and Pledge. These are Local issues, just as Black on Black Murders, are never brought to the surface by NFL Players, why is that? Or how about Black Crime, hmmm, now that’s a good one, huh?


  46. Ladd Chase and peter “nutshelled it”. I agree with them totally, we all should. GOD bless America, and her Patriots.

  47. All these stop the NFL are great, one other area that should be looked at, the sponsors of the NFL, i.e. USAA and others. I am a veteran and have been a USAA customer for nearly 50 years, however, I cancelled most of my policies with USAA, wrote a letter to the USAA CEO, and got their typical response, “USAA supports our veterans and the NFL does a lot for the veterans”. Goodell gets paid by these sponsors, we need to stop supporting these sponsors and clearly send a message, money talks. I stopped watching NFL two years ago and will not ever watch or support the NFL or its sponsors. You can look up sponsors like USAA, Avis, etc. on the NFL site.

  48. Most definitely not. I don’t like spoiled millionaires who shit on the country they made their millions in! If anyone in my family wants to watch that unpatriotic horseshit they can go to a bar and don’t bother to come home!

  49. I quit watching football 2 years ago and will never watch it again Those millionaire football players are a bunch of cry babies and Roger Goodell is the worst commissioner,football has ever had.

    • I agree Richard, Goodell could have and should have put an end to it the first time “pumpernickel took a knee”. Been watching professional football for over 50 years, so many memories watching with my father, uncles and grandfather. They have all passed on now and so glad they aren’t here to witness this debacle and shameful acts. Seldom missed a Monday Night, Sunday Night, or Thursday Night game. Always watched several day games on Sunday. Missed a lot of games in 2017 and all games in 2018. Yes I’m done with NFL.

  50. Used to be fans, but the politicized/disrespectful players changed all that. My family will not be tuning in again.

  51. If the bums continue to dishonor the playing of our National Anthem and the US flag I will not watch a single nfl game. If they want to support police brutality, then do it on their own time.

  52. Our family has also joined the NO NFL in our house society which seems to keep growing even more each time I see one of the stories about the Unpatriotic, Morons that have but one job to do, ‘Play with a Football’. Goodell might want to realize that it’s not rocket science, since we even have Pee-Wee teams made up of children still in Kindergarten. He and the owners have allowed the NFL to become a “gang of felons that most commonly are arrested for spousal abuse, sexual assaults, drugs and DUI”. Nobody is going to spend money to buy their paraphernalia, souvenirs, or tickets when they do not set a good example for our children that Love the game.

    • I have not watched one came including the Superbowl since this unpatriotic bull crap started. (funny… I didn’t miss it.) The NFL has lost me and I do not think I’ll ever be back!!!
      What surprises me is that there hasn’t been a war in the locker room. (I guess none of the players on the team care.)
      If the protesting players feel the need to protest they should do it in the parking lot or at a police station.
      I’m a veteran , PRIOR to my service back in the late 60s I knew enough to Stand Still, place my hand over my heart, and even sing the National Anthem. (It only takes about one to two minutes of their precious time.

  53. As a 27+ year veteran of the United States Army who, along with my brothers/sisters in arms and proud defenders of our nation and flag, I was very offended by the disrespect displayed by these overpaid, self serving, egotistical so called athletes! We were ducking bullets and rockets in the name of our flag while these guys were chasing balls. They had perfect opportunities to be role models for our youth, my peers were getting killed. Each of them were paid more in a year than the collective pay of a typical company and they have the audacity to stomp on our flag! I have nothing but disdain for Kopernick and his supporters. I, too, have given up watching NFL games.

  54. No! They,ve made their bed, now, they can lay in it. No reward for disrespect of our country, president, service men or law enforcement. We do not need you, NFL, you need us!

    • I will have no sports on because of the disrespect to my flag,our veterans, our nationand my President! You protest on your own time not mine! You are paid to play a sport not protest! Stand up place hand over heart when national anthem is played or stay at home!

    • I am done with the NFL. Why don’t the kneelers give their millions to whoever the oppressed are, and move to a country they think is better than this one. We don’t need them here!

  55. SCREW the NFL and all the other so called over paid professional sports assholes. There will NEVER be any of them on my TV or in my house in any way. I quit watching many years ago and don’t miss it one bit. I do hope that they ALL are out of a job.


  57. I had never missed a superbowl I had seen every one since the first one until the last two,I have not watched a single game the past two years and don’t plan on watching in the future,until the league figures out it’s a game and not a political platform

  58. These whiny pansies are paid MILLIONS of dollars to play a game and they believe that they are oppressed??? I’ve lost all respect and interest for the NFL and will never do a thing to support them in any way again.

  59. No more NFL for me last year, no more NFL ANY year. NO MORE NFL! You had a chance and didn’t take it. Bye and good riddance! My country is more important to this vet!

  60. I’ve given up ALL sports. College included.
    The bottom line is that I have saved a lot of money and more time to get things done.

  61. I will never watch another professional football game again. The anger is gone, it has been two seasons since I’ve watched a game. I”ve learned to live without it!

    • Ditto for me. I did watch the Super Bowl last year but mainly for the commercials and to hopefully watch New England get beat. The commercials sucked but the Patriots lost , so I was happy about that. But then the Eagles disrespect the president and the GM from the Jets states he will pay any fines levied on his players. ARE THEY KIDDING ME?? The league should be disbanded. They should all go play soccer in Afganistan. Spoiled asswipes that disrespect the country. They should all be jailed. I will not watch any games next season. I am totally done . What a shame.

    • I am in total agreement. I stopped watching or following my favorite team, that says a great deal. No NFL in our home not in our families home. We have had veterans in our family since the war of 1812, and frankly this protest has been a slap in the face to every vet living and passed.

  62. I say, “Send them to the country of their choice and let them practice their rhetoric and see how that works out.” Just plain sick of their disrespect to our country, flag, and veterans. GROW UP.

  63. they love to disrespect the flag and the national anthem then let them go and play and protest in a North Korea football league or in Iraq or Iran

    • Maybe that basketball player can get them jobs in Kim’s entertainment ministry. I kinda think the exchange rate on NK whatever to the dollar is about what they are worth.

  64. Do Not Watch NFL or NBA any longer. If possible I do not buy anything from companies that sponsor the NFL or NBA. Discontinued my Sunday Ticket in 2016 and have not watched a game since. Spent 14 Years in the Corps and can not stand the disrespect for the Flag, Country and Servicemen both Police and US Troops that are at this time still giving their service and some their lives for what we as true Americans believe in. To make the NFL truly hurt, sponsors will have to hurt till they cut there money off. We here are doing all we can directly to cost the NFL now we need to make sponsors understand that they need to stop supporting the disrespect.

    My 2 cents on the subject. I appreciate everyones support as a Veteran myself it feels good that some still respect the time and lives we gave to protect this Great Country and its values.

    God Bless you all and God Bless The United States of America.

  65. The players are over-paid brats. yes, I know some blacks seem to get picked on by the cops, but more of them don’t listen because they have never been taught to respect others. the News needs to cut back on telling how great they are when they are young, it messes them up and then they have this idea that they are greater than GOD, well they aren’t. A good share of their early salaries needs to be put in a retirement account that they can’t touch, so they don’t end up broke. If I watch any it will be very little.

  66. I would rather watch paint dry than three boring hours of over paid under talented sports figures who bite the hand that feeds them and thier families and affords them unbelievably lavish life styles.didn’t watch last year and will not watch this year.jgb

    • Yeppur. “overpaid/political /bite hands that feed” etc.
      Fuutball Was Good, ‘back in the day’.
      > Also, this perhaps weird to some, Buttt TRUTH – High Levels
      Are ‘luciferian’ & support Total ‘luciferian’ 1/2 time ‘shows.
      & Perhaps ‘uppers’ ARE SO StEWPID/Ignorant/ [or worse,participate],
      even ‘they don’t know, but i
      doubt it.
      JUST Have To KNOW what your’re looking at. Really Baad ‘stuff’ folks.
      > &&& Mega$$$ keeps ‘rolling on.

    • I began to do without NFL last year…didn’t even miss it. Started college football, and will NEVER watch NFL again.

    • I quit watching when babies messed their diapers and have so intention of watching them disrespect our country. You Mr Doodell should start looking for a job.

    • Not a chance. I am sick of spoiled coddled crybabies who have not preformed since the 1990’s when Jimmy Johnson was their coach.

  67. Was a diehard NFL fan till Kap started with this outrageous act. I will not be returning as I have found a new love for College Football. Goodbye NFL!!!

  68. Since these and the other jerks started striking because they weren’t given enough money playing a kids games, I pretty much stopped watching pro sports However, I won’t even watch any when I go to a restaurant that has a game on, after the present fiasco going on. Guess what, I now talk with my family, do things around the house and participate regularly in my own activities. If pro sports ended tomorrow, I could care less.


  69. I quit watching about two years ago. This will be the third season. I don’t miss it. I used to watch one or two games a week for years. No more. I stream my TV and have no professional sport on it. I might occasionally watch a car race, bu not as often as I used to. I watch either college football or basketball,

  70. I’m done. Haven’t watched in about 2 years. I’ll stick with other sports. I was a Dolphins fan since 1968. Couldn’t care less now.

    • Me too. Bought club seat season tickets last year. Went to one preseason game and saw them kneel. Didn’t go to anymore games after that. I didn’t even watch on TV. So disappointed in the NFL!

  71. I will watch NFL football when they stop the kneeling nonsense and show respect for America and it’s traditions and people. Until that happens, I will not. Roger Goodell has got to go. Replace him with some one who will stand up this idiocy.

    • I will never watch an NFL game again, no matter what they do. Showing no respect for the fag & anthem was enough for that decision, something that has been deleted from the conversations, is Kapernicks pig cop socks.

      I am not happy w/ law enforcement today. If you say good morning to most, they either ignore you or look at you like you cursed them. I grew up in a time when cops walked a beat in our small town, when a deputy sheriff or state patrolman would blip their lights if they met you speeding, point a finger at you.

      I think it is a sad state of our country when even small towns think the need military ordinance to maintain order. I know exactly when it began, bank robbery in LA. Ever since tv shows have pitted citizens against cops.

      When I was growing up, if anyone tried to hurt a cop or deputy, did hurt one, the community would be sure his family did not miss a beat in money. We would step in to help, if they had more than they could handle.

      Now they have the it is us against them attitude. It goes all the way to the top as we are seeing, FBI, Justice Department.

      Even though I am not happy w/ current law enforcement, I have too much respect for the cops, deputies, that took good care of our town, talked to our parents when we were getting close to the edge, ever forgive the pig cop socks. I hold everyone in the NFL responsible. I am doing quite well w/o Starbucks, Yeti, BOA, Citigroup, Harbor Frieght, major rental car companies, airlines, Pepsi, Coke…… NFL is at the bottom of the list.

  72. Goodell never should have had he contract renewed. He is as bad as the players that kneel. Stopped watching last year and surprisingly I didn’t miss it, as I was a huge football fan. I am waiting for the NFL to be a thing of the past. I want to see all these overpaid babies have to get a REAL job. I have more respect for our country and service men and women than to watch these assholes disrespect it.

  73. Well all I can tell you is that from what I’ve been reading I will not be watching any games this year as well. Keeping the players in the tunnel or in the locker room during the Nation Anthem is still disrespectful to those who died for this country defending our rights and freedom.

  74. I only watched two games last season, and that is because the people we were visiting had the games on. This year I promise to…
    Not watch any, and will never watch the Jets as long as the ownership stays the same.

  75. Stopped watching 2 years ago Refuse to waste my time on watching these spoiled, over paid street thugs. College ball much better.

    • I was a Chicago Bears fan for over fifty years, but have not gone to a game
      or watched them play all last year and wont till I hear an apologie from
      the NFL and players to the American people and military and fireing of

  76. Let the NFL suffer for their disrespect to our nation. Have a gripe, then go about it the proper way and voice your discontent via social media or organizations who represent your values and not at the work place. If you work for me you would not be allow to act as some NFL Players have acted. Want to complain, do it on your own dime and time. NFL owners, like their commissioner (over paid Goodell), are a group of wealthy babies who do not have the guts to tell their players their actions during the National Anthem will not be tolerated and if continued, against team policy and public decency and civility, they will be fined $25K each time which will aid in keeping the owner’s money in the owner’s pocket. If that is what they want, they will provide their football team with less cost for their services.

  77. I have not watched them in almost 2 years and do not plan to start now. When you disrespect America, the soldiers, or anything pertaining to America and our Christian way of life, then I am finished. I am a Vet. from Nam Era and these over paid junkies need to get a job and earn a living just like the rest of us and also serve time in the military. I hope the NFL never plays another game.

  78. I fought for the freedom for every American. I risked my life in the battle field so these over paid ball players had the right to play ball. As far as I am concerned they have placed themselves in the same category as the lunatic Hollywood trash. if it was not for the men and women of this great country all of the actors and ball players wood be nothing and most would be at soup lines to get a meal. Just because the make so much money they think that they have the right to tell the hard working people of this country what to do. If it was up to me and my fellow veterans we would ship them and their BS to a country that has no real freedoms and see how well they live. I have stopped watching any sports or movies, they all are to political and to dam exspensive. I will take care of my family before I will pay 1 cent to make these idiots rich.

    • I, too, am a vet. I turned off my TV the minute Kaepernick took a knee. I have not watched since, nor will I ever again. My sport of choice is the NHL, where they play the National Anthem, and ALL players, (a lot are from other countries, like Russia)STAND. They always have the military on hand during the anthem, and they throw out the first puck. As far as I am concerned the NHL has it right. These players understand what we have done for them, and they are appreciated. They go into their communities and help those that need help, but they do not bring politics to the ice.

      • I am Retired US Army, if those idiots in the nfl even have an inkling as to how much I HATE the disrespect they have shown my fallen Brothers and Sisters, they will understand why I will NEVER watch another nfl game. I was a lifelong NE Patriots fan until they also took a knee, bye bye nfl.

      • I don’t know diddly do about Hockey except they fight a lot. I can learn, will, & will buy tickets I support if you are right.
        I lived in Atlanta, GA when the city was first getting pro teams. They got away w/ things that would put most of us in jail for 20 years.

        When tha Braves came, I could get a ticket for $2.00. There was some good guys. The Hawks, Falcons came & were a disaster. Multiple wrecks at high speed, killing & injuring others, shoot outs I down town with no charges, mega mansions built, never occupied, that raised taxes for everyone near them.

        I have had to travel a lot. Every city with pro sports teams tacks on extra taxes for hotel rooms, rental cars, to pay for domes, stadiums. The cities are getting screwed, the taxpayers getting raped. For all these venues to show any return on investment, they would have to be packed 5 days/week @ pro sports ticket prices before they become obsolete.

  79. Never NFL, NBA and WNBA. I quit watching NFL due to players taking the knee. I quit watching NBA because of very bad attitudes and when the WNBA (Lynx) chose the BLM group and wore their T-Shirts that did it for me. I’ll watch college ball.

  80. I refuse to watch any NFL games this year, beginning by NOT renewing my NFL Ticket. I’ll content myself with college ball until the new XFL season starts. I’ll be cheering for them to take down these high priced goons who refuse to honor our flag and national anthem.

  81. I did not watch any NFL games last year. I am not going to waste my time and electricity watch this year either. These NFL bums can starve or get a real job and get paid the same as everyone else. they are not worthy to wipe an armed forces members boots.

    • You are a friend of mine. Starve the NFL, bankrupt the owners. I haven’t seen one damn player stand up to the knee takers, not kneelers as the media spouts.

      I haven’t heard anything about the take a knee pissants doing anything in any inner city. When they are out of work they need to sue Kapernick.

      • Been sayin that for years, I was in eight grade in N.C. when they started busing blacks into our school, you had to fight or get beat up, not a childhood memory that I like to think of, what’s worse is it has not changed much since “72”

  82. I gave up the NFL and the NBA because neither has respect for the people and the country. If they both fail good riddance. Neither is allowed on my TV or any item of such in my house. The are also never on my radios.

  83. as far as I am concerned they could have kept their fan base if they would not have disrespected the flag the owners could have gave them a special forum or a day to protest. but now as far as I am concerned its over NFL is dead to me

  84. Even though I’ve been A Bears fan since 1961-and will remain so-I’m not an NFL fan. I’m starting to think the games-some, particularly Packers games-are fixed. If Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Matt Ryan,, had tried to pull what the Packers did with Aaron Rogers-sticking him back on IR after he spent six weeks on it, than was activated for the Carolina game, a 31-24 Panthers win (yay!), they would have been in BIG TROUBLE1 The rule says a player that goes back on IR HAS TO BE RELEASED. Of course, he’s Aaron Rogers so he can get away with it.

  85. I’ve watched the NFL since I was a kid, but not since the idiots starting kneeling! My country is so important to me and I don’t think I will ever watch again.

  86. Thanksgiving last year, the game was turned on, to see what the team When the music started what the FOOLS would do. I looked around the room…evmail.comeryone, from teenagers to the parents, Uncles and a recently married couple, (the Groom a professional Baseball Player were on their feet, hand over their heart..I, the very proud grandmother had tears in my eyes, Our Grace was for OUR Country, Game was turned off

  87. Football was my favorite. I always preferred college over pro. I will NEVER watch a NFL game again. Goodell is an idiot and allowed this crap to get out of hand. I am a 4 year US Navy veteran and will never forgive the disrespect they showed me, millions of other veterans, and our flag.

    • To begin with the NFL EVP Communications resigned in the fall of 2015 when Donald Trump announced he was running for President of the United States. The man”s name is Paul Hicks. The Glover Park Group Plc founded by Joe Lockhart was sold to the foreign national owner of WPP LLC Sir Martin Sorrell who controlled a number of former American owned publicity/media interests. Paul Hicks is hired by Sir Sorrell to become NY Director of GPG Plc. So who’s being groomed to work for Trump’s campaign Hope Hicks. Who shows up to become the NFL EVP Media/Communications, the same Joe Lockhart Bill Clinton’s former WHite House Press Secretary, and Lockhart conveniently sells his Kallorama mansion to the Barack Obama’s. Steady now, Hope Hicks becomes permanent White House Director of Communications after She, Jared and Ivanka Kushner found Corey Lewandowski off key. Corey never sang soprano, nor did Roger Stone.

  88. I am especicly disgusted and torqued off by their actions having spent 2- years in the USN and 39 months in and out of Viet Nam and freezing my ass off in the Sea of Japan waiting for the limp dicks in DC to give us the go ahead to rescue the Pueblo only to be told to “Stand Down” Even though I love the Seahawks, I will not be watching any of their games!

  89. Watched the Portland – Seattle Soccer match. Stadium was bulging at the seams with enthusiastic fans. Cheering and following each play. Portland won 3-2. MLS is far better than NFL. CTE is now a reality…in NFL. There are more felons in NFL (wife beaters, shop lifters, etc) why bother watching a losing football league. Tune into MLS…and college football. Even womens soccer games are far better than anything NFL puts on the TuBE. Pray. Amen. God Bless America. Read A Bible. Psalm 128.

  90. If the NFL wants to get support it would like. Let the players know the NFL does not ALLOW and actions of players or teams that DOES NOT RESPECT THE AMERICAN FLAG OR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Players and teams that show ANY DISRESPECT should be terminated from the NFL. If the NFL doesn’t get it, it will lose fans and LIVE WITH IT.

  91. Nope, no more NFL for me. The players who choose to disrespect my flag and my country are no longer welcome in my home. I admire their skills, athletic abilities, but that’s it. Notice I said “my”
    Flag and country? Those players have already chosen their symbols allegiance…to themselves and their misguided ideals. Shame on them. Please send them to another country and keep their U.S.A. passports for the big bonfire we can make for their dishonorable actions.

    • I stopped watching after the first knee down ,and did not watch super bowel I am done with the NFL and all of the high & mighty millionaires players .SHUT UP and just PLAY
      Sam Romeo


  93. Never again will I watch the NFL. I don’t believe the players will ever really repent their actions. They may start standing up but I will never believe they are doing it because they want to. Goodbye Green Bay Packers,fan since 1963, and all NFL sponsors

  94. I wouldn’t watch if paid me. Any team that disrespects the American flag doesn’t deserve to play the game.

  95. Stopped watching in 2016, it’s only gotten worse since. Vince McMahon’s XFL will be debuting soon, I’ll give that a try. Too bad the NFL was ruined by ignorant racist hominids.

    • I will not watch NFL. Will watch only college. Until these players stand up and realize Football is their job of choice and not to be used as grandstanding against the greatest country and if you have an agenda then do it in your off duty personal time . People tune in to watch a football game and not to watch your disrespect to our country and the fans


    • The NFL screwed up BIGLY when they increased the number of Black players from 30% of their lineup to 70%. Had White patriotic players remained in the majority on every NFL team, the Black kneelers wouldn’t have become so emboldened, they’re willing to offend the fans who pay their obscene salaries, their nation, their flag, our veterans, and everything they fight and die for! As long as a single pissed-off Black player either kneels, or gives the Black Power Salute instead of holding their right hand over their hearts, I won’t be watching a single moment of football for the third season in a row, and I suspect there’s millions of Americans who feel the same way!

  97. The NFL is going to face a lot of empty seats this coming season, unlike a Trump rally.
    Disrespecting our flag and country after this country gave these players an opportunity that no other country could offer, is unpatriotic and lacks morals and character. But then 1/3 of the players have criminal records, so we shouldn’t be surprised.

  98. I kicked both DIRECTV and the NFL to the curb the first day Kaper did the knee. I will not be back ever. When 98% of all donated brains of former NFL players come back with head injuries, it is not something I want to give my money.

  99. I am no longer a fan of the NFL and will watch college football which I have been
    a fan for more years than I can remembe. This mess is Goodell’s fault for not addressing it when Kapernick first kneeled
    with disciplinary action. Who do the Eagles
    think they are by disrespecting the President’ invitation resulting themm to
    be disinvited!!!! GO UM HURRICANES!!!!

    • I’ve been an Eagles fan ever since they were organized, so I still cheer for the way they play football. I can separate the fact that just like a percentage of the general population, some of the players are a–holes as persons.

  100. The NFL used to be the high light of my man-cave, but no more. I high light baseball now. The NFL junk is gone and so is the Sunday, Monday and if still around the Thursday football games in my house. I watched only sparing last year. This year I don’t care anymore. NFL joined the ranks of soccer and hockey and tennis and golf on TV.

    • I am with these who will find something else to do during the NFL football games. I will come back to watching them only if the NFL and the players, including Colin, will give an honest apology to their actions, including a public acceptance of pledging allegiance to the US flag, which gives me reason to watch them again, but on that one condition.

  101. Me too, they did Tebow an injustice. The NFL didn’t know how to use Tim Tebow. They think they know it all. I see where the NFL is using the Tebow Time Play and scoring big with it!!

    • Terry, I could not agree more with you. I don’t believe any apology would be honest. They made their bed now they can sleep in it. No more NFL for me ever regardless what they do.

  102. I used to bet on games. I stopped watching or betting since this ridiculous behavior by football players started. Now I only watch
    NBA Basketball. Basketball players, so far, are much smarter than football players. Basketball players know enough to respect and appreciate the fans and this country.

  103. I didn’t intend for their protests to make me stop watching but it left such a bad flavor in my mouth that I did and will continue to do so. I just don’t care anymore. I feel their racism is so in your face…because it is pure ignorance. The players of the NFL like so many other people in society have little if any education as far as the history of our Country and American values at all. I feel no delight at all in watching NFL games.

  104. just fine the piss out of them and cut their contract off kneeling will halt their ungracious money they get Don’t hire assholes that want to anger the people with their petty grips!

  105. I have always preferred COLLEGE!!! The real SHAME here is that the statistics do NOT back up Kap’s GIRLFRIENDS ideology. Unarmed black people do get killed but IF you look at the stats it isz because they have resisted arrest. The percentages for WHITE UNARMED PEOPLE BEING SHOT is much higher and guess what, they resisted arrest too!! Bottom line when the person with the BADGE AND GUN tell you to do something you do it and fight it WITH IN THE SYSTEM!!! Lil Mikey Brown, all 300 lbs of him, CHARGED the cop AFTER fighting him inside the patrol car for the cops gun!!!!! IF THERE HAD ONLY BEEN A CLUE!!! This would have NEVER HAPPENED! TTragic sure but what would YOU HAVE DONE? If I had owned the store he would have never seen the police!

  106. IkThey claim protest was over police abuse. Then protest at a police station. It was about country/flag/red/white and blue as far as I am concern. I fought for that flag while you played a game and got rich

    • I do not watch pro football anymore. No buying tickets, no supporting, not anything. I hope any day they come to mind that the NFL will go down the tube! I will, however, support the Canadian Football. I’m tired of the guys that think they’re worth that kind of money. I agree with Joe, the NFL can go to hell, and I was a diehard fan for 45 years of the Broncos an more recently of Green Bay. I don’t know how many of their players actually took a knee, but as long as they remain a part of the NFL, I will not watch them!!

  107. When some poor excuse of a player holes out for 10 million dollars but will not respect the country or the flag I am done with the NFL and many of the jerks that play in it.My season tickets have been turned in.

  108. My answer is no way will I support the NFL this season. You want to take a knee, do it and stay that way till season is over. Don’t degrade what American Veterans have fought for for so long. Also stay off President Trumps back.

  109. You watch, the same clowns who are killing their ‘Golden Goose’ will soon be in line to collect a CTE entitlement check. Life-long fan who ‘cut the cord’ with the NFL last year. Not hard to do since I did it before with the NBA. Over-hyped, over-priced and just not entertaining anymore.

  110. I stopped watching when this BS started. Never watched a game last year, and won’t watch any this year! Godell could have stopped this the first week. Now I don’t think they will ever recover. It will be interesting to see how season ticket, and advanced sales go this summer.

  111. Have Not Watched A NFL Game Since The One Thug Took A Knee Against Our Flag And County And I Will Continue NOT Watch The Rich Cry Babies That We The People Help Make Them Rich. The NFL Is Doomed As Far A I’m Concerned, I’m Also Not Playing Fantasy Football Anymore.

  112. NFL football is over for us… more will this family be watching. Better things to do since they made ass holes of themselves by disrespecting our flag and country.

  113. Season ticket holders now have the clear choice to DUMP their tickets and do something better than watch overpaid black guys to whine 24/7 on NFL games. The national anthem has only ONE purpose to even play it. Respect/honor for this country. PERIOD.
    (agree though… oversize flag on the field is too much. Not necessary).

  114. I have been a N.Y. Giant fan since 1952. Win lose or draw I stuck with them. Now that the NFL has all these overpayed spoiled millionaires making their so called neeling statement on my nickel, the only way I can protest them is not to watch this game anymore. That is the way I protested their action last year by not watching one game and will continue this for probably the rest of my life . I felt no great loss after missing the entire season last year. I have many in my family who have served this Country since the American Revolutionary War. They all deserve our respect. Good ridenance to these disrespectful players and the NFL who have supported all of them.

  115. A BIG NO . I will not watch or in any way support the NFL this coming season. They like their knee so much let them stay on them. PS don’t screw with an American war Veteran and their country or with President Trump.

  116. I have been a huge NFL fan since the 60s! Did not watch a single game last years and will NEVER AGAIN watch the NFL! I will detox with NCAA ball, and am anxious for 2020 when a new league with actual standards will start. There are a few good men in the NFL, I hope they switch to the new league and leave the NFL behind!

  117. I will not watch or support any team, any longer. It is possible that I could find some level of agreement about some issue they claim to be disrespecting our flag/country/leaders/institutions for, however, this is not the proper place/manner to protest. There are a lot of things in life and politics that I am unhappy about, but nothing can rise to the point that I would consider it necessary to dishonor the flag and all it represents. If I can’t honor it for what I believe is occurring, I can still certainly honor it for the ideals and principles it seeks to fulfill. We have too many service personnel and their families that have sacrificed too much. As far as I am concerned, anyone that is so unhappy that they can’t offer less than 2 minutes of respect for our service men and women, as well as the hope and ideals of our flag/country, then I think they should have their citizenship transferred to someone that wants to respect our flag, then abruptly be flown to the country of their choice. I am sick of the NFL and the athletes that choose to disrespect our country.

  118. When I was 18 years old I served during the Cuban Missile Crisis and served until two years after the fall of Saigon. I’m no hero and don’t pretend to be, but I love my country and Old Glory with a passion. Thousands of our heroes cam home in boxes covered with the Flag for which they gave their last full measure of service…THEY are my heroes and the NFL will never in a million years come anywhere near their love of country. “Duty, Honor, Country,” Gen. MacArthur.

  119. It seems to me that a man with helmet defending our country should make more money than a man with a helmet defending a football. I was an avid fan since 1958 (Johnny Unitas days!), but I have not watched since the kneeling started, and I don’t believe I ever will again.

  120. Only watched one game last year army Navy game and it’s the only one I will watch this year.if and when the national felon league wants to respect this country that has given the so much mabe I will watch but I don’t think so fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me

    • I won’t watch the nfl the entire season. these spoiled millionaires have their heads up their rearends if they think the Fans are going to be pushed around, they better get in touch with reality. We don’t need you. The games were getting boring anyway.

  121. No, I will NOT watch NFL football again this year. I’m watching a lot of college ball. Might never return to NFL.

  122. NO I WILL NOT! they are paid TOO much and they feel they are better than their fans and look down their noses at us. I feel this way about all PRO sports.

  123. Too many of our brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews have come home beneath that flag. For any player to show that flag disrespect is unacceptable, no matter what your thinking or gripe is.

  124. I was a 2 pack a day smoker. Hooked on the nfl for years also. Gave up both last year. save money on both. I am free. Never again will I smoke. Never again will I be hooked on “Pro” ball. It’s a great feeling. Thanks Guys.

    • This league is completely out of touch with the pulse of society! Americans are patriotic people. Disrespecting the Anthem which stands for soldiers past and present who have died or are willing to die for a democracy that enables athletes to make millions of dollars playing a game they love. The Anthem is not the platform to fight for cause it’s the platform to honor those that gave their lives and honor the flag of our country, The United States Of America. It also is so far out of touch with the suspension of players for smoking marijuana!! It’s ridiculous! Roger Goodell needs to go! Put in a Black Commissioner he’ll be way more in tune to the pulse of the people and hopefully we can bury the race card which is often overplayed. It’s a black n white world if you do wrong pay your price but the rules are really out of touch. It has cost Josh Gordon over 10 million dollars for smoking weed!!! Get real NFL your a joke!!

  125. Reading some of these articles most was not true football fans,most sound like racists are don’t understand why these players are kneeling, when white cops stop killing and shooting black people for no reason, it have nothing to do with the flag are Trump, this is a very Racists Country,Education is a must in this Country!

    • More blacks kill blacks than police. And every time I hear of police shooting blacks, it’s because they have just committed a crime.

    • I keep waiting to see a video of white cops shooting blacks for no reason…let me give you a hint… when they say stop…STOP! It’s that easy! Quit playin’ the race card….doesn’t work anymore! The NFL blew it…they already had a rule that said players stand for the Nat’l Anthem and didn’t choose to enforce it…now, we’re not choosing them!

    • Thats funny, when a police officer gives you a direct order to stand still, kneel down like the negro football leaguer’s do, shut up until spokane to or anything the cops want them to do to make the “ENCOUNTER” to go more safely and smoothly but low and behold you have a bunch of rascist black folk who think they are being picked on because of the color of their skin and they “REFUSE” to follow orders that could save their lives. No they think they can out yell the Police officer, intimidate the Police officer and flat out Ignore the Police officer, then they are told to keep their hands out of their pockets where the Police officer can SEE THEIR HANDS but that goes in one ear and right out the other ear. Maybe Whitie has better hearing and that’s why you don’t hear about a whole lot of Crackers getting shot up so ALA in ALL the NFL doesn’t have a leg to stand on and maybe they should have kept their shit off of PUBLIC TV. When everyone understands a Police officer just wants to do his J.O.B. and go home safely every night and if everyone would quit being a bunch of wanna be trouble makers then maybe Police Officers will quit shooting idiots who can’t follow a simple plan command. As for watching the Negro Football League, NEVER AGAIN, hope they drag the nfl out of exitance.

      • Dude It’s the same rules for whites!!! Seriously do you think when whites shoot somebody or are involved in armed robbery police don’t shoot and say now now you get along and go home?? When the race card is thrown every time it loses credibility. Yes I agree there’s som bad cops but 9 out 10 are damn good ones

    • The players kneeling say it is a protest about law enforcement picking on them. How does disrespecting the USA flag and anthem have anything to do with that? To the proud USA citizens who love our country and appreciate the men and women who fought to keep our country safe those kneelers represent big overpaid cry babies!

    • Ken Foston …. I’m sure there are some injustices in the black community just are there are everywhere. I see some of this injustice as self induced. There’s a price to pay for non compliance of police orders or just flat out running from them and resisting arrest. A lot of these incidents are overblown and propagated with lies as was discovered in the investigations in a lot of the high profile cases. (i.e. Michael Brown & Travon Martin are just a couple) I would love for there to be a comprehensive public discussion by all sides to discuss all of the perceived problems and come to some sort of a resolution but unless everyone involved is willing to accept the outcome it will be a waste of time. Disrespecting the anthem and the flag and shitting on the memories of all the men and women who have fought and died protecting the rights and freedoms of the people of this nation is not the way for anyone to act …. period. So, until these overpaid underachievers come to their senses and respect the flag and anthem, they can kiss my ass and so can the NFL … and the NBA is right behind them !!!

  126. It’s the attitude of the players and the coaches and the owners. No respect for the United States of America. As far as I’m concerned all these players should be fired and the teams shut down and the NFL folded.

    • I will never again watch, listen to or read about the NFL ever again. My football comes on week nights and Saturdays only.

  127. This is the third season that I won’t watch. The NFL can’t implode fast enough for me. A bunch of spoiled punks making millions playing a game want to disrespect this country, to heck with all of them, including the commentators and sports channels.

  128. At one time in my life, the first thing I did on Sunday after getting home from church was turn football games on TV. That stopped last year. I will never, never watch those ungrateful people again. I had two uncles in WW2 and they were glad to fight on both sides of the world for our flag.

    • They were legends in their own mind only. They have ruined it for themselves as has Hollywood. I’m done with the NFL and also the movie theatre. They all think we care about their opinion. I do not

  129. I love NFL Football but I hate politics don’t want Politics involved if they want to do that I will no longer watch or buy any thing related !

  130. All of my family has stopped watching these overpaid players whining and being disrespectful to the fans. We still watch College ball.

  131. “I’m afraid that all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve!” Admiral Yamamoto after Pearl Harbor And THIS is NO different! Vote! Vote! VOTE in November like your life depends on it, because it surely does!


  133. I have not watched since the kneeling started. Goodell is a poor leader. And have had more time to do the things I want to do and not watch wealthy un-Americans disrespect our anthem, flag, and country. Anyone who watches the nfl should reevaluate their patriotism and love of country.

  134. Not watching any football after being a fan since 1960. Forcing them to stand is hypocritical. Kneeling is anti American. I’ll watch paint dry from now on.

  135. I used to live for opening day. Every Sunday I watched NFL football, as well as Monday and Thursday nights when they started having those games. Thanksgiving the same thing. I watched every Super Bowl until all this BS started, haven’t watch any football since and have no plans to ever watch again. Now they are not showing respect for our president. I’m through with the NFL. My game is now on Saturday.

    • I was a 2 pack a day smoker. Hooked on the nfl for years also. Gave up both last year. save money on both. I am free. Never again will I smoke. Never again will I be hooked on “Pro” ball. It’s a great feeling. Thanks Guys.

  136. Done with cable, satellite, NFL, NBA, Hollyweird, ABC and ALL Anti American Bull Sh*t. God Bless President Trump and the United States of America!! Grow up you fools or face a civil war you will really lose very badly and quickly!!

    • God be with you old Pioneer, you did the right thing, screw them all, they are all anti-Americans, ruled by SOROS foundation, he is funding all the protesters. Tom Steyer is another anti-American funding all these rallies and protesters.

  137. I use to watch it now and then….The first time I seen those UN-GRATEFUL Idiots Kneel I was Pissed…!!! No More for me…!!!

  138. let college football compete on Sundays.So that Americans can see football without the spoiled brat millionaires when the T V money stops the teams will have to cut wages and maybe reality will set in with the protesters

  139. I quit watching when the spoiled over priced brats started kneeling. I served in the Military for oer 40 years and fought for their right to protest, but not in the way they did it. I watched football since 1955 and watched every time it was on, today the TV gets turned off if Football is the only thing on. I will not go to a Restaurant / Bar that has the games on. I will not watch again and will never buy any NFL logo items or ever go to a game again. The Brats have runied the game. The Eagles topped it off for me by screwing with the invitation from the President. SPOILED, SPOLIED little babies that make way too much money.

  140. A young widow or parents will get I believe $150,000 from Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance. That’s it. The widow will likely have to pay off a mortgage, fix the car, buy food, education for the children, summer camp, musical instruments, the list goes on and on with just $150,000.
    How much do these idiots on a nice safe football field with the best medical care sports can afford, get paid? even a low paid third stringer, how much for how many years.
    And they can disrespect that soldier. No I will never knowingly put one cent back in those pockets. No respect for the creeps that did not kneel because they stood by and let it happen, they could have refused to play, they make enough, they are rich.


  141. Its sad that these idiots have no idea what the Flag ,Anthem and our Military mean to this country.. These symbols have given us so much and to have a bunch of NFL players disrespect these items .. well its plain suicide for them… They make millions playing a kids game while our Military barely makes above minimum wage and will give up their lives for us… I know they say its for the injustice in America… but they can go about it a different way.. Just like Hollywood they are bottom feeders living off the American public… if they want to change the world then let them go into politics run for office and do your part but never disrespect the Flag,Anthem and our Military… these along with first responders are the true Hero’s of America.. and not the NFL nor Hollywood all they are suppose to do is entertain us not lead us….

    • Most of the last 3 generations don’t know a thing about the United states and the country itself. They have had everything given to them and appreciate none of it. They are the downfall of the nation. We should require learning the Constitution in grade school as well as learning the 3 verses to the National Anthem. I had to in the 1st grade but schools have gone down hill since then!!God Bless the USA!!

  142. You can’t just blame the few who kneel, but the rest of the team. Has anybody heard of peer pressure? And I am not talking about verbal only. It’s about time some of these a**holes get their a**es kicked. I’ll watch NASCAR or reruns of anything else. As for the NFL f–k you.

  143. Never watched last year and will not watch this season AND will not watch ever if it continues the SAME disrespect for Flag, military and country.

  144. Not watching NFL ever again. My only hope is the players that were not kneelers they can transfer to the new Football League. The NFL IS FLOATING IN THE WATER DEAD.

  145. A lot of blood was shed to found this country and our freedom it represents and he’s whining Cry Baby athletes of all sports are disrespectful and Despicable and I’ve lost interest in all of it and Hollywood as well

  146. I can’t say I will not watch football this year NOR will I say I will watch football this year.

    Right now my attention is else where and football is 2 months away. Until the season starts and until I see how the players will respond to the knew rule I will be reserving my opinion m

  147. I have no intention of supporting a bunch of overpaid prima donnas who disrespect the nation that gave them the opportunity to become overpaid prima donnas. Since they find this nation so onerous they should leave for some other nation more to their liking. And see if they get paid their millions there! There is no Berlin Wall with armed guards keeping their sorry butts here! GO!

  148. I have stopped watching the NFL and NBA…because of the lack and type of culture and the disrespect of America and what it stands for…

  149. no more dam football ever again for my family we our veterans and we respect out flag screw the league and the owners

  150. Just keep it up, We, the public will bring you to your knees but for our reasons, not yours. And as for you Hollywood (Hollowwood) keep doing what you are doing and we WILL bring you to your knees ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Get rid of Rodger Gotohell and make the players stand for the National Anthem and I would probably watch this year. If not, there’s more important things then listen how players disrespect our flag.

  152. NFL, why watch a bunch of millionaires try to tell me what my politics should be? They are not representative of my values nor the vast part of the country. I am still wondering where they got the idea that if they make millions and get on t.v.the have rights above and beyond others.

  153. Stopped wasting my time and money with the NFL years ago, with all the jive TD & tackle celebrations. This knee nonsense is just a continuance of the same “it’s all about me” stuff. Hypocritical NFL bans TD celebrations & taunting but allows the knee. College Football much ‘purer’ in terms of the love of the game. Do not plan to waste one of my precious weekend days watching mediocre performances and disrespect to the USA.

  154. I haven’t watched the NFL or the NBA for two (2) years. Don’t miss them. I’m tired of the spoiled, rich players trying to tell me what to think instead of just entertaining us. I’ve better thing to do with my time and money.

  155. If they can not respect our flag, come out of the dressing room & stand for the National Anthem…too bad! We are done…& may have to think about it, even if they do., By golly, my husband 20 years in Military for free rights in the USA…but that does not mean ‘disrespect’ for our Flag & Anthem or our America! Don’t stand? GO HOME..YOU JERKS ARE DISGRACEFUL & DISRESPECTFUL TO ALL MILITARY MEN & WOMEN! 🙀👎👋👋

  156. Been A Bronco fan for 30 years.Didn’t watch a game after some started kneeling. I’ve lost interest and don’t care to ever watch another one.I could care les for those disrespectful a holes!

    • When so-called grown men act like spoiled brats and disrespect this country that has given them a sport to make millions of dollars yearly for them , the protesters including the NFL and goodell can go straight to Hell!!! No NFL until this kneeling stops !!!

  157. I’m a big football fan ,I stopped watching football last.also any actors/actress that disrespects our country….

  158. It’s time to tell the NFL players to grow up and do you job that pays you millions.

    How many rich players have invested their money in opening business in minority communities????
    To help end their complaints it’s not fair and blacks have no opportunity.
    Ok guys put your $$$$$ where your big mouths are and no football for me this year.

  159. NFL, you lost my respect and viewership. The USA lost 58,305 men and women in Vietnam and you want to kneel at our flag. You did not earn the right for me to watch. I did not watch last year and I will not watch this year until every one of the players and owners apologize to our country, on national TV…. And I mean every one of them.

    • Yes, fully agree. Didn’t watch last year and have no intention of watching for years to come no matter what they do. Apologies won’t help now. Too late.I like college football much better anyway.

  160. Those overpaid, spoiled millionaire players and gutless billionaire owners can take their football and “place it where the sun don’t shine!” I will never watch another NFL game and am getting close to declaring the same for the NBA.

  161. Not more pro football. AND if college players start acting like these overpaid idiots that don’t know or respect our history, no MAS college either

  162. I will ever follow the NFL any more. After Aron Rodgers had players join Hanson for support for the protesters(Packers were my team) the HELL with them and the whole overpaid ___holes. Go to hell NFL & take the Packerswith you!!!@

  163. I have been a die hard Seelers fan from day one. But if the steelers kneel in any way shape or form then I will shut off the game and shred every thing I have with steelers logos and send them back packed in a box of horse shit. Then when they open it they will have my opinion of them. The only true steeler is the range captain MR VILLANUVEA. TRUE HERO . And thats coming from a vet and Viet Nam Vet. You kneel you go away and take the league with you

  164. Football is one thing but when you disrespect our Troops, flag and our Nation that’s another!!! That’s a big f****** problem!! You play football because of the men and women who died! Americans will not give in! I know this guy won’t be! I won’t be watching no NFL THAT DISRESPECTS MY AMERICA!

  165. NFL is dead. they let colin blow it up and then the goodells of the league suicided it. we are done with NFL. leave america.

  166. Sorry, this could have been fixed in 15 minutes! Roger was a Coward! Then we watched the owners give him a huge raise….for being incompetent! I’m just Done! If there is another league, I will support them!

  167. No. When they allowed them to do that and keep doing it I lost all respect for the NFL and their kneeling players. It disrespects our country and our military and that pisses me off. Done with them.

    • Agree 1000000000000%
      These overpaid, undereducated, individuals need to find a new line of work.
      No Football at all in my household.
      No tickets, merchandise or viewing.

  168. Nope no longer interested in watching football when these spoiled overpaid brats cannot respect their country that has given them much

    • I wouldn’t watch a game unless we get to see Colon Krapondick suit up in military gear and sent out into whatever is our biggest battle going on. I’d love to see a Seal or Ranger knock his teeth down his throat. Then per on him as he’s crying for his mama to come save his sorry ass. For my part, let’s just say I was cleaning my barrel, and it accidentally went off, right into his testosterone shriveled penis.

  169. Close the anti-American NFL for good! Get the owners and players the HELL out of HERE and let them play football in some foreign land. Because, your not worth SHIT HERE anymore! Lets see if you can pull your crap of disrespecting another county’s flag or values…I bet NOT!

  170. The NFL lost my support the first time they allowed the ‘kneeling’ crap to start. I have not watched, nor will I ever start again, any NFL sponsored game, talk show or other venue.

  171. Our service men and women are Golden.

    If you love our Military people,
    raise your glass.🍻🍷🍹
    If you dont,

    NO more NFL games for me.

  172. In the immortal words of Ralphie. Football! What’s a football! I remember something about a football league. I think it was called the NFL. But I think it died. Haven’t watched a down since 2016 & don’t plan on watching one this year. The NFL needs to die already so it can be reborn into an American game once again, that honors the flag & our brave service men & women. If the present ghost of the National Felony League wants to play for the terrorists organizations, then let those rich aholes go over seas & play in the sand. We don’t want them anymore & we don’t need them anymore. There are a lot of better things to do on a Sunday afternoon.

    • I’m glad those NFL idiots live in a country where they are free to show their stupidity. Let them go to N Korea and protest their flag. Rocket man would deal with their black asses. Let’s keep shaming them.

  173. I have 3 reasons to not watch foot ball 1 Basle Wimber 2 Joe Hall 3 Stephan Glore they all were people that came home under that flag that these spoiled brats are disrespecting i played foot ball when i was in the 7 grade and for 5 years it kept me in school so i could play my team was the 49ers i loved them when they won and rooted for them when they were loosing know they can go to hell i will not watch collage ball is my out let know

    • Watch college football with wide open eyes and mind. There is a lot of “negativity” on the field and off — from some teams based in “Blue States”.

  174. I always wondered how the “One Worlder’s” were going to get America to give up American Football. Thanks to the kneeler’s, Soccer will take over as the sporting event to watch. That’s really bad news for the really big guy’s who can’t move very fast!! They are going to get jobs riding Garbage trucks, no more million Dollar Paydays for them!!

  175. I am a veteran and I am highly offended by the NFL and their stance on players kneeling during our National Anthem. I didn’t watch any NFL games last year and won’t this year. I even quit playing fantasy football.

  176. NFL >> ADIOS! between Soccer ( Europe and Domestic) College Basketball and football WHO NEEDS to Watch a bunch of SPOILED Primadonnas who are too STUPID to Verbalize nor Understand WHAT THE HECK are DEMONSTRATING FOR… GROW UP IDIOTS !!

  177. What will bring me back to NFL: they must fire all the kneelers.

    They were given the option to stand, or stay in the locker room. Not good enough! They still carry the same old attitude from day one. Why can’t they understand the importance of respecting the police officers? It is a must. Gee! Can’t reason with the kind that carry the likes of Maxine Waters.


    My salute to all the police officers and soldiers that defend our Constitution. You rock!

    • I think the NFL needs to rid itself of all players with police records. This spoiled asses are complaining about injustice yet they are the ones allowed to continue to play even after sexually assaulting woman, domestic violence against woman along with a wide verity of other police records. It in the National Felons League and they are teaching our youth it’s ok to cheat and be a thug to succeed. I served too long in the military for these spoiled ass to disrespect this country because they can play football good. How many players in the Hall of Fame got away with crimes like murder or other crime. No more NFL for me.

      • Once they are on drugs or commit a crime, no more sport participating for any of them.I still watch college football but no more pro of any kind!!

  178. I was just a fan until Tim Tebow came along. He was the best thing that ever happened to football. I hated how they made fun of him kneeling to pray during a game and then the team would gather in a circle after the game and hold hands and pray together. He was run out of football even though he had the most devoted fans. Now they want to find a way to bring Capernut back in to play quarterback. The game has become too heavily black and several of them make the news for crimes they commit off the field as well as on the field. It just isn’t a game I care to watch….color me gone!


    • Tim Tebow was given such a raw deal by the NFL & it’s owners. He rallied the Denver Bronco’s right into the Playoffs with his will to win & his moral values. Were it not for a guy named Manning, who knows what Tebow could have accomplished? no other team that he went to ever really gave him a chance. Sports commentators didn’t help with all the negative comments on his passing style & their claims that he would never succeed in the NFL as a starting quarterback. I would love to see Tim given another chance at it!!!

  179. I was an avid NFL fan before this Un American taking a knee BS began. Glad to say I haven’t bought a ticket or watched one NFL game all last season and even if they change their policy I will never watch or support another NFL game again for the rest of my life nor patronize any of their sponsors. The damage has been done. For me no matter what happens in the future I’m finished with these ungrateful, overpaid, unAmerican POS players and their pussy management and owners. Do you know that if it wasn’t for pro football a good 80% of these POS would be dead or in jail!! So I say F’em!!!

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