This poll left Obama scrambling in desperation

When Donald Trump signed his executive orders to institute extreme vetting for refugees and foreigners from countries with known ties to terrorism Obama and the media leaped into action.

Both tried to paint the picture that left-wing mobs at major city airports represented nation-wide outrage at Trump’s executive orders.

However, polling revealed some very bad news for Obama and the left.

A brand new Reiters-Ipsos poll found 48 percent of Americans supported Trump’s executive orders while just 41 percent opposed.

The survey also showed 44 percent of Independents backed Trump as opposed to 36 percent who opposed his executive orders.

Obama was quick to praise the protestors – many of whom conservatives claimed were professional protestors – for their resistance to Trump.

But Obama – and the media – are out-of-step with the country.

Americans recognize that a nation has every right to define its borders and set the parameters for who is – and who isn’t – allowed to enter their country.

Trump’s orders were moral, legal, constitutional and popular.

And now Obama and the media are left scrambling for a new line of attack.


  1. Mr. Obama is no longer the Leader
    Of our United States of America.
    He has served and now he is a
    private citizen. Look to the
    examples of our former Presidents.
    Let Citizen Obama take care of his
    personal business and leave this
    country to go forward.

  2. obama needs to realize what he says or thinks don’t mean a hill of beans anymore.he turning into another al sharpton. obama had 8 years to do something and he did, took trips and played golf at the peoples expence. he needs to go on off and enjoy his life now and leave politics alone

  3. I can’t conceive of anything more insane by a nation than not controlling access into it by whomevever. While we have been a colony/nation of immigrants since our before our first ancestors came here centuries ago, it is beyond the time when we must more severely limit and control further immigration into our country. Today, we are experiencing the the results of not doing this in the past – the vast numbers of illegal immigrants together with their sympathyzers are threatening to disrupt and ultimately take over our country.

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