This Poll Sent the Establishment into a Blind Panic

Ever since FBI Director James Comey announced he was reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server, her poll numbers have plummeted.

The ABC/Washington Post poll saw Trump surge 13 points in a week to erase a 12 point deficit and jump to a one point lead.

The Democrats rested easy on the idea the national polling trend hadn’t yet dented Hillary Clinton’s Electoral College lead.

Left-leaning election forecaster Nate Silver summed up the Democrats mood with this tweet.

But a new poll out of North Carolina – which was conducted entirely post Comey announcement – found Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton by seven points.

If Trump can win North Carolina and hold the other states he is currently leading, that would put him just ten Electoral College votes shy of the magic number of 270.

With Hillary’s free fall in the polls looking like it shows no signs of stopping, Trump looks to be in strong position to win the election.

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