This popular Fox News host is off the air after one coronavirus shocker

The coronavirus outbreak continues to upend every aspect of Americans lives.

Now its forcing changes at Fox News.

And this popular Fox News host is off the air after one coronavirus shocker.

Jedediah Bila was a popular host of the weekend version of “Fox and Friends.”

But Bila has not been on the air in recent days.

Many viewers were wondering why, and their worst fears were realized when in an Instagram post, Bila revealed she was recovering at home from the coronavirus.

Bila wrote:

I know I’ve been a little MIA. I’m actually at home recovering from Covid-19. I’m very much on the mend, so please don’t worry. My husband is also recovering well at home and Hartley luckily did not get sick (Thank you, God, I am forever grateful This is a crazy time in the world, full of so much anxiety and fear. I’ve learned so much this past week and done so much thinking. Know that I’m sending love, peace, and good energy from my family to yours. I’ll be sharing more in coming weeks. Thank you for your messages. I love and miss you all.

Bila is not the first Fox host to come off the air because of coronavirus.

Popular Fox Business host Lou Dobbs also went off the air when a staffer tested positive for coronavirus.

Fox also fired host Trish Regan in a capitulation to liberal media critics after Regan correctly compared the Democrat attacks on the President over his coronavirus response to impeachment.

The good news for Fox viewers is that Bila is doing well and recovering.

At least 98 percent of coronavirus victims eventually recover and can return to work.

Like Bila, much of America now sits and waits to be allowed to head back to work.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. How many different types of “flu’s” have we, the American People, had over 40 or more years????? Each one was a little bit different, and caused different problems, for certain people. This is from “open borders” and non checked person, from other countries, with illnesses. So, when this is contained, illnesses, can and should be more controlled, to keep people from the final step. Hope and pray, for this “virus” to come to the point where it is held at bay for all. Pray for the end!!!!

  2. What’s wrong with Fox News executives? The Murdoch sons are ruining the brand! They fire Trish, Diamond & Silk and let Catherine Herridge go elsewhere. DUMB! They take Kennedy off her show, hire a loser like Donna Brazil who is untruthful and keep Juan Williams, a partisan dunce, and Marie Harf,another loser. Diedre Bolton just left Fox Business for ABC. Why did she leave? She was excellent.

  3. Stephen Jacobs…get educated! Obama never has a real job in his life.His wife is a joke. If she is a Women? How mich American Money Did The Mack Daddy From Chicago (Obama) Give to Iran…Fool! The Only attorney General in Americas History (A Black) was held in Contempt of Americas Congress. Your Black Pride President Was a Joke! He Turned on Americas Police. His Wife is a anti white Racist. (Her Term Paper While in College) Before you Knock Americas President….get some Brains. Oh..the three million votes you mentioned.. these were illegal aliens and minorities that voted by mail and with drivers licenses. (Used For Voter ID) and..dead people who were never removed from Voter rolls in Democrat run States.

  4. After mr. Trump is re elected, i hope
    He starts favoring OAN and Newsmax a whole lot more. I wish the few good
    Pro Trump casters at fox,could catch
    On at OAN or Newsmax real trump
    Supporters and not DEmo appeasers.

  5. All you fox lovers dont even mind if its talk about liers theres no bigger one than the clown in whitehouse now, & most of you sound l itike racist, rotton people whos hate is why theres so much divide in this country,i listen to you call mrs obama, a tranny? How childish michelle Obama would make chump look like the little deliquint he is, an as far as a duly elected pres. Trump is the one who stole election with foriegn interferance,(russian)which was proven over again n again by bipartisan investigations,clinton did have over 3 million more votes than orangeman.? No? And as for pres, obama was a great president if it wasnt for republican held senate who tied his hands n shut down everything he tried to do,republicans ruinned this country. Hopefully well never elect a repblican again , at least for next 20 yrs.

  6. Bring Trish Regan back. Fox, bring Trish Regan back. Reinstate Diamond and Silk. Get rid of Paul Ryan and his rich Uncle, George Soros. Fox needs to look hard at their mission statement. It looks as though they share the same conniving mission statement with CNN and MSNBC. Biden’s accuser is muzzled, Christine blasey Ford gets a go fund me page worth over $700,000 which she lied about under oath. Here is this supposedly bright and educated woman from academia but she said UNDER OATH that she didn’t know what a go fund me page was all about. She is a liar who lies. Do you think anyone would start a go fund me page for Tara Reid? Pretty sure Eric ciaramella, the faux Whistleblower who lied about theeee phone call to the Ukrainian president, was set up with a go fund me page plus job opportunities befitting a Democrat political sabateur who tried his luck to bring the President down. He lied because he never expected the REAL transcript to be released. Fox honest journalists like Tucker, Hannity, ingraham, McCallum, are just one report away from being fired if they don’t tow the line. Say one word out of line about coronavirus being the next assault the Democrats will take to get rid of Trump and you’re fired. It is the truth. Oddballs are telling people to call it by Trump’s name, repeating like a mantra that Trump didn’t close the country early enough when it is the same people claiming that lie are the ones guilty of it. I hope our comments can help change things for the better. Re-read Lynn Cox, 4/17/20, 1:16 am. Avatar666. Beverly, 4/16/20, 7:46 pm. Terry, 4/16/20, 12:27 am. H8aliar 4/16/20, 10:29 am. Janice E. Prescott. Brilliant. 4/15/20 11:15 pm. Rickster, 4/15/20, 11:12 pm.soros connection to fox. Ecros, Karen Bailey, Carol Ann Shields, Jack Ritchie, so many bright people thankfully have voiced similar concerns which I have. Will anything be done? Joe Morrisco

  7. I agree, I don’t know why Fox doesn’t get it? Let Our Great President Trump broadcast 24/7 ! And if those damn
    Libtards don’t like it – they can move someplace else! I am so happy that President Trump is doing all he can to eliminate Liberals – keep on killing them Mr. President ! Especially in New York! Kill All New Yorkers! President Trump is God and The Imperial Wizard – all rolled into The Greatest President Ever! He moved the Jew Capital, now he can move ours – back where it belongs – back in the Good Ole CSA!

  8. Fox is leaning too far left!!
    Donna Brazil, Juan Williams, Chris Wallace. These guys need to go!
    Fox news is about all I rely on. I’ve been a big fan of FOX news for many years.
    I’m getting tired of watching the “left” agenda at FOX

  9. I seem to be seeing a trend here with FOX, keep up the left leaning and I’ll be done with FOX and turn over to NEWSMAX. It’s gonna be the demise of your #1 status if you keep up the left crap.

  10. Fox News where are you going? You are the only news channel I watched because you knew you got the truth.
    I can’t believe you fired Trish Regan for telling the truth!!! We love Trish and watched her all the time. I guess we may have to find another way to get our news. So bring back Trish so I can once again watch Fox News at night. Also love Tucker, Hannity and Lou Dobbs.

  11. Fox News where are you going? You are the only news channel I watch because you got the
    truth. You fired Trish Regan for telling the truth!!! I loved Trish and would watch her all the time. Are you sliding into the “CNN pit of lies”.But Disney owning you and Soras involved I guess we may have to find another way to get our news. Soros should be listed as a terrorist like one gentleman said.He is a very evil person! Bring back Trish so I can once again watch Fox News at night. Also love Tucker, Hannity and Lou Dobbs.

  12. I will not watch Fox And Friends when you have the likes of Jedediah on , she left for the view and that’s where she belongs Don’t watch Fox as much as I used to . Turning into an anti-Trump station. Pretty sad

  13. Trish is gone for one reason. Former worthless speaker of the house Paul Ryan is now on the FOX board of directors. He fought Trump at every turn for the first two years of his presidency which kept Trump from accomplishing much of his early agenda. Ryan was complicit in the loss of the house to the democrats, which resulted in Pelosi returning to the speakers position. Ryan cause a great deal of damage to the country and is using his position at FOX to continue his effort.

  14. Fox business in the evening is totally screwed up. They are running reruns from two hours prior. I loved Trish Regan, she was one of the best on FOX. I have noticed them pushing/bringing in more liberals like Donna Brazeil. There more liberal track I guess will go hope to CNN and other major media that they can once again control all conversation. But thee are other alternatives (i.e. Just the News, OAN, etc.).

  15. Since Rupert Murdoch handed over the reins of his empire to his sons, both liberals, there have been some subtle, and not so subtle, changes at FOX under the older son, James. I suspect, as FOX continues its slide into the liberal media fake news morass it will start to lose viewers and eventually end up competing with CNN for the few that viewers that daft enough to watch.

  16. maybe being a vegan help your body secure the virus your not getting the proteins needed to fight alot of diseases that invade our bodies start eating that steak and put down the salad and you’llsee an improvement

  17. Everyone needs to realize that Disney owns Fox! Then remember Disney is LGBTQ friendly. Enough said about the perverse owners from Disney backed by Soros! Soros should be listed as a terrorist!

  18. I am down to watching 3 hours of Fox a day. Used to be on from AM to PM. Where in the hell is Lisa Booth. Did she spout a truth that you didn’t want to hear, and Trish Reagan. That was the last resort for me. You keep idiots like Juan and Donna, but let good people go. Well I am about to let Fox go altogether. You are killing your own station.

  19. Mr Murdoch had a good honest fox news until Soros got his fingers in it on the Disney merger,,Murdoch kept Soros away from the news end but gave them fox sports, Now his son runs it and has a wife that’s a demorat supporter and thinks trash like killary and Obama are good! Now it’s going down hill, because of her! Mr Murdoch please take fox news back from your son!! We have enough fake news on tv with junk like CNN and MSNBC. Only truth you can find now is online on Republican sites!! Vote these demorats out!! Soros needs to be in Gitmo!

  20. I have pretty much stopped watching all FOX NEWS CHANNELS …
    LOVE TRISH AND Jedediah Bila, How can Fox continue to have Juan
    Williams … Geraldo Rivera … all should be dropped …
    with the two Liberal Murdoch sons running things, FOX is doomed

  21. I only watch fox to see what’s advertised. I will not purchase anything advertised on fox. I now watch pan for real news.

  22. I don’t want Jedediah back on the air. She doesn’t have nice personality. She’s always too sure of herself. Totally not nice.
    After her disgusting tweet about President Trump over the weekend I will not watch Fox&Friends Weekend again.

  23. BRING Trish BACK. Get rid of Juan Williams and Dishonest Donna. DD lied and stole the questions for the 2016 presidential debates and got fired and now she is at FOX??????
    Kennedy was on THE FIVE today. get rid of Judge N and Tarlof, Richard G CHRIS WALLACE
    ALL are hate filled baby butchers.

  24. Why is Donna Brazille on the Fox Network.Isn’t she the one that fed questions in advance to corrupt Hillery.Yet they fire Trish Regan for telling the truth.Look at all the liberal left networks CNN,MSNBC that lie every night and they are still on the air.I think they should bring back Regan and get rid of the top Fox executives.

  25. Bring Trish Regan back immediately!
    And Kennedy, where is she?
    And Bila, where is she?
    What is wrong with FOX?
    You must SUPPORT your news journalist that display COURAGE!

  26. I can’t believe you let Trish go.Glad to Smith leave now Chris,Neil,Juan seems to you are following the CNN agenda if this continues I’ll watch News Max
    I’ve watched Fox since you came on TV but this year had been different. Bring Trish back

  27. I am distressed Regan is gone. And, what is this about Kennedy, a most unique TV personality!
    AND, stop putting Heather on the 5 AM Fox and Friends Early! She deserves a better spotlight.But you keep that far left, bias Juan Williams who would not support the Risen Christ if he were a conservative. Juan and his “statistics” thinks he has the answers to all things anti Trump and pro Dem.Watch his facial expressions when the four on The Five bring up factual information.
    I agree, send him back to NPR. I think it was O’Reilly who got him his job at FNC.

  28. U am distressed Regan is gone. And, what is this about Kennedy, a most unique TV personality!
    AND, stop putting Heather on the 5 AM Fox and Friends Early! She deserves a better spotlight.But you keep that far left, bias Juan Williams who would not support the Risen Christ if he were a conservative. Juan and his “statistics” thinks he has the answers to all things anti Trump and pro Dem.Watch his facial expressions when the four on The Five bring up factual information.
    I agree, send him back to NPR. I think it was O’Reilly who got him his job at FNC.

  29. BTW. Steve Hilton makes so much sense. He is an awesome reporter. Fox is Lucky to have him also. Could you imagine if we had these people in charge, Hannity Ingraham, Hilton, … You fill in the rest….

  30. Seriously, bring back T. Regan. What the heck is happening!? Whose idea was it to bring Brazile in to Fox ? Everytime she is on, we look at each other and say “Here we go, the left side view, they have to throw that in! “. It’s not an objective view, it’s the lefts view and the wrong view and the insane view!… What is wrong with them? I think Fox is trying to get liberal viewers? You are waisting your money. Fox is the voice of the truth and sanity! Please keep it that way…

  31. Get well soon Jede, we need you on the air. Hey Fox!, stop the BS and bring back Trish and leave Sean H alone too. “Fair and Balanced” right!

  32. You can’t plant weeds in a garden and expect a good crop in return… liberals are lying reprobates by nature and Fox News seems to ignore that fact. We watch Fox News to get away from liberals because of their infectious nature but our reward for doing so is watching those liberal morons and listening to their worthless opinions! Get smart Fox or Juan Williams and his mob of morons may be taking you over!

  33. As soon as I learned about FOX and Trish Regan I quit watching and started watching NewsMax. I will not be back to FOX unless they bring Trish back!!! Now, I won’t know they did that unless they advertise that fact. Catch 22. Admit you screwed up publicly, or no dice.

  34. Bring back Trish Regan, she speaks the truth. The lies the left claimed were hers were really theirs. The problem was the liberal lefty bros. that have been responsible for the decline of Fox News. If Fox wants to clean up its act they should start with the removal of Juan Williams, Donna Brazile, Jessica Tarlof, Chris Hahn, Leo Terrell, Antwan Seawright, Austin Goolsby, Leslie Marshall, Richard Fowler, Richard Goodstein, Marie Harf, Zak Petkansas and Jemu Green just name a few of the worst lying miserable skunky POS Fox contributors.

  35. Get RID of Juan and Brazile and bring back Trish!!!!!And you can also get rid of Tarlov and Harf, a brunette and a dumb blond!

  36. I guess Fair and Balanced went out the widow. Donna Brazil, Debbie Wasserman, John Podesta and GPS Fusion. These worms should sued for everything they own before being imprisoned. The woman that put it in their ear and the money that was provided to Steel should be shot for Treason.

  37. Bring back Trish Regan. She is knowledgeable and worth more than any liberal like Brazile, juan, or other no-trumpers

  38. Trish Regan is a fantastic reporter and she needs to come back and continue her incredible reporting – Telling the truth should not result in having a talented reporter fired! FOX needs to make this right and hire her back! It is okay when the press prints and twists the truth when they are reporting about our President and what is going on with his administration and a supporter of his should have NEVER been Fired! Please make this right Fox News – bring TRISH back!!!!

  39. SR WILLIAMS is right on. Juan has always been liberal, but civil. He has now taken on the Demo sound bites and has become as bitter and angry as the rest of the DEMS. I fired NPR when they fired Juan.

  40. Why do you you keep Juan Williams, on the air? Does your show require negatives just so that you hear disagreements? The Viewers do not require such nonsense, please informative and thrucefull.

  41. Trish Regan did nothing wrong. Who ever fired her is a jerk. If anyone needs gone .. try Juan Williams. He spouts %.. untrue facts.. gets everything wrong. And he won’t shut up. Once he starts ranking he seems to think he is the greatest communicator. And he drones on and on and on.

  42. Fox News…Get you heads out of you ASSES! Yours is the ONLY news I AND My FAMILY watch, please don’t make US change OUR minds! Don’t go the P.C. Police route! That is what is soo REFRESHING about Fox News, NOT P

  43. YES YES YES………Bring REGAN back !!
    She was right on with the current news and affairs.

  44. OK folks…we are missing the point and going after the low hanging fruit, the spineless puppet Fox executives are a wast of time…We need to push the lawmakers that will work to imprison top money investors pulling the strings…The Sores, the Clinton’s and the Obama’s

  45. I had just gotten used to Trish’s very feminine way, and she had convinced me that she supports our President, and is a true conservative. I’m not even convinced that she has been fired. I’m sure such rumours were voiced about Jedediah Bila. She was on the View for a while, and you get bounced off there if you’re not a lib, just like Juan was bounced from NPR for not being liberal enough, and for appearing on Fox.

  46. PLEEEESE bring Trish back Fox, PLEEEEEZE get rid of Juan, cant stand his uninformed Opinions, when hes on The 5 which I love, I have to turn the volume off till he is done flapping his jaws and lies..he is sickning. if you keep him on, that’s says a lot about whos running fox now and it isn’t good.

  47. Juan Williams is a political activist, not a journalist. That’s why the NPR fired him for talking about being nervous on airplanes when Muslims or on board. But you say one thing about Obama, he goes to talking trash. He needs to go back to writing hate speech for the New York Times…

  48. God bless you Jedediah and may you have a speedy and safe recovery. May he also protect you and your loved ones as they care for you.

  49. Trish Regan, didnt say anything wrong. fox should be ashamed of themselves. if you want to do the right thing. fire juan – what a hateful, mean ugly american.
    dump him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. So sorry to hear about Jedediah Bila. Sending her warm wishes and prayers for her continued recovery. Hopefully she’ll be back on the air soon.

  51. Fox news shall fired that Paul Ryan! Nowhere is he a conservative! And BRING BACK REGAN! SHE SPOKEN THE TRUTH! If Fox news want to catering to the left-wing and liberal then get off the air! There enough lying coming from all the other ststion. That are control by Democrat and George Soros money or Micheal Bloomberg money!

  52. No Julio. I guess that I missed that one. Are you still here? Get a crowd of your commie friends to come and cough on you.

  53. Two strikes & a foul ball FOX Executives…next #1 is OAN!
    FOX is twisted, even favorites will not salvage.
    Paul Ryan “a polished politician” that did nothing.

  54. BRING TRISH REGAN BACK!!!! After all the HORRIBLE things that the media has said about this president that weren’t true, and she says something that we all KNOW is true, and she gets FIRED? Keep bowing to the left, FOX News, and your ratings will end up right there with FAKE NEWS CNN and MSDNC!

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