This Republican dropped a bombshell about the whistleblower that will leave you speechless

Democrats and their allies in the Fake News Media are scheming to conceal the identity of the so-called “whistleblower” from the American people.

There is a very good reason for that.

And now this Republican dropped a bombshell about the whistleblower that will leave you speechless.

Democrats are afraid to have alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella testify in public because his long history of partisan activism for the Democrats against Donald Trump will be exposed.

Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks (R) appeared on a local radio station and ripped Ciaramella as a Democrat Party spy who holds long-standing connections to former Vice President Joe Biden.

Breitbart reports:

However, Brooks said where the real threat lies is in “people like” the so-called whistleblower, who Brooks deemed to be a spy for Democrats.

“It becomes a real problem when you have people like the whistleblower, who is, in fact, a spy in my judgment,” Brooks said. “And he was a spy on behalf of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden and who knows whom else. And I suspect he went into the White House knowing he was going to spy and he was going to try to undermine the president of the United States as best he could. Now when you have someone of that nature, that is a real problem.”

“And to me, we need to look long and hard at this whistleblower, and there ought to be a determination as to whether he should be fired if he violated any laws that relate to the confidentiality of communications between the president of the United States, on the one hand, and the president of the Ukraine on the other, because his doing what he did as a spy on behalf of the Democrats, has created a significant amount of friction between the United States of America, Ukraine and who knows who else,” he added.

Ciaramella’s background in Democrat Party politics puts his so-called “whistleblower” complaint in context.

It also leads many Americans to share Brooks’ assertion that Ciaramella was a spy actively engaged in a sabotage campaign to bring down Trump’s presidency.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. I have thought for some time now that all these leaks, and especially Eric C., are plants from the Democrat Party. Intended to make it look to the rest of the world that President Trump is unable to keep information confidential. Personally, I think that President Trump should fire every single left over from the Obama Administration. And also fire anyone who is a Democrat. Is that extreme? Not in the situation we are currently in. If they can’t be trusted, they can’t be trusted. It will make his second term much smoother.

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  5. It’s interesting that they try to keep the whistle blower on the down low. If the commiecrats had anything he/she/it would be paraded on every talk show

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  8. In any other industry, the “whistleblower” like this one would be fired for spying for an opposition business, trying to take down the leader of the industry for personal reasons. If this one is a civil servant, he should be given an assignment in podunk, USA and sent there.

    • No, we can’t send this evil person somewhere else to cause more trouble….lock him/her up….bcoz this is a coward – not facing the music — hiding behind the deep state…

    • The “Whistleblower” is not only “old news” but is, at this point, not even worth talking about; as we will learn tomorrow and in the days following there is more than enough solid evidence on our immoral, unethical, untruthful, greedy, seedy, scheming, and totally unqualified egomaniac president to impeach him and, unless the Senate Republicans are so completely blind, dumb, and stupid, to run this piece of garbage out of the White House that has housed so many of our honorable and dedicated presidents over the years. And once he loses the shield of his office that he hides behind to protect himself from indictments an prosecutions he will be tried and convicted for so many serious crimes in Federal Court and without a doubt be sent to prison for a long, long time allowing the country to breath a sigh of relief not seen since Hitler ended his life with a 7mm bullet to his head or by biting down on a cynide capsule.


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  9. This is when the Republicans need to grow a BACKBONE and DEMAND that the whistleblower testify! There is NO LAW that protects the whistleblower from being named OR from testifying. In fact, REAL whistleblowers are expected to testify, there is no point if they don’t as the whole purpose of a REAL whistleblower is to bring the case to court not to run and hide!

    • That can happen in the Senate but not in the House, you see the House rules have already been set and voted on and Shiftless is in complete charge and no one will be allowed to appear unless he approves of them doing so.

  10. Shame on the people doing so much harm to our country by attacking the President!!! I see the so called whistle blower like a toady in HS who would do anything to have people like him. Go with the bullies……the dems….. wasting time and money…doing nothing for the good of the country for 3yrs.

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