This Republican Governor just said something to Joe Biden that will leave your jaw on the ground

Joe Biden is still trying to impose new COVID mandates.

It’s dragging down his poll numbers.

And this Republican Governor just said something to Joe Biden that will leave your jaw on the ground.

As part of a dog-and-pony show designed to project an image of federal competence in managing the pandemic, Joe Biden recently held a call with all fifty Governors.

During the call, Arkansas RINO Governor Asa Hutchinson applauded Biden’s management of the pandemic, falsely claiming he “depoliticized” the issue.

In fact, no one has politicized the pandemic more than Joe Biden.

Hutchinson made this outrageous comment on the same call where Biden declared there was no federal solution to ending the pandemic, despite promising voters that if they elected him as President, he would “shut down the virus.”

Of course, Joe Biden probably does not remember saying that during the campaign.

After all, Joe Biden not only claimed that Donald Trump bore the responsibility for every coronavirus death in America, but he also promised that under his Presidency the federal government would enact a national strategy to crush COVID.

That was all a lie.

Asa Hutchinson amplified it.

But it’s not surprising that he would give cover to Biden.

Hutchinson openly regretted signing legislation that banned mask mandates in Arkansas.

He vetoed legislation that would have banned sex change surgery for minor children, and also called on Republicans to ditch Donald Trump and return to the George W. Bush/Mitt Romney style of Republicanism.

RINOs like Asa Hutchinson have more in common with Democrats than conservatives.

So it’s not surprising Hutchinson would make an absurd and factually untrue comment that Joe Biden “depoliticized” the pandemic.

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