This Republican just stabbed Trump in the back to side with the whistleblower on one big issue

Democrats could not believe their good fortune.

After their impeachment witch hunt bombed on the first day they just scored an important victory to recover the momentum in their fight to remove Donald Trump from office.

And that’s because this Republican just stabbed Trump in the back to side with the whistleblower on one big issue.

Former U.N. Ambassador – and Never-Trump Republican – Nikki Haley is making the rounds promoting her new book about her time in the Trump administration.

Haley tried to portray herself as pro-Trump as she seemingly plots the groundwork for an eventual 2024 Presidential campaign.

But her true RINO colors shown through in an interview on fake news CNN.

Haley betrayed Donald Trump by forcefully arguing that the identity of alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella should remain secret.

Breitbart reports:

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Situation Room,” former Trump administration U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley was quizzed by host Wolf Blitzer about the sanctity of whistleblower laws.

Blitzer asked, “Do you agree with the president that the whistleblower should be named and identified?”

Haley said, “I mean, I believe in whistleblower laws. I think you have to protect a whistleblower, and then I think in turn they have to abide by those laws — the fact they don’t allow any sort of partisan leaking or anything like that to happen. We don’t know that’s happened either, but until then, I do think we should always protect the whistleblower.”

Blitzer said, “So on this issue, you disagree with the president.”

Haley said, “You can call it disagreeing. I think whistleblowers should be protected.”

Trump supporters cannot believe Haley would stab the President in the back like that.

The identity of the so-called “whistleblower” is central to proving the President’s innocence.

Ciaramella’s deep connections to Joe Biden and allegations he engaged in a furious leaking campaign against Trump during his time detailed to the White House, prove his complaint was part of a coup to overthrow the President.

Haley’s comments prove she is trying to straddle the fence ahead of her 2024 Presidential run by appearing to be pro-Trump when in reality, she’s working to stay in the good graces of the Never-Trump establishment.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Haley you are a twerp. I never trusted you before and i trust you even less now. I hope your book tanks because i sure as hell have no interest you or it.

  2. This article a bogus attempt to divide Americans with an explosive misleading headline. Stating what she believes is right about about whistleblowers in general is NOT stabbing Trump in the back no matter how desperate you are to create a false narrative and sell a story…. where there isn’t one. This site just proved its own agenda, and I don’t need it. It’s shameful, pathetic and disgusting…and I’m done with it.

  3. Exactly! Eric Ciarmella’s name has been out there for quite a while, and even Ciarmella said he never actually heard Trump ask for a quid pro quo. Everything he’s said is based on lies and presumptions, and I believe that’s already been confirmed.

  4. Tom, that is just an opinion that Angrypatriot commented on. Just like your dumb response. He never gave an order. Only thing he said he would do….throw a huge party. As Dems love to do when a R, bites the dust.

  5. But it has always been standard operating procedure for a “suspect” to be denied any recourse to become aware of let alone prevent a presentment process, be that process arrest, indictment or impeachment, which requires probable cause and reasonable suspicion but not proof beyond a reasonable doubt. A person accused of a crime usually only gets to face his or her accuser at the actual trial. The sequence of impeachment inquiries are not a trial. A lot of people seem to forget that.

    The problem, of course, in this case, is that the “official” in charge of the presentment will not allow the grand jury of sorts to evaluate all available relevant evidence, and that “jury” is allowing it because a majority of them ultimately call the shots anyway and had been for a while displeased with the behavior of the official they seek to remove from office, not that they really care about behavior as much as they do “identity”. Look how so many of the Democrats adamant about defending anybody and everybody who served within the Obama administration.

  6. Nikki Haley is 100% right about Whistle blowers being protected (Remember Seth Rich)
    however we are not speaking of whistle blowers here ,We are courting three or four persons that saw fit to spread gossip and rumors that would do harm to our duly elected President Donald Trump so I just don’t understand why these “News sources” are throwing her under the Bus for “Gossip” ,Hearsay , not tangible Proof of anything but Rumors at best !

  7. For the same reason ANITFA wear a mask. They are afraid of being exposed for the liars and hypocrites they are and losing their allowances.


  9. All this talk about the “whistleblower” being courageous; then why does he want to conceal his identity? Is it because if his identity were known it would be evident that Schiff is lying and the investigation is a fraud?

  10. Nancy Pelosi said yesterday, “if Donald Trump is innocent he would show us some proof to convince us”.
    No nancy, if Donald Trump were GUILTY you would present proof. That is how it works in the USA. I do understand, however, that the Democrats prefer the criminal justice system of the USSR.

  11. And fifth, every citizen who is accused of a crime has the right to face his/her accuser. That is not true in communist countries. What do you expect from the people’s democratic party?

  12. Haley betrayed Donald Trump by forcefully arguing that the identity of alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella should remain secret.

    I hid my money in the sugar bowl but I don’t want anyone to know so don’t tell anyone!

    Which one of these statements is more stupid?

  13. Why should we keep the name of the fake Whistleblower (Eric Ciaramella) a secret? A secret from who? This is really silly!

  14. Being born in the United States does not constitute being a natural-born citizen thereof. Being a biological offspring of somebody who was a citizen at the time of the birth constitutes being a natural-born citizen. There is no indication whatsoever in the fourteenth amendment that persons made into citizens by the amendment would be any more eligible to be President of the United States than a naturalized citizen (an immigrant) would.

  15. Hailey is wrong. It’s okay nobody is right all of the time. If this were a whistle blower her concerns might apply. This is traitor a mutineer a man with an agenda to remove a duly elected President from office with the assistance of many other Deep State operatives some of which will hopefully be indicted by AG Barr. Hopefully, Barr can survive the political onslaught that will be launched against him and follow through with some evidence based justice. America deserves something better than a perpetual pathetic dog and pony show masquerading as an impeachment investigation.

  16. Legal immigrant’s kid have birth right citizenship. So she, having been born in SC is legal to run. Now as for all the illegals that drop kids in the US, they should not be given US citizenship but we can’t get the Dems to agree to that even. So even the illegal’s kids currently get US citizenship by birth right. Only foreign citizens kids who are here as part of their country’s missions are not granted that. One of the things that needs corrected so that if you aren’t here legally, you have no legal rights at all.

  17. I guess you should come out with everything you have done wrong in your life then. What do you have to hide. How many times have you gone over the speed limit? You need to send a check to cover all those times. Failed to do a complete stop at a stop sign? Another check is needed. Some thing you forget. Innocent people know that if you say something to a cop or Congress, they will use it against you. That is called a process crime and that is what Mueller’s team of angry Dem lawyers used on a number of people in Trum’s inner circle.

  18. I think it is mixing them. Something you don’t do with certain types of medications as it can really bad affects. TRM is proof of that.

  19. This “whistleblower” is not a “whistleblower” at all….he’s a CIA DEEP STATE OPERATIVE LEAKER of made-up LIES..!! HE is against President Trump because he is a PURE RAW HATER of everything TRUMP and part of OPERATION CROSSFIRE HURRICANE, the ongoing COUP orchestrated by the Obama Administration’s FBI, CIA, DOJ, Lame Stream Media…..(among others)….to overthrow a legally elected President of the United States of America…DONALD J. TRUMP…!! FACT….!!

  20. Want to explain your reasoning on why she isn’t? She was born in SC. Unlike Obama who can’t prove where he was born. It is Nikki’s sister that would not be eligible as she was born in Canada.

  21. If a “credible” whistleblower comes forward, their safety should be ensured.
    This is no different than placing a witness in protective custody.
    But, the accused also has the right to confront their accuser, at the appropriate time and place.
    The whistleblower must have proof of what they are accusing someone of.
    The Demoncrats say that President Trump needs to prove that he is innocent.
    But, our legal rights say that every person is innocent until proven guilty.
    Hearsay is not proof, or credible.
    It is the burden of the prosecuting “team” to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
    This entire process has been a complete waste of taxpayer money.
    Other than to disrupt and block President Trump at every turn, name one thing that the Demoncrats have accomplished over the past 3 years.
    Name one! Name one!
    Despite all of the attempts to block President Trump, he has still managed to fulfill the majority of his campaign promises, and he continues to strike new deals across the globe, that will benefit US citizens.
    And, one other comment that I would like to make.
    If the Bidens, the Clintons, the Obamas, the Pelosis, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, or anyone else is corrupt, it is the right of the President, and our judicial system, to seek out those who are corrupt.
    I personally believe, that Nancy really started to push this impeachment, when her own son was linked to Hunter Biden, and the Ukrainian Energy company “Burisma” conspiracy.
    I personally believe, that she started pushing this impeachment, to take the focus off of Burisma, the Bidens, and her own son.
    Maybe, just maybe, she has her own hands in that deal, and she will do anything to draw attention away from that deal.
    If the Ukrainian government, the Russian government, the Chinese government, or any other government, can provide “proof”, real proof of corruption, then it should not matter who they are, or what office or position they may hold. Nobody should be beyond the law, preceding an election, during an election, or after an election.
    My support is with President Trump, with William Barr, with Trey Gowdy, or anyone else who truly wants to support the law of this land.
    If you’re corrupt, you’re part of the problem, and I don’t care who you are.
    My support is with President Trump, and I want to see the swamp cleaned out.
    KAG 2020.

  22. Nothing the president does is going to be reported in a positive light. This whole impeachment process has been a sham from the beginning, and was started BEFORE Trump was even sworn in. That election was clinton’s to loose and she did. This so called impeachment process has been a joke from day one. Everything secret, lies after lies told to us. Its a shame what our elected officials are.

  23. The whistleblower is just like the “Anonymous Tipsters” that police hotlines across the nation depend on to help crack open a tough case. .. The police do NOT depend of the tipster’s info for a conviction, but only to point them in the right direction to find other people with first hand knowledge. It is just part of the INVESTIGATION process. If tipsters knew they HAD to go to court to divulge how they found out about the info they reported to investigators, I have no doubt some people would have gotten away with murder (literally).

  24. You are right, this is just CNN spin . Just because she States she believes in the whistleblower law does not mean she doesn’t support President Trump. CNN spin it how you will ,you have no credibility.

  25. Pete, even Schiff let that cat out of the bag by not redacting at least one paper which had his name on it. When is he going to haul himself in front of the Ethics Committee for doing exactly what he said he would do to the GOP members if they leaked it. And now, the straw that breaks the camel’s back is Schiff’s claiming that he doesn’t even know who the leaker is. Time to get him hauled into a real court and have him locked up for attempted coup against the US. And that is grounds for a firing squad.

  26. Not only doesn’t have first had knowledge, not second but at best third or fourth hand. And even if it was first hand, the leaker still lost the WBA protections by going to Schiff and Schiff’s staff first before going to the ICIG. And there lies another problem for the leaker. For it to be covered by the WBA, it has to involve the Intel Community. And Trump is outside that. So the leaker has shot himself in both feet. Which is why Schiff will never call him in front of the committee.

  27. One thing I read that didn’t make your list is that, while a student in Boston (Harvard?) Ciaramella was a strident advocate of the Muslim Brotherhood! Nothing else need be said.

  28. The concept that Whistleblower laws impart or guarantee Anonymity, is in direct violation to the 6th Amendment rights. Any and all of Congress Critters should know and accept this. Even that auld hoor Nasty Nancy, who likes to claim she was instrumental in crafting the laws. The laws were designed and passed to prevent and protect retaliation against the whistleblower by the accused party/individual. Nothing more and nothing less. Should this proceed to SCOTUS for an opinion, thr court may be split, but the majority would rule anonymity as a violation, even in the impeachment process. There simply is no precedence for anonymity to supercede the accused’s right to confront their accuser.
    I was too young to pay a whole lot of attention to Nixon’s impeachment possibility, but I do remember Clinton’s vividly and there was definitly Bipartisan support for his Impeachment in the House. His aquital by the Senate was a unabashed ignoring of the facts based solely on the majority control of the Senate.
    It comes down to opinions so far, and the fallacies of logic driven solely by despisal of the current Executive. The “impression” of quid pro quo lacks evidence that it was ever written or stated by the Executive. There is no first hand appearence/testimony supporting quid pro quo. Nor is there evidence that that the Ukraine felt pressure to follow through on the Executive’s request about a criminal matter, regardless that the recipient might be a contender to defeat the current Executive (especially in light of the possible signs and symptoms of early dementia the contender keeps expressing). As I suspected they would, the Democrats controlling this inquiry, are selectively and maliciously neglecting and ignoring the presentation or acknowledgement of excupatory evidence in the Executive’s favor. Since the House’s inquiry and ffinal vote is analogous to a Grand Jury proceedings, this is a direct violation by the majority of the accused’s rights. The public pronouncement, by the Speaker of the House that the Executive “is guilty until proving his innocence,” is extremely alarming, and her statement is grounds for at least censure and possibly expulsion from the House. We the People should be demanding an Ethics Violation inquiry over that.
    Quite frankly, there’s so many Unconstitutional acts by the majority and violations of the Executive’s rights, that show this inquiry to be a sham, it’s a miscarriage of justice at this point and nothing more.

  29. EVERYONE IN SOUND MIND MUST SHARE – TO SPREAD THE LEGAL LAW ON the “WHISTLEBLOWER”. WHAT IS THE LEGAL REAL WHISTLEBLOWER???? John Kiriakou, who blew the whistle on CIA torture programs during the Bush administration, joins FOX Business and says the Ukraine whistleblower isn’t credible because he allegedly doesn’t have firsthand information.

  30. Nickki H is not against President Trump. And the whistle blower is a joke and he will know him and Schiff get this dude to lie and they want over to Ukraine

  31. But how can you say that President Trump is the problem? Whistleblower laws only protect the whistleblowers job and freedom from prosecution, no anonymity guaranteed. And this guy in particular needs to be outed for his treasonous behavior, no matter who is president. Don’t fault President Trump for this coup attempt; that’s all on Schiff and his gang of pirates!

  32. Trying to keep secret something that everyone knows about Eric Ciaramella being the “Whistleblower” is tragicomical!

  33. A corrupt democratic senate is the culprit to all of America’s problems. They’re liars and would do anything to have our republican President out of office.

  34. Get this through your head like so many other dumb Americans today including this blow fish who backstabbed this country and president. He made no bad calls from no one like Obama has it seems to me that these jackass’s in our government are scared people who don’t want to be dead somewhere. It’s seems it’s ok for every democract can talk and make deals with countries without Americans knowing that’s ok right? Ukraine told everyone there were no secrets

  35. The republican party of today are the biggest cowards ever. Trump you should have run on a different party and let this republican party die it is not worth even saving anymore. These Republicans that betraying this country are a joke they must be buying their seats instead of earning then what a joke they are.

  36. It’s not really appropriate to even refer to the submitter of the report/complaint as a “whistleblower”. Whoever wrote it, assuming it was not Adam Schiff himself, intended to hide behind statutes that do may not apply to him or her. How does CIA analyst “Eric Ciaramella” fit into all this? Is that even the only name by which he is known? We’re dealing with an agency that can legally fabricate identities (legends) out of thin air, in much stronger of a way than United States legal tender can be devaluingly dumped into the economy by the Federal Reserve Bank or the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, with United States treasury bonds being issued. It’s a shame that Schiff will not allow all the necessary questions to be posed at the impeachment inquiry hearings.

  37. The dictionary definition of a witness, see below, does not look much like the whistle blower.

    Witness 1. a person who sees an event, typically a crime or accident, take place.
    Witness 2. have knowledge of (an event or change) from personal observation or experience.

  38. Sorry BillyBod, but the two people having a conversation on the Ukraine call said there was blackmail, no bribe, no quid pro quo. Nothing!

  39. I don’t think Nikki Haley will get anywhere running for president anytime. I know I would never vote for her.

  40. Hey Billy Bob, you are a dumbass, hearsay evidence is worthless. The WB was not in on the conversation. Info was passed through 3 or 4 people. Biden is and was a crooked ass politician from the start. The only reason he was vice-president was the fact Obummer picked him before all you Demorats voted for him. Biden admitted he got the Ukranian fired but nothing was done about Biden sticking his nose in that country’s business. All you Demorats KNOW the Hunter Bs is just that. Biden used his “power” to get that fiasco pulled off. Crooks unlimited should be Bidens business name.

  41. Republicans have turned out to be betrayers of our constitution. They have become dishonest cultist of a dishonest former democrat who is lying to the people while stealing from them. A corrupt president steals from all of the people whether we know it or not. Unfortunately we’ll only realize the impact in the future. If republicans were honest they would want to protect the whistleblower’s identity, because everything he says has been proven correct, so why is he needed at this point? Trump seems to want to enact vengeance on this individual, which seems like 3rd world dictatorship tactics. If Trump has nothing to hide and did nothing illegal, let him allow White House officials to testify, at least let them clear him. If he cant do that, it means he has something to hide.

  42. It isn’t Graham’ Committee that must call on Schiff and other weasels to testify. Graham told Tucker or Hannity earlier this past week which committee and the name of the senator in charge that has this responsibility but I truly believe we should let the Horowitz report come out so we can watch a whole bunch of people really getting even more nervous than they already are. Each day this farce continues is just a little hotter the flames beneath them are getting. Like all of you I have been itching to see some of these weasels starting to go down but a light bulb went off the other night and now I see the wisdom of letting this play all the way out. Do we want to have ALL our ducks in a row when we make our move or do we want to look as disjointed as the dimocrats are looking right now?

  43. Never forget that Piglosi is NOT a lawyer or she would understand that bribery has conditions that must be met before anyone can be charged with it. While all sorts of talking heads keep pointing out [on both sides of the aisle] how politically smart she is she appears to be dumber than I when it comes to legal matters and I willingly admit I would have starved long, long ago if I would have had to make a living in the legal world! Unlike her, I do try to learn from examples like this sham of an impeachment. Now I am ready for the senate to hold a nice, long, drawn out trial and bring forth the entirety of anyone whose name has even been whispered since Trump won the election for questioning. Then let us all sit back to see how all these senators fare in the Iowa, New Hampshire primaries! lol ?They can all thank Piglosi, Nadler and Schrimp for not getting very far. Then don’t forget Alabama and a couple of other states come up in March and these same senators should be way behind the ball by then. But this is an excellent reason why any sitting members of entire congress should have to resign to run for president! They can’t be in two places at once and let’s face it, some of these people are only running hoping for a cabinet position or else they would be eating each other alive like republicans did 4 years ago. However, they don’t have a Trump amongst them to tell it like we the people want it to be!

  44. How do we even know there is a whistleblower? The Dems could easily have concocted this hoax/lie then pretend to protect this non-person under fake whistleblowers “rights”. Under their made-up rules, the Lying Dems really don’t need a whistleblower. They can just claim they have one. Disappointed in Haleybih time.

  45. Schiffty Schift is a liar and an anti American partisan hack and I hope that he is brought down from his arrogant perch. AND removed from office as any lying fifth column agent would be.

  46. Just to be clear the whistle blower statue DOES NOT give
    anyone anonymity. It only guarantees that you not be persecuted or fired from your job. It absolutely does not mean you are to remain anonymous! This person needs to be outed by Schiff and he won’t do that because he knows he will have to answer lots questions about his involvement. I’m telling you Schiff was behind this from the start.

  47. The Whistleblower is blowing up Adam
    ” S ” butt most probably . That’s why his eyes were about to pop out of his head , while getting roasted during the Sham of a Impeachment inquiry the other day !

  48. Is all this b.s. legal? I don’t think so. This motley crew has shown no honest work in several years. It’s time the voters step in and clear this up. Why are we still paying these people a ridiculous salary to do nothing?

  49. Agreed Haley is another two faced back stabber. She is undeserving of any office, and I hope her book flops. I get pleas from her begging me to buy her piece of trash book. Another reason I donor support republicans. The party supports RINOS that work against President Trump. TRUMP LANDSLIDE VICTORY 2020

  50. Spot on observation about Ciaramella and his fake WHISTLEBLOWER crap. Nancy Pelosi said yesterday, “if Donald Trump is innocent he would show us some proof to convince us”. This Pelosi should know one can’t “prove” they are innocent. She’s ignorant enough to believe we are stupid enough to buy her new standard of law, GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT.? Let’s see Nancy Pelosi tax returns and those of her money laundering son and daughter, and explain those illegal payoffs. How much was little Eric paid to bring down our president and delay the work of our congress to serve their constituents, we the people?
    Still no trade agreement with Canada, and/or Mexico. No budget, no immigration reform, no work on infrastructure. America is turning into just like once beautiful San Francisco, now like a third world country. Democrats want to lead us into poverty and despair.

  51. Former U.N. Ambassador – and Never-Trump Republican – Nikki Haley is making the rounds ** AH AH AHA! **** promoting her new book***** about her time in the Trump administration.
    Dear Nikki ”whistleblower”’ is Not A Whistleblower! You should know better than that!

    Douglas Writes: Rush Limbaugh exposed this!
    And the Whistle blower is Eric Carmella!
    Don Jr is a private citizen. He can cite Carmella’s name anytime he wants. So, can ‘journalists’.
    Ciaramella’s name has been in the Public View as the ‘whistleblower’ for several weeks. It’s not a secret.

    SO SO SOOOOOO Screw your Book, Not paying even a $.001 cent for it to use as a cat litter box lining!

  52. Haley is INELIGIBLE to run for prez, just like K Harris. Both were born to immigrants that hadn’t yet acquired USA citizenship.

  53. She’s INELIGIBLE for the presidency (so was Obama, of course, but that didn’t stop him, did it). There are others, too. The MSM merely has to research this and point it out to their readers, though……

  54. A whistleblower is not really supposed to behave as an accuser. The whole point of whistleblowing is to straight up publish concrete evidence of a crime, or at least supply to law enforcement the location of such evidence, including but not limited to the time and place of a crime expected to take place in the future, so that the offenders can be caught in the act, meaning that law enforcement personnel would be the accusers. The report submitted to the intelligence committees reads like more of an accusation than a plain anonymous tip.

  55. Unfortunately we need a person in the UN to keep an eye on what they are up to. We could still kick them out of America though. Cut a lot of our funding of the UN. Let some other countries foot the bill for the luxurious lifestyle they get. Kicking them out of America would be great, let them experience the “hospitality” of other countries.

  56. Also Violet find out what happened to all the donations for Trump winning! Over a hundred million dollars unaccounted for!!! What has he done with it all?? That’s one of many reasons he needs to reveal his tax returns!!! Lots of corruption going on with him and his family!!? The American people have the right to the truth!!!

  57. Violet check into what his golf clubs and the Florida White House are charging the tax payers for him going there just about every weekend of his Administration? His Compny is making a lot more than his donation of salary!!! You are badly misinformed about the truthfulness of Donald, he has cheated all who have been conned into working for h!!! None of the big banks of America will bower him any funds because of his bankruptcies!!! That’s why he loves the Russians so much!!! He is the ultimate con man, remember he paid a 25 million dollar settlement for the Trump University fraud to become President!!! He would have been convicted of fraud,if he wouldn’t have settled!!!

  58. And the Whistle blower is Eric Carmella. I’m sick of seeing articles about this whistle blower idiot without seeing his name.

    Below are some quick facts on Eric Carmella from the explosive report:

    * Registered Democrat

    * Worked for President Obama
    * Worked with Vice President Joe Biden
    * Worked for CIA Director John Brennan
    * Vocal critic of President Trump
    * Helped initiate the Russia “collusion” investigation hoax
    * Was fired from the National Security Council in 2017 for leaks, and returned to the CIA
    * Was accused of working against Trump and leaking against Trump

    He was also close to Susan Rice, and suspected of carrying the phony dirt on Trump from the Ukraine to Nellie Orr, who gave it to Glen Simpson of GPS.

    First, according to the Law, Carmella is Not a ‘whistleblower’. His actions do not fit the definition.
    Second, according to the Law, Carmella is Not entitled anonymity. Whistleblowers are only entitled protection against internal reprimand and reprisal for their actions
    Third, Don Jr is a private citizen. He can cite Carmella’s name anytime he wants. So, can ‘journalists’.
    Fourth, Ciaramella’s name has been in the Public View as the ‘whistleblower’ for several weeks. It’s not a secret.

  59. Have any of you gone and watched Glenn Beck on the impeachment? He explains a lot and the puzzle fits. The demorats are George Soros puppets. So go watch the Blaze with Glenn. And We the People are making the Nazi George Rich. Corruption is Deep….

  60. By Posting a photo of Bill O’Reilly next to Donald Trump with this headline you misguide the reader making Him/Her believe it’s Bill O’Reilly doing the stabbing! SHAME ON YOU!

  61. I am still waiting for Trump to keep that one promise he had made early in his administration which was withdrawing we the people of the United States from that criminal organization known as the United Nations and booting them off United States soil.

  62. It has nothing to do with having a pair or a spine, they are traitors to the principles of which our fair and just laws Constitutional Republic are founded and therefore an enemy to true patriots all the Rats care about is Globalist money being put in their pockets.

  63. The Whistleblower laws are a crock of crap, what a out the accused right to know the name of their accuser?, now consider it was a Rupublican party hack making an accusation against a Democrat the so called law would be tossed right out the door, because no law applies to members of the Democratic party.

  64. Come ongRAHAM nad GOP SEnate PU$$ies Subpoena CIARAMELLA and ADAM SCHIFTTHEAD to be deposed PUBLICLY … are there any BALLS LEFT IN THE GOP SENATE ?????

  65. Yes, the Trump house of cards is slowly being dismantled, he will join that group of felons who ran his campaign!! He is in need of being.,”locked up”,right alongside of that group of felons! That will be the start of making America great again!!

  66. Eric Ciaramella needs to be investigated whether he’s the ‘Whistleblower” or not. No one should be allowed to hide behind Whistleblower Laws in order to subvert a legitimate investigation into say… Joe Biden and his son. And certainly not to get the President of the United States impeached.

  67. it is true thou the whistleblower is 0 has 0 and can’t hurt the President the Democrats have proved it any way there is no whistleblower he is made up by Schiff.

  68. Isn’t it a little late to be concerned about Eric Ciaramella’s identity. He has been all over the news everywhere we look. His allegience to everything anti Trump has been documented as well. Aren’t they beating a dead horse by crying about his identity? Even his lawyer outed him by “trying to protect him”.. This is total nonsense.

  69. Horrible Haley!!!! I hope she never gets reelected… talk about a backstabber… she will try to come back to Trump if she sees the democrats are going down..

  70. Horrible Haley!!!! I hope she never gets reelected… talk about a backstabber… she will try to come back to Trump if she sees the democrats are going down..


  72. Nicki, can you refund my contribution to your pac. I will not vote or support you again I am a for my President. President Trump and do not believe in back stabbers!!!!!!

  73. Eric Ciaramella
    Eric Ciaramella
    Eric Ciaramella
    Eric Ciaramella
    Eric Ciaramella

    There we all know who this Obama-Clinton plant is. I does not say anywhere in the whistle blower statute that he get to be the unknown criminal(treason) because he is “courageous”. I am waiting for the real investigation to get finalized and a “canary” starts singing to save their own ass. House of cards will fall and I believe that it goes all the way up the top of the chain.

  74. I’ve known his names for weeks now!! She didn’t say anything that ALOT of people didn’t already know !!

  75. Why would this woman even agree to an interview with CNN. Her opinions matters not. Remember no one really asked for it! The very fact that we know who or what the whistleblower really is, is the germain point. Liars, cheats and thieves will always revert to their true selves. She,Haley, would never have my vote, by trying to feather her own nest. A pig is always a pig even with lipstick on and you can’t say it more plain than that.

  76. First of all he is not a true whistleblower second of all his name and who he is ,a Democrat sycophant is already out there and three constitutionally or legally a whistleblowers an amenity is not guaranteed. I guess with some if they keep repeating the same lie that we will believe it but believe this amenity is not legal or constitutional for a whistleblower.

  77. Hey redmutt you still doing your nephew? how much time did you get for doing that young stuff when he ratted you out? your family must be so proud.

  78. That is her opinion and she is entitled to her opinion. It means absolutely nothing! We already know who the whistle blower is!

  79. Jes look at how old trump-butt-bumps are whining on here. I bet some of dem jokers will bang bang their greasy heads when old trump-ah-hump leave for Russia wit old flat head Julie-anna to be wit snowden in 2020. hahahahaah

  80. My thoughts are this…if the person (working in government) has the guts to say it then they should have the guts to say it to the American people out in the open. If their statements are true I do not see the voting public allowing them to be fired. Now to do the same thing in a total civilian job that they may lose that is up to them.

  81. NO WAY IN HE DOUBLE LL SHOULD THE PRIME ACCUSER REMAIN SECRET IN ANY LEGAL SITUATION!!! Thoroughly unconstitutional but the Democrats pervert the Constitution when they can misinterpret it to what they think is to their advantage. IF they favored the Constitution we would not have a gun control situation we presently do.

  82. I agree with Dan Tyree. While serving as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley was a staunch supporter of the United States and President Donald Trump. Nikki Haley is entitled to her opinions just like all Americans. I personally, don’t think a woman should be President of The United States of America. That said, I might just have to revisit this opinion should Nikki Haley decide to run for President in 2028. It would also depend on who are the other candidates.


  84. If there was a real whistleblower ya than protect them , but not in this case , if demoncrates can talk to it than Republicans should be able to also.

  85. I don’t think Ms.Haley was stabbing Trump in the back. She was stating her opinion. Even as a strong Trump supporter I don’t think our opinions should be compromised. Maybe Niki 2028 after Pence?

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