This Republican Senator made an incredible admission about impeachment that left jaws on the floor

Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial is underway.

Many Americans are more concerned about the economy and continued lockdowns than punishing President Trump.

And this Republican Senator made an incredible admission about impeachment that left jaws on the floor.

Pennsylvania RINO Senator Pat Toomey rejected the idea held by 45 of his colleagues that it is unconstitutional for the Senate to hold an impeachment trial even though Donald Trump is out of office.

In an interview with fake news CNN’s Jake Tapper, Pat Toomey defended previous comments he made about how he believed Donald Trump committed impeachable offenses with his speech to a rally on January 6 that preceded the riot at the Capitol.

“I stand by everything I’ve said, Jake. I still think the best outcome would have been for the president to resign. Obviously, he chose not to do that. Now starting Tuesday, I’m going to be a juror, and my job is going to be to objectively evaluate the very specific article of impeachment that is going to be presented to us, has been presented to us, examine that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to listen to the arguments on both sides and make the decision that I think is right,” Toomey began.

Toomey later admitted that impeachment was futile because 45 Republicans voted to dismiss the trial on Constitutional grounds that an acquittal was assured.

But Toomey dismissed the idea that since impeachment was intended to remove and convict that it did not apply to a former President.

Instead, Toomey applied his own interpretation of the Constitution that was not grounded in any plain reading of the text or serious legal theory to claim the Senate could hold an impeachment trial for a former President.

“I think it’s very unlikely. You did have 45 Republican senators vote to suggest that they didn’t think it was appropriate to conduct a trial, so you can infer how likely it is that those folks will vote to convict. I disagreed with their assessment. I think it is Constitutional. I think it’s clearly Constitutional to conduct a Senate trial with respect to an impeachment. In this case, the impeachment occurred prior to the president leaving office. My job will be to listen to both sides of this, evaluate the arguments, and make a decision,” Toomey added.

Toomey has always been a RINO.

In 2010, Toomey won election as a Tea Party conservative.

But once in office, Toomey colluded with Barack Obama in a failed scheme to try and ram a national gun registration into law.

Fast forward to 2021 and Pat Toomey is once again doing the bidding of the Left to shed the Constitution and sell out conservatives.

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