This Republican sounded a major alarm about Joe Biden building a New World Order

Many Americans believe Joe Biden is actively trying to destroy America.

It’s getting harder to deny that point.

And this Republican sounded a major alarm about Joe Biden building a New World Order.

The Senate voted 95 to 1 to increase the chances of war with Russia by adding Finland and Sweden to NATO.

Joe Biden and the foreign policy establishment in Washington, D.C. eagerly supported this move.

Missouri Republican Josh Hawley was the only Senator to stand up to the globalists and vote no on this reckless expansion of NATO.

In his floor speech explaining his vote, Senator Hawley decried the outlook held by Biden and many in the Swamp that the goal of American foreign policy is to enforce the left-wing world order

“Some in this town think,” Hawley stated, before adding that “American foreign policy is about creating a liberal world order or nation-building overseas.”

In an op-ed announcing his intention to vote no on NATO expansion, Senator Hawley explained that it was time for European countries to pick up the slack for their own defense.

“To be clear, America shouldn’t abandon NATO. But it’s time for our European allies to do more. In particular, they must take primary responsibility for the conventional defense of Europe by investing more in their own militaries. All the way back in 2006, NATO member states pledged to spend at least 2 percent of their GDP on national defense. It should be higher. The United States spends far more than that on defense. But many NATO members still haven’t met even this minimal commitment,” Hawley wrote.

Senator Hawley warned that Communist China threatened war over Taiwan and that America’s best chance to stop a war was to pivot our defense posture from Europe to Asia.

Adding Finland and Sweden to NATO takes America’s eye off the ball, as it will only increase our defense commitment to Europe.

A war with Communist China would be a disaster for the world.

And the best possible path is avoiding that war.

But bogging America down in a globalist pursuit of a left-wing world order in Europe is a recipe for failure.

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