This Republicans impeachment confession was the final nail in the coffin

The Senate impeachment trial is nearing its conclusion.

Senators will vote on Wednesday to decide a verdict.

And now this Republicans impeachment confession was the final nail in the coffin.

Democrats never had a chance of winning the 67 votes necessary to remove the President from office.

But Democrats hoped a handful of Republicans would vote to convict, which would ensure a majority of the Senate went on record rebuking the President.

More than 50 Senators – including some Republicans – voting to convict the President could deny the President the ability to claim exoneration despite winning acquittal.

Those hopes were dashed when Alaska RINO Lisa Murkowski went public with her intention to acquit the President.

“The House failed in its responsibilities and the Senate — the Senate should be ashamed by the rank partisanship that has been on display here,” Murkowski told reporters. “So many in this chamber share my sadness for the present state of our institutions. It’s my hope that we’ve finally found bottom here.”

Murkowski explained that the case the Democrats made did not rise to the level of impeaching and removing the President from office.

“I cannot vote to convict,” Murkowski added. “The Constitution provides for impeachment but does not demand it in all instances.”

Murkowski was one of the three RINO Senators – Susan Collins and Mitt Romney were the others – whose votes were considered in play.

If Murkowski is voting to acquit the President the vast likelihood is that Collins and Romney will also vote to acquit and give the President unanimous opposition to removing the President from office.

And that was the final nail in the coffin for Democrats and their impeachment witch hunt.

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