This RINO sellout just rode to Joe Biden’s rescue on the border crisis

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Joe Biden was on the ropes.

In typical fashion, the GOP establishment snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

And this RINO sellout just rode to Joe Biden’s rescue on the border crisis.

In a stunning embarrassment, Republicans lost a vote to advance two articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas by 214-216.

Wisconsin Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher cast the deciding vote that temporarily stopped the attempt to hold Mayorkas accountable for executing Joe Biden’s attack on American sovereignty by opening the southern border.

In a fitting move for an establishment Republican, Gallagher attempted to explain himself in an op-ed published in the pro-open borders Wall Street Journal.

Gallagher misrepresented impeachment by claiming that Mayorkas didn’t commit any offenses that rose to the criminal level and thus shouldn’t be removed from office.

“The first article of impeachment lays out in grueling detail Mr. Mayorkas’s manifest incompetence. But incompetence doesn’t rise to the level of high crimes or misdemeanors. Proponents of impeachment concede the framers rejected the idea that policy disputes or ‘maladministration’ constitute grounds for impeachment. They argue instead that Mr. Mayorkas’s underenforcement goes beyond maladministration, even though it doesn’t reach the level of a criminal offense,” Gallagher wrote.

But impeachment is a political process.

Democrats filed two baseless impeachments against President Trump and will surely impeach his cabinet secretaries left and right regardless of how the House treats Mayorkas.

Gallagher then opposed holding Mayorkas to the same standard Democrats held Donald Trump.

“The second article of impeachment accuses Mr. Mayorkas of failing to comply with multiple subpoenas and obstructing certain oversight efforts, actions that are shameful but not outside the norm for cabinet secretaries. House Democrats impeached Mr. Trump for the same actions. Unlike Democrats’ rushed process against Mr. Trump, we should take Mr. Mayorkas to court to produce any information he is withholding and hold him in criminal contempt of Congress if he further stonewalls legitimate oversight. If he continues to obstruct, we should reconsider impeachment under a more tailored version of the second article,” Gallagher added.

If the GOP takes the moral high ground and unilaterally disarms in every fight, establishment Republicans like Gallagher somehow think the Democrats can be shamed into playing by a set of unwritten rules.

But history shows this is a foolhardy assumption.

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