This RINO Senator just stabbed Donald Trump in the back on impeachment

Now that the House of Representatives passed articles of impeachment Donald Trump is counting on the Senate to exonerate him.

That faith was just shaken.

And now this RINO Senator just stabbed Donald Trump in the back on impeachment.

Pro-abortion Alaska RINO Senator Lisa Murkowski was the only Republican that voted against Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Now with the Senate on the verge of a trial, she is sending warning signals she may be on board with the Democrats’ plan to remove President Trump from office.

KTUU reports:

“And in fairness, when I heard that I was disturbed,” Murkowski said before describing that there should be distance between the White House and the Senate in how the trial is conducted. “To me it means that we have to take that step back from being hand in glove with the defense, and so I heard what leader McConnell had said, I happened to think that that has further confused the process.”

Murkowski was critical of the impeachment process conducted in the House of Representatives that she describes as rushed. “Speaker Pelosi was very clear, very direct that her goal was to get this done before Christmas.”

She says the Senate is now being asked to cure deficiencies in the evidence that will be presented at the trial, particularly when it comes to whether key witnesses should be brought forward to testify including White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and former national security adviser John Bolton.

“How we will deal with witnesses remains to be seen,” Murkowski said before describing that the House should have gone to the courts if witnesses refused to appear before Congress.

Impeachment is a political and not legal process.

The Democrats in the House of Representatives did not even pretend to hold a fair inquiry where the President was afforded due process.

In a Senate impeachment trial it only takes 51 votes to call witnesses and set the guidelines for a trial.

If Murkowski votes with the Democrats on witnesses and trial procedures, that means only three more Republicans need to break ranks to give Chuck Schumer control over a Senate trial.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. How much longer do we have to look at that face – Murkowski? I don’t think I can stand it much longer.

  2. Trump was never afforded the due process that the average American gets. Democrats have been given a pass on Hillary Clinton, Pelosi, Schiff, AOC and the squad of 4 for their crimes. That is the opinion of a Democrat who will vote Trump in 2020 because the Democrats have not been accountable. We MUST drain the swamp.

  3. Gun Moll! Are you a real moron, or just truly dumb? What a name…! Fits your brain though, if what you have up there can be still called ‘brain’.

  4. Putin would not look at an ugly idiot like her. Fantasizing poor unfortunate soul. There are many of them, D sluts!

  5. Putin would not look at an ugly idiot like her. Fantasizing poor unfortunate soul. There are many of them, D sluts!

  6. Someone, Jeanne, must be there to rebuild the GOP after Trump brings it all crashing down by his crimes and lies. The outright nastiness of this man, in tweets and campaign rally speeches is a HORRIBLE role model for how a president should act. George Washington could not tell a lie, but Trump cannot tell the Truth!!!

  7. Clearly, if Trump would have ANY, A-N-Y testimony that would show he is not complicit in violating the laws of America, he would DEMAND they be produced, and his lackey, Moscow Mitch, would be DEMANDING it also. For you to deny all the signs and evidence points to Trump being guilty shows your lack of integrity and preference of party over the country and the rule of LAW!!!

  8. You right wingnuts just cannot tolerate when someone, even of your own party, expresses a different point of view. Three Democrats voted in the House against the impeachment of Trump, and you don’t see Pelosi or the Democrats going after them, do you? The REAL problem here is that you are intolerant fanatics who want people who don’t agree with you thrown out of the country or killed. That makes you fascists, not patriotic Americans!

  9. Way to go, Alan, keep it coming!!! Jeanne, you need to take Civics 101, because you do not take a case to judicial branch according to the Constitution. You know, the Trumpers have worked themselves up into a frenzy, creating these fake conspiracies and then believing them (without evidence) and therefore use it to justify clear law violations and illicit activities by Trump. You know, Trump has diverted over $130 million of taxpayer money by staying every one in five days, not just playing golf BUT ONLY PLAYING GOLF AT HIS RESORTS SO ALL OF THAT MONEY GOES INTO HIS POCKETS. HE TRIED TO GET THE G-7 MEETING NEXT YEAR AT HIS FAILING DORAL GOLF COURSE, WHICH IS SO FILTHY IT HAS A HISTORY OF BEDBUGS . . . all to line his own pockets FURTHER!

  10. Judy, it is right about being from a different planet – – anyone who actually is ignorant enough to think Fox is fair and honest has lost their sense of reality. Trumpers, and right wingnuts only want Kool Aid Propaganda, they, like you, get hysterically upset when someone tells you that does not fit the evidence.

    You guys are cult followers who live in your own limited world. Most of you are not very well educated and rarely have respect for evidence.

  11. Maybe honor killings have their place after all….Surely she has a family that knows she needs put away, in one way or another….She’s gone Rino.

  12. If Murkowski decides to vote to impeach President Trump she won’t be getting re elected by her republican constituents. It’s wild how the republican elected members feel they can get away with ignoring their constituents and not expect to pay a heavy price for it.

  13. This old gal looks like she would not vote or even stand by God. She is an old sow that just wants her name on the internet & in the news. Too bad nobody gave her any attention until now! I wouldn’t vote for this old hag for even a dogcatcher

  14. Trump didn’t get due process, so touche’….She looks like she is in fear all the time. Like a frightened little child. Chinastein blackmailing her big time.

  15. Does anyone remember when Finstine had this bought off fake against the wall during the Kavanaugh hearing? Then she voted against him? She is being blackmailed the democrats have something on her, that is how they control them. Pay attention these democrats are evil, and they are being shown for what they are, criminals, thieves,liars, and demons

  16. Does anyone remember when Finstine had this bought off fake against the wall during the Kavanaugh hearing? Then she voted against him? She is being blackmailed the democrats have something on her, that is how they control them. Pay attention these democrats are evil, and they are being shown for what they are, criminals, thieves,liars, and demons

  17. Nothing like a CLOSET OPOSSUM
    That’s where they hide because they’re to STUPID to understand how any or all of this works

  18. Yes, she cheated her way back into office after losing the primary several years ago. This time I hope Alaska does the right thing and get rid of her.

  19. No you learn some facts. No president living or dead has ever or would ever appear in a dem rigged waste of time. If that lush, Pelosi could have gone to the judicial brach, but she didn’t. Her words were “we don’t have time to go to court” so take a civics lesson or stfu.

  20. Nope, here’s what comes next: End of Democrat party, thank God! President Trump will win 2020 in a landslide that will make your empty head swivel.

  21. Hey Sean, ever heard of executive priviledge? Obviously not. No president in history ever participated in that trap. That’s why if the dimwits really had an impeachment case, they would have gone to the judicial branch, but according to the drunk; Pelosi, there was no time to waste. Yeah, who’s wasting time?

  22. So right it was a one way trial I was so pissed!!! I got hit by a metro buss the bus driver tried to offer money bribe me at my trial the defense lawyer stopped that evidence from being acknowledged in court judges depending on what type of lawyer they were before defense or prosecutor they pick favorites grant favors with enough money u can get anything u want from there system

  23. What do u believe in satan ? U know what brought us out of the dark ages God Jesus and morality it’s good for everyone much better than having trannys read to kids!!!

  24. Obama Clinton lol your party is getting rid of the constitution that gives u rights one at a time there making executive decision obsolete Obama used it 140 times he bragged the right to bear arms media Bloomberg quick take cnn proven to be in the pocket of Democrats there goes freedom of press what about freedom of speech u say the wrong thing men in blue come get u if your politicians are so great why kill freedom and the constitution

  25. Lol ur dummmmmmmb She’s a killer of America do your homework watergate Benghazi fast furious she only wants rich white people at the top she lost to Obama but still forced her way in why do u think she wants power so bad

  26. Compared to Obama going into office with 4 million leaving with 40 million trump is a saint I remember Obama using executive decision to withhold evidence and a trial project fast furious!!!!He bragged about doing it a 140 times abuse of power wen republican president does it once you override him guess executive order is null and void unless your a dumbo rat way to give up freedom brainwashed obaaaaaaama zombies trump 2020

  27. Trump refused to allow many witnesses to appear and would not release requested documents to the committees. He has been cheating (on his wives as well as on the country), lying almost every time he opens his mouth, failing in Foreign Affairs (North Korea, Iran), fostering hatred, increasing deficits with tax cuts for the rich and corporations (how much more is in your wallet?), etc, etc, etc.

  28. You’re not one to talk values.
    Sounds like you support that weird woman
    Who had a trail of DEAD PEOPLE all around her CROOKED ASS!

  29. O Olan
    I couldn’t have said it better.
    Unfortunately, my daughter is stationed in AK. Ppl are backward there. Sorry but they are. They probably don’t know a damn thing about politics. I hope her mouth gets the attention of all the Trump lovers there. She needs to goooo.


  31. THANK YOU Nguyen!!
    We are very fortunate to have Donald Trump
    as our PRESIDENT !

  32. Putin again, get over it, can’t get his name out of your mind, you must be sleeping with Putin since you love his name so much.


  34. The Rino liar was never “LEGALLY” voted in. Do some serious research. She is the spawn of her equally corrupt father.



  37. Did the Rep voters in AK all have brain freeze when the voted for this trader? I think she is really a Dem pretending to be a Rep. TOO BAD SO SAD! She better shut up and do what the Rep party needs for her to do! SERIOUSLY AFTER WHAT THE DEMS DID IN THE HOUSE AND SHE HAS THE NERVE AND GUTS TO SAY THIS? WOW WHAT A IDIOT!

  38. Agree with you. This woman has always voted with the Demrats, i.e. USSCJ Kavanaugh. I wish every time she vote with the Demrats, she swallow a tooth. She only won because of her daddy. She is a sad old drunk.

  39. Truth and facts now you have your say now go back under your rock and sleep for a couple of days. Learn to stop picking on sane educated people because you not sane yourself. LOL

  40. Sooo, Murkowski Is Pro-Abortion &
    ‘Harvesting’ 0rgan. Tissue. Blood ???
    B/Cuz ‘that’s What ‘they DO’ …
    Called Biotech.

  41. At least she didn’t fall for the trump fallacy like all the uneducated morons who support trump/Putin.

  42. She’s just another closet Democrat. We have at least 10-15 of these Republican traitors pretending to be a Republican.

  43. Seems like your describing your own do nothing party. FACTs count feelings DON’T. Wonder what word the Dem party is going to extemporaneous text to the media to repeat. Existential how lame is that. By the way did you read the IG report you do know your party hedges on the fact that you won’t. It’s available you know.

  44. The Republicans weren’t allowed to call witnesses and question the Democrats witnesses… so how can this be a trial? The Defense always has opportunity to cross examine a witnesses. This was time consuming, waste of taxpayers dollars and no solid evidence was produced against Trump. My question: When are the Democrats going to start earning their $174,000/yr and represent their constituents?

  45. I changed from Democrat to Republican because of the Democratic hatred for America and the citizens. To set the record straight MJ, I’m not a Nazi/Thug nor an ass kisser. I bow down to no one except my Lord Jesus Christ and kiss no butts. He is the only one that deserves bowing. Since I don’t bow down to Kings and kiss their ring like Obama, I guess you hate me.

  46. What has Murkowski done for Alaska and her constituents? Has she represented her constituents wishes in bills passed. Do Congress even read these bills that are passed?
    Why does a bill presented have 400 pages? If Congress can’t present a bill with 10-20 pages, it shouldn’t be presented. Stop inserting pork barrel projects.

  47. I am so amazed at the uneducated people who only get their facts from fake news. And sad to think people like MJ who likes LSD is allowed to vote. Obama is Muslim and brought thousands into this country and placed them all over sent two airplanes full of money to our enemy to build more bombs and kill our people. If you have any idea about the law other than jail time you would have seen how one sided this fake hearing was. In no court and in the Constitution does it say the accused is not allowed to a fair trial. He should have been allowed to call witnesses who had Real Knowledge of what happened, their haters should have been allowed to be cross examined but we’re not allowed. How can any educated person say this hearing was fair? Only people who can think for themselves and do research knows this is true as for all the haters ” We can’t fix stupid ” try to educate yourself outside of the fake news.

  48. I didn’t think anyone could be any dumber than MJ but you are and have no idea about the legal system or what and who was supposed to give a fair trial. Trump was invited the last day, no attorney or republican allowed to call witnesses, or cross examine the democrats witness which not one had first hand knowledge and the only one who did said it didn’t happen. It is clear both of you only get your information from fake news. If you can read big words read the Muller report and since you couldn’t stay awake to listen to all the hearings you only show your ignorance by your answers. And guys we are wrong MJ is not kissing Obamas ass he is getting it the other end while sucking Michael ( his other half) off. Sad they are to stupid to do their own research. If they had anything and Trump is so dangerous why are they not running with their evidence? Because they have none and it was their job to get it not the other way around since you didn’t seem to know that.

  49. Nazi thug?? The only ones who support Nazi thugs are you demorats. The group ANTIFA are your thugs. Democrats are unbelievable, unlawful is your thing to do. Everything this party stands for is in someway against justice. That so called hearing for impeachment proves that fact.

  50. She is another narcissist like Trump. There are lots of self admiring politicians in DC and they hate Trump for gather more attention than themselves.

  51. Why should I think DOTARD is a Authoritarian wanna be dictator. And you must be one of his NAZI/REPUBLITRUD SYCOPHANT. And for all of you dumb Republithugs it means he is PUTIN ASS KISSER. So know I will not retract my opinion. Why are threatening me

  52. Uncle Hoppy I know the rest of the REPUBLITRUDS can’t stand humor or sarcasm of DOTARD but that was a good bit humor and sarcasm.

  53. You need to re think what you said , That is if you can think, You may be a dumbocrat and unable to do that process.

  54. She is right first the Senator lost her primary them she ran as an independent and won on a write in candent. All she is saying is she would like a real trail to make up her mind. I know you are a Cult of DOTARD PERSONALITY sycophant but surly even you NAZI Republitruds would like to know the truth as to whether your god is guilty or not.

  55. The old DOTARD is the Putin sycophant. And if you are like most dumb NAZI/THUGS Republitruds it means ass kisser which is what tRUMP does to Putin’s ass.

  56. Hunter bring criminally investigated and soon creepy joe will be also.dont worry about them testifying in this kangaroo court,they have far bigger problems coming their way

  57. Put Murkowski in front of a firing squad with the rest of the traitors trying to take over America with their unlawful coup attempt!purge the swamp President Trump!

  58. Come on Alaskans, are you really proud of MurCOWski! She is a damn Rino and should not be in politics. You can do better than her when it’s time for her to seek reelection. Maybe you all should recall her because she is no better than those radical communist UNAMERICAN democRATS!

  59. This is not the first time she has shown digression from her party. L Murkowski like a few other RINO’s are so out of touch and out of place in the Republican party.

  60. She needs to drop the pretence of being Republican and come out of the spider web and admit She is a black widow Democrat just pretending to share our values.
    That way we know what she really is…closer to Putin and the Russians then TRUMP ever could be. She is a disgrace and still for the other side.

  61. She is dumber than a rock. Her Dad was a Senator who died in Office. She ran for his seat claiming, “It’s Mine, It’;s mine” to get elected y fools who felt sorry for her. She has been more Democrat than Republican and, she thinks everyone should kiss her ass to get her to be friendly with them.

  62. Stupid IS as Stupid DOES ! She even looks the way she acts, STUPID and STUPID! She FELL for the now proven LIES told by FORD and now she falls for the STUPID SHIFT and PELOSI SHOW! If you got a bridge in NY for sale here is your BUYER!

  63. Jim you are such an idiot go smoke some more crack and crawl up Nancy’s ass and suck Shumers dick you scum bag human

  64. Kayley I agree with your impression in seeing the photo of this woman Really I ‘m upset by the same look found on the face of all those women who hate TRUMP namely Hillary, Pelosi, AOC and members of the squad ….They have all the same common ill features much more than cruel , mean , these eatures are more appropriated to be qualified as démoniaque , méphistophélique , infernal , in sum satanic. ( forgive my bad English as I am not us citizen nor residing in USA but I admire your POTUS for the good things he made and is making for your country in spite of much difficulties created by the bad losers )

  65. Is their one Democrat today that is not full of jardcote hatred that they do not gnash their teeth. Look at the insane looks. Especially Adam Shiff and Pelosie! Every thing they are is written on their faces. It is called hatred.

  66. Robert Crandall the evidence points to this being treason and sedition by the house. They have shown this and if they try to claim just politics as usual then it would be a violation of election law by using government funds in an attempt to influence an election. That was what Mueller investigated and found them trying to do in 2016. Now back to back it becomes treason and sedition again.
    We sent Trump to clean this type of scum out of washington. I am confident in the American public to keep vermin out of Government. We supported Nixon till we found out what he did. We would do the same to Trump.
    I believe we are smarter than that!

  67. Because the crimes of the Bidens are what caused the President to be impeached to because he asked questions about it! According to elected Democrat officials, no one in their party breaks laws, and no Republican has the right to question that!

  68. Katherine
    a suggestion. Please only talk when you know what are you talking about. Are you an expert , a Constitutional lawyer ?
    Or just someone with a dislike for Trump?


  70. I do remember that photo. Feinstein literally had Murkowski’s back against the wall in the hallway! There must be something she’s ashamed of from her past for them to be able to manipulate her this way! The Democrats are cruel and ruthless when they don’t get their own way! Can you imagine all the evidence Jeffrey Epstein must have had on so many sexual deviants in high places?

  71. She’s not a Republican. She ran as an Independent, and guess what they do: think for themselves. And all these lies about lack of due process crack me up. Trump and his attorneys were extended an invitation to appear before the House and guess what: he once again stonewalled (himself, I guess). Then he complains because he blocked himself from appearing. Didn’t appear because no one could testify honestly for him and not commit perjury. Get your facts straight.

  72. So sick of all of this garbage. Murkowski resign, be the democrat you really are. Don’t just hide behind this stupid facade you have built for yourself. Alaskans, get some balls from somewhere and vote this moron out. We need people representing us that are true to our wishes not just grabbing our money hand over fist. WE PAY YOU TO DO OUR WILL NOT YOURS YOU TRAITOR. Give our President the respect he deserves.

  73. After being bullied (remember that photo?) I’m not surprised she has that look of rabbit horror/terror on her face all the time. Don’t know what the Dems have on her, but it looks pretty bad in every last photo taken of her since.

  74. you surely have a warped view of our politics. Why should the bidens testify in this investigation? Trump was allowed to testify and even to participate. He just believes if he throws enough crap against the wall he can rely on people like you to get confused and just whatever he says….

  75. No to witnesses from the White House, that would mean Executive Privilege means nothing and let’s not forget former President Obama obstructed 10 plus scandals using Executive Privilege. As to witnesses in the Senate, let’s start with the Whistleblower, Hunter and Joe Biden who conveniently were skipped over by Shifty Schiff and Do Nothing d Nadler in the Dem parcial clown show! Who ought to be on trial is Joe Biden for Conflict of Interest, Obstruction of Justice and Bribery and all those offenses are on tape no less in Biden’s own words!!!

  76. Clearly you do not follow the voting history of the U.S. senators, to many myself included Graham is a Rat as well.

  77. I bet many think that senator Ron Johnson of WI is a true patriot because he pretends to support Trump, if you believe that then evidently you do not realize when it comes to foreign enemies the man is a strong supporter of amnesty and promotes allowing more of those components of a terminal viral pandemic plague to infect our nation for what cheap labor the wealthy can get them to perform, these days we are lucky if even 50% of foreign enemies are willing to earn their own keep not when it is so easy for them to sponge off the taxpayers.

  78. Damn it! I just realized I’m a Conservative Republican saying Abortion to be allowed on all democrat politicians, RINO’s & other assorted trash retroactive to 100 years old!

  79. If this Woman loses her seat? It will be a blow to the Democrat Party? Because, she is only one of (4) RINO REPUBLICANS serving in the SENATE today. She is drawing unwanted attention to herself. It may be her time to go. AMERICA needs STRONG SUPPORTERS not weak links.

  80. You know there are laws that work in this universe, even if we do not believe in them, or don’t pay attention to them. Number one law of Physics. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction…if you spew hatred, you will get back hatred and violence. Because it multiplies while it is coming back to you. When men cry peace and safety, sure destruction shall come upon them. See, you may not believe this, but it is true even still and you cannot escape the physical laws of the universe. Continue spewing sewer out of you mouth. All you are doing is assuring your own end. I can guarantee that you do not KNOW President Trump. You only believe what you have been told by your friends or the lying media about him. Almost none of that is true. If you ever sat down and talked to him, you would change your mind immediately. He’s not perfect, but neither are you!!! But he has done more for this country in three years than anyone since Ronald Reagan and maybe even better than him. But none of you will give him any credit for the good that he does, but you are ALWAYS ready to throw the switch on the electric chair, even when you have no clue what crime he has done if any. But yet you would kill him dead. Look out my friend. You are neither Judge, not Jury so if I were you I would pay attention to my own life before I try to take on someone else’s life.

  81. Sen. Murkowski is a traitor to Alaska, the Republican party and her nation. She has proven herself to be a Demorat for ages now. That is why I am running against her as a Republican in 2022. But that aside, the House framed President Trump. Refused to let Republicans call any fact witnesses and Schiff stopped anyone from asking any questions he didn’t approve of. How would you like a court like that for you?? Your life is on the line for Capital Murder. Do you want a stacked court like how the Demorats did to the President?? And now Schummer wants Mitch McConnel to let them call more witnesses because the House was in such a rush that they didn’t finish their job. It make s perfect sense to me for the President to call for Executive Priviledge and to refuse to help the Demorats fram hinm for murder or some other ludicrous crime.(Oh Yeah, they couldn’t come up with a crime, could they?) Now you tell me where I am wrong in my rebuttal to your complete nonsense.

  82. Senator Lisa Murkowski should join the Demo-Rat Party she proved to the Republican party she is a RINO. Throw this RINO out and appoint a true conservative. Remember we have plenty of RINOS in the Republican party
    we don’t need any more.

  83. She was never a republican but a Rino ..she will lose her seat come 2020. To many benaDick Arnold’s pass a republican when they are really democrats. Republicans you are being infiltrated by spy’s. Wake up.

  84. As if Trump has never STABBED anyone in the back????? Don’t turn your back on him, he will “knife” you and think nothing bout it.!!!!!!!

  85. Wow! Trump is the greatest supporter of muslim terrorism, and sharia law now? Mental illness or drugs? What’s your story?

  86. Values? You are the one supporting a major conman, a rogue and a blackguard, and a Zionist stooge–what American exactly are you talking about, dumb ass?

    PS: Sorry, I almost forgot–a Saudi stooge as well-the Moslem world’s greatest supporter of Moslem terrorism and Sharia law–but hey, it’s good for the Jews-like Trump and fools like you.

  87. In the end, I have little doubt Murkowsky will vote the only way she can as a senator from Alaska to save her career. Acquittal. Further I expect the vote to be unanimous Rep+2-6 Dem Senators voting for Acquittal. A truly bipartisan vote for acquittal. Dems going to court in an effort to usurp Senate constitutional authority in an attempt to impose HOUSE authority over the senate is also very troubling. This is simply an affair between two parties – ONE, the Democratic party with ZERO regard for the constitution and American Freedoms, and the other (Republican) defending American values.

  88. She is not a RINO. The Senate majority and the executive branch should not be colluding on impeachment. Democrats are crooks and liars but two wrongs doesn’t make a right. Republicans need to be above that crap.

  89. The only thing she’s said that’s true….she’s disturbed! Yeah, we know, and we’re disturbed that you’re still putting an R after your name!

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